Renegade Immortal - Chapter 1816 - Emotions about the essence true body

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Du Qing had gone through seven Arcane Tribulants, and although he hadn’t reached the early stage of Void Tribulant, he was still unfathomable. If not for the fact that Wang Lin had many methods, it would be difficult for Du Qing to yield.

This person was also very cautious and ever-changing. He could bend to achieve his goals. In order to help Wang Lin, he used his strongest power. Purple light surrounded his body and his weight essence appeared.

The dragon soul roared. The moment it closed in on Du Qing, it trembled as if its weight had increased countless fold. It let out a cry and fell from the sky. It continued to struggle but was unable to escape.

As the dragon roared, fire spread out from Du Qing’s body out of his control as if it was going to cause him backlash.

Wang Lin saw this and gained a new understanding of Du Qing’s weight essence. He no longer paid much attention to Du Qing. Aside from the sliver of divine sense to guard against Du Qing, Wang Lin focused on the lava dragon before him.

The purple fire dragon gave off a high temperature, and as it closed in, it burned the world, creating large amounts of black smoke around it. It didn’t look like the soul of a fire dragon but a demonic dragon!

As the fire dragon soul surrounded by black smoke charged at Wang Lin, he stepped forward and raised his right hand. His hand formed a seal, and with a wave, there was a flash of blood light. The blood sword appeared before Wang Lin and sliced down on the fire dragon soul!

This slice caused the world to change colors and thunderous rumbles to echo. The moment the blood light touched the fire dragon, there was a loud bang. The fire dragon felt pain and retreated to dodge the blood sword.

But the blood light was too fast. Just as the fire dragon soul retreated, the blood sword swept by and a portion of the fire dragon soul was cut off!

Thunderous rumbles echoed as the fire dragon soul that had a section cut off retreated. Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He was at a key moment of forming his essence true body. He charged forward without hesitation and grabbed the section of the fire dragon soul that he had cut off. He then threw it into the fireball.

The fireball absorbed that section of the dragon soul and became even more intense. The essence true body that had formed its limbs began to show signs of forming its torso.

Wang Lin moved like lightning and crosses 10,000 feet, appearing above the dragon soul. He moved like the clouds, and although he couldn’t suppress the dragon soul with one essence like Du Qing, his sword was amazingly sharp.

At this moment, above the fire dragon soul, Wang Lin raised his right hand and golden light appeared in his palm. This golden light caused Du Qing’s heart to tremble.

His pupils reflected the golden print in Wang Lin’s hand!

The moment the golden print appeared, the mere fire dragon trembled and its eyes were filled with fear. It didn’t want to come here; it had been called by Wang Lin. When it saw the golden print, it just wanted to escape. In a flash, it fled thousands of kilometers away until only a black dot could be seen.

Wang Lin remained calm and pointed at the escaping fire dragon. The golden print shined brightly and flew off into the distance.

Wang Lin didn’t even look at the result before he turned to look at the fire dragon that was being suppressed by Du Qing.

Just as he turned around, a thunderous rumble came from the distance. There was a flash of golden light and the golden print flew toward Wang Lin. The existence of the fire dragon could be felt inside, and it let out a desperate roar.

This scene made Du Qing’s heart skip a beat.

“No wonder it is a treasure made by Grand Empyrean… From the looks of it, he hasn’t even used its full power…” Du Qing’s eyes lit up as he smiled at Wang Lin.

“Congratulations, Fellow Cultivator, on obtaining the two child earth fire veins. Your essence true body will soon be complete.”

Wang Lin gently shook his head. He didn’t speak, and his right hand touched the golden print. One of the dragon souls flew out toward the fireball.

After the fireball absorbed one fire dragon, a thunderous rumble echoed. The essence true body’s torso began to form.

But after half a torso was formed, the fire began to dim and showed signs of extinguishing. Wang Lin frowned at Du Qing.

Du Qing didn’t speak but could guess what Wang Lin wanted. The dragon soul suppressed by him flew toward the fireball.

It closed in in an instant and the fireball absorbed the fire dragon soul. As the soul roared, it was completely absorbed by the fireball.

After absorbing another child earth fire vein, the fire surged once more. The torso of the true essence body began to form once more!

