Renegade Immortal - Chapter 1846 - Meeting for the First Time!

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With this, the sea remained the same, but he left a sliver of his divine sense in the sea. This sliver of divine sense might seem useless now, but in the future, it would play a big role.

That divine sense had fused with the sea, and it was very difficult to detect.

Having done this, Wang Lin’s eyes became filled with blood lines. Soon, his eyes looked terrifying.

Using his eyes, which contained his restriction essence, he looked at the sky and his expression changed!

The dark sky was covered by thin layers of fog. This fog couldn’t be seen by the eye; not even divine sense could see it clearly. Only by using his restriction essence could he clearly see all of this.

“One layer… Three layers… Seven layers…” The fog in the sky was thin but had a full seven layers. The seven layers of fog surrounded the entire Pill Sea. It was like a bowl that was flipped upside down and covered the Pill Sea.

Above the seventh layer, there was a compass. It was an illusion that slowly rotated and gave off a pressure that fused with the seven layers of fog.

“This compass is an illusion, not real…” Wang Lin looked up and faintly saw that the compass above the seven layers had a strand of aura that connected to the other side of the Pill Sea.

“The center of this formation must have turned solid and is over there…” Wang Lin pondered as he looked toward the Pill Sea and thought of something.

If he wanted his restriction essence to form an essence true body, he would need to absorb a large amount of restrictions. He had never seen the restriction that covered the Pill Sea, and he was tempted to absorb it.

However, he soon suppressed this temptation. He waved his right hand and two giant eyes appeared behind him. The eyes were filled with blood lines and seemed to wash away the darkness a bit.

The moment the two giant eyes filled with blood lines appeared, Wang Lin sat down and looked up at the sky. His eyes shined as he began to deduce the restriction. He had to break it as fast as possible.

When he began to deduce, the two giant eyes also gave off the light of deduction. He stared at the sky as he looked for ways of breaking through the seven layers of fog.

More and more blood lines appeared in Wang Lin’s eyes and the two giant eyes behind him were the same.

Time slowly passed. In a flash, half an hour passed. White Tiger and company were solemn as he carefully looked around to protect Wang Lin. Whether they can leave would depend if Wang Lin can break this formation.

After another half an incense stick of time passed, Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he pointed at the sky three times. Every time he pointed, a line of blood would fly out from the two giant eyes behind him.

Outsiders couldn’t see it, but from Wang Lin’s view, each line flew into the areas in the first layer where the fog was thin. The three lines connected together to form a circle.

This circle was a small hole in the first layer of fog where there was no fog! Although it was a small hole, it was enough for one person to pass through!

“Seven layers of fog, and every layer is moving. It will be difficult to break through this restriction…” Wang Lin pondered as he looked at the sky. Both his hands moved and he flicked nine times at the sky. Each time, a red line would fly out.

These nine lines penetrated the hole he had made in the first layer and four went into the second layer. They soon found a similar area where the fog was thin, then they connected to form a circle.

At the same time, the remaining five lines penetrated the second layer and used the same method to form a circle in the third layer!

Wang Lin had found a method to break through the first three layers!

White Tiger and company could not see this, and the three of them were very serious. They looked at Wang Lin anxiously. After all, a lot of time had passed.

Even now, no cultivator from the Green Devil Sect had appeared. It was very strange, and it was like the calm before the storm. This gave them a depressing feeling.

Wang Lin remained calm and his mind was focused on the seven layer restrictions. The further he went, the more profound he found the restriction to be. After the first three layers, those areas of thin fog were difficult to find.

But Wang Lin had the restriction essence, so he wasn’t just relying on deduction but also on his essence gaze. In his eyes, all restrictions in the world seemed to stop.

After another half a minute and after breaking through the first three layers, Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he flicked seventeen times! 17 blood lines flew out and penetrated the first three layers. In the fourth layer, six lines formed a small circle where the fog was thin.

The remaining fine lines in the fifth layer and formed a circle. Now a circle to get through the fog had appeared in the first five layers.

But just at this moment, the Pill Sea rumbled. The sound was heaven-shaking, and the sea seemed to be split in half with a line rapidly moving down the middle.

This was too sudden. This caused the expressions of White Tiger and company to change greatly. At this moment, Wang Lin’s pupils shrank and he didn’t hesitate to stand up. The giant eyes behind him disappeared and he waved his sleeves. He took White Tiger and company and charged into the sky.

Just as Wang Lin took White Tiger and company into the sky, an indescribably terrifying sword energy came from the thin line that divided the sea in half.

What kind of thin line was this? It was clearly a cut from a sword! This sword swing was able to cut the sea in half until it reached the bottom. Its power was shocking!

The sea rumbled. The moment the sword shadows appeared from the sea, the sea rumbled and was completely split in half. A thunderous rumble echoed, and one could clearly see the dark sea floor below.

This sword shadow was hundreds of feet long. It flew out from the sea and charged toward Wang Lin and company. Feeling this sword energy, White Tiger and company’s faces turned pale. Vermillion Bird and Black Tortoise were seriously injured, so they coughed out blood and their eyes were filled with fear.

“This is the sword dao!! To not cultivate the domain of the world and only cultivate the sword. To fuse one’s will into the sword, to fuse one’s body into the sword. To exterminate all emotions until one even thinks of oneself as a sword!

“This… This… The Green Devil Continent actually has such an extreme cultivator!!” Black Tortoise was very knowledgeable and gasped.

The sword shadow was very fast and closed in instantly, but Wang Lin had flown out ahead of time. He took White Tiger and company and charged into the small hole in the first layer of fog. He didn’t pause as he went through the second, third, fourth, and fifth layers!

Behind him, the sword shadow cut into the restriction, making thunderous rumbles echo. The first three layers of fog immediately collapsed. The sword energy contained a powerful will entered the fourth layer. The four layers of fog immediately collapsed as well!

One sword strike to break four layers of restrictions. Even Wang Lin couldn’t help but gasp at the power of this sword strike! He was inside the fifth layer of fog and could clearly feel the fog tremble. An overbearing power unique to sword intent cultivators rumbled in Wang Lin’s mind.

Wang Lin took a deep breath. This will was merely the aftershock, but Wang Lin clearly felt how tyrannical it was.

“No matter what cultivation level this person is at, he must be someone famous in the Green Devil Continent!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as he pulled White Tiger and company, who were shocked by the sword strike. His eyes were covered in blood line as he charged at the sixth layer.

The fog in the sixth layer was very dense and there was no gap at all. However, as Wang Lin charged forward, his hands formed seal and restrictions made of blood lines appeared before him to form a wire mesh. Soon, it collided with the fog of the sixth layer.

With a thunderous bang, Wang Lin took White Tiger and company to forcibly break open the sixth layer!

“This humble Void Cloud came from far away. Why is Fellow Daoist in such a hurry to leave?” A low voice echoed across the surface of the sea. The sword shadow that penetrated the first four layers turned into a cultivator in blue.

This cultivator looked like a young man. He was wearing plain clothes without the slightest embellishment. His long hair was draped over his shoulders and gave him an elegant look.

He was very beautiful but was very cold, and he had a seven foot sword in his hand. In this dark sky, there seemed to be a chill flowing through, and the sword gave off a cold glint.

What came was not Void Cloud’s original body but an avatar formed by his sword intent. Although it was an avatar, it contained 60% of his sword intent!

As he spoke, he looked up and stepped toward the fifth layer! He raised his right hand and the sword in his hand swept across the sky.

With this sweep, a crescent moon sword energy flew into the sky. The fifth layer of fog suddenly collapsed. This allowed Void Cloud to see the white-haired Wang Lin, who looked coldly back a him!