Renegade Immortal - Chapter 1754 - Establishing the Laws

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Chapter 1754 - Establishing the Laws

It wasn’t long before the four generals and the disciples of the Seven Dao Sect entered. The celestial imperial concubines entered as well. When they entered, they all had complicated expressions.

One of the celestials that came from the Immortal Astral Continent let out a sigh and moved forward. He didn’t active any of the restrictions here as he closed in on the furnace.

Behind him, everyone else looked at the ruins below. Some of them narrowed their eyes and stopped.

Several people followed the celestial and entered the ruins. However, just as they entered, their expressions changed. Red lines appeared, giving off a bright red light and trapping them inside.

Thunderous rumbles rang out as blood lines appeared above the ruins, forming a blockade. The people inside let out miserable screams and quickly retreated.

The sudden development startled the celestial that had passed safely. He turned around and saw the blood lines blocking his vision. This gave him a lingering sense of ear. He hesitated and then quickly entered the furnace.

The eyes of the Sovereign, who was hidden, lit up, and he sneered.

Forgetting the matter here for a moment, the Seven Dao Sect disciple that had gone through the ruins by luck entered the furnace. He was an old man and his cultivation level wasn’t very high. He saw the giant flower before him along with the 300 drops of dew.

The three people that had entered before him had already disappeared. He hesitated and looked at the flower for a long time before he picked a dew drop and slowly entered.

Just as the old man entered the drop, Wang Lin, who was sitting on top of the mountain, suddenly looked up at the sky.

“The first one has arrived! Unfortunately, his cultivation level is not high… To come here with this low of a cultivation level, it looks like my warning before was ignored. He is courting death! Let’s use him to experiment with the law I have established here.” There was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin’s eyes. His divine sense spread out and found the vortex that had appeared in the sky.

The vortex continued to rotate as a blurry figure slowly appeared. The figure quickly formed, and the moment he appeared completely, the vortex disappeared.

The figure was the lucky old man from the Seven Dao Sect. Just as he appeared, he was vigilant and spread out his divine sense. However, with his cultivation level, he could not find Wang Lin.

He frowned and hesitated for a bit. He took a step and was about to fly away. However, his expression changed when he took this step. His foot landed on nothing and he rapidly fell.

This suddenly change caused the old man to become completely startled. A moment later, his face was filled with horror as he had lost the ability to fly. Even if his full cultivation erupted, he couldn’t stop his body from falling!

At the top of the mountain, Wang Lin’s eyes shined brightly.

“It is indeed effective! The destroyed worlds are interesting! Unfortunately, after trying a lot of laws, only the one that stops flying worked. It can’t affect treasures, and depending on the cultivation level of the target, the time it takes to affect them is different.” Wang Lin waved his right hand and a flash of blood light appeared. The blood sword rushed forward and disappeared toward the old man.

With the speed of the blood sword and the power of Wang Lin’s spell, it had reached the speed of Spatial Bending. In flash, it appeared below the old man.

The old man panicked. As he fell, the effect of falling through the atmosphere appeared and popping sounds came from his body.

He suppressed the panic he had never felt before and waved his hand. A whisk appeared. It flew below his feet and lifted him up.

The old man’s face was deathly pale. Even now, he couldn’t understand why he had lost the ability to fly. However, before he could think about it, a flash of blood light appeared. Just as the whisk held him up, the sword pierced him between the eyes!

The old man coughed out a mouthful of blood and a large amount of blood sprayed out from between his eyebrows. Then his body trembled and immediately collapsed. Even his origin soul was shattered by the sword, and he died on the spot!

The moment he died, Wang Lin formed a seal and pointed at the sky. The third soul flew out and surrounded the seal formed by his hands.

“I sacrifice that flesh and soul to fuse into this body!”

As his words echoed, a black arm appeared beside the collapsed old man. The black arm was surrounded by black gas and reached toward the old man. It grabbed the flesh and soul of the old man and disappeared into the void.

The blood sword returned next to Wang Lin and buzzed. Wang Lin lowered his hands and put the third soul back into his body. There was a flash of coldness in his eyes.

