Renegade Immortal - Chapter 1769 - Entering the Ancient Tomb Once More!

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Chapter 1769 - Entering the Ancient Tomb Once More!

A sting of pain came from Wang Lin’s left arm. He felt like something was drilling into his heart. Cold sweat broke from Wang Lin’s forehead, but his expression remained unchanged. He slowly raised his right hand and looked at the gas that was drilling into his left arm.

The gas seemed to have no end and continued to enter Wang Lin’s left arm. Wang Lin’s left arm gradually became rough, and complicated runes flickered on it.

It wasn’t until one incense stick of time passed that the last strand of gas entered Wang Lin’s left arm. That feeling of being able to tear open the world that he felt when he obtained the right arm emerged in Wang Lin’s heart.

He slowly moved his five fingers on his left hand and cracking sounds echoed. After a long time, Wang Lin formed a fist and walked forward. He appeared at the center of the ice pool.

Wang Lin raised both his hands and felt a powerful strength fill his body. After absorbing Ye Mo’s left arm, a shocking change occurred to the three ancient clan stars between his eyebrows and in his eyes!

This change was the sign of the ninth star appearing. A vague vortex had appeared!

Wang Lin closed his eyes and felt the Ancient Dao power and the powerful force in his body. A moment later, Wang Lin suddenly opened his eyes and looked at the ice pool below. His eyes revealed a golden glow as his hands reached toward the ice pool and mercilessly ripped it!

“Heaven Ripping!”

Wang Lin let out a roar and both his hands clawed at the void. His hands spread to both sides and the world rumbled. A giant crack appeared in the frozen pool.

The moment this crack appeared, a heaven-shattering sound echoed. Layers of ice collapsed and ice exploded everywhere. The entire pool disintegrated!

The earth trembled, and after the pool collapsed, a giant crack appeared. Thunderous rumbles rang out as the crack moved like an earth dragon and spread. An even more intense rumble echoed as the earth collapsed and the earth dragon extended deeper into the ground.

In the core of the cave, the furnace surrounded by black gas was covered in faces. Anyone that entered would have their face appear on the furnace.

However, at this moment, most of the faces had disappeared completely. Even the Seven-Colored Daoist’s face had disappeared completely. On the front and back, the faces of Wang Lin and Old Ghost Zhan were extremely clear and surrounded by the black gas.

At this moment, in the space the second flower was in, a crack appeared on the frozen flower’s root. This crack continued to expand until it penetrated the flower.

The Heaven Ripping spell had ripped this world open. Wang Lin looked at the frozen world and stepped forward without hesitation. He disappeared into the earth.

“The Seven-Colored Daoist no longer needs to be feared. Now I need to deal with Old Ghost Zhan… He is cautious and suspicious, so it will be difficult to deal with him…” Wang Lin appeared in the space the third flower was located.

This place was completely grey and had no trace of life. This place was completely dead; even the third flower before Wang Lin seemed to be lacking water and had withered.

The leaves were dry and the petals broken; it was dead.

Staring at the third flower, Wang Lin knew he didn’t need to enter. The third flower had been destroyed many years ago.

After staring at the flower for a long time, his eyes lit up. In the end, he gave up setting up another ambush. That kind of ambush could only be used once. If he tried a second time, Old Ghost Zhan wouldn’t fall for it.

With a sigh, Wang Lin stepped forward and disappeared before the dead flower. He went toward the space the fourth flower was in!

When Wang Lin appeared in the space the fourth flower was in, he saw a black flower behind him. Black liquid was dripping from the flower, and after countless years, the liquid had formed a black ocean below the flower.

This ocean was completely calm, without any wind or waves. Only the flower stuck out from the ocean.

Staring at the black flower, Wang Lin smelled blood. This smell had been here for a long time, and when he smelled it, he felt a sense of decay.

This smell of blood came from the dead ocean below him.

After pondering a bit, Wang Lin knew time was of the essence. After hesitating for a bit, he stepped forward toward the black flower. Just as he was about to enter, Wang Lin stopped. He vaguely felt a roar coming from the flower.

Wang Lin was familiar with this voice!

“Tuo Sen…” Wang Lin was startled and his eyes became serious. He took a closer look at the black flower that covered most of the sky. His eyes lit up as he landed on a black petal and disappeared without a trace.

