Renegade Immortal - Chapter 1956 - A Single Brilliant Feat! (6)

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“There are seven people that stopped at the 13th palace. Aside from these 47 Ascendant Empyreans, there are two more who are considered the strongest Ascendant Empyreans. The first is Ascendant Empyrean Cai Wei, who stopped at the 14th palace! The other is Ascendant Empyrean Ming Dao, who stopped at the 16th palace!

“From the 11th palace onward, every palace is very difficult. It is no longer simple like breaking the planets in the first 10 palaces, but… doing battle against the 72 foreign beasts the Celestial Ancestor faced!

“Among the 72 foreign beasts, there are strong and weak ones. Although their presence in the Empyrean Trial is only an illusion and they are greatly weakened, they are, after all, beasts that battled the Celestial Ancestor!

“If you can beat the 72 foreign beasts and walk the path the Celestial Ancestor walked, then by the time you pass the 19th palace, you will naturally have the strength that not even a Grand Empyrean would act casually against!

“And from the 11th palace onward, there are great fortunes, but not everyone can obtain them. There are those that have passed the 11th palace but obtained nothing.

“As for the specifics, I don’t know, but I know that someone has obtained a spell from the Celestial Ancestor in the 11th palace!

“But only one Ascendant Empyrean has passed the 19th palace and then became a Grand Empyrean. Aside from him, no one has passed the 19th palace!

“Even the current Grand Empyreans can’t! Even the current Grand Empyrean Dao Yi and Grand Empyrean Eight Extreme were only Empyrean Exalts back then. Only with a stroke of luck did someone become a Grand Empyrean through the Immemorial God Realm and the other though inheriting the Celestial Ancestor’s bloodline!

“Grand Empyrean Gemini and Grand Empyrean Jiu Di are rumored to be from the same generation, and they were under the Celestial Ancestor. As for whether this is true or not, I don’t know. Grand Empyrean Wu Feng was also an Ascendant Empyrean, but he only passed the 14th palace and couldn’t compare to the current Ascendant Empyrean Ming Dao!

“I chose to follow him precisely because of this. After all, us Ascendant Empyreans have our own pride. Even if one becomes a Grand Empyrean through luck, if we aren’t willing, we won’t follow them!” Ascendant Empyrean Snow Rain slowly said to Wang Lin.

“Which Grand Empyrean was the only one to reach the 19th palace as an Ascendant Empyrean?” Wang Lin had never heard of any of this and his expression became serious.

“The Dong Lin Sect’s Grand Empyrean Dong Lin! Before he fell, he was the number one Grand Empyrean in my celestial clan. Even Grand Empyrean Jiu Di dreaded him… He was the only one who completely relied on his own strength to become a Grand Empyrean, but…” It was obvious Grand Empyrean Dong Lin was someone who Snow Rain respected a lot. When he talked about Grand Empyrean Dong Lin, his expression was a bit crestfallen.

Wang Lin silently pondered and he recalled the lonely old man in the Dong Lin Sect who was relying on a dream to accompany him. Grand Empyrean Dong Lin’s descendant...

Wang Lin took a deep breath and clasped his hands at Snow Rain and company. “Many thanks!”

He moved very fast as he pierced through the clouds and arrived at the 11th palace! He looked up at the 11th palace and then charged up without hesitation. Under the gaze of Snow Rain’s group of three, under the gazes of all the cultivators below, and as the eyes of the cold-looking Ascendant Empyrean Tiny Child lit up, Wang Lin pierced into the clouds toward the 11th palace.

The 11th palace was the goal and desire of all the Empyrean Exalts here. Whether they passed or not, it was a symbol of strength and power!

The 11th palace was different from the 10 below. It was larger, and even the pressure it gave off was stronger. It was completely black and gave off a cold aura.

“Including those nine, only 22 people have passed the 11th palace! One move will make me famous… Passing the 10th palace is not enough!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he entered the 11th palace without hesitation!

When he entered the 11th palace, all the Empyrean Exalts below gasped and their faces filled with fear and excitement. These kinds of expressions should normally not appear on them; after all, any one of them could cause the world outside to tremble. However, at this moment, they were filled with fear and excitement due to Wang Lin’s crazy action.

“I thought he would stop after the 10th palace, but he is going to continue!”

“He… How many palaces is he going to pass?? How many can he pass?”

“He’s gone mad, unless this Wang Lin has enough confidence or he is blinded by the glory of becoming an Ascendant Empyrean! Passing multiple palaces at once like this is extremely rare!”

Snow Rain’s group of three also looked over. They were not optimistic about Wang Lin’s chances. They thought Wang Lin had a 90% chance of failing. After all, they had tried the 11th palace but failed. More than half the Ascendant Empyreans were stuck here!

They didn’t believe Wang Lin, who had just become an Ascendant Empyrean, had the strength!

