Renegade Immortal - Chapter 1766 - Dong Ling Sect

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Chapter 1766 - Dong Ling Sect

Thanks to using the madman as a shield, the destructive force was weakened to a point where Wang Lin’s Ancient Dao inheritance could resist it.

As the madman went back to sleep, Wang Lin rapidly retreated toward the nine Eye Fishes.

Wang Lin moved very fast and arrived next to the nine Eye Fishes while holding the sleeping madman. When he looked over, his pupils shrank.

He saw that only four of the nine Eye Fishes remained!

The other five had disappeared!

Wang Lin didn’t have time to think, so he waved his sleeve. Three Eye Fishes were taken by him. Just as he was about to take the fourth one, it disappeared before him.

Wang Lin’s scalp went numb and he looked toward where the Eye Fish had disappeared. There was nothing there; only the sound of the collapse of the 300 destroyed worlds echoed.

Xuan Luo stood there and looked at the cautious and surprised Wang Lin, revealing a proud smile. Seeing Wang Lin’s expression, his smile became even wider.

Wang Lin’s eyes flashed an indiscernible amount. He knew a secret about the Eye Fishes. It was something the Seven-Colored Sovereign had discovered after he began raising them in the 300 destroyed worlds. Wang Lin had found it in the memories of the third soul.

If there were two Eye Fishes, one male and one female, a connection would be made between the two. This connection would exist even if one went into a storage space or a barrier. This connection would last until death.

Wang Lin quickly thought of everything and retreated without hesitation.

Just at his moment, Old Ghost Zhan, who had long become sober but stayed inside the fog, walked out.

After walking out of the fog, Old Ghost Zhan had two choices before him. He could either kill Wang Lin and take the third soul, or chase after the Seven-Colored Daoist and use this once-in-a-lifetime chance when the Seven-Colored Daoist was seriously injured to fuse their souls!

Although, this fusion wouldn’t be complete without the third soul; it would only be containment and not fusion, but there wouldn’t be any regrets. Although his cultivation level would remain the same, there would be no one to contest him for the third soul!

Both choices held great temptation for Old Ghost Zhan. If he first tried to kill Wang Lin, he would still be afraid of the Li Guang Bow. He wasn’t sure how many shots Wang Lin could still use, and if he wasted too much time, the Seven-Colored Daoist would recover, so it wouldn’t be worth it!

However, he was unwilling to let Wang Lin go! He wanted to hit two birds with one stone and capture both of them here!

This hesitation only lasted for a moment before Old Ghost Zhan walked out of the fog. At this moment, Wang Lin’s hoarse voice echoed across the collapsed 300 destroyed worlds.

“Old Ghost Zhan, how many shots do you think I have left?” Wang Lin spoke with a gloomy tone as he carried the madman and retreated into the vortex. Even as he disappeared into the vortex, he still coldly stared at Old Ghost Zhan.

The illusion around Old Ghost Zhan was blurry, but he also stared at Wang Lin, though didn’t chase. He couldn’t figure out how many shots Wang Lin had left. He was always cautious and wasn’t willing to gamble!

Wang Lin had chosen to seriously injure the Seven-Colored Daoist instead of Old Ghost Zhan because, according to his analysis, the Seven-Colored Daoist was more emotional. After all, his soul had only inherited the spells, whereas Old Ghost Zhan had inherited all the comprehension, so it was likely that Old Ghost Zhan would be more rational.

If it was the Seven-Colored Daoist, Wang Lin couldn’t accurately judge what decision he would make, but if it was Old Ghost Zhan, Wang Lin would be 80% confident!

This was the most satisfactory result he could get from these seven ambushes. Wang Lin wasn’t arrogant enough to think he could kill the Seven-Colored Daoist, but he could use the opportunity to display his might!

He had created many disadvantages for the Seven-Colored Daoist and even seriously injured him before luring Old Ghost Zhan to act. On the one hand, him fighting the Seven-Colored Daoist was to scare Old Ghost Zhan so that Old Ghost Zhan wouldn’t act rashly. On the other hand, he had also prepared a great gift for Old Ghost Zhan!

Everything would depend on whether Old Ghost Zhan would accept the gift or not.

In truth, although Wang Lin’s plan had flaws, it made Old Ghost Zhan hesitate even more. After Wang Lin disappeared, Old Ghost Zhan’s eyes lit up. He turned toward where the Seven-Colored Daoist escaped and rushed out with greed in his eyes.

The Sovereign had witnessed everything from a distance, and his eyes lit up. He vaguely saw through something, and his heart skipped a beat. He didn’t speak to remind Old Ghost Zhan but began to scheme his own plans.

The moment Wang Lin entered the vortex, the 300 destroyed worlds all collapsed. In the core of the cave world, all the dew on the yellow flower inside the furnace turned to gas and dissipated. Then the large flower slowly withered.

