Renegade Immortal - Chapter 1951 - A Single Brilliant Feat! (1)

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Empyrean Trial had existed since ancient times in this strange space. Only when an Empyrean Exalt cultivator’s divine sense flew straight into the sky could they enter this place.

Very few people could see through the principle of the structure of this place. They only knew that the Celestial Ancestor had created this place imitating the Immemorial God Realm. This was to allow the the celestial descendents to get used to the Immemorial God Realm in advance so there was a higher chance of Grand Empyreans appearing.

Over the countless years, the many Empyrean Exalts would come here many times to attempt the palaces to prove their strength and become famous across the celestial clan.

The Empyrean Trial was a place the five Grand Empyreans put a lot of focus on. Almost 90% of the Empyrean Exalts they took under them had passed a certain palace.

Before the gazes of the hundreds of Empyrean Exalts outside the first palace, Wang Lin arrived in a ray of light. When he got close to the first palace, the light disappeared and he landed on the ground.

When he stepped onto the area outside the first palace, the gazes of all the surrounding cultivators landed on him.

Wang Lin’s expression was calm as he looked around. He had met some of these Empyrean Exalts, but he had never seen most of them before. After all, over the years, people came and went. Some left and others came back to try again.

Those that knew him smiled and clasped their hands at Wang Lin. Wang Lin would respond with a smile as well. Unless there was a feud between two Empyrean Exalts, they would often make friends, unless one had an arrogant personality.

Although Wang Lin had disappeared for a few decades, he had caused a small sensation when he passed several palaces in a row, so some Empyrean Exalts were willing to make friends with him.

However, passing through four palaces was not enough in the eyes of some Empyrean Exalts. Some of them had slightly cold gazes.

“A few years ago, I heard that this White-Haired Empyrean Exalt entered the first palace and failed but then passed four in a row. He is not ordinary!”

“Four palaces? So what if it was only four palaces? Who among us can’t pass through four palaces? It’s just a gimmick he pulled by failing the first palace and then passing the first four in a row.”

“That’s true. I estimate this White-Haired Empyrean Exalt will at most pass the fifth palace.”

The surrounding Empyrean Exalts all looked at Wang Lin. Those that were friendly talked with their minds. Among them, some recognized Wang Lin, while others felt contempt - each had their own thoughts. However, at the Empyrean Exalt stage, they wouldn’t show any of it on their faces.

In the distance, Empyrean Exalt Zhu Lin was sitting there, looking at Wang Lin. A moment later, he closed his eyes and no longer looked.

He would not look down upon any Empyrean Exalt cultivator, but he didn’t think Wang Lin could pass the seventh palace. Although he paid attention to those below the seventh palace, it was limited.

Wang Lin didn’t immediately attempt the Empyrean Trail but stood outside the first palace and looked up. Each palace was higher than the other, and the ninth palace was blurry.

Over the years, Wang Lin already understood that the Empyrean Trial had a total of 19 palaces. Less than 60 Empyrean Exalts could break through the ninth palace. Those people were at the peak of the Empyrean Exalt stage. With one more step, once they passed the 10th palace, they would become Ascendant Empyreans!

Every one of them who entered the Empyrean Trial could set off a huge wave. After all, witnessing the appearance of an Ascendant Empyrean was extremely rare.

This could even attract the attention of Grand Empyreans to personally come and watch.

However, the celestial clan only had 48 Ascendant Empyreans, and over the countless years, there hadn’t been a 49th. This showed how difficult the 10th palace was.

Only Ascendant Empyrean cultivators could attempt to break through the 11th palace after the 10th palace. If you could pass the 19th palace, rumor had it that you would have a great chance of becoming a Grand Empyrean! An Ascendant Empyrean that could break through the 19th palace had battle power not even a Grand Empyrean would dare to casually mess with!

However, no Ascendant Empyreans had broken through the 19th palace. The most powerful Ascendant Empyrean, Ascendant Empyrean Ming Dao, had stopped at the 16th palace and couldn’t pass.

For tens of thousands of years, no one could surpass Ascendant Empyrean Ming Dao. Right now, he was the most likely person to become the next Grand Empyrean, and some called him the celestial clan’s sixth sun!

