Renegade Immortal - Chapter 1721 - The All-Seer Falls Into a Trap!

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Chapter 1721 - The All-Seer Falls Into a Trap!

The storm formed by the Ancient Dao bloodline dissipated. Aside from the rock under Wang Lin, all the other rocks disappeared. After the storm dissipated, everything was quiet.

Wang Lin looked toward the east. He felt the All-Seer’s aura again in that direction. An illusion seemed to overlap with his body. The illusion slowly separated and his original body walked out.

The moment his original body walked out, his avatar’s right hand reached toward the void. The Ghostly Sail appeared and suddenly expanded. It shrouded this area in an illusion.

Inside the illusion, Wang Lin looked at his avatar, and there was a flash of coldness in his eyes.

“The Three Life Spell is certainly not something that can be copied. If I destroy my avatar or die once using the Three Life Spell, then all of the All-Seer’s plans would collapse!

“However, the price for this is great and somewhat not worth it! All-Seer, since you want to play, I’ll play with you. Let’s see who the real winner is!” Wang Lin murmured. His avatar raised his right hand and pointed to the spot between the eyebrows of his original body.

A howling sound echoed across the star system and the eyes of Wang Lin’s avatar revealed a strange light. His fingertip seemed to land on the original body’s soul.

In an instant, the Ghostly Sail suddenly began to move and turned into a giant cloud that shrank toward Wang Lin.

From afar, this scene looked quite amazing. As the large cloud condensed, most of it gathered between Wang Lin’s eyebrows on his original body, and some split off to cover his avatar.

Wang Lin’s avatar’s face turned slightly pale and he withdrew his finger from his original body. He turned around and bowed toward the stars.

“Senior Blue Dream, Senior Qing Lin, and Senior Hong Shang. My original body is here, I hope you seniors can help protect it!”

The moment Wang Lin spoke, there was a flash of blue light and Dao Master Blue Dream walked out. Behind him, Qing Lin and Master Hong Shan silently followed.

The three of them had been here all along and had witnessed the confrontations between Wang Lin and the All-Seer.

Dao Master Blue Dream sat down before Wang Lin’s original body. He looked at Wang Lin’s avatar and slowly said, “With me here, you can rest assured. If you can find his original body, then no matter how powerful his original body is, he can’t escape!”

Wang Lin nodded and clasped his hands at the three of them. He stepped forward toward the east, that was where the All-Seer’s aura was.

As he moved forward, that drop of water and that handful of soil appeared in his hand. He put the two essences away.

“The original body will be looking for the All-Seer’s original body; I should make some preparations here too… Once the All-Seer gets anxious, he will likely summon all his avatars at once so he can take over before I find his original body. I hope he does this.” Wang Lin pondered as he flew through the stars. His right hand formed a seal and pressed it against his chest.

At this moment, a change happened to Wang Lin’s soul. In the past, his soul became a soul devourer, meaning it could devour everything, including itself.

The avatar’s soul was where all his essences were gathered, and even his origin soul had a great connection to this soul. Once the soul died, everything would disappear.

“My original body has all my memories. Since I can comprehend my essences, I can regain them even if I lose them! After all, essences come from comprehension, and that comprehension exists in the soul of my original body!

“All-Seer, you’ve lost this game!” The seal Wang Lin had made with his right hand disappeared into his chest.

He no longer hesitated and his mind completely fused with the All-Seer’s avatar’s soul, which was getting stronger. He flew toward the east.

In the eastern part of the Summoned River, among the endless stars, the All-Seer appeared. He no longer had that strange smile and his expression was not calm. Right now, it was as gloomy as water.

He looked into the distance and there was a flash of coldness in his eyes.

“Wang Lin, if you want to kill my original body, you need to find it first. Even I have forgotten where my original body is, so how can you find it? I don’t believe you can find it… But this Wang Lin is good at scheming, and what he said before doesn’t seem to be false… He was able to come so far from the little cultivator he was before, so he must have some extraordinary methods. I have to guard against it… Forget it, I can’t waste any more time with him, I must finish my plan. Even if there are some flaws, it doesn’t matter!

“Once it’s complete, I’ll fall asleep and wait for the 99th awakening. At that time, I’ll achieve what I want!

“Wang Lin, your cultivation level is high enough for my slumber to complete in an instant and achieve the 99th awakening!” The All-Seer’s eyes revealed a cold light and he raised his hands. He closed his eyes, and the moment they closed, hundreds of All-Seers appeared all over the Summoned River!

The moment all these the All-Seers appeared, they all looked toward one direction: where the moving Wang Lin was!