Wang Lin didn’t know if the remaining people had lived or died. After he disappeared from the vortex, he disappeared from where the first flower was and appeared in another world.

Right after he appeared, blood flowed out from the corner of Wang Lin’s mouth and his face was pale. He put away the sleeping madman and didn’t have time to heal as he looked around.

This place was dim, but there was a flower giving of a ghostly light and a chill. This chill came from ice!

This flower was a frozen flower!

“Five Flowers Eight Doors! This is the name of the defense mechanism of the core of the cave world!” Wang Lin stared at the frozen flower. Although he didn’t have much information from the third soul, he knew the name of this defense.

The 300 destroyed worlds was the first flower, and this frozen world was the second flower! Perhaps the remaining flowers were damaged or had even dissipated, but Wang Lin couldn’t see them, so he couldn’t make any good guesses.

The so-called Eight Doors were hidden in the last flower. Wang Lin had learned from the third soul that the key to opening the last flower was the memories from the third soul.

Among the eight doors, seven were fake and only one door was real. That door led to the Immortal Astral Continent. The reason they were on the last flower was because the fifth flower was the seal on the door.

Staring at the frozen second flower, Wang Lin hesitated, but soon his eyes were filled with determination. His body fused with the flower and he slowly disappeared into the ice.

He was already seriously injured, and he entered the second flower without healing. The cold energy surrounded him. When his body appeared in the frozen world, he coughed out a mouthful of blood.

The moment his blood sprayed out, it froze and fell to the ground. Wang Lin staggered onto the ground and raised his head to look around. As he looked around, he became startled.

This place was a frozen world. The earth, sky, and even the clouds were all frozen. The floating continents were hanging like giant icicles.

“What place is this second flower…” Wang Lin’s expression was serious as his divine sense spread out. He didn’t find any information about this place from the third soul. As his divine sense spread out, his eyes gradually shined.

There was a lot of life force in this world. This life force was inside this frozen world as if it was sleeping. Wang Lin even felt a familiar ancient god aura here!

A moment later, Wang Lin’s expression suddenly changed and he looked to his left. The ancient god aura coming from that direction was very strong.

After pondering a bit, Wang Lin suppressed his injuries and moved to the left toward the ancient god aura. After an incense stick of time, Wang Lin stopped. He let the cold wind hit his face as he looked ahead.

100,000 kilometers before Wang Lin, it was another frozen world, and there sat a woman with long hair. She faced Wang Lin, and between her eyebrows were seven ancient gods stars. The stars slowly rotated and gave off bursts of ancient god aura!

Female ancient god!!

The spatial rift outside of planet Dong Ling!!

The woman’s eyelashes trembled and she slowly opened her eyes. She calmly looked into the distance and saw Wang Lin. Their gazes collided.

“Welcome to the Dong Ling Sect,” the woman spoke softly. Her voice was very beautiful as it echoed through this frozen world.

100,000 kilometers away, Wang Lin silently pondered. Wang Lin remembered why this ancient god aura was so familiar. When he killed the Xiang family ancestor on planet Dong Ling, he felt this aura.

“This place is planet Dong Ling?” Wang Lin took a step and ripples echoed under his feet. He crossed 100,000 kilometers in one step and arrived 1,000 feet away from the female ancient god.

The woman looked at Wang Lin with a mysterious light hidden under her calm gaze. After hearing Wang Lin’s words, she shook her head.

“This place is the Dong Ling Sect, not planet Dong Ling.”

“We have met before. My name is Wang Lin, I wonder what your name is.” Wang Lin looked at the woman, especially at the seven stars between her eyebrows, and sat down.

The woman softly said, “Yun Na, the Dong Ling Sect’s god elder under the Celestial Sovereign.”

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he slowly said, “Whether this place is planet Dong Ling or the Dong Ling Sect, why is it in the second flower?”

“You’re the first person to enter this frozen world from the entrance in the core of the cave. I can feel Master’s soul in you…” The woman’s words were soft, but when Wang Lin heard them, his heart skipped a beat.

“Master…” Wang Lin didn’t speak, but he looked at Yun Na, waiting for her to continue.

“This is the second flower of the Five Flowers Eight Doors. Everything here was created by Master, including me, who contains a drop of Ye Mo’s heart blood.

“This is the Dong Ling Sect, and it was made from Master’s memories. It should be exactly the same as the Dong Ling Sect on the Immortal Astral Continent.

“My master is the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign. In his early years, he was a disciple of the Dong Ling Sect, but due to some reason, he was kicked out. He then created this place to remember his old sect.

“Everything here is nourished by master’s life force. Once he dies, everything here will lose its life force and be frozen.

“You’re the first person to enter this place, and you have Master’s soul, so you are the master of this place,” Yun Na spoke softly as she looked at Wang Lin.

“You’re injured… I have the last of Ye Mo’s heart blood. Once you fuse with it, you will be complete, and you should be able to use it to heal…”