Renegade Immortal - Chapter 1821 - He Meets Someone From His Hometown

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Chapter 1821 - He Meets Someone From His Hometown

That man looked panic and quickly replied. They turned into rays of light that flew toward the red mountain.

Wang Lin was about to leave the man’s body when he thought of something. He maintained his current state and went along with them.

Perhaps it was because a divine sense had just spread out and the three of them weren’t checked by any more divine senses. They successfully closed in on the red mountain.

“We have to be faster. Once we finish with Ancestor Yan Lu, we still have to go to the other main peaks and can’t be delayed. Song Yin, we will wait for you head. Catch up once you deliver them,” the woman who spoke before said, and the other woman nodded in agreement.

The three scattered. The woman named Song Ying charged at the red mountain. The other woman and the man Wang Lin was in changed directions. They bypassed the red mountain and went off into the distance.

Wang Lin didn’t hesitate to change into smoke, leaving the man. He surrounded the woman named Song Ying and flew toward the red mountain with her.

The female disciple named Song Ying didn’t look old and was very beautiful, and her body gave off the fragrance of a virgin. She turned into a ray of red light and flew toward the mountain peak.

She stopped in the air outside the mountain. There was a fuzzy light curtain protecting the mountain. She took out a red jade and was going to press it against the light curtain. At this moment, Wang Lin split a part of his divine sense toward the red jade and used his full power to study it.

A soft crackling sound came from the jade. When the jade was pressed against the light curtain, Wang Lin withdrew his divine sense.

The light curtain trembled and ripples echoed. The woman put away the jade and stepped into the light curtain. At this moment, inside her clothes, the smoke Wang Lin had turned into distorted. He had used his restriction essence to imitate the jade, and he silently entered with her.

The moment Wang Lin entered, excitement appeared in his heart. There was a large amount of fire essence inside, as if just breathing once would strengthen his fire essence.

However, similarly, there was an early stage Void Tribulant female cultivator who Wang Lin dreaded. He didn’t immediately leave this woman; he stayed with her for a while.

This woman seemed to feel uncomfortable with the heat here. The moment she entered, she was covered in a fragrant sweat. She flew toward the caves to deliver the Soul Split Fruit.

As Wang Lin observed, there was a total of 19 caves in this mountain. Aside from the cave at the top, she sent a fruit to each of the other caves.

Each cave was filled with vitality, and there was a Great Soul Sect disciple inside each one.

Shortly after, the woman arrived outside the last cave. By now she was soaked in sweat due to the heatwave.

“Senior Sister, the soul split fruit is here.” The woman’s voice was a bit weak as she spoke outside the cave.

“Put it down.” A soft voice came from the closed door of the cave. When Wang Lin heard this, his mind trembled.

“It’s her!”

Wang Lin pondered. The woman covered in fragrant sweat took out nine greenish white celestial fruits bursting with cold energy. He left the woman and attached to the leaf of a fruit.

The woman named Song Ying clasped her hands and respectfully left. She flew out from the light curtain and disappeared.

At the same time, the door to the cave opened a sliver and a suction force pulled the fruits inside. Then the door to the cave closed.

Inside the cave, there was a fluorescent light. The celestial fruits that were pulled in to the cave were put on a stone table.

A woman in pink was sitting not far away. She was very beautiful and had a temperament that made her the beauty of a generation.

She was frowning and looked a bit depressed. She wasn’t cultivating but looked ahead; it was unknown what she was thinking about.

Wang Lin hid on the leaf of the fruit and also pondered as he looked at the woman.

After a long time, the woman in pink let out a sigh and closed her eyes to try to cultivate. However, just at this moment, a calm voice appeared in her mind.

“Fan Shanlu…”

The moment this voice appeared, the woman in pink suddenly opened her eyes and her right hand under her sleeves trembled. She immediately raised her right hand and waved.

This wave caused mist to to appear and completely seal off the cave.

“Wang Lin!! Where are you?” Fan Shanlu took a deep breath and looked around. Although she looked calm, the trembling in her right hand revealed the shock in her heart.

Wang Lin didn’t immediately appear but looked at the mist Fang Shanlu had created. This mist was very strange; its job was to seal all auras inside the cave so no one outside could detect anything inside.

