Renegade Immortal - Chapter 1887 - Blockade

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The snow fell and the cold wind blew by in the night as Wang Lin walked towards the city. He didn’t know why he wanted to come here after he detected this city.

“Perhaps I’m searching for a feeling of being ordinary…” Wang Lin walked in the show causing a squeaking noise. A few snowflakes fell on his face; they were very cold.

He walked from one side of the city to another. He left his footprints behind in the city, but they were quickly covered up by the snow.

On the other side of the city, Wang Lin looked back. Along the way, he saw the entire city and the tens of thousands of lights coming from the homes.

However, there was no feeling of warmth. He was like the footprints covered by the snow; he didn’t belong here.

This was the first time Wang Lin had this indescribable feeling. He vaguely understood that as his cultivation level increased, he had lost his final ties with the mortals.

He secretly knew that turning to mortals three times was the limit, and after three times, it was time to cut it off! This was a change in mentality. He wanted to rest in the city and watch the mortals live, but he was unable to fully integrate himself anymore.

“Is my heart no longer calm…”Wang Lin looked up at the snow in the sky. He stood beside the gate at night alone, muttering to himself.

“I now have eight essences… I only need one more essence to enter the Arcane Void stage. After that, I’m confident I can quickly go through the nine Arcane Tribulants… Perhaps my heart is no longer calm, but I know that one day, it will be calm and I’ll be able to silently comprehend the world in a mortal city…”

Wang Lin came, but he left with a sense of melancholy. It was as if he had left something, and he could not find it.

“This is a price… The price of being strong…” Wang Lin silently walked through the closed city gate. He faced the wind as he walked away from the city.

The tens of thousands of lights shined behind him and gave off warmth. Wang Lin long for this warmth but he could not touch it.

The howling of the wind echoed through the snow, gradually forming a song of wind and snow that accompanied Wang Lin’s lonely figure.

A few months later, in the collapsed Pill Sea. This place had become a giant basin; there was nothing here. There was no trace of vitality, only desolation and death.

Wang Lin’s figure appeared in the sky above the Pill Sea. This was the second time he had come here. Compared to last time, he was in a parting mood.

As Wang Lin walked through the desolate Pill Sea, he had his divine sense spread out. The closer he got to the Green Devil Continent, the more cautious he was. After a month, when he stepped onto the Green Devil Continent, he felt a gloomy aura shrouding the entire continent.

This gloomy aura exuded coldness and bloodthirst, with a hint of evil. Mortals, beasts, and even cultivators born here would contain a hint of devilish nature.

The land of the Green Devil Continent was very different from the Heavenly Bull Continent. There were few mountains, and most of the terrain was occupied by swamps. The endless swamps looked like they contained many terrible legends. It made one’s skin crawl just walking over them.

Wang Lin disliked the Green Devil Continent a lot.

There weren’t many powerful cultivators left in the Green Devil Continent; mostly weak cultivators that held no threat to Wang Lin remained. However, he still maintained his previous pace where he used Spatial Bending to cross the Green Devil Continent.

He could feel that deep within the Green Devil Continent, there was a mysterious force. This force was monstrous and filled with devilish energy. According to the tortoise shell, that was the location of the Green Devil Continent’s Green Devil Scorpion Temple.

The Heavenly Bull Continent didn’t have a Heavenly Bull Temple. This kind of temple required permission from the emperor. Without it, a temple couldn’t be built.

The devilish energy was very strong, strong enough to affect one’s mind. Wang Lin didn’t approach that place but went around it. He continued to teleport toward the border of the Meng Earth Continent.

Time slowly passed. In a flash, several months went by. During this time, Wang Lin encountered some cultivators, but none of them could stop him. After several months, Wang Lin appeared at the edge of the Green Devil Continent.

At the border to the Meng Earth Continent was one of the rare mountain ranges in the Green Devil Continent. It was very tall and seemed to connect to the sky. After going over the mountain range, he would be at the Meng Earth Continent.

Standing under the mountain range, Wang Lin calmly looked at the towering mountains. He felt two monstrous devilish energy sources at the peak, which condensed to two giant scorpions that were coiled before the mountain.

