Renegade Immortal - Chapter 1949 - The Beginning and the End

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As the voice echoed in Wang Lin’s mind, the light he saw in his left eye became even brighter. It was as if his whole body was shrouded by this shining light.

A comprehension toward the absolute beginning gradually emerged as Wang Lin was shrouded by this light.

This was not an inheritance, but a display of the complete absolute beginning essence before Wang Lin. How much one could comprehend had nothing to do with the Dong Lin Pool, it all depended on the individual.

Perhaps some people could see the light the first time and would gain a comprehension of the absolute beginning. Perhaps after they left, a seed of the absolute beginning would appear in their heart.

Some people would be like Wang Lin, who obtained nothing and their essences’ strength increased a bit.

But some people might obtain a majority of the comprehension of the absolute beginning essence in just two attempts. They wouldn’t just take away a seed, but a germinated seed.

Wang Lin didn’t know if anyone had ever taken away the complete absolute beginning essence. At this moment, he was immersed in a strange state and seemed to have forgotten everything around him. The vision of his left eye was blurry, but his left eye contained the stages of the special absolute beginning essence.

Wang Lin had forgotten the passage of time. When he was forced to awaken by the force inside the Dong Lin Pool, the light in his left eye lasted one breath before disappearing.

“Still need a bit more…” Wang Lin eyes shined brightly as he closed his eyes to comprehend inside the pool for the fifth time.

He immersed himself and used the dao of deception to avoid the inspection of the pool. This time, Wang Lin instantly saw the endless light before his left eye.

“Absolute beginning was born from the void. A long time ago, before there were celestials, the ancients looked at the sun and worshipped it to obtain its heat….

“As a result, the power of absolute beginning appeared. This power is very mysterious. It manifested when the ancients worshipped the sun for the first time and when the sun first appeared...

“The absolute beginning power gradually changed. As the time passed and mysterious people appeared, the ways of the heavens changed until the law of absolute beginning appeared.

“The law of absolute beginning caused the sun to rise and fall. However, as I observed, I comprehended that the rise and fall of the sun was due to one’s heart. Because the heart moves, the earth moves, so the sky moves. Then even the immobile sun began to move up and down.

“I continued to comprehend and watch the sun rise countless times. I comprehended the origin of the rising sun...

“This absolute beginning essence was the source of all heat from light…” Wang Lin was immersed in this voice, and he clearly saw the light in his left eye completely shroud him. In that light, it was as if he was watching hundreds of millions of sunrises.

During the hundreds of millions of sunrises, Wang Lin felt an aura. This aura was a straightforward and righteous existence!

Those that were immersed in this aura had to be a righteous people. They might not hold up the world, but they would be people who could live with all their decisions!

After a long time, Wang Lin opened his eyes from the fifth comprehension. When he opened his eyes, the light in his left eye lasted for dozens of breaths before slowly dissipating.

When Liu Jinbiao saw Wang Lin’s light, his heart trembled, not daring to look at it. Even the Golden Exalt sea dragon avoided the light.

In Wang Lin’s left eye, under the light, the outline of a sun slowly formed. However, when the light dissipated, the outline was unable to take shape.

“I’m not a stranger to the absolue beginning… Back in the cave world, when I created Sundered Night, it contained the power of the absolute beginning… Since then, my comprehension gradually increased. Then, when I arrived on the Immortal Astral Continent, my Sundered Night contained faith...

“I didn’t expect this absolute beginning to also produce an essence… An essence is something that you understand to such a profound degree that you see through it and use it with a wave of your hand…” Wang Lin muttered as he immersed himself in the Dong Lin Pool for the sixth time.

Time passed. Wang Lin immersed himself in the Dong Lin Pool. As the amount of time increased, the time he stayed each time increased greatly.

On the second day, right before daybreak, while the sky was still dark, Wang Lin opened his eyes inside the Dong Lin Pool. His left eye released endless light and a sun appeared inside it!

