Renegade Immortal - Chapter 1865 - Trapped!

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Xu Decai flew into the distance above the Extreme Sky Prairie feeling gloomy. In his battle against Wang Lin, he had lost his Heavenly Dao, which was difficult for him to accept. The connection between him and the Heavenly Dao had been severed when his Heavenly Dao was devoured, which caused him to become injured.

At this moment, his origin soul was so weak, it would take him a while to recover.

“Wang Lin, you will without a doubt die!! There are two mid stage Void Tribulant cultivators chasing you, I want to see how you will escape! Elder Zhang also promised me that once you are captured, he will hand you to me for a few days. I’ll make sure you will wish for death!”

Xu Decai’s hatred for Wang Lin came from his Heavenly Dao being devoured. The more his heart ached for his Heavenly Dao, the more he hated Wang Lin!

As he flew, his expression suddenly changed and he looked into the distance. At that moment, he felt a fluctuations come from the distance.

When he looked at the fluctuations, he immediately saw Wang Lin walk out from the void, change directions, and leave. He clearly saw that Wang Lin had noticed him, and the expression on Wang Lin’s face changed before he sped up. Ripples appeared under Wang Lin’s feet. It was clear he was going to leave through this strange method.

“Wang Lin!! He is not in front, but here!” Xu Decai was startled as he watched Wang Lin quickly leave. Since Wang Lin could disappear using that strange method, he didn’t have time to think as he chased.

“You could have taken any path, but you ended up before me. Wang Lin, it is your own bad luck that led you to your death!” Xu Decai sneered and quickly chased after Wang Lin, closing the distance. He was completely focused on Wang Lin, and he had swept the area with his divine sense. He had found nothing, so he relaxed.

But just after he moved forward 10,000 feet, he suddenly disappeared. It was as if he had smashed into an invisible spatial rift and disappeared.

The moment he disappeared, Wang Lin closed in and also disappeared. Only the Space Stone laid there in the grass below. It was covered by mud water.

Xu Decai went missing!

The moment he went missing, the early stage Void Tribulant female at the edge of the prairie suddenly opened her eyes. Her expression changed as she stared at the compass before her, and the feeling of all her hair standing up filled her body.

She saw the dot that represented Xu Decai suddenly disappear!

“This… This…” The woman’s face immediately turned pale and her eyes were filled with disbelief. She didn’t hesitate to pass this news using a special method to the three Void Tribulant Cultivators in the Extreme Sky Prairie!

The expressions of the two mid stage Void Tribulant cultivators were extremely gloomy as they flew. Both of them had chased after the compass only to find that they had been tricked. They were extremely angry but had nowhere to vent.

As the two flew, their expressions changed and they stopped in the air when they received the message sent to them!

“Xu Decai was clearly following behind and now he is missing!!” The expression of the old man named Zhang changed.

“It must be that Wang Lin. He used the compass to attract our attention, but he was actually hiding in the prairie and ambushed Xu Decai!” Killing intent appeared in the eyes of the old man named Zhao.

Just as they two of them noticed this, the clouds over the prairie dissipated, revealing the sunlight. But not only did the rain not stop, it became even more intense.

Under the dense rain, dense, black fog rose from the earth and covered up the entire prairie.

The old men named Zhang and Zhao suddenly looked around. An invisible pressure spread out from this endless prairie.

The early stage Void Tribulant female cultivator, who was still a distance away from the two old men, trembled and stopped in the air. Through the special method the Green Devil Continent cultivators used to communicate, she learned about Xu Decai going missing.

At the same time, she saw the fog coming from the earth soon cover the world. Endless howls came from the fog.

Inside the fog, the thousands of cultivators from the underground palaces launched the second attack under Lu Wenran’s lead.

The three Void Tribulant cultivators attempted to rush out of the fog, but Lu Wenran’s gloomy voice echoed.

“Fellow Cultivator, why the rush to leave?” As his words echoed, all the Void Tribulant cultivators rushed out and the battle began.

At the edge of the Extreme Sky Prairie, the early stage Void Tribulant woman controlling the compass suddenly opened her eyes. Without hesitation, she waved her sleeve and led the thousands of Green Devil Continent cultivators toward the prairie.

