Renegade Immortal - Chapter 1915 - Vision Goes Black!

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The golden light in the sky gave off a dazzling glow and lit up the ruined Devil Dao Sect. The golden figure didn’t even look down as he waved his hand and the imperial edict appeared.

“Devil Dao Sect, accept the edict!”

As he spoke, the Devil Dao Sect\'s sect master’s eyes were filled with indescribable excitement and surprise. He stopped retreating and clasped his hands toward the sky. Just as he was about to speak, the excitement in his eyes collapsed and was replaced with fear.

Because Wang Lin wasn’t looking up at the golden light in the sky and had ignored the imperial edict. He didn’t pause, and he instantly closed in on the Devil Dao Sect\'s sect master. He raised his right hand and smashed down!

A thunderous rumble echoed when his punch landed. Wang Lin’s full cultivation erupted and formed a power that would terrify all Golden Exalt cultivators.

Killing someone under the imperial edict!

The Devil Dao Sect\'s sect master’s heart trembled and he retreated like crazy. He activated his full cultivation and the Dao and Devil shadows appeared to defend him.

Thunderous rumbles echoed once more and Wang Lin’s punch shattered the Dao shadow and collapsed the Devil shadow. His punch landed on the Devil Dao Sect\'s sect master’s chest.

The Devil Dao Sect\'s sect master trembled and coughed out a large amount of blood. His injuries became even more serious. He was knocked back and fear filled his eyes. Thunder spread out from his body and formed countless balls of thunder that shot at Wang Lin.

At the same time, the golden figure surrounded by the golden light coldly looked at Wang Lin. He held up the imperial edict and let out a roar filled with a sense of majesty.

“To kill someone before the imperial edict, you have guts! Still not backing down?”

Wang Lin completely ignored the golden figure and stepped toward the seriously injured Devil Dao Sect\'s sect master. He completely ignored the balls of thunder!

“No one can save someone I want to kill!” Wang Lin raised his right hand and threw the third punch!

A thunderous rumble echoed and all the balls of thunder collapsed. Although the Devil Dao Sect’s sect master was a Golden Exalt cultivator, he let out a miserable scream. He coughed out blood once more as he was knocked back. His whole body seemed to wilt, and monstrous fear appeared in his eyes.

“The imperial edict is here. If you kill me, then you will without a doubt die!” The Devil Dao Sect\'s sect master looked miserable and blood mist gushed out from his body. The shockwave from Wang Lin’s punch was rippling in his body and he was almost out of strength.

His cultivation was not a match for Wang Lin!

“You dare to kill before the imperial edict? Arrogant. I’m am the imperial messenger here to announce the imperial edict. Not retreating means defying the edict!” The golden figure saw Wang Lin and immediately roared before he rushed toward him!

As he charged out, a golden light released from this golden figure, turning into a golden curtain that flew toward Wang Lin.

Dense celestial energy came from the golden curtain, along with a sense of majesty.

When the crazed Devil Dao Sect\'s sect master saw this, he seemed to have spotted a chance to survive. He looked mad as his hands formed a seal and a vortex appeared between his eyebrows. Nine black flying knives flew out toward Wang Lin.

“Scram!” There was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin’s eyes and he turned to roar at the incoming imperial messenger. He waved his hand at the imperial messenger.

With this, the world changed colors and a giant palm print appeared. It carried with it the might of the world and flew toward the imperial messenger.

As a thunderous rumble echoed, the giant palm print collided with the golden light curtain. The light curtain immediately collapsed and the palm touched the imperial messenger.

As the thunderous rumbles replaced all sounds in the world, the imperial messenger coughed out blood and was knocked back 1,000 feet. He barely stopped and coughed out blood once more. He looked at Wang Lin with disbelief in his eyes.

“Empyrean… Empyrean Exalt cultivation!!”

Wang Lin had forced the imperial messenger back with one palm. His cultivation erupted and a black wind appeared around his body, colliding with the nine black flying knives. Thunderous rumbles echoed and all nine knives collapsed.

Wang Lin stepped forward and instantly arrived next to the Devil Dao Sect\'s sect master. Fear filled the Devil Dao Sect\'s sect master’s eyes as Wang Lin’s right hand smashed down on his chest!

A thunderous rumble echoed and his expression dimmed, the death aura filling his body. He was knocked back and Wang Lin followed after like an arrow and threw another punch!

More than 100 years later, the scene outside the Meng Earth Continent - the human heads flying and Wang Lin desperately trying to escape fate - appeared in his mind! This time, he didn’t punch but opened his mouth and inhaled!

