Renegade Immortal - Chapter 1740 - Double Elements Armor (1)

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Chapter 1740 - Double Elements Armor (1)

The words of the old man from the third floor echoed across the world. They entered Wang Lin’s ears and were also heard by the Gui Yi Sect’s Yun Yifeng. Yun Yifeng frowned.

He usually looked very casual, but that was only on the surface. His pride came deep from his roots, and it was because of this pride that he didn’t bother to humiliate people with words as well.

He found things like this to be beneath him.

Yun Yifeng frowned as he looked at Wang Lin and let out a yawn. He retreated to the side and ignored what was happening.

As the words came out from the third floor, there was a flash of green along with yellow. As the two colors spread, a proud-looking whited-haired old man walked out of the third floor.

This old man’s body was surrounded by the power of wood and earth. As he walked out, one could see the shadow of a towering tree and a sandstorm behind him.

The pressure of a mid stage Arcane Void cultivation spread out from the old man.

After he walked out, he waved his right hand at the tower and a light screen appeared around the tower to protect it. It was extremely strong, and it would be difficult to break it quickly!

“Breaking into planet Five Elements and reversing the heart wheel. You’ve got guts, kid. Since you came today, don’t leave. I’ll let you know there are some places your Ancient Dao clan can’t enter!” The old man looked at Wang Lin with a cold gaze.

“I’ll capture you and then let your senior come to accept your sin!” He didn’t know Wang Lin was someone from the cave world. After seeing Wang Lin’s Ancient Dao power, he assumed Wang Lin also came from the Immortal Astral Continent like them!

He didn’t think Wang Lin had come alone, and there were likely other people from the Ancient Dao clan as well. It was likely they weren’t here for the treasure but to find Ye Mo!

The old man had thought of all this himself, and he believed what he thought was at least 80% correct. After speaking, he charged forward and waved his right hand. Popping sounds came from the shadow of the giant tree. The tree twisted and shrank until it became a mass of green light in the old man’s hand.

In the blink of an eye, the green light turned into a green whip!

This whip was filled with the wood force and vitality. In the hands of the old man, he waved it and popping sounds echoed. It looked like a green python as it lashed toward Wang Lin!

The world changed colors; it was as if everything had to collapse before the whip!

The treasure the Gui Yi Sect was famous for was their whips! Their whips were very famous on the Immortal Astral Continent, and they all had different production methods.

Wang Lin couldn’t clearly see the appearance of the green whip, he could only see the green light. This green light that was closing in on him was filled with wood element!

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. There was still no movement from the remaining two floors. The old man from the third floor already had shocking cultivation. He didn’t know how powerful the two in the remaining two floors were...

Wang Lin retreated several steps. As the green whip closed in, a flash of coldness appeared in his eyes and he pushed forward with his palm.

The moment his palm pushed forward, his fingers clustered to form a fist, and he pulled back!

Karma Print!

With this pull, a green light was extracted from the whip and sent into Wang Lin’s grasp. He mercilessly squeezed and the green light collapsed!

Thunderous rumbles echoed and the whip paused for a moment. Just at this moment, the grass on the planet rapidly withered and turned into wood force that gathered inside the whip.

In just a moment, the essence that was extracted by Wang Lin’s Karma Print had been restored. The whip lashed by and landed on Wang Lin’s body!

There was a thunderous bang and Wang Lin’s body trembled violently. The whip didn’t touch his body but stopped seven feetaway. The ripples created by the whip caused Wang Lin to feel a powerful force hit his body.

Wang Lin retreated several steps and suppressed the blood in his throat. The old man laughed arrogantly and lashed out once more. This time, his target was Wang Lin’s head!

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he began to deduce. He hadn’t come here to kill, his purpose for being here was to see how deep the nail was and how strong these foreign cultivators were!

Wang Lin was not surprised by the old man’s cultivation level, but being entangled by this old man meant that he couldn’t force out the last two people hiding in the last two floors.

