Renegade Immortal - Chapter 1719 - Strange!

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Chapter 1719 - Strange!

“All-Seer!!” Everything before Wang Lin collapsed and the blue light around him faded. His body trembled and he stepped forward. He disappeared from the Celestial Realm and went through the silver river around it!

Qing Lin looked at where Wang Lin disappeared to and worry appeared on his face.

“Don’t worry. This All-Seer won’t live for long after daring to scheme against my son-in-law.” Dao Master Blue Dream’s eyes revealed killing intent. He was also biased, and in his eyes, Wang Lin was the same as his own child now. Although he had spoken calmly, he was extremely angry. He waved his sleeve and blue light surrounded him before he disappeared from the snowy mountain.

Qing Lin’s eyes shined brightly and he also stepped forward, charging into the sky. Before he left, Qing Lin’s divine sense spread across the Celestial Realm.

“Senior Hong Shan and Senior South Cloud, Wang Lin was schemed against by someone named All-Seer. I’m heading over, will you two come with me?”

Master Hong Shan’s aura erupted from the center of the Celestial Realm. He flew into the sky with no hesitation.

Behind him, Master South Cloud pondered a bit and chose to stay. After all, there weren’t many third step cultivators in the Celestial Realm, and all of them leaving would leave them at a disadvantage.

Wang Lin rushed out from the silver river around the Celestial Realm and fused with the world. When he reappeared, he was already inside the Summoned River. Although he looked calm, his eyes were filled with killing intent. There were still a lot of things he didn’t understand, but what Dao Master Blue Dream had said made him understand one thing.

The All-Seer had been scheming against him from a long time ago, whether it was planet Suzaku or the Demon Spirit Land!

“Back then, I saw through his schemes once, and after he miscalculated once, he quickly came up with another plan. He used his avatar as bait. This person… I, Wang Lin, must kill him!! No matter what plan he has, even if I don’t find out what it is, it will be over once I kill!” Wang Lin was filled with killing intent. His body was like a sword piercing through the stars.

He moved very fast and would sometimes fuse with the world as he rapidly rushed to the place he had seen earlier.

All of this happened in an instant. Deep inside the meteor in the Summoned River, the All-Seer’s expression changed. He felt someone’s divine sense look at him, and he immediately recognized that this divine sense belonged to Wang Lin!

“With his cultivation level, he shouldn’t have been able to find this place so soon… Someone helped him! And that person is not Qing Lin!” The All-Seer’s eyes lit up and he stood up. Just as he was about to step out from the meteor, he suddenly turned around. He looked outside the meteor and his expression became gloomy.

“So fast…”

Outside the meteor, a ray of light was flying toward him Wang Lin was inside the ray of light and was locked on to the meteor. His right hand formed a fist as he closed in, and he collided with the meteor.

A thunderous rumble echoed when Wang Lin’s fist collided with the meteor. The meteor collapsed into countless fragments that dissipated into dust.

A destructive ripple echoed as if his fist was going to punch a hole through space.

There was a flash of seven-colored light and the All-Seer’s body appeared. His hand formed a seal and waved. The destructive fire dissipated before him.

“All-Seer!” Wang Lin raised his head and stared at the All-Seer. He then stepped toward the All-Seer.

The All-Seer’s expression was calm, and he didn’t panic at all. As Wang Lin closed in, fire raged in his left eye and formed a sea of fire that spread out.

He raised his right hand and pointed at the sky.

The large sea of fire immediately turned into a fire Vermillion Bird. It let out a loud hiss and flapped its wings, flying toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin wasn’t shocked by this. When he heard Dao Master Blue Dream’s words, he had prepared for this. When he saw the All-Seer control his fire essence, the killing intent in his heart became even stronger!

As the fire Vermillion Bird closed in, fire also raged inside Wang Lin’s left eye. A giant fire Vermillion Bird appeared before him and charged forward.

Looking at it from a distance, this was a shocking and extremely rare scene. Two giant Vermillion Birds, each taking up half the star domain, collided. Wang Lin and the All-Seer’s white hair danced, and their gazes collided at the spot where the two Vermillion Birds collided!

The collision of the two fire essences caused a shockwave that spread across the star system. Large amounts of spatial rifts appeared and a destructive wave of heat spread out in all directions.

