Renegade Immortal - Chapter 1831 - Soul Eye Dao Thunder!

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Chapter 1831 - Soul Eye Dao Thunder!

In the Great Soul Sect, the mountain Wang Lin was at was very unique. It was constantly burning and the fire never extinguished, but there was no smoke. The world around the mountain seemed to distort due to the heat. Everything around the mountain looked like an illusion.

The mountain was very hot, and if one got close, they would be covered in sweat. If one moved even closer, they would feel like their blood was boiling.

Wang Lin only maintained three caves in the Fire Vein Mountain and destroyed the others. As of right now, he was the only person in this mountain.

He was sitting inside the cave that originally belonged to Yan Lu. His essence true body appeared and slowly fused with the mountain as if becoming one with it.

Wang Lin cultivated for a moment before he opened his eyes. His eyes shined brightly.

“Great Soul Sect…” Wang Lin flipped his right hand and a purple jade appeared. This jade gave off an ancient aura and a trace of decay.

“Soul Eye Dao… The person I knew who was the best at divination was the All-Seer! Qing Lin also had a similar dao spell… That spell was very good at divination. Back then, I borrowed the All-Seer’s avatar to divinate, and it saved me from a lot of life and death crisis...

“Now, with the Soul Eye Dao, I must learn it’ otherwise, it will be difficult to move in the Immortal Astral continent… More importantly, it will help me hide myself and make it difficult for others to divinate me…” Wang Lin pondered as his divine sense entered the jade in his hand.

However, just at this moment, Wang Lin suddenly looked up. The entire Fire Vein Mountain had merged with his essence true body. It could be said that this mountain was his essence true body. He clearly sensed a woman walking toward the mountain.

The woman stopped outside the mountain. After pondering a bit, she bowed and her soft and charming voice echoed.

“Disciple Fan Shanmeng came under the order of Teacher due to elder Wang’s request to meet Elder Wang.”

“Fan Shanmeng…” Wang Lin smiled and ignored her. His divine sense entered the jade in his hand and he began to study it.

“Soul is dao, dao is soul; to use dao to search through fate…” When Wang Lin’s divine sense entered the jade, an old voice echoed in his mind. This voice contained a strange force and allowed Wang Lin to immerse himself in the Soul Eye Dao in the jade.

Time slowly passed. In a flash, one day went by.

Fan Shanmeng was still standing outside the mountain, waiting outside with her head lowered. The temperature here was very high and her clothes were soaked in sweat. Her clothes were clinging to her body, making it very uncomfortable, but she still waited for Wang Lin’s summon.

She was feeling helpless. Thinking about everything that had happened, there was a flash of resentment in her eyes, but she soon hid it.

Inside the cave, Wang Lin opened his eyes. He looked at the jade in his hand and pondered for a while.

“4.9 billion inscriptions… Every inscription must be imprinted after a certain amount of time to the soul… 100,000 as small completion, 2.7 billion as intermediate, and 4.9 billion to master...

“This spell is very strange. It is easy to learn, but to move further, it becomes extremely difficult. The further one goes with this spell, the more complex the inscriptions become and the longer it takes to imprint them on the soul! Is this the Great Soul Sect’s Soul Eye Dao…” Wang Lin pondered a bit with a strange expression.

“According to the time given on the jade, this spell only takes three days to learn at the start. As long as one has reached the third step, 9 out of 10 people can complete 100,000 inscriptions on their soul...

“But if one wanted to reach the intermediate level, it would take 999 years… And one must spend all that time in closed door cultivation… This is also possible; it is not uncommon for a cultivator to go into closed door cultivation for 1,000 years.

But in order to reach great completion with 4.9 billion inscriptions, it would take close to 178,000 years. This…” Wang Lin frowned. He vaguely understood why Old Ancestor Green Bull had given him the Soul Eye Dao that seemed so precious so casually.

It was simply impossible to master this spell! At most, one could only reach the intermediate stage!

Wang Lin let out a cold snort and closed his eyes. He continued to immerse himself in inscripting the imprints on his soul. At the dusk of the third day, while the sky was golden, Wang Lin opened his eyes.

“Surely the same as the time predicted in the jade. Three days to inscribe 100,000 imprints on the soul…” Wang Lin raised his right hand to form a seal and pointed to between his eyebrows. Soul energy came out from his head and soon formed a small person above him.

This little person was only three inches tall and was formed by the 100,000 imprints in Wang Lin’s soul. This little person did not look like Wang Lin. It only had a pair of eyes; it didn’t even have a nose, a mouth, or ears.

