Renegade Immortal - Chapter 1806 - The Problem With the Storage Space

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Chapter 1806 - The Problem With the Storage Space

“Only I, Du Qing, can steal other people’s things and destroy other sect’s caves…” the youth said slowly. It was impossible to tell if he was angry or happy, but a strange distortion appeared over his body. He seemed to change into a person made of wood.

“No one has ever dared to destroy my sect!!!” The young man let out a heaven-shattering roar!

As he roared, the world rumbled, large amounts of clouds were torn apart, and large amounts of black smoke scattered.

“No one has ever dared to do this!!!

“Destroy my sect, kill my sect’s disciples! No matter who you are, you are dead!!!

“If you’re in the Heavenly Bull Continent, you’re dead!!! I’m going to capture you, I’m going to split you into pieces, I’m going to make you suffer for thousands of years, I’m going to make you regret cultivating!!!” the young man roared, and a terrifying aura erupted from his body. The nearest thousand disciples didn’t even have time to scream before they all died.

“I’m going to kill you!” The young man turned around and reached toward a disciple. The disciple was filled with fear as the young man grabbed his head.

His powerful divine sense rushed into the disciple’s mind and soul searched by force. He didn’t care that this was a disciple of his sect at all. The disciple let out a miserable scream and died. His body exploded into a mist of blood.

After he obtained the memory he wanted, Wang Lin’s appearance appeared clearly in the youth’s eyes.

One of the elders who had turned into a dragon trembled and said, “Old… Old Ancestor… That person is named Wang… He… He said he didn’t kill anyone, Old Ancestor. He only destroyed the sect because someone tried to refine him into a puppet…”

Just as he spoke, the heart of the middle-aged man who had lost his arms skipped a beat and let out a sigh.

“This Sun Mengde hasn’t been in the Blue Dragon Sect long enough, so he still doesn’t understand the Old Ancestor’s personality… The Old Ancestor doesn’t care about the fate of the Blue Dragon Sect, he cares only about face…”

Just as the old man spoke, the youth turned around and stared at the old man named Sun with a ferocious gaze.

“The thousands of disciples that just died were killed by him! And you, an elder, even if you lost your body, you should have exploded your origin soul to stop him. You didn’t do your job, so I’m going to refine you into wood and seal you for 100 years as punishment!” The youth reached toward the void. The old man named Sun trembled and was about to retreat, but he was caught by the young man without the ability to resist at all.

The youth used some unknown spell, then grey light filled the old man’s body and invaded his origin soul. The old man let out a miserable scream and his origin soul turned into wood!

The youth loosened his hand and the old man who was turned into wood fell on the ground. A vortex appeared and the wooden old man disappeared.

This terrified all the disciples of the Blue Dragon Sect, and none of them dared to speak.

“Launch the power of the full sect to find this person for me! I’ll only give you all three months of time. If you can’t find this person in three months, then all of you will die!!

“Send out a notice to the entire Heavenly Bull Continent. Anyone who dares to protect this person will pay the price!!”

Wang Lin was quickly moving through the sky of the Immortal Astral Continent. His divine sense spread out as he slowly adapted to this foreign world.

“With my cultivation level, I can cover most of the cave world with my divine sense, but here, my divine sense seems to be suppressed by an invisible law. It is only half the size of what it was in the cave world...

“This is obviously not unique to me; everyone\'s the same!” Wang Lin made this judgement because no divine sense from the Blue Dragon Sect had spread out to lock onto him during this time.

“Spatial Bending also lost its effect on the Immortal Astral Continent…” Wang Lin frowned and tried many times, but was not able to merge with the world.

“This should not be unique to me. Even though the old ancestor of the Blue Dragon Sect is at the early stage of Void Tribulant like Seven-Colored and Old Ghost Zhan, he wasn’t able to rush back in time. It is clear he can’t use Spatial Bending!”

While Wang Lin pondered, he moved very fast across the sky. He vaguely understood that although the world here and the cave world looked the same, they were completely different.

The cave world was false and this place was real!

He could merge with the world of the cave world, but he couldn’t merge with the world of the Immortal Astral Continent. As a result, he couldn’t use Spatial Bending.

“There should be a method to do it, but the cultivation level required should be higher.” Wang Lin silently pondered.

He had just arrived here, so everything here was foreign to him. Fortunately, he had searched Kang Ren’s memories. Although he still didn’t know much, he knew a lot about the Heavenly Bull Continent.

