Renegade Immortal - Chapter 1757 - State of the Game!

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Chapter 1757 - State of the Game!

“You set the law… So what if I enter?” Wang Lin’s divine sense had already spread out and gathered some clues from the planet.

The law here was very likely something like chess, to separate a part of one’s divine sense into the soldier below and use the body of a mortal to face this slaughter of millions of soldiers!

Their cultivation would be completely suppressed and impossible to use.

“The White Tiger General became a general, and the person from Planet Five Elements became a soldier. That is the advantage the White Tiger General thinks he has! The 300 destroyed worlds can’t seal bloodlines, but if it’s focused on just two or three people, it can suppress their bloodline. If the bloodline is suppressed, there is no need to talk about cultivation. The White Tiger General is not only a celestial but also has a powerful body. Although his celestial bloodline is suppressed, his body is still strong. Even though the suppression affects his body, it’s still strong enough for him to be a general!

“As for the person from Planet Five Elements, he doesn’t cultivate his body and is like a scholar. As a result, the difference between a general and a soldier appears!”

Wang Lin narrowed his eyes, which shined with wisdom.

“The law of this place suppresses cultivation, and the White Tiger General is a celestial. When he saw me use the Li Guang Bow, he should have deduced that I don’t have the celestial bloodline. The reason I can use the Li Guang Bow is because of the blood from the Immortal Celestial Body!

“As someone without the celestial bloodline, my cultivation could be completely suppressed. Even the divine sense I split off would only be like that of an ordinary soldier. However, for them, with their bloodline, they can still display some power.

“This is the advantage he thinks he has! Also, because he thinks I don’t have the celestial bloodline, he doesn’t think it would increase the load of the world to have to suppress another person with the bloodline.

“Perhaps he thinks I have an Ancient Dao inheritance and the body of an ancient god, but he doesn’t know that I have obtained the Ancient Dao bloodline. Although my bloodline would be suppressed, thanks to my cultivation, not only will I not be weaker than the White Tiger General, I’ll be even stronger!” Wang Lin decisively took a step forward.

With one step, he entered the realm and a thunderous rumble echoed across the destroyed world. At the same time, a powerful force entered as if it was going to rip the world apart and weaken the law set by the White Tiger General!

Just as Wang Lin expected, with the entire world suppressing two people, the suppression would be about 90% effective. However, if a third person with a bloodline entered, the effect of the suppression could be spread out and reduced.

The moment Wang Lin entered the world, the middle-aged man from Planet Five Elements felt the suppression on his bloodline weaken. At the same time, the soldier formed by his divine sense down below shined brightly!

This golden light was very dim, but it made the soldier become spirited. Even the lance in his hand seemed to have become more sharp. The enemy soldiers that arrived were immediately killed by him.

The White Tiger General’s expression changed and his eyes were filled with disbelief. It was just as Wang Lin thought, he didn’t think Wang Lin had any bloodline power. However, the change in the law here caused his mind to tremble.

“He has bloodline power!! Impossible, I definitely didn’t feel any celestial blood from him. Even if he had any, it was fused into the Li Guang Bow!”

Wang Lin’s body entered the destroyed world, became distorted, and disappeared. When he reappeared, he was in the sky above the third planet. He formed a triangle with the White Tiger General and the person from Planet Five Elements!

The moment Wang Lin arrived, a portion of his divine sense split off out of his control and flew down toward the planet. It fused with a soldier on the opposite side of the White Tiger General.

This soldier held a blade and was slicing down on an enemy, but he didn’t realize that the White Tiger General was charging at him on a horse. The White Tiger General let out a roar and threw his lance at the soldier Wang Lin’s divine sense had fused with.

This soldier paused for a moment when Wang Lin’s divine sense entered. His eyes shined and his hair turned white. His face became blurry and turned into Wang Lin;s face.

He suddenly turned around and chopped down his blade with a roar. The blade collided with the incoming lance.

The lance was cut in half by Wang Lin and flew past him, penetrating into the enemy soldier behind him.

After splitting the lance, the soldier Wang Lin had fused with looked up. He stared at the general on the white horse in the distance!

At this moment, Wang Lin’s original body had already sat down in the sky. There was a sneer on his face.