As the thunderous collision echoed, the two Vermillion Birds collapsed and turned into two masses of fire. One rushed toward the All-Seer and the other drowned Wang Lin.

Just as the fire that covered everything collapsed, thunder echoed where the All-Seer was. Thunder gathered from all sides and formed a giant nine-headed thunder dragon!

This nine-headed thunder dragon let out a roar and each of the nine heads released a bolt of thunder. They penetrated the collapsed fire and rushed at Wang Lin like divine retribution.

Wang Lin’s expression was gloomy. He was familiar with the thunder essence, and he rushed forward. The thunder in his right eye flashed and he turned into a giant bolt of eternal thunder. He charged at the nine-headed thunder dragon!

The two thunder essences collided before the fire had scattered. Thunder rumbled and Wang Lin’s face turned pale, but he didn’t retreat. He penetrated the collapsed thunder and was now a few hundred feet from the All-Seer.

The All-Seer smiled and slightly shook his head as he watched Wang Lin close in. He raised his right hand and his five fingers opened up. He reached at Wang Lin and his five fingers formed a fist.

Wang Lin’s actions were the same as his; they each formed a fist and then pulled back!

Both their bodies trembled. The All-Seer’s face turned pale and he coughed out a mouthful of blood. He was forced to retreat, but his eyes were still calm.

“Your spells, your essences, you know everything I know…”

Wang Lin retreated and stared at the All-Seer. The killing intent in his eyes became even stronger and a large amount of blood lines appeared in his eyes.

“My essence, my spells, you know them all… What about this!” Wang Lin raised his right hand and swept it across his eyes. Two giant eyes appeared, and they were filled with blood lines. They were densely packed and looked like rules!

“Restriction essence, with my lines, descend as rules!” Wang Lin waved his hand and the two eyes before him flew out and expanded rapidly. In an instant, they were infinitely large!

At this moment, the blood lines in his eyes flew out and filled the star domain. At a glance, this area was covered in blood lines.

The layers of blood lines contained restrictions, and they wrapped around the All-Seer like a spider web.

“Kill!” Wang Lin roared, and the blood lines around him became sharp and swept past the All-Seer like a meat grinder.

“You and I have already become one, you are my avatar. So what if I let you kill me…” The All-Seer revealed a strange smile. He allowed the countless lines of blood to cut him up, and his body collapsed.

With this, the death the aura of a soul that only Wang Lin could see flew out from the All-Seer’s collapsed body. Whether Wang Lin was willing or not, it flew into his body and fused with the All-Seer avatar soul inside him, making it a bit stronger.

At the moment the All-Seer’s avatar’s soul became stronger, Wang Lin immediately felt the All-Seer’s aura appear in another part of the Summoned River!

Wang Lin silently pondered before stepping forward and disappearing.

In that direction, there was a cultivation planet, and on that planet, there was a basin. The surrounding area was completely withered. Only an old man sat there. He had a head of white hair and wore a white robe. He opened his eyes and put on the same smile. His eyes were filled with blood lines, and they were complete, containing the power of restrictions!

“I had to trade a soul in order to obtain the restriction essence, but it was worth it… It’s just that his cultivation level isn’t high enough; he should have been a big stronger… If that were the case, I would be closer to completing my plan…” All-Seer revealed a look of anticipation.

“Reincarnation Integration… This spell is indeed mysterious. With this awakening, I know now that I wasn’t the first to awaken after those other two. I have awakened 97 times… This will be my 98th time!” The All-Seer took a deep breath and the blood lines in his eyes disappeared. He stood up and looked at the sky.

“He should catch up soon…”

As he spoke, the clouds above the planet churned and Wang Lin’s figure walked out of the sky. He looked down at the earth and stared at the All-Seer.

After seeing Wang Lin appear, the All-Seer’s smile became even wider.

“Next time, it will be in that direction.” The All-Seer raised his right hand and pointed to the right. His finger drew an arc and then pointed to the spot between his eyebrows. His finger penetrated his skull, and with a strange smile, the All-Seer’s body collapsed. A wisp of soul flew out and integrated into Wang Lin while he was startled.

Looking at where the All-Seer dissipated, Wang Lin suddenly felt a chill in his heart...

“What the hell is he going to do?” Wang Lin silently pondered, then he immediately recalled the direction the All-Seer had pointed to. He felt All-Seer’s aura there.

This aura seemed to be calling him, waiting for his arrival.