At this moment, the essence true body contained a torso and limbs. Only its head remained a Vermillion Bird, making it look very strange.

But the power of fire had reached the limit and the fireball suddenly collapsed. It turned into specks of fire that absorbed by the essence true body without a head.

As the fireball collapsed, an extremely powerful pressure came from the incomplete essence true body. Du Qing was not far away, and when he felt the pressure, he was shocked.

Even with his body, he had the urge to escape into the distance. This showed how powerful an essence true body was.

“This is not even a complete true body, yet it has such a powerful pressure…” Du Qing took a deep breath and longing appeared in his eyes. He wanted to form his own essence true body.

“188 branch veins and three child veins, but I still can’t form the essence body… It is really too difficult, and requires too many resources… With this level of difficulty, it is no wonder it could never form in the cave world. There aren’t enough resources in the cave world to form even one essence true body; it is simply impossible.” Wang Lin let out a sigh. He now knew the difficulty of forming an essence true body and felt emotional.

“The further it progresses, the more fire essence it requires. I wonder how much fire essence is required to form the head…” Wang Lin pondered as the fire essence true body that was missing a head turned into a sea of fire and entered Wang Lin’s left eye.

When it entered his left eye, a shocking changed to his left eye. The normal fire mark disappeared and was replaced with double pupils.

These double pupils gave off an extremely demonic feeling.

After moving his head, Wang Lin walked forward. As he moved, a shadow appeared behind him. It seemed to move with his body, but its appearance couldn’t be seen clearly.

This sudden change cause Du Qing to gasp.

“Could this be the change that happens after obtaining an essence true body, a shadow? I have seen the old ancestor of the Great Soul Sect a few times. It always looks like a shadow is following him.

“No matter what you do, it mimics. This is especially true when you use spells.”

Wang Lin frowned. He seemed to notice the change to his body after the essence true body formed. After pondering a bit, the shadow behind him began to fade until it disappeared.

“Let’s go back to the Blue Dragon Sect. I need to live there for a while.” Wang Lin looked at Du Qing.

When Du Qing heard this, his spirits immediately became high and he smiled. He clasped his hand “This is my honor. Fellow Cultivator Wang can rest assured. I’ll send all disciples out to search for the earth fire dragon veins and have the elders go extract them for Fellow Cultivator to use.”

Wang Lin’s expression remained the same as he slowly nodded. He turned into a ray of light with Du Qing and left. The child vein under the mountain slowly withered.

In the Heavenly Bull Sect, two rays of light quickly flew across the sky. Du Qing’s cultivation level was higher, so he was naturally faster than Wang Lin. As they moved forward, Du Qing glanced at Wang Lin and began to ponder.

“What cultivation level is this person at… He looks like he is at the peak of Spirit Void, but he could take two of my attacks, and it didn’t look like he used his full power...

“Although cultivation level could be hidden, speed is also a good indication of cultivation level… Let’s see how fast he is!” Du Qing silently pondered and slowly increased his speed. He flew past Wang Lin, and the distance between them increased.

“I can’t make it too obvious, I only need to see a bit. After all, I need to rely on him to get in contact with that Grand Empyrean…” Du Qing didn’t dare to take it too far. When he saw that Wang Lin was unable to keep up, he was about to slow down when his pupils shrank.

Because Wang Lin’s cold gaze fell in Du Qing’s eyes. Wang Lin waved his right hand and a black fog appeared. A sharp roar came from within the black fog.

This roar was extremely harsh and had the power to shock one’s mind. Du Qing was not far away, and when he heard this roar, he felt his heart tremble. He even had the illusion that his body was going to collapse. This roar seemed to come from something extremely ferocious, and it was going to tear this body apart.

“What kind of beast is this!?” Du Qing’s expression suddenly changed.

The mosquito king appeared from within the black fog. Its huge mouth, its mountain-like body after it had shrunk itself, and the black spikes that covered its body all shocked Du Qing!

“Fellow Cultivator Du, you’re too slow, you have to keep up,” Wang Lin said slowly and then stepped forward into the mosquito king. The mosquito king charged forward and disappeared without a trace.

Its speed shocked Du Qing.