Renegade Immortal - Chapter 1736 - Nine Cycle Heart Wheel!

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Chapter 1736 - Nine Cycle Heart Wheel!

Putting away the Water General’s armor, Wang Lin’s eyes were cold like ice. He looked at the vortex and his hand reached toward it.

At the same time, bright, golden light came from the vortex like sharp swords. It collided with Wang Lin’s right hand.

Thunderous rumbles echoed across the water formation.

Wang Lin retreated three steps and withdrew his right hand. His expression didn’t change at all, it was still extremely cold.

The vortex collapsed under the impact and exploded into specks of crystals. It disappeared without a trace.

On planet Five Elements, the ninth floor of the tower was giving off a golden glow. Inside sat an old man wearing a golden shirt with life-like patterns embroidered on it.

At this moment, the old man trembled and cough out blood. His right hand was bruised and dark. It was also at a weird angle and was obviously broken.

Large amounts of blood flowed out from his right arm and dripped on the ground.

“A member of the Ancient Clan, the power of his body belongs to the Ancient Dao clan! He doesn’t seem to be a descendant created from Ye Mo’s 3,000 drops of blood, Ye Mo’s descendant couldn’t be as strong as him!! This person is likely not someone from the cave; he came from the Immortal Astral Continent!! Damn it, someone else is here besides my Gui Yi Sect!!” The old man’s pupils shrank and his eyes were filled with pain. He looked at his right hand with horror and pain in his eyes.

“What a vicious step. If not for the armor, my arm would have shattered and even my body would have exploded…”

The old man’s face was extremely gloomy as he faced the outside of the tower and roared, “Na Duo, come and see me!”

When the old man’s voice came out of the ninth floor of the tower, the hearts of all the cultivators outside the tower trembled. All the uproar stopped and they knelt toward the tower.

Na Duo’s eyes twitched and he jumped toward the ninth floor without hesitation. He stopped outside and was about to speak when a giant hand grabbed him and pulled him in.

Na Dao didn’t dare to resist, allowing the giant hand to drag him into the tower. After he entered, he immediately knelt on the ground and spoke respectfully.

“Junior Na Duo greets Ninth Ancestor.”

The old man in the golden robe looked at Na Duo and roared, “Who is he?! How did you provoke such a person?!”

Hearing the old man’s words, Na Duo raised his head to speak, but when he saw the blood the old man had coughed out, his heart trembled. Then he saw the old man’s right arm, and a monstrous wave was set off in his heart.

He knew the ancestor had acted, but not only had the ancestor not gained the advantage, he had been injured by Wang Lin. His body trembled and he quickly spilled everything he knew without hiding anything.

As Na Duo spoke, inside the Five Element Formation, the water formation collapsed. Wang Lin could have left, but he chose not to. He stepped forward and there was a dazzling glow as a new world appeared before him!

The gentle wind blew by. The fragrance that the breeze brought would make anyone feel calm. It was a dense jungle here with no end in sight. The towering trees were like swords that pierced the clouds, and the leaves formed patches of shade.

Five Element Wood Formation!

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as he looked around, and he gradually smiled. On this trip to planet Five Elements, ignoring the main objective, just this Five Elements Formation had given Wang Lin a great fortune.

How could Wang Lin let the wood formation go? He charged forward.

However, as soon as Wang Lin moved, all the trees in the jungle trembled. All the leaves fell off due to some mysterious force and flew toward Wang Lin.

There were too many leaves, enough to cover the sky and earth. They were locked on to Wang Lin as if they were trying to take his soul away.

Wang Lin’s expression didn’t change at all as he retreated three steps. His right hand formed a fist and coldness appeared in his eyes. He suddenly clawed at the space before him!

Heaven Ripping!

This tear caused the clouds to scatter, then a loud tearing sound echoed. A giant rift was torn open in the world, and it connected the sky and earth. It felt like it was going to tear the world in half!

In truth, the world before Wang Lin was split in half. The center of the rift led into the dark void. At this moment, it rapidly expanded as if the night was devouring the day.

