Renegade Immortal - Chapter 1916 - Waiting for the Empyrean Exalt to Arrive!

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After devouring the Devil Dao Sect\'s sect master, Wang Lin closed his eyes and popping sounds echoed in his body. He erased the divine senese on the origin soul and injected it into his Spell Vein. When he had free time, he could use this origin soul to increase the number of Spell Veins he had.

A moment later, Wang Lin opened his eyes and waved his sleeve. The earth trembled and the half-collapsed lake and island trembled. As the storm swept by, it was destroyed completely.

The Devil Dao Sect had collapsed!

The imperial messenger in the golden light stood there with an awkward expression. It wasn’t until Wang Lin opened his eyes that he clasped his hands with a bitter smile.

“Fellow Cultivator Wang, don’t blame me… This… I didn’t expect the contents of the imperial edict to be like this… If I had known earlier, I would have joined forces with Fellow Cultivator to kill that traitor!”

Wang Lin had a calm expression as he looked at the imperial messenger, but he didn’t speak. He was also surprised by the contents of the imperial edict, especially the last few lines about him helping out Lian Daofei.

“The madman’s name was Lian Daofei… When I opened the storage space, he and the woman in silver were lost to a rift in the unknown… This madman often called himself ‘king,’ and from what Teacher Xuan Luo told me, his big brother is the Celestial Emperor...

“Could it be that the madman was found by the emperor, and after he woke up, he told him about his relationship with me…” Wang Lin pondered as the imperial messenger felt terrified. He was extremely regretful and was bitterly cursing the death Devil Dao Sect\'s sect master.

“That damn sect master; he could have died, but he had to drag me into it. If I knew, I would have ignored Wang Lin and would have read the imperial edict first...

What is this Wang Lin’s identity for the Celestial Emperor to talk to him like this… And helping Lian Daofei… Prince Dao Fei awakened 30 years ago, could it be…” The pupils of the imperial messenger shrank and he quickly dispelled all thoughts. He knew there were things that he should not know or guess.

“This Wang Lin has such power and… he certainly has the attention of the Celestial Emperor. Ah, I must repair things as soon as possible.”

“Fellow Cultivator, don’t blame me, don’t blame me… I was really confused before. The Devil Dao Sect\'s sect master deserved to be killed!” As the imperial messenger spoke, he looked at Wang Lin. When he saw that Wang Lin still had a gloomy expression, his heart sank.

“This is bad. This person must still care about the fact I acted twice… If he speaks badly about me before the Celestial Emperor, then I… I…” Sweat appeared on his forehead, and as the wind blew by, he felt a chill.

“Hehe… Fellow Cultivator Wang, I have some specialties from the Central Continent. This is our first meeting, so please accept these small gifts.” His heart ached as he took out a jade and handed it to Wang Lin along with the edict.

Wang Lin was just pondering the karma of this when he looked at the imperial messenger. He accepted the imperial edict, but he didn’t look at it and instead looked at the jade.

He scanned it with his divine sense, and although he looked calm, his heart skipped a beat. There was no information inside, but it contained a storage space filled with large amounts of origin stones that contained celestial energy.

After putting the jade away, Wang Lin silently looked at the imperial messenger with a cold gaze.

Under his gaze, the imperial messenger complained in his heart. He clenched his teeth and waved his hand to take out a jade bottle. His heart ached as he squeezed out a smile.

“Ah, I forgot this. This is a specialty of the Central Continent. It’s not too precious, so Fellow Cultivator must accept it!” He handed the jade bottle to Wang Lin.

After Wang Lin accepted it, he scanned it with his divine sense before the imperial messenger. There were a large amount of pills within. They were all for healing, and many of them were extremely precious.

It would be difficult for ordinary cultivators to obtain them. Only the imperial messenger could find methods to obtain them in the Central Continent.

After sending out two great gifts, the imperial messenger’s heart ached. He closely looked at Wang Lin and saw that his cold expression had eased a bit, which made him feel relieved. However, Wang Lin’s cold gaze was still staring at the imperial messenger after receiving the pills.

Under Wang Lin’s gaze, the imperial messenger complained bitterly in his heart once more.

“Too greedy… This… This…” The imperial messenger had to put a smile on his face. His right hand trembled and he clenched his teeth. He took out another jade and squeezed out a smile.

“I have a bit of real estate in the Central Continent…” His heart ached violently as he handed another jade to Wang Lin.

After taking this jade, Wang Lin slowly put on a smile. When the imperial messenger saw this smile, he let out a big sigh of relief.

“Lord Messenger, you don’t have to be so polite. Since these Central Continent specialties are not precious, then I won’t be polite.”