“Die!” Wang Lin threw a punch and the body of the Devil Dao Sect\'s sect master collapsed. His origin soul screamed as he escaped from his collapsed body.

Everything that had happened in the Green Scorpion Temple and his tenacity appeared in Wang Lin’s mind. Killing intent appeared in Wang Lin’s eyes.

This devour seemed to cause infinite suction force to spread out. The origin soul of the Devil Dao Sect\'s sect master let out a howl of despair before his death.

“Old Ancestor, save me!

“Lord Messenger, save me!!”

The expression of the imperial messenger holding the edict changed greatly. He clenched his teeth and charged down once more to stop Wang Lin from devouring the Devil Dao Sect\'s sect master.

“Wang Lin, if you kill him, I can’t declare the Emperor’s edict. This is not a matter you can bear; it is an offense to the might of the celestials. Do you want to betray the entire celestial clan!?!”

This was the first time the imperial messenger had delivered an imperial edict. He didn’t expect to encounter something like. As an imperial messenger, he had seen many powerful cultivators in the Central Continent, but none of them was as arrogant as Wang Lin, to dare to kill someone under the imperial edict!!

“You’re dead. If you do this, you’re dead!” The imperial messenger was extremely angry and rushed out with a roar. Golden light shined from his body and turned into a large, golden print around his body. He smashed toward Wang Lin, who was devouring the Devil Dao Sect\'s sect master!

At this moment, the Devil Dao Sect\'s sect master’s origin soul had been pulled within 1,000 feet of Wang Lin by the suction force. He could not break free at all and was letting out howls of despair.

The imperial messenger’s action caused the Devil Dao Sect\'s sect master to struggle even more violently. If he wanted to live, he would have to borrow external force to escape!

The golden print closed in and instantly shrouded Wang Lin. When it was about to land, Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a flash of coldness. He suddenly turned around and his eyes revealed monstrous, golden light!

The golden light contained the sword fragment of the Celestial Ancestor’s sword and the power to suppress the heavens and earth. At this moment, that power erupted from the golden light in his eyes.

“Scram! If you attempt to stop me again, no matter what your identity is, I’ll kill you today!” The golden print released a sound like it was about to collapse under Wang Lin’s gaze. An invisible force bombarded the golden print and caused it to be unable to move forward.

The heart of the imperial messenger trembled when he felt the suppression force from Wang Lin’s gaze. His expression changed and his scalp felt numb as his body trembled from the majesty of the gaze!

This kind of gaze, this kind of majesty, and this kind of suppression was something he had only ever felt from the Celestial Emperor. Although Wang Lin couldn’t compare to the Celestial Emperor, at this moment, the imperial messenger felt like he was facing the Celestial Emperor!

He didn’t dare to not retreat - he had to retreat. As he retreated, the Devil Dao Sect\'s sect master was completely filled with despair. He watched his origin soul get pulled from 1,000 feet to less than 300 feet from Wang Lin. Seeing how he was going to be devoured, his eyes were filled with madness!

“If you want to kill me, then you will be buried with me! Lord Messenger, this old man accepts the edict. This old man wants to listen to the edict of the Celestial Emperor even if I die!!” He didn’t choose to blow himself up but chose to let the imperial messenger read the imperial edict. This would set in stone Wang Lin’s crime of killing him. He was using his death to make Wang Lin suffer in the future!!

As his howl echoed, his origin soul was less than 10 feet from Wang Lin. His origin soul turned into a ghostly light and was devoured by Wang Lin.

“Let’s die together!”

The mission of the imperial messenger in the sky was to pass the edict. Now that the person who was going to receive the edict had accepted, he didn’t hesitate to open the edict. At the same time, his voice echoed!

“The celestial bloodline has lasted since ancient times until now. The sect master of the Devil Dao Sect on the Green Devil Continent dared to offend the might of the imperial family. He schemed with the servant of the Green Devil against the imperial family. If he is still alive, then destroy him along with the Devil Dao Sect before the edict!!

“If he is dead and if he is killed by a person named Wang Lin, then Wang Lin will accept the edict. Come to the Central Continent. I learned of how you helped Dao Fei, and I have not forgotten about it!!”

As the imperial messenger read the edict sweat, appeared on his forehead. Before he met the person who would receive the edict, he couldn’t open it either. This was the first time he saw the edict, and after reading it, he was startled.

If he was like this, there was no need to mention the Devil Dao Sect\'s sect master. After he was completely devoured by Wang Lin, he heard all of the edict and his vision went black...