Renegade Immortal - Chapter 1946 - All-Seer’s Aura!

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“Over the countless years, I have studied this line. I want to know who destroyed my Dong Lin Sect and what his thoughts were!

“My Dong Lin Sect never entered disputes with the world and has always had strict sect rules. Disciples rarely go out, let alone create feuds with others. Even I have a lot of friends and focused solely on cultivation.

“Even so, the Dong Lin Sect, my home… was destroyed… I went to a Grand Empyrean to help me divinate, but even they couldn’t divinate the cause of my Dong Lin Sect’s destruction...

“I visited the five Grand Empyreans and even the Imperial Teacher, but none of them could find anything. Only the Imperial Teacher coughed out a mouthful of blood during the divination, and his eyes were filled with fear…. However, that fear lasted for a moment and then was replaced with confusion...

“He was confused for three days, and I watched him for those three days. When he became sober, he had forgotten what he had divinated for me. It was as if an invisible force had wiped away his memories of these three days…” the old man murmured as his sad eyes revealed unimaginable hatred and madness.

“I can’t understand that stone tablet… but I imprinted that handwriting into my soul. It is my only clue to finding that person.

After a long time, he said in a horse voice, “Do you want to look at the stone tablet…”

Wang Lin calmly nodded.

The old man with his eyes closed seemed to be able to notice the nod. He raised his right hand and waved. With this, an aura of death quickly filled the temple. It was as if the temple had aged countless years. It went from its state of glory to a state of decay.

The temple was covered in dust and there were cracks on the pillars. Even the three statues behind the old man changed and became broken.

Cracks appeared on the ground under the old man, showing signs of ruin. This wind of decay spread out across the entire Dong Lin Sect, with the temple as the center.

Outside the temple, the square was broken and the decay spread. The mountains were no longer green and became dead. The water was dried up and what water remained gave off a foul smell.

The Dong Lin Sect disciples, including the two Golden Exalt cultivators, disappeared without a trace. The entire Dong Lin Sect became a dead land.

Only those skeleton-like corpses filled the entire sect...

Liu Jinbiao stood outside the temple and stared at everything before him dumbfoundedly as his pupils shrank. Now he knew why he had such a strange feeling. Beside him was a skeleton that seem to be looking at him or at the sky...

A huge, stone tablet standing outside the Dong Lin Temple was swept with the wind of decay. It was more than 1,000 feet tall and seemed to appear out of nowhere!

There was a line of words in blood on the stone tablet!

“Lock down the fortune of heaven and seal the underworld. Those who do not achieve the true dao will sink into a sea of suffering and forever lose the path of the true dao. Walk the path of true dao!”

The words written in blood were no longer bright red but had long dried into dark brown. An aura of terror spread out from the stone tablet and shrouded the entire Dong Lin Sect. The sky darkened as if a large hand had covered the sun above the Dong Lin Sect.

It was as if this force was blinding the heavens themselves!

“This is the stone tablet…” The old man stared at the stone tablet outside the temple behind Wang Lin.

Wang Lin turned around and looked at the stone tablet. When he saw the stone tablet, a thunderous rumble echoed inside his head.

He had seen this stone tablet before! He had seen it inside the Seven-Colored Realm in the cave world!

He originally thought that the stone tablet in the Seven-Colored Realm was something the Sovereign had set up, but it seemed like it was completely different from what he expected!!

What shocked Wang Lin was the handwriting of the words on the stone tablet. The more he looked, the more familiar it felt. It was as if he had seen someone personally write it!!

Handwriting could be imitated, but the aura from the handwriting was extremely difficult to imitate. Wang Lin was not only familiar with the handwriting, but he was also familiar with the handwriting’s aura!!

“All… All-Seer….” Wang Lin was startled. How could he forget this aura? This was a person he dreaded greatly in the cave world.

This person was part of the Heavenly Dao, and he had already been destroyed by Wang Lin, but Wang Lin suspected that the All-Seer wasn’t dead!!

The handwriting and aura here were not the same as the ones on stone tablet inside the Seven-Colored Realm. However, the appearance of the stone tablet caused Wang Lin’s understanding of the cave world to blur.

“Cave world… Immortal Astral Continent… Dong Lin Sect… The only thing that connects the three places is the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign!! But his soul was divided into three and they were sealed by me… The third soul is Su Dao… I even came to the Dong Lin Sect in the cave world...