“He has some momentum, but the 11th palace is not so easy. Back when I passed the 10th palace, I attempted the 11th palace as well but failed… It wasn’t until many years later that I successfully passed the 11th palace.”

“Among the more than 40 Ascendant Empyreans, only Ascendant Empyrean Cai Wei and Ascendant Empyrean Ming Dao continued. Cai Wei stopped at the 12th and Ming Dao stopped at the 13th!

“The reason the two of them have the fame they do now and are considered the strongest Ascendant Empyreans is largely because of this. It is impossible for this person!” the child-like Ascendant Empyrean looked calm, but he sneered in his heart.

At this moment, the cultivators here were not the only ones observing this place. Aside from the Grand Empyreans, even more Ascendant Empyreans were using different methods to observe the Empyrean Trial. They had found out that there was a 49th Ascendant Empyrean, and he hadn’t left, but was instead going to try the 11th palace!

In the Dao Yi Sect, Grand Empyrean Dao Yi seemed to have forgotten everything and was focused on the pool before him. He looked calm, but a strange light shined from his fists.

“This child, I must recruit him to work under me!!”

There was also Grand Empyrean Wu Feng inside the glacier in the Northern Continent. He stared at the glacier, his eyes filled with determination!

As for the middle aged man inside the Purple Yang Sect who could occasionally hear miserable screams from outside, he was very excited. He stared at the mirror and muttered to himself.

“If he can be recruited under Grand Empyrean Gemini, he will definitely be a great help to the Grand Empyrean!!”

Central Continent, Mount Emperor. Grand Empyrean Jiu Di was lazily sitting under the sun like an old man unwilling to move. When Wang Lin passed the 10th palace, he opened his eyes.

“He passed? Even though he passed the 10th palace, he is just a bigger ant… Can’t be compared to Ascendant Empyrean Cai Wei and definitely can’t compare to Ascendant Empyrean Ming Dao. Ah, what did the Celestial Emperor promise him to recruit Ming Dao…” The old man sighed and still felt pity that he couldn’t recruit Ming Dao back then.

In the empty palace in the imperial palace, a voice muttered.

“Ming Dao, what do you think?”

As the voice echoed, ripples spread out inside the palace and a person walked out. This person was a young man in black who had a cold expression. He looked at the illusion in the empty palace.

“I only need one breath to kill him!”

At this moment, Wang Lin stepped into the 11th palace. His vision became blurry and he appeared in a star system again.

However, this star system had no planets but was covered in fog. The fog was very dense; it seemed impossible to split apart and surrounded the area.

“What is dao?” A majestic voice rang out in the star system and set off countless echoes. The voice echoed in Wang Lin’s heart and ears.

“What is dao?”

“What is dao?” That voice was even more intense now. It seemed to be muttering and also roaring. It caused Wang Lin’s body to tremble, and he even felt his like his soul was going to collapse.

Wang Lin’s face turned slightly pale, but his eyes shined brightly. His understanding of dao had formed three ethereal essences. His enlightenment in dao was far superior to that of most people on the Immortal Astral Continent. Even some Empyrean Exalts and Ascendant Empyreans couldn’t compare to Wang Lin!

This enlightenment of dao was something othersiders couldn’t see at all; it was an evolution of one’s own thought process.

Wang Lin slowly said, “Life and death are the restraints, this is dao!”

The moment he opened his mouth, his comprehension of his life and death dao appeared around him. At this moment, the sound disappeared and chains appeared around him. The chains began to spread, pushing away the fog, revealing the bright star system. There was a figure wearing a golden robe and a crown before him.

There was a giant scorpion before the shadow. This scorpion was hundreds of thousands of feet large and it gave off a chilly aura as it roared.

Wang Lin’s vision became a blur. When he regained his vision, he seemed to replace the golden figure and was battling the scorpion!

“Green Devil Scorpion!” At this moment, Wang Lin didn’t hesitate to put on the soul armor!!

Time slowly passed. This was different from passing one palace in several breaths. It had been half an incense stick of time since Wang Lin entered. The place was completely silent as they waited, watching the palace in the sky.

“Attempting the 11th palace is good. Once he fails, he will understand that the Empyrean Trial is not something he can attempt in a craze.” Ascendant Empyrean Snow Rain still sighed in his heart. Even now, he didn’t believe Wang Lin could pass.

“Does he think he is Ascendant Empyrean Cai Wei or Ming Dao? I struggled a lot to barely pass through the 11th palace. Battling against the foreign souls is very difficult… He definitely can’t pass!” Ascendant Empyrean Tiny Child had just sneered in his heart when his body suddenly trembled and his eyes overflowed with disbelief!

A burst of golden light erupted from the 11th palace that was surrounded by clouds!!

“Impossible!” Ascendant Empyrean Tiny Child’s eyes widened.