Renegade Immortal - Chapter 1725 - The Qualifications to Vie for Supremacy!

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Chapter 1725 - The Qualifications to Vie for Supremacy!

The fog was hit by the blue light and directly collapsed. The illusory mouth disappeared the moment it appeared.

The All-Seer’s face was pale and his eyes were filled with disbelief. He looked into the distance with eyes filled with shock! Behind Dao Master Blue Dream and company, he saw Wang Lin, who was dressed in white, closing in!

There was half a compass in Wang Lin’s right hand!

This compass looked very ordinary, without any aura, but when the All-Seer saw it, his heart rumbled and the shock in his eyes turned into unimaginable fear!

“It’s… It’s impossible, you can’t find my original body. You… So what if you found my original body? I have awakened 99 times, I’m the Heavenly Dao!” The All-Seer stared at Wang Lin and pointed at the sky.

“One body of heaven, all matter in the world, return to me!” the All-Seer roared, and the fog around him began to swirl and flew out. Space itself trembled and a giant mouth appeared.

This mouth was blurry, but it immediately devoured!

However, just as it was about to devour, the large mouth quivered strangely and collapsed. It dissipated from the star system.

This caused the All-Seer’s expression to change again!

“Do you really think this is your 99th awakening…” Wang Lin stepped closer, his voice cold.

The All-Seer silently pondered, then killing intent appeared in his eyes as he stared at Wang Lin. He charged at Wang Lin without hesitation!

“My 3,000 avatars have fused. Even if I haven’t completely awakened, I have the aura of the Heavenly Dao. Before me, you are but an ant, you’re not Seven-Colored’s soul. Even if you have my original body, I can kill you in an instant!”

The All-Seer turned into a shadow and closed in on Wang Lin. However, at this moment, a flash of blue light appeared before him and Dao Master Blue Dream walked out. He waved his sleeves and hit the All-Seer.

The All-Seer’s expression was fierce. The moment Dao Master Blue Dream attacked, he let out a roar.

“You’re also life formed by the Heavenly Dao! You dare to block me!?” The All-Seer didn’t care about Dao Master Blue Dream at all. He waved his right hand and collided with Dao Master Blue Dream.

A thunderous rumble echoed. Dao Master Blue Dream’s expression changed and he retreated a few steps. The All-Seer’s expression was gloomy and he didn’t retreat at all. He moved even faster toward Wang Lin; now he was less than 100 feet from him!

Wang Lin’s expression was calm. He looked at the All-Seer with a hint of contempt. As the All-Seer closed in, Wang Lin spoke softly,

“My body still belongs to me. Let the dao dissipate…”

The All-Seer, who was 90 feet from Wang Lin, trembled and a rune flashed on his chest. Ripples spread out from the rune and soon covered the All-Seer’s entire body.

Amidst these ripples, all the comprehension of dao inside the body he had taken from Wang Lin dissipated. Without the comprehension of dao, there would no longer be any essences!

The fire essence in his left eye collapsed and the thunder essence in his right eye shattered. Between his eyebrows, the slaughter, life and death, karma, and true and false essences all dissipated. Even the restriction essence in the blood veins in his eyes dissipated.

One short instant later, no trace of any essence remained in the body the All-Seer had taken from Wang Lin. All seven essences had disappeared into the void.

The body could be considered a bucket and the water inside was the essence. Dao comprehension was what made the bucket strong so there would be no leaks. Now all the water had leaked out from the bucket.

The All-Seer was startled and horror appeared in his eyes. He didn’t expect something like this to happen. Something like this had never happened before in his previous awakenings!!

Wang Lin calmly looked at the All-Seer and slowly said, “Let the origin soul scatter…”

As Wang Lin spoke, his avatar’s origin soul, which had fused with the All-Seer’s 3,000 souls, became dim and dissipated. A cultivator without an origin soul was the same as a mortal!

How could the body of a mortal withstand the occupation and fusion of the All-Seer’s 3,000 souls? After Wang Lin’s avatar’s origin soul dissipated, popping sounds came from the All-Seer’s body. His body trembled and began to show signs of collapse!

The horror in the All-Seer’s eyes had reached its limit. He had schemed against the heavens, schemed against the earth, and even schemed against time. However, he was wrong for a second time against Wang Lin!