“But why… Why did this line appear here? This stone tablet, why does the cave world have this stone tablet as well? What the hell is going on…” As Wang Lin looked at the stone tablet, confusion appeared in his eyes.

“Who destroyed the Dong Lin Sect and left this stone tablet here?

“The handwriting and aura belong to the All-Seer, but how did he come to the Immortal Astral Continent and why did he destroy the Dong Lin Sect!?

“Also, the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign. I thought he was dead, but… is he really dead…

“The cave world is definitely not that simple. What kind of secret is hidden inside!?

“I thought I had learned everything back then, but was what I learned merely the edge of the hidden truth? I stood on the peak of the mountain and thought I saw the world, but I didn’t know that there was a pair of eyes in the sky behind the mountain, looking at my world!” Wang Lin instantly felt a chill.

“If you have seen this handwriting and aura in your life, please tell me…” The old man’s hoarse and sad voice echoed behind Wang Lin.

“You must tell me. If I can take revenge, then I’m willing to become a slave until I die to those that provide me with the clue…” The old man spoke slowly and his words were filled with startling faith and determination.

After the old man spoke, he waved his right hand and a breeze blew by. The temple returned to its original appearance. The mountain was still green, the water clear, the birds sang, and the fragrance of the flowers filled the sect. The disciples that didn’t know they were already dead lived happily in the Dong Lin Sect that was filled with vitality.

The stone tablet outside the temple disappeared and the piles of bones could not be seen. Liu Jinbiao looked at where the stone tablet was, and he felt his hair standing up.

“This… What kind of damn place is this…” Liu Jinbiao’s heart skipped a beat as he looked around. When he looked at some of the Dong Lin Sect disciples, the feeling of fear became even stronger.

In the temple, Wang Lin didn’t reveal any of the shock he had felt in his heart as he answered calmly, “I will.”

The old man looked at Wang Lin. After a long time, he lowered his head and hid the sorrow and loneliness in his eyes. However, even with his head lowered, it wasn’t able to dispel any of this sadness.

The old man said with a hoarse voice, “Did you pass by the Dong Lin Sect, or did you come with a purpose…”

“I want to borrow the Dong Lin Pool!” Wang Lin suppressed the waves in his heart. These things gave him a strange feeling and shocked him at the same time.

“Dong Lin Pool…” The old man pondered for a bit and then gently nodded.

“The water in the Dong Lin Pool is connected to the soul sealed in the Great Sage Continent… The soul sealed here is not a beast, but a foreign cultivator...

“This person lost to the Celestial Ancestor and was sealed here. He has long died, but his soul didn’t disappear. Instead, it fused with the underground river in the continent. The Dong Lin Pool is one of the places it flows out from...

“A cultivator can only enter the Dong Lin Pool twice. Once you enter for the third time, you will immediately die. Not many outsiders know my that Dong Lin Sect has the Dong Lin Pool. Those that know would pay a great price to be allowed to enter the Dong Lin Pool.

“Rumors outside and even inside the sect say that the Dong Lin Pool can help form essence true bodies, but that is false… If that was the case, my Dong Lin Sect would have long become the number one sect of the celestial clan. We also wouldn’t be able to keep it, and the Dong Lin Pool would’ve long been taken by a Grand Empyrean.

“Even so, it has caused a lot of concern, but on the reputation of the Dong Lin Sect’s first ancestor, Grand Empyrean Dong Lin, and the fact the pool can’t be moved, and how the effect weakens with the passage of time, no one has come to steal it.”

“Grand Empyrean Dong Lin?” Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed. It was the first time he had heard this name.

“The celestial clan’s five Grand Empyreans aren’t eternal, and some fall… My Dong Lin Sect’s first generation ancestor was a Grand Empyrean, but he fell… No one even knows where his body went… Many people have searched for his body, including some of the later Grand Empyreans, but no one could find it...

“There was a rumor saying that if one can find the ancestor’s body, it is possible to become a Grand Empyrean without going through the test in the Immemorial God Realm… But this is just a rumor,” the old man calmly said.

Wang Lin took a deep breath. He didn’t expect the Dong Lin Sect to have such a background, and a Grand Empyrean had appeared in the sect before!

“The effect of the Dong Lin Pool is very weak now. The rumor is that it can help you form an essence true body, but the real effect is to put you into a strange state and then you will have a certain chance of comprehending the special essence that belonged to the foreign cultivator!

“If it fails, it will only make your essences a bit stronger.”