Half an hour after Wang Lin entered the flower, everyone else arrived. When they saw the dead ocean below, their expressions became serious.

However, they didn’t hesitate much and all entered the world inside the fourth flower.

The sky of this dim world was covered in endless fog. Below it was endless fog as well. The roars that came from inside the fog could make one’s mind tremble.

There were some platforms floating here, and they were of varying sizes. There were even dried-up bodies that looked like they had their flesh and blood drained until they were like skeletons.

Wang Lin was standing on a platform. He looked around and revealed a bitter smile.

He had to reveal a bitter smile. He knew this place, this was the Ancient Tomb that he got his Ancient Dao inheritance from!!

“I should have thought of this a long time ago… The Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign created this place to bury Ye Mo. How could the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign have created this place for no reason? So it turns out to be the fourth flower…” Wang Lin looked at this place with a complicated expression. He was very familiar with this place.

“No wonder I thought I heard Tu Si’s voice. Isn’t Tu Si inside the Ancient Tomb…” Wang Lin pondered for a moment before walking to the end of the stone platform and looking down at the fog below.

He remembered that there were several more layers below this fog! There was an extremely terrifying aura down there that had made him stop and leave.

When he obtained Ye Mo’s inheritance, he felt like there was a heart at the bottom layer! It was obviously Ye Mo’s heart!

“Aside from Ye Mo’s left eye, the only thing left is the heart…” Wang Lin had obtained most of Ye Mo’s inheritances. He knew that Ye Mo’s body had already collapsed. Only his arms had been cut off and thus remained.

If he could absorb Ye Mo’s heart at the bottom, his inheritance would reach completion. Of course, this completion was missing the left eye!

If he could absorb Ye Mo’s heart, even without the left eye, it was likely that Wang Lin could form his ninth ancient god star! Even his ancient devil star might reach nine!

As a result, Wang Lin would become a 9-star ancient god and his Ancient Dao power would erupt!

“9-star ancient god… If I were to expand my body completely, how big would I become…” Wang Lin closed this eyes to muse the pros and cons.

Xuan Luo was on the opposite side of the stone platform. He looked at the fog below and let out a sigh.

“This is where that child Ye Mo died…”

A moment later, Wang Lin suddenly opened his eyes. They were filled with determination. Riches can be found in danger. Wang Lin had spent his life in dangerous situations in order to reach the cultivation level he was at today. Most of his power had been obtained through risking his life.

So what if he risked it once more? In addition, due to the memories he had gotten from the third soul, Wang Lin had a guess on what the terrifying aura in the second to last layer was.

“Ancient Tomb… Back then, I didn’t dare to go to the next layer, but since I’ve returned, I can’t give this opportunity up!”

Wang Lin made up his mind and stepped toward the fog outside the platform. He fell into the fog and dropped down. His head was pointed downward as charged into the depths like a fish.

No one knew this place better than him. Wang Lin had obtained all the maps here back then, so he no longer needed to upgrade this platform. The map was in his mind, including the entrance to the next layer!

If there was really one person whose understanding of this place was second to Wang Lin’s, then it was the third concubine, who was still a virgin!

At this moment, the third concubine was floating in the fog and looking around in confusion. After a long time, a complicated gaze appeared in her eyes.

“The fourth flower was this place…” The third concubine had obtained most of the map to the first layer back then. It was also here that a ripple was set off in her calm mind.

Here, she had met Wang Lin. In the end, she had been sent out of here with Wang Lin’s help, so she hadn’t been sealed here. She liked to be alone and was not good at communicating with others. When she was forced to become the Seven-Colored’s concubine, she had only agreed for the sake of her sect.

She didn’t have many friends on the Immortal Astral Continent. Even back in the Heavenly Gate Sect, she would spend most of her time cultivating. Due to her personality, she always moved by herself among the concubines.

It could be said that Wang Lin was the first person to help her in her life. This feeling she had never felt before caused her to feel confusion and complication. She didn’t even know the reason.

“He has helped me once, so I need to repay him… I want to go home… I wonder if Teacher is still there… And also my little sister. She is more talented than me…” The third concubine silently pondered and became homesick.

When Wang Lin entered the tomb, inside the palace where he had obtained the inheritance, the person that was Tuo Sen or Tu Si opened his eyes.