“Whip, I have one as well!” In a moment, Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. His mind was as cunning as the devil’s, so he was able to find the best method to get the answers he wanted.

Wang Lin’s right hand reach toward the void and his Soul Lasher appeared. The whip lashed around and cracking sounds echoed. The golden light from the Soul Lasher seemed to be competing with the green light!

The moment the old man saw the Soul Lasher, he was shocked, but he soon remembered something and his expression became gloomy.

All of this happened in a flash. Wang Lin held the Soul Lasher and walked forward. He suddenly waved his arm and the Soul Lasher collided with the green whip!

From afar, the two whips looked like two giant pythons. When they collided, they created a thunderous rumble. Whips were soft, and the moment they touched, they twisted together as if they were connected, making it very difficult to separate them.

The golden light and the green light mixed together as the thunderous rumble echoed. Wang Lin held the Soul Lasher in his right hand and the old man held onto the green whip. The two whips were like two sticks in their hands!

At this moment, both of them pulled at the same time. The veins on the old man’s face swelled as all his cultivation went into his right hand and erupted when he pulled the whip.

However, he was only a cultivator!

Wang Lin had the Ancient Dao bloodline, and there was nothing in the world with a stronger body than the ancient ones. Not only did Wang Lin have the Ancient Dao bloodline, but his avatar also had seven essences.

His essences also erupted and entered his right arm, fusing with his Ancient Dao power. Along with the fact that Wang Lin’s right hand belonged to Ye Mo, the power of the fusion reached a terrifying degree. Although the old man was at the mid stage of Arcane Void, comparing his strength with Wang Lin’s was simply ridiculous!

With one pull, the world rumbled and the two whips let out sounds that made it seem like they couldn’t bear it anymore. In an instant, the whip was pulled out of the old man’s hand, leaving a blood mark on his hand!

With a bang, the two whips were pulled toward Wang Lin. Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he charged at the old man.

The old man’s expression was extremely gloomy, and his hands formed seals as he rapidly retreated. The green whip that was pulled by Wang Lin immediately collapsed into green light that flew back toward the old man.

At the same time, the sandstorm behind the old man moved forward and surrounded him. Cracking sounds echoed and the green light entered the sandstorm. The sandstorm rapidly shrank and formed an armor that contained wood and earth elements!

The armor was earth yellow and contained flower-like patterns of green. Looking from a distance, the green drew a giant tree.

When the armor appeared ,the old man’s cultivation suddenly erupted from mid stage Arcane Void to peak of late stage Arcane Void. He was only one step away from peak Arcane Void!

This was the armor of the Gui Yi Sect!

However, the more powerful the armor, the more difficult it was to control it, and it would cause great harm to the user. The old man’s face was distorted in pain, and it looked like tree branches were drilling into his body. He looked up with a fierce expression and let out a painful howl before rushing forward.

The moment he charged out, the earth moved like a wave. Giant hills appeared and moved with him.

Also at this moment, all the grass on the planet withered and turned in to strands of green that gathered before the old man.

It changed into a large amount of towering trees that moved. These trees, looking like a dense jungle, quickly formed a giant treeman!

This treeman was over tens of thousands of feet tall and wrapped around the old man. It closed in on Wang Lin and its right hand smash down onhimn!

“Die for this old man!” Buzzing sounds echoed and the punch of that giant tree appeared in Wang Lin’s eyes!

The earth formed a vortex below Wang Lin and a sandstorm surrounded him. The countless grains of sand rotated trying to tear Wang Lin’s body apart!

Inside the sandstorm, Wang Lin was calm. All of this was within his expectations. As the sandstorm surrounded him and the punch from the tree closed in, Wang Lin closed his eyes as he curled up. The Immortal Ancient Spell shrouded his body.

Outside planet Five Elements, Grand Empyrean Xuan Luo looked at what was happening on the planet. He had begun Wang Lin’s test a long time ago, and right now he was very satisfied. Hie eyes revealed a strange light.

“This is a spell similar to the Immortal Celestial Body… What’s he going to do…”