Although his name was not as great as that of the Grand Empyreans, he was the most famous below the Grand Empyreans. The Eight Extreme Grand Empyrean had spent a great price to attract Ascendant Empyrean Ming Dao to work under him. He didn’t treat Ming Dao like any other Empyrean Exalt or Ascendant Empyrean, but with even more courtesy.

“I might meet the famous Ascendant Empyrean Ming Dao on my trip to the imperial city. This person is the number one Ascendant Empyrean and must be extraordinary…” Wang Lin’s eyes couldn’t help but light up.

“This time, I must shock everyone with one move! This time, I want to see how far I can go without the soul armor!” Wang Lin was calm as he closed his eyes. A moment later, his eyes opened and shined brightly. He flew past the first palace and quickly flew upwards.

When he flew into the air, some of the Empyrean Exalts looked up, but most of them kept their eyes closed and didn’t care too much.

Empyrean Exalt Zhu Lin also cultivated with his eyes closed and didn’t look.

Once you passed through a palace, you could directly pass it and not be suppressed by the pressure from the previous palaces.

Wang Lin’s body quickly flew into the sky and passed the first four levels. He stopped before the fifth palace and stepped inside without hesitation.

The moment he entered the fifth level of the Empyrean Trial, his vision became blurry. It was the same feeling he had when he last came here. A moment later, his vision became clear and he was in a star system.

“The fourth palace had 36 planets and a golden planet! That golden planet had power no weaker than all the other planets combined. I wonder how many golden planets this level will have!” Wang Lin looked at the star system before him and his eyes lit up.

Before him, 45 planets changed their trajectories and flew toward him from all directions. A thunderous howl echoed.

As they closed in, five planets suddenly turned golden in the blink of an eye. These five golden planets released a powerful pressure as they flew at Wang Lin.

“Five…” Wang Lin stood in the void and his expression was calm. As the planets flew toward him, he suddenly raised his right hand and his Void Tribulant cultivation erupted.

“One, two, three… 11, 12, 13!” Wang Lin clenched his fist and popping sounds echoed as 13 spells appeared around his hand. At this moment, his cultivation aura was still at early stage Void Tribulant, but it was still rising.

“I haven’t gone all out after reaching the mid stage of Void Tribulant. Let’s see how many spells I can fuse into my punch now.” Wang Lin’s white hair and clothes danced as a powerful gust of wind swept by. His full cultivation erupted and his aura went from early stage Void Tribulant to mid stage Void Tribulant!

“The 14th spell!” Another spell appeared in Wang Lin’s fist. Following that, the 15th, 16th, and 17th spells appeared without pause as his aura reached mid stage Void Tribulant.

In the blink of an eye, there were 21 spells!

“According to my expectations, each level of Void Tribulant can increase the number of spells fused by nine… The limit at the early stage of Void Tribulant is nine, and after reaching the mid stage, it should be 18. However, due to the metal and wood essences, my cultivation level increased a little and I can forcibly condense four more to reach…. 22 spells!” Wang Lin’s eyes shined as the 45 planets closed in on him.

“The 22nd spell!” Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed as a rumble came from his fist and the 22nd spell formed!

A shocking power came from this fist; it was as if this punch could destroy anything.

“Should be able to do more… the 23rd!” Wang Lin roared but didn’t immediately attack the incoming planets. He leaped upward and his right arm bulged. A powerful force seemed to replace the rapidly flowing blood in his body and gathered in his fist, creating a thunderous rumble.

As the rumble echoed, Wang Lin’s hair seemed to dance. His eyes shined as the 23rd spell formed in his hand!

“23 spells is the limit of my current cultivation level! This extra spell was due to my time spent inside the Dong Lin Pool that strenghthened all my other essences slightly.”

Wang Lin lowered his head. Below him, the 45 planets flew toward him and the five golden planets gave off a powerful pressure. They were now only a few thousand feet from Wang Lin.

“Only one essence true body is enough for this fifth palace!” A shadow seemed to overlap with Wang Lin’s body as his five-element true body appeared. Wang Lin punched at the incoming planets!!

The punch containing 23 spells combined with the avatar was equal to 46 spells, and this punch flew toward the 45 planets!

As the thunderous rumbles echoed, the void collapsed and endless golden light pierced through the void. The golden light penetrated the fifth palace and covered the sky. It was seen by the hundreds of Empyrean Exalts below!