The law here was like chess, and the chessboard was the fight between the two armies. As for the chess pieces, they were the soldiers or generals that their divine senses would form!

The White Tiger General’s expression was gloomy as he looked at Wang Lin. He closed his eyes and focused on the general that was formed by his divine sense.

The white-armored general’s eyes were filled with coldness. He pointed at the Wang Lin in the distance and black gas appeared. The black gas turned into 10 black-armored soldiers and rushed toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin laughed. In this battlefield, the sound of slaughter filled the world. Screams, roars, and all these various sound mixed together to form the most spectacular music in this world!

In the presence of this music, one’s blood would boil. Wang Lin added blood to this blade and charged forward. He was wearing the armor of an ordinary soldier, but as he moved forward, he chopped down the enemy soldiers with one strike!

Every time he killed a person, they would turn into a strand of gas that would enter Wang Lin. Slowly, he was surrounded by stands of black gas, making him look like an evil god.

Wang Lin knew that all the soldiers here were fake, created by the law the White Tiger General had set. They were all part of the chessboard for the game of chess between the three of them!

Kill, kill kill! Wang Lin charged forward, gripped the iron blade, and swept at the soldiers that came at him. Wang Lin let out a roar and jumped into the air over someone’s head. He used the descending force to smash the blade down on the first black-armored soldier!

The black armored soldier was terrified and looked up. In his eyes, the blood moon was hanging behind Wang Lin, and Wang Lin had replaced the blood moon!

The black-armored soldier quickly raised the shield in his hand to block Wang Lin’s terrifying blade!

The blade flashed and a miserable scream echoed. This caused everyone around to become startled and look over. Wang Lin’s blade descended and cut into the shield, causing it to collapse. Then Wang Lin’s blade cut the black-armored soldier in half!

Large amounts of black gas came from the black-armored soldier and gathered around Wang Lin. After killing 100 people and one of the black soldiers-armored created by the White Tiger General, the black gas around Wang Lin was monstrous.

It was at this moment that crackling sounds rang out. The black gas around Wang Lin condensed to form a set of black armor. In contrast to Wang Lin’s white hair, it was a shocking sight!

The blade in his hand also became black and a bit longer, like a crescent moon!

Wang Lin raised his blade and laughed. Wearing his black armor, he charged forward, waving his blade, killing more and more. In half an incense of time, the 10 black-armored soldiers were all killed by Wang Lin!

After killing these 10, Wang Lin’s armor almost wrapped around his entire body; he was only missing a helmet. He looked extremely powerful among the group of soldiers!

The middle-aged man from the Planet Five Elements was able to kill several people after surrounding himself in the golden light. The golden light covered his body to form a golden suit of armor, except the armor was very simple and couldn’t compare with Wang Lin’s armor at all.

This caused the White Tiger General in the sky to open his eyes and look extremely gloomy. The veins on his face were popping! He took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

He focused back on the general his divine sense had formed, and another lance appeared. He retreated to gain distance from Wang Lin.

But how could Wang Lin let him do as he wished? Wang Lin understood that his time was short; he had to finish this battle as soon as possible. Seeing the white-armored general retreat, Wang Lin let out a roar and his blade hit the ground. He borrowed the force to jump into the air and stepped on the head of soldiers as he chased after the white-armored general!

Every step caused the person he stepped on to turn into black gas that surrounded him. After he took 100 steps, the black gas around him condensed and the sound of a horse cry could be heard. A black horse formed and Wang Lin rode the horse forward like a storm. No one was left alive as he charged forward!

He charged at the white-armored general!

The retreating white-armored general’s expression changed greatly. He stared at Wang Lin closing in on the black horse and clenched the lance in his hand even tighter!

At this moment, in the other destroyed world, the Seven-Colored Daoist was gloomy. He had gone through nearly 100 worlds and still hadn’t found Wang Lin. He anxiously ripped a hole in space and walked through.

His body suddenly trembled and his eyes were filled with joy. He had felt Wang Lin’s aura! Although this arua was not in this world, it wasn’t farm. He ripped open another hole and entered.

“Close! I feel that he is not far away!” The Seven-Colored Daoist was filled with excitement.