He didn’t expect Wang Lin to find his original body, and he didn’t think Wang Lin could still control his avatar! This was impossible in his mind. He had already completely taken over this body and become an independent existence. Even now, he still didn’t understand why this had happened!

Why could Wang Lin still control this body? Why could Wang Lin make the dao dissipate and origin soul scatter!?

While the All-Seer was filled with fear and confusion, he heard Wang Lin’s third sentence.

“Let the soul die…”

After this, the All-Seer’s body trembled violently. He felt Wang Lin’s soul, the one that had fused with this 3,000 souls, suddenly dissipate.

The 3,000 souls’ fusion was perfect and could not be separated. However, when Wang Lin’s soul dissipated, the perfection was broken. The All-Seer’s body collapsed and the remaining 2,999 souls erupted forth.

“It’s impossible!! Impossible!! Why is this so? You can still control this body… This doesn’t align with the rules of this world! This doesn’t follow the law of this world! I’m the Heavenly Dao, I set the rules! All the bodies I take over belong to me!!

“I know your memories. Even if you use the Three Life spell, you shouldn’t be able to do this. Even if you were to die one thousand times, I still won’t die. You… Who are you!?” The 2,999 souls that had scattered turned into a fuzzy fog. This contained all the lives the All-Seer devoured in his more than 90 awakenings.

They were all roaring the same time!

“Who the hell are you!? You are not Seven-Colored’s three souls or seven fragments. You are just a mortal created from my cave. You can’t do this, I refuse to believe this!!!

“You are just part of the Heavenly Dao, but I’m the master of the Heavenly Dao…” Wang Lin looked at the 2,999 souls that were roaring at the same time. These souls were filled with madness and confusion along with pain and disbelief.

After he said this, Wang Lin lifted his left hand and pointed to the spot between his eyebrows. The ancient god stars disappeared and were replaced by a vortex. This vortex gave off an ancient aura, and after moving his hand away from it, a ray of light shot out. The light instantly expanded to become a giant beast!

Nether Beast!

When the Nether Beast appeared, it looked sluggish. Only a few people were around, so there was less chance of it being afraid. It looked around and then saw the fog created by the All-Seer’s 2,999 souls. It seem attracted to the fog and unknowingly opened its mouth. Saliva seemed to flow out as it pondered. These souls looked very delicious.

“Heavenly Dao’s master? Nether Beast… This the Nether Beast… Could this beast have been formed by the other cluster of fog that separated from me?” All of the All-Seer’s souls looked at the Nether Beast in shock.

He naturally knew of the Nether Beast, but his body had been split apart by Lian Daofei, who had detonated his own origin soul. Over the countless years, he had lost connection with his other half. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have used this method of 99 awakenings to regain control of reincarnation and find the other part of his body.

“The game is over, All-Seer,” Wang Lin spoke slowly, then he raised his right hand that held the half compass. He threw the compass directly into the Nether Beast’s mouth.

All of the All-Seer’s souls trembled and screamed. They desperately scattered and fled in 2,999 different directions.

Dao Master Blue Dream and company wanted to pursue but were stopped by Wang Lin. Wang Lin looked at the Nether Beast chewing with its giant mouth in a daze. After a long time, the confusion disappeared and was replaced with a ruthless expression.

“Devour them. From now on, you will be complete.” Wang Lin looked tired and sat down on the back of the Nether Beast.

The Nether Beast suddenly opened its mouth and charged forward. The moment it opened its mouth, the 2,999 souls were shrouded in a suction force. They all screamed as they were sucked into the Nether Beast’s giant mouth!

“Senior Blue Dream, Qing Lin, and Senior Hong Shan, I need to reform my cultivator avatar, so I won’t return to the Celestial Realm with you all. Once I resolve my affair, I’ll meet you guys at the Celestial Realm. Tell Senior Brother Qing Shui that it’s best not to go out during this time and that I’ll need his help once I return.”

Wang Lin clasped his hands at the three of them, looking even more tired. He sat on the back of the Nether Beast and slowly disappeared into the distance.

The Nether Beast’s eyes were completely ruthless. It was the same gaze it had when it devoured Lian Daofei; it was extremely terrifying.

With the Nether Beast present, Wang Lin no longer feared anyone in the cave world! It wasn’t until this moment that he obtained the qualification to vie for supremacy!