Renegade Immortal - Chapter 1902 - Viewing the Arcane Tribulants From Above

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The middle-aged man looked into the distance, and after a long time, he muttered to himself, “I’ve awakened one calamity early…” He lowered his head, looked at the ruins below, and spread out his divine sense. His divine sense was very powerful, so it instantly covered every inch of his continent.

He vaguely remembered that a long time ago, he came here and destroyed this place. After killing every living thing here he absorbed the death aura and remained in closed door cultivation.

According to his calculations, he should have awakened after five calamities, but now he had awakened one calamity ahead.

“The aura that shook my heart from the bottom of my soul and made me awaken early came from that direction… It is the aura of the same kind… Could it be that a similar existence was born…” The man silently pondered.

He vaguely had some memories of what lied in the direction that the aura came form.

“That place should be where the guardian is…” The middle-aged man thought for a moment and then slowly stood up. When he stood up, a ghostly light shined and a black robe appeared. The black robe covered his face, leaving only the shockingly long hair that penetrated the robe through a special method hanging there.

He walked toward the sky, the long hair behind him looking like a black dragon. As he gradually flew through the sky, the figure of a black dragon appeared, making it seem as if this man was a black dragon. He flew in the direction of the Immortal Astral Continent that was extremely far away from this place.

At his speed, it would take hundreds of years to reach the Immortal Astral Continent!

In the depths of the Green Scorpion Temple in the Green Devil Continent, Wang Lin looked at the three ethereal essences before him. His hands formed a seal and he pointed forward.

With this, the three ethereal essences began to gather and slowly fused. These three ethereal essences were not gained through external means, but were born from his own domains and comprehension.

For these three essences to be born, a bud formed during his first mortal transformation, then it grew during his second mortal transformation, and it finally reached completion in his third mortal transformation!

Life and death, karma, and true and false reacted to each other and changed each other. They slowly fused before Wang Lin.

In the life and death essence, Wang Lin saw planet Suzaku and three generation of Da Niu’s family.

In the karma essence, Wang Lin saw Liu Mei, he saw Wang Ping, and he saw himself being a father.

In the true and false essence, he saw Su Dao, the dream of 60 years, and many familiar faces.

These three ethereal essences were no longer just essences to Wang Lin. They were his life of defying the heavens!

“I used the life and death essence to leave mortality, I used the karma essence to obtain dao, and I used the true and false essence to comprehend.

“In life and death, my chaotic thoughts gave birth to karma. In this karma, I continued to confirm my dao… In the end, between true and false, I searched for where my dao was...

“After life and death was karma, after karma was true and false, and after true and false it is… to enter dao!

“The fusion of the three ethereal essence is no difficult. They were born because of me, formed because of me, and will fuse because of me!” As Wang Lin murmured, he waved his right hand. The three ethereal essences before him quickly started to rotate and fused with each other.

As they fused, he looked at his essences. Inside, he saw everything from his birth until this moment in his life.

He saw himself kneeling before his parents’ grave, roaring at the sky while filled with tears.

He saw himself holding Li Muwan’s body and roaring at the sky. As Li Muwan closed her eyes, her tears dripped from the corners of her eyes and landed on the ground.

He faintly saw that a year later, a dream-like flower bloomed where the tears had landed.

He saw himself when learned that Liu Mei had given birth to his child. He saw himself looking at the child that was filled with resentment and cough out blood from the pain of his heart dying.

He saw Li Qianmei wiping blood and tears on his statue during those 10 years. Then he saw all the “Did you know…” from all the strangers.

“My entire life…” Wang Lin let out a sigh. His face seemed to age as the three ethereal essences fused.

Time passed by. As Wang Lin recounted his own memories, the three ethereal essences silently fused together.

The fusion of the three essences turned into a line that was filled with Wang Lin’s memories. This line formed a ring and was imprinted on his forehead.

The moment the ring imprinted, the reminiscence in Wang Lin’s eyes disappeared and was replaced with a golden light.

In this golden light, Wang Lin’s cultivation level increased once more. When his cultivation level increased, the power of that was intended for the Green Devil Scorpion was absorbed by him!

Even the large portion of the Green Devil Scorpion’s soul that Wang Lin had devoured after the failed possession was absorbed by Wang Lin’s origin soul.

