Renegade Immortal - Chapter 1781 - Devouring the Clouds and Spitting Out the Fog to Make the Door Appear

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Chapter 1781 - Devouring the Clouds and Spitting Out the Fog to Make the Door Appear

The third soul had a profound memory of the competition in five months. In that competition, after obtaining the qualification to cultivate the Cloud Dao Heavenly Art, coupled with his cultivation, which was already powerful within this generation, Zhou Li rushed into the top 10. He had finished in ninth place and obtained the reward of cultivating in the Dong Lin Pool.

As for Su Dao, after losing the qualification to cultivate the Cloud Dao Heavenly Art, he became even more timid. His personality became twisted and somewhat dark.

He failed in the competition. It could be said that this competition was a huge turning point in Su Dao’s life and a big reason why his personality changed.

In the following years, Su Dao would enter a slump and rarely talk to people. He would be in closed door cultivation alone until he happened to meet his ancestor. The ancestor would teach him, and he would slowly raise his head.

Unfortunately, the good thing didn’t last. An unexpected encounter caused Su Dao to be expelled from the Dong Lin Sect. After that, over the countless years, the Dong Lin Sect’s Su Dao was no more. What remained was the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign, who struggled and unwillingly became cruel and ruthless until he finally created the Seven Dao Sect!

As for Zhou Li, the day the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign completed his dao, he captured Zhou Li and cruelly killed him.

All of these events played out in Wang Lin’s mind like pictures. He sat in the mountain beside the flowing river. He looked at the river as if he was looking at time flowing by.

This was the third day after Su Dao’s teacher had taught him the Cloud Dao Heavenly Art and gone back into closed door cultivation. As for Zhou Li, he had gone into closed door cultivation as well, and his hatred for Su Dao was like Su Dao’s hatred for him in the past.

The river continued to flow and the third soul’s memory became a blur in Wang Lin’s mind and was replaced by the Cloud Dao Heavenly Art.

The Dong Lin Sect was one of the Nine Sects Thirteen Factions of this area. Although not as powerful as the Purple Sun Sect, it was very mysterious. Their disciples rarely went outside.

The three great arts of the sect were very famous on the Immortal Astral Continent, and had been passed down since ancient times.

Among the three great arts, the Cloud Dao Heavenly Art was very profound. It focused on the clouds of the world, and it was as ethereal as the grand dao of the world. After integrating with the cloud, borrow the cloud to absorb the essence of the world and use it to cast the great spells of the Cloud Dao!

Forming one’s own cloud beast that devoured clouds and spat out fog was the first spell of this art! This spell was hidden inside the introductory art. If one cultivated the introductory art to the limit, one could comprehend this spell.

For others, the Cloud Dao Heavenly Art would require a lot of time and powerful comprehension in addition to a lot of time. However, Wang Lin already had a high cultivation level, something the past Zhou Li or Su Dao could not compare with.

Adding on the fact that Wang Lin had seven essences that he had comprehended himself, cultivating the introductory art very simple.

Strands of smoke floated out from the river before him and flew toward him. After circling him a few times, they entered his body.

Black smoke slowly came from both the beginning and end of this river. They were like clouds, and they all flew toward Wang Lin, slowly entering his body.

Wang Lin’s figure flickered inside the cloud. Shortly after, it wasn’t only the river giving off white smoke, the grass was as well.

Soon, Wang Lin could not even see his fingers within 1,000 feet around him. The white clouds moved as if there was a dragon within.

“I wonder if I can continue cultivating this Cloud Dao Heavenly Art once I leave the fifth flower…” Wang Lin pondered inside the white clouds.

Although he had only cultivated this spell for two days, he had seen how powerful and vast it was. This method of absorbing the clouds inside the body could change the structure of the body until it became like the clouds. It would be separated from the world and make it difficult for people to see through him.

Wang Lin sat beside the river and one month passed in a flash. During this time, Wang Lin had been sitting there, absorbing the creation of this world. Strands of white gas entered his body, giving him a warm and comfortable feeling.

The more he cultivated the art, the more distortion and signs of collapse would appear. However, unless something drastic enough to cause the memory to be turned upside down and collapse came up, these distortions wouldn’t help Wang Lin find the real door.