“Yes, yes, none of them are precious things.” The imperial messenger felt pain in his chest as he smiled bitterly.

Wang Lin slowly asked, “Since Lord Messenger came to the Green Devil Continent, you must have passed through the Heavenly Bull Continent. I wonder, how is the war going over there?”

“There was a total of three imperial edicts. The Heavenly Bull Continent and the Gui Yi Sect both had an imperial edict each. The war should have ended, so everyone is probably returning to their respective sects.” The imperial messenger didn’t keep this matter a secret.

Wang Lin put away the jade and casually asked, “Dao Fei is at the imperial city?”

“Prince Dao Fei has awakened and wanted to leave the imperial city, but he was stopped by the Emperor.” These were all rumors, so the imperial messenger felt that there was no harm in talking about it.

“Oh, I saved Dao Fei before and helped him.” Wang Lin smiled.

The imperial messenger quickly nodded. He had noticed this when he read the edict, and now Wang Lin that had said it, he was even more certain.

“Dao Fei’s personality… Ah, I haven’t seen him in a long time. Is he still the same as before?” Wang Lin shook his head and let out a sigh.

“Prince Dao Fei…” The imperial messenger hesitated, but after considering the edict and Wang Lin’s words, he continued.

“With my identity, I can’t see prince Dao Fei. However, rumors say that after Prince Dao Fei awakened 30 years ago, his personality is not the same as before… But sometimes it’s the same…” The imperial messenger was hesitant as he spoke.

Wang Lin’s heart skipped a bit. He smiled and no longer spoke.

The imperial messenger saw this, and he knew when it was time to advance and retreat. He clasped his hands at Wang Lin.

“Fellow Cultivator Wang, this imperial edict can be used to transfer to the Central Continent. This place is far from the Central Continent, so you will need to transfer eight times. I’ll need to head back first to report to the Emperor. When you arrive at the imperial city, I’ll greet you.” The imperial messenger smiled and quickly left. He was afraid that he would say something to anger Wang Lin and would have to give away another “not-too-precious” item.

Only after the imperial messenger was gone did Wang lin’s smile disappear. It was replaced with a gloomy expression.

He didn’t leave the ruins of the Devil Dao Sect but sat down on green stone in the sect, and his eyes shined.

“Liang Daofei… His greed and many of his negative traits were devoured by the Heavenly Dao. According to this, his personality should differ greatly from before...

“The words of the imperial messenger also reveal this. His personality has changed, but what has it changed into…”

Wang Lin frowned and looked at the darkening sky. He continued to ponder.

“However, if he really has changed, then why did his brother only announce this now, 30 years after he awakened… If he really wanted to thank me, then 30 years ago, when I was suffering and receiving the fortune in the scorpion temple...

“The contents of the imperial edict are very interesting…” There was coldness in Wang Lin’s eyes as he waved his right hand. A black wind appeared and a few miserable screams echoed before it quieted down.

Wang Lin was vicious. When he was determined to do something, he would be even more vicious. Since he had decided to erase the Devil Dao Sect, he wouldn’t allow the members that were at the Heavenly Bull Continent to escape.

The ones that would return first would be those with very high statuses. They would likely use transfer arrays to return at any cost. Wang Lin was also waiting for someone else aside from these people!

“The Devil Dao Sect’s old ancestor should be on his way. He is an Empyrean Exalt, and in order to wipe out the dao of the Devil Dao Sect, he must die! And even if I don’t look for him, he will still come and find me!

“Grand Empyrean… I wonder how I compare to a Grand Empyrean after equipping the soul armor!” Wang Lin sat on the green stone and looked into the distance.

“After dealing with the matter of the Devil Dao Sect, I have two choices. Go to the Dong Lin Sect and enter the Dong Lin Pool to see if it will help my other essences to condense essence true bodies...

“Or head to the Central Continent to see what kind of dragon den and tiger cave it is. I will see if that Liang Daofei even remembers me and what his Celestial Emperor big brother has in store...

“However, Teacher once said that there are five Grand Empyreans, and Celestial Emperor Liang Daozhen is one of them! If I gothere, I might face a lot of danger…” Wang Lin closed his eyes and pondered in the dark.

Five continents away from the Green Devil Continent, there was a ray of light flying through the sky. Inside the light was a red-haired old man with a calm expression, but there was anger hidden in his eyes!

In a flash, the world rumbled and he disappeared into a transfer array. At great cost, he crossed transfer arrays to travel through the continent!

He was the Devil Dao Sect’s ancestor, who was now under Grand Empyrean Dao Yi!!