Renegade Immortal - Chapter 1789 - Difficult Goodbye

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Chapter 1789 - Difficult Goodbye

Normally, one month of time would pass by in an instant, but this last month in the cave world was different.

In a flash, 10 days passed.

During these 10 days of time, Wang Lin found Fan Shanlu. She was the Celestial Sovereign’s first concubine and had the bloodline of the Immortal Astral Continent. She could leave through the door and return to her home.

Fan Shanlu left, leaving behind the large ship. Wang Lin had already refined the main sail and could control it freely. He put it inside his storage space.

During these 10 days, Wang Lin had also found a cultivation planet. He used his powerful cultivation to find a body that had just died and then transformed the body. He put the soul of the minor character into the body and formed an origin soul.

After doing this, Wang Lin silently moved through the stars by himself. Deep in his heart, he felt a trace of reluctance.

At first, this sense of reluctance was not much, but as he walked through all the familiar places, it became even stronger.

With a sigh, Wang Lin disappeared from the bright light. When he reappeared, he was at the junction of the four great star systems, which was the location of the Celestial Realm!

He stepped into the Celestial Realm. As the ripples echoed, Wang Lin’s divine sense spread out shrouding the Celestial Realm. He sent out the information about needing to go through reincarnation in order to leave the cave world.

“If anyone wants to leave, you can come and find me… I’ll leave half a month from now…” Wang Lin sat on the mountain he had used for closed door cultivation and slowly closed his eyes.

Staying or going was a choice. Wang Lin would not intervene, he had just opened the door. As for the world outside, Wang Lin didn’t know if it was good or bad for the people of the cave world.

It was because of this that he had given everyone the chance to make this choice themselves.

On the second day after Wang Lin sat down, Situ Nan arrived. He stepped through the air with white clouds below his feet. He held a wine jug in his hand as he closed in step by step until he was beside Wang Lin.

Situ Nan looked the same as before, his long hair fluttering and his clothes casual as he took a sip of wine. Although he looked calm, he still vaguely revealed a hint of what was happening in his mind.

“Wang Lin, tell me, if I reincarnate, will I be able to become the king of a mortal city on the Immortal Astral Continent…” Situ Nan muttered.

Originally, there was a feeling of parting, but this feeling scattered a lot with Situ’s words. Wang Lin smiled as he grabbed the wine from Situ Nan and took a big sip.

“If I really by coincidence reincarnate into a king, don’t find me too quickly. Wait until I enjoy a lifetime as a king before finding me.” Situ Na looked at Wang Lin and smiled.

“You have decided.” Wang Lin looked at Situ Nan. Situ Nan was his friend and teacher. As they said their goodbyes, more than 2,000 years of memories replayed in their minds.

“I’ve decided. With this old man’s talent, it would be a pity to not wreck the place. I should be a lot happier there!” Situ Nan laughed. He was really at ease.

“We can live freely and do as we wish on the Immortal Astral Continent. Won’t that be fun?” Situ Nan took the wine jug back from Wang Lin and took a big sip.

Wang Lin calmly looked at Situ Nan. Their gazes met, and after a long time, Situ Nan let out a sigh.

“You little brat, you better not forget to come and find me. Damn it, reincarnation, this old man better reincarnate into a king!” As Situ sighed, Wang Lin nodded.

“If I’m not dead, I’ll definitely find you.”

Qing Shui was the second person to find Wang Lin, and beside him was Red Butterfly. The father and daughter came at the same time. They appeared out of the void and landed beside Wang Lin.

Qing Shui didn’t say much. He stood there looking for a while, and didn’t say anything. Beside him, Red Butterfly looked at him with slightly red eyes. It seemed that something Wang Lin didn’t know about had happened when they made the decision.

“Han Yan, there must be a method for you to return on the Immortal Astral Continent! Then our family will be together again…” Qing Shui’s gaze landed on Red Butterfly with fatherly love in his eyes.

Aside from Situ, Qing Shui, and Red Butterfly, the fourth person to come was Thirteen!

Thirteen’s thoughts were very simple. As Wang Lin’s disciple, he had to follow Wang Lin even if it was going through blade and fire, or even through reincarnation. In his heart, his teacher for one life would be his teacher even through reincarnation!

Thirteen sat calmly behind Wang Lin. His personality was much calmer than before. His killing intent had mostly dissipated and was well-hidden inside his body. He didn’t reveal any of it!