On this day, the clouds around Wang Lin completely disappeared, and when all the clouds entered Wang Lin’s body, he opened his eyes. His eyes were like clouds, blurry but contained a strange force that could deter others. If others looked into his eyes, they would feel as if they were surrounded by dense clouds and lose themselves.

“This art… Is not ordinary!” Wang Lin spat out a mouthful of foul air. This air was like a grey fog and moved like a dragon. After it was launched more than 30 feet, it slowly dissipated.

“The clouds here are not very dense, not enough to cultivate this art… If I want to complete the introductory portion and change the memory, I need to find more clouds to absorb.” Wang Lin stood there and his eyes lit up. An image appeared in his mind. This was a map that he had created.

One month ago, when Su Dao’s teacher taught Wang Lin the Cloud Dao Heavenly Art, the change from the original memory caused the hidden eight doors to appear.

However, the feeling of the eight doors instantly disappeared and Wang Lin could only get a rough map of their locations. During this month, as Wang Lin practiced the art, the constant distortions had allowed him to slowly form an outline. The positions of the eight doors gradually became more clear.

Wang Lin got up and jumped into the air. He disappeared from the small river and appeared in the sky above the Dong Lin Sect. He didn’t stop as white cloud surrounded him, and he charged forward like a cloud.

Cloud Dao Art, Endless Flash!

In the sky, dark clouds covered this area. Thunder rumbled and rain fell on the plain below. The dark clouds covered a wide range, and there was also a city below. This city contained countless mortals of the Immortal Astral Continent.

Wang Lin sat inside the dark clouds. His hands formed a seal and waved. The thunder became even more intense as the lightning swam endlessly through the clouds, and the rain began to pour even faster.

However, the clouds began to churn as strands of the dark clouds were extracted and pulled into Wang Lin’s body.

In a flash, seven days passed. After seven days, the dark clouds had become thin and a large amount of them had disappeared. There was a piece of cloud that seemed to contain spirit and was quickly moving forward.

The moment it touched another cloud, that cloud would begin to churn and be absorbed. Then this palm-sized cloud would quickly move away.

Another seven days passed after these seven days. In a flash, it had been two months since Wang Lin learned the Cloud Dao Heavenly Art. The cloud that had drifted somewhere rapidly shrank until it turned into seven cloud dragons, revealing the figure inside.

Wang Lin let out a deep breath and opened his eyes. His pupils disappeared and were replaced by clouds; it was a shocking sight.

“In these two months, I have managed to cultivate the beginning part of the Cloud Dao to the ninth level, just a step from reaching completion… However, this isn’t the biggest harvest. The real harvest is that in these two months of changing the memory, I have found one of the eight doors!” Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a mysterious light, but through the clouds in his eyes, it looked strange.

A door clearly appeared in the map he had drawn in his mind.

“If I’m lucky, perhaps I can find the real door with one try…” Wang Lin stepped forward and charged at the earth below. Below him was an endless jungle with towering mountains. There would sometimes be roars from beasts echoing through the jungle.

In a flash, Wang Lin charged into the jungle and charged toward the door he felt in his mind.

Shortly after, Wang Lin stopped at a very ordinary-looking tree. This tree was more than 100 feet tall, and a person looked very small compared to it.

This tree seemed to have survived for an unknown amount of time, and it would take about five people to completely surround it.

A giant python more than 1,000 feet long was wrapped around the tree. It spat out its tongue as it looked at Wang Lin with its cold gaze.

Wang Lin ignored the python. He placed his right hand on the tree and slowly closed his eyes.

The python’s head shrank and it climbed up the tree. It could feel how terrifying Wang Lin was and didn’t dare to provoke him.

After climbing up several dozen feet, the python leaped off the tree and landed on the ground. It kicked a lot of dead leaves into the air before it quickly slithered away into the jungle.

Just as the python left, Wang Lin opened his eyes and looked at it. He charged straight at the python and grabbed its tail. The python twisted its body to break free, and a monstrous, black light came from its body.

The shadow of a giant door slowly appeared on the back of the python.

This python was one of the eight doors, not the tree! Wang Lin clearly felt this when the python tried to leave.

Staring at the door that appeared on the python’s back, Wang Lin stepped forward.