Those were two Green Devil Messengers!!

Behind those two devilish energy sources, there was a monstrous sword energy at the peak of the mountain. When Wang Lin arrived, the ancient sword energy released an aura that could destroy the heavens and earth as it floated at the mountaintop.

This was the first time Wang Lin had encountered a power that could stop him in the Green Devil Continent. He felt a familiar aura coming from the sword.

This meant that Wang Lin’s decision to leave through the Green Devil Continent was correct. If he had gone any other direction, he would have encountered even more obstacles.

“Three people… They give me too much credit.” Wang Lin remained casual and walked toward the mountain. The moment he stepped forward, two Green Devil auras rushed out. From a distance, they looked like two fierce Green Devil Scorpions that were rushing down from the mountaintop toward Wang Lin.

Shortly after, the ancient sword shadow at the top of the mountain let out a powerful sword hymn. It swept across the world and chopped down, following the two shadows.

The world trembled. The power of this sword seemed to replace all light in the world. It was like a ray of light in the void.

There was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin’s eyes and the tattoo on the right side of his face flashed. It transformed into countless black threads that surrounded Wang Lin and turned into a suit of armor that left only his white hair and cold eyes exposed.

After Wang Lin put on the soul armor, his aura erupted and he instantly reached the early stage of Void Tribulant. He stepped forward and instantly closed in on the Green Devil Scorpion that was the first Green Devil messenger.

Just as the two closed in, before Wang Lin even attacked, the Green Devil messenger’s cold face revealed a trace of madness. He didn’t even use any spells, and the moment Wang Lin arrived, his hands formed a seal and he pointed to the spot between his eyebrows.

Shortly after, a terrifying aura came from his body. This Green Devil messenger was at the mid stage of Void Tribulant, and he actually chose to self-destruct at this moment!!

This was a complete self-destruction without any hesitation. He suddenly exploded!

The self-destruction of a mid stage Void Tribulant cultivator was enough to shake the Green Devil Continent. This force was powerful enough to even make late stage Void Tribulant cultivators frown.

There was no reason or any foreboding. After this Green Devil messenger exploded, the other Green Devil messenger behind him also chose self-destruct!

The self-destruction of two mid stage Void Tribulant cultivators could even force back a late stage Void Tribulant cultivator!

When the two Green Devil messengers exploded, Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and a powerful sense of crisis washed over him. The crisis was not from the power of the self-destruction, but why they had decided to self-destruct!!

The fight hadn’t even begun, but they had chosen to self-destruct. This was simply too strange. Also, behind him was Void Cloud, who controlled the powerful sword energy. The three of them had the power to fight Wang Lin, so there was no need to self-destruct at all!

This was something extremely abnormal!

To be willing to sacrifice two mid stage Void Tribulant Green Devil Messengers, the Green Devil Continent had to be up to something monstrous. They wouldn’t allow Wang Lin to easily leave this place.

Thunderous rumbles echoed and Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. His right reached at the void and the human-shaped earth element armor appeared. With a wave, an earth yellow light surrounded his body.

Shortly after, Wang Lin erupted his full cultivation and he no longer hid his Ancient Dao aura. Once his Ancient Dao aura was fully released, a huge figure that could support the world appeared.

The moment the figure appeared, everyone within tens of thousands of kilometers could see it. A clear ripple of Ancient Dao power spread out.

The Ancient Dao shadow let out a roar toward the sky and shrouded Wang Lin from the force of the self-destruction of the two Green Devil messengers.

There was a thunderous bang as the destructive force of the first self-destruction smashed into the Ancient Dao shadow. The shadow trembled and showed signs of collapsing when the destructive force of the second self-destruction arrived.

The rumble was heaven-shattering, and the Ancient Dao shadow powered up by Wang Lin’s early stage Void Tribulant cultivation suddenly collapsed!

When the shadow collapsed, a portion of the destructive force from the two self-destructions still remained, and they fell on the first layer of the armor Wang Lin was wearing, the human-shaped earth element armor.