Renegade Immortal - Chapter 1874 - The Soul Armor Recognize Its Master!

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Lu Wenran was very fast. He had made up his mind: he had to kill Wang Lin. Even if it was before the eyes of everyone here, he had to do it. He had already lost the upper hand, so he had to attack now!

In a flash, he closed in on Wang Lin. As Wang Lin retreated, he took three steps. After the third step, his right hand quickly moved and the underground palace rumbled. A Seven-Colored Lance appeared and a second Seven-Colored Lance covered in fire also appeared.

The two Seven-Colored Lances shot toward Lu Wenran.

Wang Lin didn’t pause stop retreating. As his steps fell, he raised his hands. The spell vein vortex in his body rapidly rotated, allowing his hand to erupt with terrifying cast speed.

Under this speed, Wang Lin’s cultivation cycled rapidly. He began launching continuous spells, just like Xu Decai.

Wang Lin’s right hand formed a seal and the War Spirit Print appeared. Two palm prints flew toward Lu Wenran one after the other.

Immediately after, Wang Lin’s left hand formed seals and the world turned into a sea of fire. The Realm Burning Umbrella appeared. Two ancient umbrellas, one above the other, released monstrous fire.

The Seven-Colored Lances closed in on Lu Wenran first. He waved his sleeve and his powerful mid stage Void Tribulant cultivation erupted, causing the two Seven-Colored Lances to collapse. However, shortly after, the two War Spirit Prints collided with Lu Wenran.

Thunderous rumbles echoed. Before Lu Wenran could react. the two Realm Burning Umbrellas released destructive fire that closed in on Lu Wenran.

Lu Wenran’s pupils shrank. At this moment, he no longer doubted that Wang Lin had killed Xu Decai. Aside from Xu Decai, no one else could cast spells at this terrifying speed.

Only by killing Xu Decai could one search his memory for the method!

This was just the beginning; he was far from the end. Using the spell vein in his body, Wang Lin retreated and his hands rapidly formed a seal. The illusion of a sea quickly appeared in the underground palace.

It was as if everything here had disappeared and turned into an endless ocean. The world was filled with darkness, but in the distant horizon, there was a red line as the sun rose up!

“Sundered Night!” Wang Lin let out a roar and waved his hands. The red line expanded infinitely and turned into a bright red sun. The sun suddenly erupted with the power to tear the night apart.

In the other direction of the sun, another sun that seemed to be burning appeared. After it appeared, it erupted with the same force to tear the night apart!

Immediately after, two giant doors appeared above the sea. An ancient aura appeared, making it seem as if time had begun to slow, and it shrouded Lu Wenran’s mind!

All of this happened in a flash. Wang Lin had never used so many spells in such a short period of time in his life.

But this was far from the end. The moment he finished Sundered Night and Flowing Time, Wang Lin waved his sleeve. The spell vein vortex in his body rapidly rotated.

“Call the Wind, Summon the Rain!

“Magic Arsenal!

“Mountain Crumbles, Lands Collapse!

“Dark Moon, Clear Sky!” As Wang Lin waved his sleeve, two dark moons appeared along with the two bright suns, creating a shadow. Lu Wenran was shrouded in the spell of the Dark Moon Sect.

Thunderous rumbles echoed rapidly. Lu Wenran resisted the War Spirit Prints as he was being burned by the Realm Burning Umbrellas and hit with the force of Sundered Night. As time began to reverse, there was a roar of anger and all of Wang Lin’s spells collapsed.

The two giant palm prints exploded and the two ancient umbrellas shattered. The sky and sea all disintegrated. Finally, the two moons and stone doors collapsed.

Lu Wenran was in a sorry state. He had lost an arm and was already injured. In order to resist Wang Lin’s bombardment of spells, he had used all his power. He looked pale as he charged toward Wang Lin.

But with Wang Lin’s delay, Yan Lu and Xu Dongde closed in to stop him.

“Scram!!” Lu Wenran’s eyes were red with killing intent. As Yan Lu and Xu Dongde closed in, he waved his sleeve and coughed out a mouthful of blood. The blood turned into two avatars that charged toward Yan Lu and Xu Dongde.

As for himself, he rushed toward Wang Lin with monstrous killing intent and a complete disregard for his own injuries.

