Renegade Immortal - Chapter 1723 - Heavenly Dao!

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Chapter 1723 - Heavenly Dao!

“...Heavenly Dao!!” Wang Lin’s mind went blank. What he found inside the All-Seer’s reincarnation cycle was difficult to believe. The Heavenly Dao everyone had been searching for was actually… actually the All-Seer!

Looking at the young man that had adjusted his own face with his hand, Wang Lin found it difficult to settle down the waves that had been set off in his heart. He was like the lonely boat in the raging sea that was constantly surging.

Under his gaze, the young man maintained his smile and disappeared into the distance. The star system gradually disappeared and collapsed before Wang Lin, but Wang Lin was still in shock.

Outside, in the Summoned River, Wang Lin’s avatar’s face was pale. Veins would appear and disappear all over his face.

Countless of the All-Seer’s avatar’s souls were entering Wang Lin’s avatar one by one, trying to take it over.

As those souls fused, the All-Seer’s gloomy voice echoed inside the mind of Wang Lin’s avatar.

“How can you compete with this old man? This old man can take over your body now. Has your original body found this old man’s original body?”

More than 1,000 All-Seer souls from the Summoned River and Brilliant Void had already fused with Wang Lin’s avatar. The ones from the Cloud Sea and Allheaven were closing in.

When the image of the All-Seer’s second awakening collapsed, Wang Lin saw the scene of the All-Seer’s first awakening!

The star system went blurry and then collapsed; eventually, everything disappeared. Then a huge door appeared before Wang Lin! This door was so large that it gave Wang Lin the illusion he was an ant.

It was different from the door that appeared inside the Heaven Defying Bead. This door didn’t gave off the majestic aura, and it seemed to have integrated with the world.

Wang Lin didn’t know what was behind the door, but he heard thunderous rumbles come from the other side. It was as if the door had been hit by an incredible force from outside. The door suddenly trembled.

As it trembled, Wang Lin saw a crack appear on it, and cracking sounds echoed as the crack spread. It continued to spread as if it was going to split the door in half.

The thunderous rumbles became even more intense. In just a moment, the door split apart into several pieces and scattered.

This door was so big that even after it cracked, it didn’t shatter into dust. It split into several parts and flew off in all directions due to the impact. The parts were too fast and disappeared without a trace.

One part of the door was pushed far away into a part of space that would become the Brilliant Void. This fragment shattered into more and tore apart space itself. The fragments sank into the spatial rifts.

The large amount of door fragments fused with the void, causing space itself to become unstable and creating a spatial rift. The fragments from the door existed here, unchanged for countless years.

After many years, a group from the Four Divine Sect came after using some unknown method and looked for a cultivation planet. They covered up the instability here and covered up that spatial rift. They connected that spatial rift with the planet.

That group of cultivators eventually left. The spatial rift would occasionally appear here as time passed. This was found by some of the talented cultivators on the planet, and they borrowed it. It eventually become the Foreign Battleground.

The moment the giant door split, Wang Lin saw a ball of fog smash through the collapsed door.

Inside the fog, Wang Lin sat the figure of a person for an instant. He couldn’t see that person’s appearance, but he could hear the thunderous roar they let out!

“Heavenly Dao!! You actually obtained a Heavenly Dao!! Damn it, this king doesn’t approve!” The roar turned into a hiss at the end. A terrifying rumble came from the fog.

As the rumble echoed, the endless fog began to move. A powerful force seemed to be tearing the fog, causing it to be split apart.

This fog was split into two clusters, one big and one small. The big cluster of fog held the figure whose roars had turned weak. It flew off into the unknown.

The smaller cluster flew toward the opposite direction.

The smaller cluster continued to move, shrinking as it flew away. Wang Lin could faintly see that the fog wasn’t empty but contained a half-circular fragment.

This half-circular fragment was blurry, but it was clear it was the core of this small cluster of fog.

As it flew, the cloud of fog became smaller and smaller until it disappeared completely. It had fully condensed into the half-circular fragment, and it flew until it landed on a cultivation planet.

There was no life on that planet, only a low mountain. The fragment smashed down like a meteor and landed on the mountain. The mountain collapsed and the fragment penetrated deep into the heart of the planet before stopping.

Wang Lin witnessed all of this. He stared at the half-circular fragment inside the planet. There was still ancient text engraved on it, it looked like half a compass!

Or to be more accurate, it was half of a certain compass!

Time passed. After an unknown amount of years, there was still no life on this planet. However, the fog that condensed into the compass gradually appeared.

This fog came out in strands and gathered together to form a blurry figure. This figure slowly became more clear until a young man appeared.

This young man had his eyes closed and floated above the half-compass. After a long time, he opened his eyes, and they were filled with confusion.

“I gained a spirit… I remember being summoned by Master and devouring that celestial. That celestial blew up to stop my devouring.. Then I was split up… Who am I…” The young man closed his eyes, seeming to be pondering.

A moment later, he suddenly opened his eyes, and his eyes revealed a strange light.

“I’m the Heavenly Dao… I should not have a spirit, but when that celestial blew up, I absorbed some… I absorbed some of his divine sense… I gained intelligence…” the young man murmured as if he understood everything.

When Wang Lin saw this, he understood a lot. He understood why Lian Daofei had become a madman, why the Lian Daofei he saw in the dream of the Seven-Colored Daoist was so arrogant and unreasonable. He was like a different person compared to the madman that Wang Lin knew.

Right now, Wang Lin’s mind became clear.

“Lian Daofei is indeed someone who did as he wished on the Immortal Astral Continent. Maybe he really did have a brother with very high status. This all caused his personality to become strange and arrogant. According to my understanding, as long as he fancied something, whether it was treasure or people, he would steal it without hesitation!

“If he can’t steal it, then he will do this best and even kill the other party’s entire sect to satisfy his greed! It was also his greed and personality that lured him into the cave of the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign to steal what he wanted.

“But in the end, he was devoured by the Heavenly Dao and exploded his divine sense. Most of his greed and bad personality were absorbed by this part of the Heavenly Dao...

“That’s why the madman I met is completely different than before! Otherwise, with his personality, how could he give me the celestial boodline and teach me spells? He would have done everything he could to achieve his goal! By contrast, I like the current madman more!”

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as he looked at the young man floating above the half-compass.

The young man looked at the compass and pondered.

“This half of the Defying Compass is my original body… This aura is something no one can detect. Leaving it here would be the safest option…” The young man drifted away and disappeared from the inside of the planet to somewhere unknown.

Wang Lin ignored the young man’s departure and stared at the half-compass. He memorized everything here and the aura of this planet. Then he suddenly closed his eyes. The moment he closed his eyes, everything here silently collapsed.

The All-Seer’s more than 90 reincarnations ended!

When Wang Lin closed his eyes, his dream ended. He opened his eyes and saw Dao Master Blue Dream, Qing Lin, and Master Hong Shan. He saw that this avatar was about to be completely taken ove in the Summoned Riverr!

“I found his original body. You three seniors don’t need to come with me. I hope you three can help me control my avatar to buy me more time!” Wang Lin stood up and clasped his hands at the three of them. He then took a step forward and charged off into the distance.

“All-Seer, the game is about to end!”