But this was not enough. This much power of the world could only make Wang Lin’s cultivation level become infinitely close to peak Arcane Void!

It was not enough to break through and enter Arcane Tribulant to face the arrival of the nine Arcane Tribulants!

He still needed more power of the world!

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he opened his mouth without hesitation to inhale. As he inhaled, power of the world rushed into the scorpion temple, and even the fog outside was pulled in, forming a huge vortex. This become a heavenly phenomenon!

This sudden change caught the attention of all the cultivators on the Green Devil Continent. The battle between the Green Devil Continent and the Heavenly Bull Continent had reached its end. After a large amount of cultivators had died, there weren’t many cultivators left on the Green Devil Continent!

But those that remained were all powerful cultivators!

In particular, although countless disciples had died, the Devil Dao Sect still had nearly 30% of their sect remaining. However, their sect master had gone into closed door cultivation more than 100 years ago and hadn’t come out yet.

At this moment, the huge change happening at the Green Devil Scorpion Temple at the center of the Green Devil Continent was felt by the cultivators of various sects on the Green Devil Continent.

Anyone who could feel it knew or heard of the rumor of the Green Devil being revived. At this moment, more than 10 rays of light rushed toward the Green Devil Scorpion Temple. There were also two rays of light from the Devil Dao Sect as well to witness the resurrection of the Green Devil Scorpion!

The phenomenon around the Green Scorpion Temple lasted for several months. During this time, a large amount of power of the world gathered toward this location like crazy. Those cultivators who came didn’t dare to get close; they only observed from the edge of the phenomenon. They retreated as the phenomenon expanded.

All of this power of the world rushed into Wang Lin’s body during these several months, and his cultivation level continued to become higher. On a day, after several months, his cultivation suddenly erupted and thunderous rumbles echoed inside his body.

As the thunderous rumbles echoed, his cultivation level increased from late stage Arcane Void to peak Arcane Void!!

This fluctuation of cultivation was hidden under the surge of power of the world. The Green Devil Continent cultivators also didn’t dare to spread out their divine senses, in fear of affecting the resurrection of the Green Devil Scorpion. They couldn’t bear the anger of the Green Devil Scorpion, so no one noticed anything.

When Wang Lin reached the peak of Arcane Void, he opened his eyes and revealed a terrifyingly cold gaze. He waved his right hand and the five element essence true body fused with his body.

When this happened, Wang Lin’s power increased several fold!

Shortly after, he waved his right hand and the terrifying thunder essence true body walked forward. It overlapped with Wang Lin’s body, and as thunder cracked and popped, it fused with Wang Lin, becoming part of his body.

The moment the thunder essence true body returned, Wang Lin’s body erupted with a shocking aura. He felt his own strength increase. At this moment, he could battle against late stage Void Tribulant cultivators even without the Heavenly Bull soul armor!

This was still on the premise that he didn’t use the slaughter thunder. Once he risked using the terrifying slaughter thunder, not even he knew how destructive that power would be...

That thunder was something he had inadvertently created, and he could not control it!

This powerful feeling gave him a powerful sense of faith in himself. This changed his temperament and would shock all those who faced him before he even attacked!

Wang Lin stood up with his hands behind his back and looked up. His gaze could penetrate the scorpion temple and see the sky above. His divine sense spread out and he saw the entire scorpion temple.

Yun Yifeng’s group of three was no longer there. Apparently, they had stayed for too long and no longer dared to stay any longer.

This was no longer important. To Wang Lin, Edge Cloud was merely a cloud of smoke from the past. What he need to face now was the nine Arcane Tribulants!!

“If I can pass through the nine Arcane Tribulants in one go and reach Void Tribulant, I’ll destroy the entire Devil Dao Sect. Even late stage Void Tribulant cultivators will be destroyed to repay for the hundred-year fortune!” There was a coldness in Wang Lin’s eyes and he was filled with a powerful killing intent.

Looking up, Wang Lin was waiting!

Waiting for the Arcane Tribulants that would turn him into a Void Tribulant cultivator to arrive!

He had never seen any Arcane Tribulants, but he was confident enough to stand high above and see the beauty of the Arcane Tribulants!!

Since ancient times, everyone who was qualified to face Arcane Tribulants were all extremely cautious and nervous. Even Grand Empyreans were like this before they became Grand Empyreans. People like Wang Lin were extremely rare!