Time slowly passed like this. Several more people came from all directions of the Celestial Realm and sat down behind Wang Lin. They chose to leave.

On the ninth day after Wang Lin returned to the Celestial Realm, Li Qianmei came.

Wearing a white dress, she appeared a lot thinner than before. She looked sorrowful, but she was filled with determination and perseverance. Before Wang Lin, Li Qianmei hid her own sorrow.

Li Qianmei bit her lower lip and asked softly, “Should I go…”

Wang Lin opened his eyes and looked at Li Qianmei for a long time.

“Should I go…” Li Qianmei softly asked once more, but her voice began to tremble.

Wang Lin looked at Li Qianmei. He saw Li Qianmei’s helplessness, saw her inner struggle, much like his own. Those words from back then echoed in his ears once more.

“Should I go…” Li Qianmei squeezed out a smile. Her jade-like hand held her hair and she turned around to leave.

Wang Lin grabbed Li Qianmie’s hand and his voice echoed. “Go to the Immortal Astral Continent… Wait until I find you, until I release your sealed memories. It could be 10 years, could be 100 years, could be 1,000 years. You… will you wait?”

Li Qianmei stopped and turned around. She looked at Wang Lin but didn’t speak; she just softly nodded.

“I’ll find you.” Wang Lin looked at Li Qianmei and gently pulled her to his side so she sat down with him.

The moment Li Qianmei was pulled by Wang Lin, two streams of tears flowed down from her eyes. The tears dripped down from her face and fell on her clothes.

“Father is unwilling to leave… He will remain here with Mother… I don’t know whether I should go or not… Should I accompany my father here or wait for you on the Immortal Astral Continent…” Li Qianmei lowered her head. In her heart, there were two voices, but when Wang Lin grabbed her hand, there was only one left.

“You… Do you really want me to go to the Immortal Astral Continent…” Li Qianmei bit her lower lip and looked up at Wang Lin. Her eyes were filled with confusion.

Wang Lin pondered a bit and nodded.

“Then… You have to quickly find me… I’ll wait for you forever.” The confusion in Li Qianmei’s eyes disappeared and was replaced with determination.

Time slowly passed. There were only three days left of the 15 days Wang Lin would remain in the Celestial Realm! In the past few days, people Wang Lin was familiar with came, but those that had chosen to leave were simply too few compared to those that had chosen to stay.

Not everyone could face reincarnation and face the unknown of the outside world. As a result, they saw this as something very dangerous.

Master Hong Shan chose to reincarnate, but Master South Cloud struggled for a while and decided to stay.

There were also other people Wang Lin knew, like Zhan Konglie, Master Flamespark, etc. They all chose to stay and weren’t willing to leave.

There were only two days left of the half-month period. It was dusk and the world was dark, so one couldn’t see too far. One could only see the outlines of the mountains. Dusk had its own unique beauty; it was like a golden painting.

In this world that was like a painting, three figures closed in. The person in the middle was a middle-aged man, and his appearance was extraordinary. He gave off a sense of age - he was Qing Lin

Beside him was his daughter, Qing Shuang, who had a cold expression and didn’t seem to care about Zhou Yi at all. Zhou Yi didn’t seem to care, as if he was used to it, and he didn’t regret it. He looked at Qing Shui with the longing he had in the past.

He was looking at the same face, but it was a different person. This feeling produced a pain in Zhou Yi’s heart that could tear a person in half. He either had to give up or accept it.

“Wang Lin, my daughter and I are ready to leave and reincarnate!” Qing Lin said when he arrived next to Wang Lin. He turned to look at Zhou Yi and let out a sigh.

As the last three days passed, Zhou Ru, Shen Gonghu, and others made their decisions and came to Wang Lin. There weren’t many people that decided to leave, less than 20 people.

On the last days, a thin rain fell on the Celestial Realm. Mu Bingmei, all dressed in white, walked through the rain. Wang Lin opened his eyes and looked up to see an extremely beautiful woman holding an umbrella.

Her long, black hair was like a painting, and her otherworldly beauty seemed to make the world silent aside from the sound of rain. A strange force seemed to make people forget about everything, and her beautiful figure was covered by a haze of rain.

This was the beautify of Mu Bingmei, or, more accurately, it was Liu Mei! Because at this moment, Mu Bingmei’s appearance, clothes, and expression were things that Wang Lin could never forget.