But just this wasn’t enough to display the power of Heaven Ripping. The countless leaves were all torn along with the world! All the leaves split in half, revealing the lines that connected the two sides of each leaf.

All the leaves coming from all directions were ripped apart like this!

When the Heaven Ripping came from Wang Lin’s right hand, a thunderous rumble echoed as if the wood formation was going to collapse.

All the leaves closing in on Wang Lin split in half and moved by his sides, colliding with the leaves coming from the opposite direction.

From afar, Wang Lin’s figure looked to be drowned by the collision of the leaves. A moment later, Wang Lin walked out of the darkness. Behind him, the rift grew bigger like a large mouth.

The collapsed leaves created a mass of chaos. It was like the end of the world!

Just as Wang Lin walked out, the trees that had lost all their leaves began to move strangely. Under Wang Lin’s gaze, the trees all began to extend and intersect with each other. Soon, the trees extended and grew to form a giant face.

“Surrender or be destroyed.” Wang Lin’s white hair gently fluttered behind him along with his white robe. He stared at the face of the tree on the ground.

The face in the forest silently pondered, and after a long time, it slowly closed its ancient eyes. At this moment, bright green light gathered between its eyebrows. It formed a green crystal that shot toward Wang Lin.

It floated before Wang Lin and he picked it up with his right hand. When he put it away, all the trees moved back to their original positions.

Wang Lin no longer looked down but stepped forward and the world around him distorted until it all collapsed. The wood formation rapidly dissipated and the last formation appeared, the metal formation!

The metal formation was filled with the power of metal, and the smell of killing intent was dense in the metal world. There was no earth here. Instead, there were large swords filled with the power of metal and killing intent.

There were no clouds or sun in the sky, only endless swords hanging upside down in the air. Those countless swords buzzed the moment Wang Lin appeared!

This was a sword hymn!! All the swords hymned at the same time!

Metal was no wood. Wood could be soft, which was why Wang Lin had given the wood spirit that had gained intelligence a chance to choose. Metal was different, metal would always be straight and never yield!

At this moment, the sword hymn echoed and all the swords shot out. The millions of swords all flew toward Wang Lin.

Thunderous rumbles echoed and the violent sounds became the only sounds that existed, and they lingered for a long time.

On planet Five Elements, in the ninth floor of the tower, after Na Duo had spoken of everything he knew about Wang Lin, the old man was still gloomy. He still didn’t believe that Wang Lin was not someone from the Immortal Astral Continent.

Just as he was about to speak, he suddenly looked outside the tower. His expression was filled with killing intent.

“He has broken the metal formation! He is going to enter the Nine Cycles!” The old man in the golden robe stood up. His eyes were filled with coldness and killing intent.

Na Duo hesitated and asked, “Ancestor, can our planet Five Elements’ most powerful Nine Cycle Heart Wheel formation stop this person?”

“The Nine Cycle Heart Wheel, nine breaths for one cycle. The faster one’s heart moves, the faster it turns… It is difficult to say. This formation can be difficult and can be simple. It is one of the protection formations of the Gui Yi Sect on the Immortal Astral Continent.

“Although this formation only has 40% of its power, as long as he can’t see through the formation and it rotates even a bit, he won’t be able to break through!

“Everything will depend on whether his heart moves or not!” the ancestor muttered, but his words were too mysterious. Na Duo listened but didn’t understand much, but he didn’t ask more. Instead, he looked into the sky outside the tower.

Inside the formation, thunderous rumble echoed and the metal formation collapsed. Wang Lin walked out from inside. He could now see planet Five Elements not far away!

It seemed as if he only needed to take one step to enter planet Five Elements.

Behind Wang Lin was the Five Elements Formation that was disintegrating.

Staring at planet Five Elements, he was about to enter, but he suddenly stopped. He exclaimed softly and his eyes lit up.

In his view, the planet had actually moved!

It began to slowly rotate!