As the second battle unfolded on the prairie, there was a common-looking rock that no one paid attention to somewhere in the grass.

There was countless spaces inside this stone. At this moment, in one of these spaces, a battle against a Void Tribulant cultivator was taking place!

Xu Decai fell into the space inside the Space Stone designated by Wang Lin. When he appeared, his heart trembled and knew he had fallen for Wang Lin’s trap.

But his cultivation level was high, so he didn’t reveal any sense of panic. He looked up and saw that the sky was blue and the sun was golden, but the earth was filled with the aura of death. In the distance, there was a volcano, and in another direction, there was a sea of thunder.

There were dark clouds in the blue sky and there was black snow falling. The snow had been falling for an unknown amount of time and had covered the ground in layers of snow.

“Wang Lin, come out for me. Why play this game here?” Xu Decia’s expression was gloomy as he looked around.

The moment his voice echoed, Wang Lin’s figure appeared from a ripple tens of thousands of feet in front of Xu Decai. He had changed into all white as he coldly stared at Xu Decai.

“Your spells are very fast. Then let us see whose spells are faster!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up.


The moment this word echoed, the world trembled and a sword appeared. This sword represented Wang Lin’s karma essence.

Almost at the same moment Wang Lin used the spell, Xu Decai formed seal without hesitation and millions of seals appeared to form a red fog. Waves of miserable screams came from the fog and hundred of thousands of souls appeared. They charged forward, covering the sky.

Xu Decai retreated. His left hand rose to form seals once more. Nearly 7 million seals appeared, forming a lance. The lance twisted to become the head of a giant python that charged forward with its tongue out.

Immediately after, Xu Decai retreated three more steps and raised his hands. He was about to cast another spell. He was very fast, but it was the first time he couldn’t match Wang Lin!

When he used the second spell, Wang Lin’s life and death sword flew forward, but when he was casting his third spell, Wang Lin’s true and false sword appeared a moment faster!

This short moment was very important!

The karma sword instantly closed in on the ghosts. It cut down with the mysterious power of karma and then all the souls collapsed.

At the same time, Wang Lin’s life and death sword closed in and cut down on the giant python formed by Xu Decai’s spell.

There was a thunderous bang as the python let out a roar of death and Wang Lin’s life and death sword collapsed.

But the true and false sword closed it at an unimaginable speed, and at this moment, Xu Decai hadn’t finished the third spell!

The true and false sword flashed toward Xu Decai’s chest. It was too fast and his expression changed greatly. He rapidly retreated and threw the incomplete spell in his hand toward the sword.

As rumbles echoed, the true and false sword collapsed, but Xu Decai also suffered. His face was pale as he retreated and raised his right hand to form seals.

But how could Wang Lin give him the chance? Wang Lin had finally disrupted Xu Decai’s casting and lured him here to this slaughter field. Wang Lin had to kill Xu Decai and obtain the secret of casting spells that fast!

Just as Xu Decai retreated two steps, Wang Lin revealed a fierce expression and pointed forward.

“Fire essence!”

As the words echoed, the volcano in the distance erupted and instantly teleported near Xu Decai, surrounding him. The volcano continued to erupt, and with Wang Lin’s fire essence true body inside, it became a powerful attack.

“Thunder essence!” Once Wang Lin seized the opportunity, he would not give up so easily. As his words echoed, the volcano that surrounded Xu Decai suddenly teleported again into the vast thunder sea.

Thunder rumbled and the lightning seemed to boil as countless bolts of thunder rushed toward the volcano. A mad bombardment of thunder and fire began!

“Water essence!” Wang Lin waved his sleeve, then he bit the tip of his tongue and spat out a mouthful of blood. This space was not complete and therefore didn’t have any water, but Wang Lin used the water essence condensed in his own blood. The mouthful of blood turned into red water vapor and flew toward the thunder volcano. The moment the red water vapor fell, the fire collapsed and the thunder exploded.

The fusion of three essence created destruction. At this moment, the three ethereal essences that had disappeared reformed into long swords and rushed in.