This was subconscious behavior from Fan Shanlu. Wang Lin looked at these details to obtain the bigger picture. He pondered a bit before the smoke left the leaf of the fruit and he appeared before Fan Shanlu.

“Long time no see.” Wang Lin revealed a smile as he looked at Fan Shanlu, and his gaze swept by the mist.

After seeing Wang Lin, Fan Shanlu was stunned for a long time before revealing a smile.

“It has been a long time… I didn’t think you would come here… This fog is for when core disciples of the Great Soul Sect go into closed door cultivation. Once the fog appears, Teacher’s divine sense won’t casually sweep by, so it’s safe here.”

Fan Shanlu’s smile was joyous. She didn’t expect to meet Wang Lin here. However, her gratitude toward Wang Lin was still there and hadn’t dissipated with time.

What happened in the cave world had become part of her life. If not for Wang Lin, she wouldn’t have been able to return home. Fan Shanlu also admired Wang Lin.

Wang Lin sat down. After hearing her explanation and observing her reactions, Wang Lin relaxed a little. However, he was still cautious, and if Fan Shanlu had any other thoughts, he would attack without hesitation.

“You’re still as cautious… But that is good, you need to be cautious on the Immortal Astral Continent in order to survive…” Fan Shanlu smiled as she looked at Wang Lin.

“Three years ago, I met with the Gui Yi Sect’s Yun Yifeng and mentioned you. According to our calculations, you should have came to the Immortal Astral Continent a long time ago, but we still hadn’t heard of you. Perhaps something happened or you were somewhere far away.

“I didn’t expect to meet you here today.” Fan Shanlu blinked and laughed.

“There were some accidents along the way, so I’m a bit late. I’m glad to see you.” Wang Lin smiled. It was rare to meet someone familiar on the Immortal Astral Continent, which made Wang Lin feel a hint of warmth.

In truth, Fan Shanlu felt the same, a hint of warmth. After all, she had spent most of her life in the cave. Her relationship with the Great Soul Sect was only in name, and it was actually very unfamiliar to her now.

“Speak. You came to the Great Soul Sect and came to my cave, there must be a reason. If there is a need for my help, I’ll try my best.” The depressed feelings Fan Shanlu had faded when Wang Lin arrived and was replaced by sincere joy.

Wang Lin could feel Fan Shanlu’s joy, and this made his heart feel warm. He smiled silently for a moment and then spoke.

“I need the main earth fire vein to cultivate… It may affect the main earth fire vein here.”

Fan Shanlu pondered, and after a long time, she nodded.

“No problem. I can take you to the closed door cultivation location for the earth fire vein. Teacher should be easy to deal with. She is in closed door cultivation most of the time and occasionally spreads out her divine sense. She won’t check on closed door cultivation disciples too often to not affect them.

“The main problem is my elder sister… She is also on this flame mountain… However, she has caught the attention of Teacher, so she won’t casually come out.

“How about this: I’ll accompany you to the fire room, and if others ask, I’m in closed door cultivation. However, it can’t take long, or else others will begin asking questions.” Fan Shanlu was decisive and quickly came up with an idea.

Wang Lin pondered and slowly said, “That would not be good for you…”

When Fan Shanlu heard this, her expression softened and she shook her head with a smile.

“No problem. Teacher also protects her own, I know my limits.”

Wang Lin’s expression was serious as he got up and clasped his hands at Fan Shanlu. “Many thanks!”

“No need to thank me, I wanted to thank you. If not for you, I wouldn’t have been able to return to the Immortal Astral Continent.” Fan Shanlu got up.

“This matter should not be delayed, we should get going. I’m going to have to ask you to endure hiding in me…” As Fan Shanlu said this, she blushed.

Wang Lin nodded and turned into smoke. He entered her sleeve and wrapped around her skin. This way, if she made any hidden movements, Wang Lin would immediately detect it.

His cautious nature wouldn’t change because of the person, location, or their words.

Fan Shanlu sorted her clothes, and once her expression returned to normal, she waved her jade-like hand to dispelled the mist. She walked out from the cave.

She didn’t pause at all along the way. Not too fast or slow, she made her way toward a giant cave at the base of the red mountain. It was the spot closest to the main earth fire vein that their teacher had opened up for her disciples to use for closed door cultivation.