“I sense that the restriction formation has only killed three people. Along with this person, it is far from enough…” Wang Lin pondered for a bit and closed his eyes. His divine sense filled the sky, waiting for the next person to enter.

“If no one comes in within seven days, I need to move on to a different world.”

At this moment, everyone had arrived at the first flower and the 300 drops of dew. Wang Lin was waiting for the next person to enter this world.

Time slowly passed. In a flash, five days went by. During these five days, Wang Lin waited and spent his time immersed in the third soul, trying to absorb more memories.

At the same time, he was always on guard. If the second person who came was the Seven-Colored Daoist or Old Ghost Zhan, he would immediately leave. This was why he had set the law for no flying, because with this law here, he would have enough time to leave.

“Unfortunately, I can’t set the law to restrict the celestial bloodline, or I could try to battle them! But I estimate none of the 300 destroyed worlds could do it… After all, they are just destroyed worlds.” Wang Lin let out a sigh.

After five days had passed, it was noon of the sixth day. Wang Lin suddenly looked up and saw a vortex appear in the eastern part of the star system!

“Here’s someone! Who will it be…” Wang Lin stood up and stepped forward, disappearing without a trace.

Although there was a law that prevented flying, there was a time limit on it. Wang Lin had long passed this time limit, so he wasn’t affected.

Wang Lin stepped out from the vortex and the blood sword shook before him. It desired for blood, but it was smart, so it didn’t make any sound. Wang Lin’s eyes shined as he stared at the vortex and waved his right hand. He and the blood sword disappeared.

Wang Lin was already prepared. If it was the Seven-Colored Daoist or Old Ghost Zhan, he would leave without hesitation.

The vortex rumbled and rapidly sped up. In an instant, it was impossible to see clearly, but only three blurry figures were appearing.

These three figures couldn’t be attacked inside the vortex. Only when the vortex disappeared was it the best moment to attack. However, Wang Lin was no in rush to attack, and only took a closer look.

As the three figures appeared, Wang Lin had already made some judgments. It wasn’t the Seven-Colored Daoist or Old Ghost Zhan. However, he remained cautious and waited for the three of them to appear.

Soon, the vortex disappeared and the three people inside became clear. There was a flash of killing intent in Wang Lin’s eyes when he got a good look at the three!

The three people wore clothes different from the people of the cave world. Their daoist robes were the same as the old man from before was wearing. It was obvious they were members of the Seven Dao Sect!

Their cultivation levels were different. One of them was at the early stage of Nirvana Void and the other two were still at the second step, at the fifth Heaven’s Blight.

The moment the vortex disappeared and the three appeared clearly, Wang Lin attacked. The blood sword flew forward and Wang Lin closed in.

His timing was very good. Just as the three got a good look at the surroundings and hadn’t spread out their divine senses yet, the head of one of the celestials at the second step flew off from his body as the blood sword flew by.

Another person was splashed by the blood of his fellow sect member. However, just as he was about to retreat in terror, his vision was covered by a white figure. Wang Lin’s finger landed between his eyebrows and his body collapsed.

All of this happened too fast. In a flash, two out of three people had died! The early stage Nirvana Void cultivator didn’t hesitate to retreat. At the same time, he reached behind him and grabbed an incense stick. He was about to ignite it.

However, just at this moment, he let out a cry. Before he could light the incense stick, he suddenly began to fall. This caused his expression to change greatly!

There was a flash of blood light, then Wang Lin formed a seal and slammed down on this person!

A thunderous rumble echoed. The celestial was first pierced by the blood sword and then hit by Wang Lin’s seal. He coughed out blood and then his body suddenly collapsed.

It had taken him less than three breaths to kill three people! Wang Lin was about to leave, but he suddenly stopped and looked behind him. The killing intent appeared in his eyes once more.

“Someone else came as well!”

A vortex appeared tens of thousands of kilometers away. This figure was blurry, but it didn’t look like a man, it looked like it was the figure of a woman.