The sky was originally dark and the sun hadn’t appeared yet; it would still need some more time to appear. However, when Wang Lin’s eyes opened, the light from his left eye shined. It was as if Wang Lin had replaced the sun and dispelled the darkness from the world half an hour early.

“Comprehending the absolute beginning essence means you can control the rising of the sun and reverse night and day! My Sundered Night was only a spell before, but now, after comprehending the absolute beginning, it can replace the run!” Wang Lin muttered as the light from his left eye enveloped his entire body.

Liu Jinbiao and the sea dragon had both long retreated and didn’t dare to get close. Wang Lin was covered in the light that was bright like the rising sun as he flew up into the sky.

In the process of rising, the darkness in the sky dissipated layer by layer as if it were retreating. The darkness over the earth seemed to melt under the rising sun formed by Wang Lin, revealing the earth below.

When the sunlight from Wang Lin’s sun swept over the Dong Lin Temple and shrouded it in light, the Dong Lin Sect’s ancestor sitting inside opened his eyes. He looked at the light outside the temple and silently pondered.

“Even I can’t tell if this light that dispelled the darkness is the real sun or a spell… He has comprehended it…”

As Wang Lin rose into the air, the world became bright and all the darkness dissipated...

This process lasted about one incense stick of time, then the real rising sun slowly appeared in the distance. At this point, two suns were in the sky.

Wang Lin turned around and looked at the rising sun behind him, and his eyes shined brightly. He watched the sun rise high up into the sky before he closed his eyes.

“Is this the absolute beginning essence… I understand.” The light around Wang Lin dissipated and he closed his eyes. He stood in the sky for a whole day.

Only after the sun fell and the world was gradually engulfed by the darkness of night did Wang Lin’s body slowly sink back into the pool.

“If the absolute beginning is the sunrise, then there must be another special essence that controls the sunset…” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he immersed himself inside the Dong Lin Pool.

This time, when he used the Dong Lin Pool, his left eye shined brightly, but the vision in his right eye was still blurry. Nothing could be seen.

“If what I see in my left eye is the light of the rising sun, then my right eye must see the darkness of nightfall.” Soon, Wang Lin awakened, but he didn’t give up and tried again and again.

It wasn’t until it was late into the night, when the entire world was silent, that Wang Lin closed his eyes and immersed himself in the Dong Lin Pool.

The vision in his right eye was no longer blurry but gradually became dark… This darkness formed a sharp contrast with his left eye.

In this contrast, Wang Lin’s mind seemed to be divided in half. One represented the light of the rising sun and the other represented the darkness after the sun sets.

“I walked through the void and saw the darkness after the sun sets. After the absolute beginning comes the absolute end… The absolute end essence represents all darkness…”

The low voice echoed inside Wang Lin’s mind again and lingered.

Time passed. Wang Lin had stayed in the Dong Lin Pool for three months. During these three months, whenever the sun rose, he would rise into the sky and turn into the sun that dispelled the darkness. When the sun set, he would silently sit in the pool, watching the night devour the light.

Three months of time, hundreds of sunrises and sunsets. Thanks to the strange sensation from the Dong Lin Pool, Wang Lin slowly gained a profound understanding of the absolute end essence.

However, unlike the absolute beginning, three months was far from enough for him to obtain the absolute end essence. Due to this, he had gained initial mastery over the absolute beginning essence, and his understanding became even more profound after three months.

However, he was still sensing and grasping the absolute end essence.

Wang Lin was in no rush to leave. He decided to live here and observe the changes of day and night. Sometimes, he would immerse himself inside the Dong Lin Pool to comprehend.

Just like this, eight years passed in a flash.

During these eight years, no new guest had come to the Dong Lin Sect, and the Dong Lin Sect’s ancestor hadn’t come to disturb Wang Lin. Wang Lin passed these eight years in peace.

During the eight years, Liu Jinbiao had used some unknown method and got along with the Golden Exalt sea dragon very well. It even allowed Liu Jinbiao to sit on its back and take him out to see the world.

After eight years, five more years passed...