Renegade Immortal - Chapter 1758 - Waiting for the Blade!

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Chapter 1758 - Waiting for the Blade!

At this moment, the white-armored general could no longer retreat. This was not a real battle where one could retreat, but a game of chess where two armies were fighting.

In the battle, if the general retreated, the morale of the army would decrease. Wang Lin charged at him with a powerful momentum, making it impossible to continue retreating!

If he retreated, that meant he feared Wang Lin. If he retreated, he might never win! After all, the more Wang Lin killed, the more powerful he would become!

Even though he could kill as well, if he retreated now, he could not compare to Wang Lin in terms of momentum!

“Kill!!” the white-armored general roared. The white horse below him charged at Wang Lin!

In the eastern part of the endless battlefield, a black and a white storm separated by 10,000 feet closed in on each other. Both storms were slaughtering along the way to get themselves the biggest advantage!

Miserable screams echoed and countless died. The black and white storms got closer and closer!

The White Tiger General in the sky was shocked and his expression became distorted. His mind echoed in the white-armored general, and a blurry white tiger appeared behind the white-armored general!

This tiger roared at Wang Lin!

Even the white horse below the general seemed to turn into a white tiger. It let out a thunderous roar as it galloped.

Wang Lin’s body was surrounded by black gas that shrouded the black horse and his entire body. His white hair fluttered and the black blade in his hand looked like a butcher’s knife!

Fresh blood dripped from the tip of the blade.

“So what if you’re a tiger? Today, I’m going to slaughter a tiger!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and were filled with coldness. The black gas surrounded him as if they formed the shadow of a giant.

This giant wasn’t Ancient Dao Ye Mo but Ancient Dao Wang Lin!

5,000 feet, 4,000 feet, 3,000 feet… In an instant, there was only 1,000 feet between the two of them! This was a distance that could be crossed in an instant!

In a moment, the two closed in on each other!

“Kill!” The white-armored general raised his head and let out a heaven-shaking roar!

Wang Lin was different. He didn’t let out a roar, and his black horse jumped into the air while he pondered. He raised his blade and swung in an arc filled with death. The light from the blade seemed to blend with the night itself and intersected with the blood moon behind him.

One slice caused the sky to change color and the clouds to scatter. The sky itself seemed to collapse and gather in Wang Lin’s blade!

The white-armored general’s lance gave off a dazzling white light and stabbed forward. The white tiger shadow behind him became blurry and fused with the lance. From a distance, this no longer looked like a lance but a pouncing white tiger!

As the black and white collided, a thunderous rumble echoed across the world. It shook the earth, shocked the sky, and spread across the star system!

As the rumble echoed, Wang Lin’s blade collided with the lance. The lance collapsed and the white tiger let out a miserable howl. Wang Lin’s blade also shattered into countless fragments.

Their horses collided and both let out roars. Their heads exploded and they both disintegrated. They turned into black and white gas that scattered in all directions.

The weapons had shattered and the horses had died!

The two jumped off at the same time, and when they collided, they began a slaughter. Thunderous rumbles echoed, seeming to last forever. A moment later, an even more violent rumble echoed as if the world was going to be split in half!

The White Tiger General in the sky trembled and coughed out a mouthful of blood, but his face was still fierce. The general’s face was fierce, and like the White Tiger General, his killing intent was monstrous!

However, after he coughed out blood, he looked at Wang Lin with fear in his eyes!

“How could he have such a powerful killing intent?! How many people has he killed in his life!?”

In the sky, Wang Lin’s original body also trembled, and his face turned slightly pale. However, his eyes became even brighter. He looked at the White Tiger General and his voice echoed.

“You’re going to lose!”

“I, White Tiger, will never lose. This is the law I set, I’ll never lose!” The White Tiger General hit his chest with his right palm and coughed out another mouthful of blood.

As his blood scattered around the ground, the white-armored general’s armor collapsed and he fell to the ground as blood flew out of his body. At this moment, the blood from the White Tiger General landed and fused with the white-armored general. He let out a roar as he got up and ignored Wang Lin. He began slaughtering the soldiers near him.

For every person he killed, his injuries would recover a bit, and the collapsed armor would reform!