At this moment, in the Brilliant Void, as the ripples echoed between the stars, All-Seers began to appear.

The moment they appeared, they all looked toward the Summoned River!

At the same time, ripples echoed in Allheaven and the Cloud Sea. All the avatars across the four star systems added up to 3,000!

These were the All-Seer’s 3,000 avatars, and all the bodies he had obtained from his constant devouring during his 98 awakenings!

The moment the 3,000 avatars appeared across the four star systems, Wang Lin suddenly stopped and his eyes shined.

“He fell for the trap!!” The avatar soul inside Wang Lin seemed to boil and awaken and slowly spread across Wang Lin’s body. It was calling the 3,000 other parts, and at this moment, it was as if Wang Lin had truly become one of the All-Seer’s avatars!

In Wang Lin’s mind, he could clearly feel every single one of the 3,000 avatars. He could clearly feel their locations and auras; they all belonged to the All-Seer!

Originally, Wang Lin couldn\'t find the All-Seer’s original body, but he was a cunning person and had dared to scheme against the All-Seer. Since the All-Seer had dared to scheme against him, then he also dared to scheme against the All-Seer!

Those words from before seemed ordinary, but each word contained a hidden meaning. Wang Lin’s words had forced the All-Seer to change his plan. He feared Wang Lin and wanted to take over Wang Lin’s body as quickly as possible, so he had summoned his 3,000 avatars to make Wang Lin fail as soon as possible!

But the All-Seer didn’t expect that Wang Lin had no confidence in finding the All-Seer’s original body, but now Wang Lin did!

The All-Seer had given him this confidence! It was the All-Seer’s 3,000 avatars that gave him this confidence!

Wang Lin could lock on to every single avatar. He could use their auras to help look for the original body!

This was like searching for a route. It may be difficult to search while blind, but now that the All-Seer had revealed all 3,000 avatars, all the roads had appeared before Wang Lin!!

Wang Lin’s eyes shined brightly, looking like the bright moon. He revealed a smile as his hands formed a seal and pointed to between his eyebrows!

“With these 3,000 souls as guides, with the dream dao as the path, borrow the illusion of the Ghostly Sail to dream of the 3,000 avatars and enter reincarnation! Search for the All-Seer’s original body!” The moment Wang Lin pointed to the spot between his eyebrows, his own original body, which was deep in the Summoned River, being guarded by Dao Master Blue Dream, Qing Lin, and Master Hong Shan, opened his eyes.

“I know the path to find his original body!” His eyes revealed a strange light, and this light covered his body. Wang Lin’s original body’s mind trembled. Borrowing the 3,000 souls, he had used the dream dao to open the path back into the past.

Wang Lin’s vision became blurry. Time seemed to reverse, following the All-Seer’s 3,000 souls. He seemed to enter a dream illusion.

This was an illusion created using Wang Lin’s dream dao with the help of the Ghostly Sail and using the All-Seer’s 3,000 souls as a guide. This allowed Wang Lin to immerse himself in the world of the 3,000 souls so that he could see their awakenings and find the All-Seer’s original body!

This was the method Wang Lin had thought of to retaliate against the All-Seer!

At this moment, in Wang Lin’s mind, he was in a fuzzy world, but soon the fuzziness disappeared and everything before him became clear.

What he saw was the stars. He was familiar with this star system, it was the Summoned River. He saw a meteor, and inside the meteor was the All-Seer! On the other side sat an old man who was in a coma. That old man was Ling Tianhou!

The All-Seer had a painful expression. There was still blood residue on his hands. If Wang Lin’s speculation wasn’t wrong, this was the Heavenly Dao blood that had been changed by the Azure Dragon Divine Emperor!

The painful expression on the All-Seer’s face became even more intense, and after an unknown amount of time, he let out a roar. His eyes opened and shadows rapidly flashed across his face. These shadows were his avatars!

He looked at Ling Tianhou and suddenly opened his mouth. His mouth expanded endlessly and devoured Ling Tianhou. After he devoured Ling Tianhou, the All-Seer’s eyes were filled with confusion, then he slowly closed his eyes.

Time seemed to flow endlessly. One day, after several hundred years, the All-Seer opened his eyes, which were now filled with confusion.

“I’m awake again… The power for the next slumber and awakening has already been prepared… He is Wang Lin…”

Although everything Wang Lin saw seemed to have taken a long time, it was just an instant.

“He devoured Ling Tianhou. Why did he say he was awake again… How many times has the All-Seer awakened?” Everything before Wang Lin disappeared after the All-Seer awakened, but soon, a new image appeared.