“This is the Heavenly Bull Continent in the Eastern Continent under the rule of the celestials… The Gui Yi Sect and the Great Soul Sect are the two stronget sects in the Heavenly Bull Continent. They are part of the nine sects and thirteen factions…” Wang Lin felt complicated. He was no stranger to these two sects.

“The Great Soul Sect, Fan Shanmeng and Fan Shanlu’s sect! The sect that has terrifying illusions… There is also Yun Yifeng from Kang Ren’s memory. He has become the genius of the Gui Yi Sect...

“Alas, I have arrived late… Teacher probably thought I that died, so he didn’t wait…” Wang Lin let out a sigh. However, what made him feel emotional was that the Heavenly Bull Continent was where the Seven Dao Sect was located.

“The Heavenly Bull Continent is simply too big, the size of several dozen cave worlds. Traveling without Spatial Bending is too slow… Going from here to the ancient country’s 36 states would take hundreds of years, even at full speed.”

Wang Lin frowned. the Immortal Astral Continent was simply too big...

“Forget it. No matter what, I must head to the Seven Dao Sect to take a look. If Teacher is not there, then no matter how long it takes, I must head to the Ancient Dao clan since I promised him!

“This is the long term goal. Before that, I must head to the Dong Lin Sect. I must use all methods to get into the Dong Lin Pool!” When Wang Lin thought about the mysteries of the Dong Lin Pool, his heart pounded.

“However, before that, I still need to resolve the issue with the storage space. I wonder how the madman and the woman in silver are…” Wang Lin knew that these two had bloodlines of the Immortal Astral Continent, so even if the storage space shattered, they would be fine.

While pondering, he moved through the sky as a ray of light. This kind of flying that only used his cultivation was something even Wang Lin found unbearable after a long time.

The mosquito king was too unique and therefore was not good to summon here.

Half a month later, a large mountain range appeared before Wang Lin. There were many mountains connected, and it went as far as the eye could see. From just a glance, there must’ve been over 10,000 mountains.

The Heavenly Bull Continent was filled with mountains. Wang Lin had learned this from Kang Ren’s memories, and he had personally seen it over the last half month.

“This place is pretty good…” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he charged into the mountain range below. He rushed toward an ordinary-looking mountain and entered it.

Wang Lin waved his hand and the inside of the mountain disappeared, forming a giant, stone cave. It became a temporary cave for Wang Lin.

He sat down inside the mountain and his hands formed seals. Countless restrictions appeared and landed on the mountain. He couldn’t take out any treasures, so he could only use restrictions to hide his aura.

After sealing the mountain and setting up some defenses, Wang Lin didn’t put the Heaven Avoidance Coffin down but still carried it on his back. The Immortal Astral Continent was not like the cave world. There were many powerful cultivators here, and he had to be careful to prevent accidents.

Only when he carried it on his back would he feel secure.

“That Kang Ren also has a storage space, but it is different from those of the cave world. He opened the storage space inside his own body. As a result, there are no restrictions and he could take items out at any time.

“This kind of method is very mysterious, but it’s not something I have never seen before. The celestials back in the cave world did this.

“The people from the Seven Dao Sect all used the same method… I should have prepared back then…” Wang Lin shook his head. Although he was cunning, he was still unable to cover everything.

Wang Lin sat there and raised his right hand. He began to hesitate. He couldn’t guess what the consequences of opening the storage space were.

“My storage space was opened in the cave world. I could’ve opened it in the void, but there would’ve been some interference. After all, the void is still connected to the cave world… But now that I’m on the Immortal Astral Continent, what to do…” Wang Lin felt a headache. He looked at his right hand and waved.

He saw a rift appear before him, but the moment it appeared, it collapsed into specks of light before he could take anything out.

Wang Lin’s expression was calm, but his eyes shined as he speculated. The storage space he had just opened was one he had created to store random junk. Even if it dissipated, he wouldn’t lose anything of value.

He had used it as an experiment to confirm his speculation!

“Not all items will collapse. Some will be damaged, but they will disperse into the unknown.” Wang Lin pondered.

“The blood sword must be taken out… And the golden print that was turned solid by Teacher. It contains the power of an early stage Arcane Void cultivator and is very useful to me...

“Also the Soul Lasher. It specializes in dealing with the origin soul. It would be a pity for it to disappear inside the storage space...

“In addition, there is the Yi Si puppet that is a strong as a Void Tribulant cultivator… And also the Ghostly Sail…”