Wang Lin was also knocked back due to the collision, and the armor around his body collapsed. He retreated more than 10,000 feet.

At this moment, the white-armored general was killing soldiers with no regard to who they were. The soldiers turned into white gas and fused with his body.

The white-armored general felt that it wasn’t enough. His body trembled and a thousand drops of blood flew out from his pores. The drops of blood turned into mist, and any soldier surrounded by it would melt, then the blood mist would go to the next target.

As a result, in just a moment, a large amount of soldiers died. They died faster and faster, in the end, nearly 100,000 were killed!

The white-armored general jumped up, and as his arms opened, the auras of 100,000 dead soldiers gathered on him. His armor reformed and the white horse appeared once more. However, this wasn’t the end; the thousand drops of blood were still killing!

Wang Lin didn’t use the same method, but his eyes lit up and locked on to the golden general formed by the middle-aged man from Planet Five Elements!

When the golden general met Wang Lin’s gaze, the hairs on his body stood up. He retreated without hesitation, but Wang Lin charged at him. Wang Lin’s right hand smashed down without hesitation.

The middle-aged man was the weakest one among the three, and the general he formed was the weakest as well. If the law wasn’t here, it would’ve taken Wang Lin some effort to kill this person, but right now he wasn’t killing the main body. He was merely killing a mortal avatar formed by the law, so it was fairly simple.

Terrified, the middle-aged man didn’t have a chance to fight back at all. As Wang Lin’s hand descended, the golden general let out a miserable scream and his golden armor collapsed.

The moment it collapsed, Wang Lin opened his mouth and devoured. Wang Lin’s soul was a soul devourer, so his avatar naturally also had his ability. Although his cultivation was suppressed, this soul-related ability was still there. He couldn’t devour the white-armored general, but he could devour the weakest golden general!

The golden general let out a miserable scream, but that didn’t set off a wave in this war. After being devoured by Wang Lin, his body was surrounded by black gas. His collapsed armor reformed and was several times more powerful than before.

This time, even the helmet formed and shrouded Wang Lin’s head. This only left the white hair, which formed a sharp contrast with the black armor.

A dragon cry echoed across the sky. What formed below Wang Lin this time was not a horse but a black dragon. Its body was made of fog and it circled around Wang Lin as it let out a roar at the white-armored general!

The white-armored general heard this roar and suddenly looked up. His hand reached at the sky and the lance reformed, and the thousand drops of blood gathered into his body. In a flash, the white horse below him distorted and turned into a giant white tiger.

He stood on the back of the white tiger and held the lance with crazed killing intent in his eyes. The white tiger jumped into the air and pounced at Wang Lin!

Wang Lin’s right hand raised and a large blade appeared. Holding the blade, he silently pondered as the black dragon charged at the white tiger!

This battle would decide the victor!

The two sides instantly closed in and collided. The tiger and dragon roared as they fought. The entire planet trembled as if it was going to collapse.

Wang Lin’s blade descended and collided with the white-armored general’s lance. After pondering for a long time, Wang Lin let out a roar. As he roared, the Ancient Dao shadow appeared behind him and descended with the blade.

The white tiger general let out a roar of despair as his lance collapsed, his armor collapsed, and the white tiger below him collapsed. A line of blood appeared between his eyebrows as Wang Lin’s blade descended, and his body collapsed!

In the sky, the White Tiger General’s face became deathly pale. He coughed out blood and his expression became dim.

“From now on, you’re my slave!” Wang Lin suddenly stood up and his pupils shrank. He felt a powerful sense of danger coming. Without hesitating, he stepped forward and overlapped with the body formed by his divine sense.

He opened his mouth and devoured the aura form the collapsed white-armored general. Wang Lin’s body was surrounded by black gas, and it formed into a long blade in his hand. He raised the blade and stared at the sky. His pupils had shrunk until they were only dots as he focused all his power and the power of the law into the blade!

This blade would contain the strongest power of this world! This blade would break the law the White Tiger General had set here! This blade would be a world-destroying blade created with the help of the law of this world!

He was waiting for the person who had given him this sense of crisis to appear! At the same time, Wang Lin’s left hand formed a seal and fire appeared to form a small umbrella of fire. It disappeared from his hand.