It gently jumped off his head and landed before him. Then, as Wang Lin stretched out his right hand, the little person jumped into Wang Lin’s palm.

Looking at this little person, Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a strange light. Before him was the little person formed by 100,000 inscriptions that were constantly moving. This little person could only be seen with one’s eyes. If one’s divine sense swept by, there would be nothing.

As Wang Lin looked at the little person, it was looking back at him. Its eyes were clear and gave off an unspeaking sense of emotion. When their gazes met, Wang Lin felt like he had entered a trance.

“The soul eye is all-seeing, search for my own mysteries!” Wang Lin suddenly said and then searched for dangers in his future. The moment he spoke, the little person trembled and gave off a ghostly glow. It knelt down toward Wang Lin and kowtowed toward him.

When the head of the little person touched Wang Lin’s palm the first time, a strange force erupted from the little person and rushed into Wang Lin’s mind through his palm.

Wang Lin’s vision became blurry and he vaguely saw fog. This fog was filled with blood light. He saw several hidden figures but couldn’t see them clearly.

At this moment, the small person kowtowed once more, and when its forehead touched Wang Lin’s palm, there was a thunderous rumble in Wang Lin’s mind. The fog before him seemed to be blown apart by force.

He faintly saw a mountain surrounded by thunder. It was like a thunder mountain made by the heavens. He saw a person there, and that person seemed to be suppressed under the thunder mountain!

Bolts of thunder landed on the mountain, and he vaguely saw a giant chariot made of thunder in the sky. There was a figure made of thunder looking down on the earth.

Wang Lin’s heart trembled, and without hesitation, he looked at the person who was being suppressed. However, it was a blur and he couldn’t see clearly.

At this moment, the little person in his hand trembled and kowtowed a third time. The moment its forehead touched Wang Lin’s palm, Wang Lin’s body trembled. Another surge of power appeared to break through the fog, allowing him to see the face of the person that was hidden.

That person was himself!!

When Wang Lin saw this, the illusion before him collapsed. He felt like a cultivation planet had smashed into him, and his divine sense quickly withdrew.

“Who will suppress me with the thunder mountain in the future?” Wang Lin’s expression was fierce. When everything before him collapsed, he forced his divine sense to stay. He looked up at the figure on the chariot made of thunder. He was going to get a good look at the person’s appearance!

“Soul Eye Dao, once more!” He couldn’t see it clearly, but how could Wang Lin give up now? When he sent out the command, the little person in his hand trembled and kowtowed for the fourth time.

A giant bolt of thunder seemed to light up the whole world. This allowed Wang Lin to clearly see the figure on the chariot!

When Wang Lin saw the figure, his mind trembled and his body trembled. The world before him collapsed, and when he looked up, he was still in the cave.

The little person in his palm looked dispirited and its eyes were dim as it remained motionless.

After pondering for a long time, Wang Lin still couldn’t forget the look of the person he saw at the end.

“Impossible… How can it be…” Wang Lin’s eyes were filled with confusion. After a long time, he closed his palm. The little person in his hand entered his soul to be nourished.

“This matter is too strange… However, this Soul Eye Dao can indeed see the changes in the future. I’ll need to cultivate this more, then perhaps I can use it to find Situ, Qing Shui, Li Qianmei, and the others…” Wang Lin pondered as he suppressed the shock in his heart. Given his cultivation and life experiences, he could suppress even heaven-shattering events to calm himself.

“It has been three days… I wonder what the three things Old Ancestor Green Bull has prepared for me are… He also said I can enter the Soul Scripture Pavilion to choose spells…” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he thought about the various illusion spells the Great Soul Sect had, including the one Yan Lu had used to summon the soul of the Great Soul Sect’s ancestor.

After pondering a bit, Wang Lin stepped forward and left the cave. He stood on the mountain and immediately saw the extremely weak Fan Shanmeng.

She was still standing there. When she saw Wang Lin, she revealed a complicated expression. As she was about to speak, Wang Lin walked past Fan Shanmeng and left the Fire Vein Mountain.

“You!!” There was anger in Fan Shanmeng’s eyes, but she suppressed it. She stared at Wang Lin’s figure as he left. She then calmed herself and continued to wait.

She had nowhere else to go...

Wang Lin turned into a ray of light and went toward the depths of Great Soul Sect. The jade Old Ancestor Green Bull had given him to allow him through the restrictions in the sect had a map of all the various peaks in the Great Soul Sect. This told him exactly where the Green Heavenly Peak was.