“Die for me!!”

As he roared, Lu Wenran raised his arm and grasped the void. A Nine Tooth Gear appeared in his hand and he mercilessly smashed it toward Wang Lin.

A shrill howl echoed as the Nine Tooth Gear closed in on Wang Lin. Wang Lin’s pupils shrank. He knew how powerful a mid stage Void Tribulant cultivator was, but he had to destroy Lu Wenran’s plan in the underground palace. Otherwise, once Lu Wenran obtained the soul armor and gained a boost in cultivation level, he would be in a dangerous situation.

This was his only chance to make himself stronger, so he didn’t want to miss it!

Sometimes, when one wanted to obtain something, one would have to pay a certain price, would have to possess more courage than others, and would have to make a gamble!

Wang Lin’s eyes were filled with madness. He dared to gamble and could afford to gamble!! He had not used the Three Life Spell yet. He would use one life to gamble. If he won, he would obtain a great fortune, but if he lost, he would still have two lives and could quickly escape.

As the Nine Tooth Gear closed in, Wang Lin sensed death approaching. Without hesitation, he raised his hand and mercilessly grabbed the void before him.

“Heaven Ripping!!” Wang Lin let out a roar as his hands mercilessly ripped to the side. The Nine Tooth Gear collided with the rift that was torn open. There was a thunderous bang as four of the teeth on the gear collapsed. However, the remaining five teeth were like blades of death that shot straight for Wang Lin!

In a flash, it was within 30 feet of Wang Lin. It rotated rapidly and was extremely sharp, as if it wanted to split Wang Lin apart. It rapidly closed in.

Wang Lin felt intense pain in his body and felt like his body was going to be split in half. The rotating gear touched him and blood sprayed out from his entire body.

Lu Wenran laughed hysterically. He had expected Wang Lin to die. In his mind, he had already imagined Wang Lin’s body being torn in half and his origin soul collapsing!

“You’re not qualified to be my enemy!”

Behind him, Yan Lu and Xu Dongde were too late to rescue Wang Lin. Lu Wenran had risked serious injuries to cough out blood to form two avatars to stop them. Although they would only last for a few breaths, he believed it would be enough if he used his full cultivation!

“Die for me. Once you die, the soul armor will be mine!!” Lu Wenran roared and sneered as he watched Wang Lin press his hand against the gear and get pushed back. Blood sprayed everywhere and Lu Wenran laughed hysterically.

All the surrounding cultivators were dumbfounded when they saw this, and fear and panic filled their hearts. Lu Wenran was like a stranger in their eyes.

“Mad… He has gone mad!!”

“He is killing Elder Wang before us. He will definitely kill everyone here to seal the information!”

“He doesn’t care about anything at all. If he obtains the soul armor, I fear he will kill us all and push the blame to the Green Devil Continent!”

The more than 1,000 cultivators on the ground looked at the crazed Lu Wenran with fear in their eyes. Even some of the cultivators that had originally chosen Lu Wenran felt deep regret.

“Die, die, die, die!” Lu Wenran’s mad laughter echoed throughout the underground palace, but it suddenly stopped. His eyes were filled with disbelief.

Wang Lin’s retreating body wasn’t split like he had imagined. Instead, as the blood sprayed out, he heard the sound of metal colliding. Wang Lin’s powerful physical body played a key role at this moment.

A lantern giving off a soft glow appeared on Wang Lin’s head. The lantern’s light shrouded him and caused his painful body to rapidly recover.

Lu Wenran’s eyes revealed crazed killing intent. When he saw that Wang Lin hadn’t died as he expected, he charged at Wang Lin.

“So what if your body is strong, so what if you have a treasure protecting your body? Die, die, die for me!!!” With one step, Lu Wenran was less than 500 feet from Wang Lin!

With the second step, he was less than 100 feet away. He raised his hand and was about to launch the killing blow. At this moment, the Heavenly Bull soul armor turned into countless black strands. It moved very fast past Lu Wenran toward Wang Lin.

All of this happened in an instant. In a flash, Wang Lin was surrounded by countless black strands, and a powerful aura erupted. When Lu Wenran was hit by this aura, he coughed out blood. His eyes were filled with intense fear and reluctance!