Renegade Immortal - Chapter 1709 - Emperor’s Envy!

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Chapter 1709 - Emperor’s Envy!

Throughout the ages, among the three clans of the ancient country of the Immortal Astral Continent, no one had taken that step! This was related to the environment in which they grew up in. They lived under the protection of the three Grand Empyreans, under the rules of the three emperors, under the light of their ancestors.

They almost fervently admired the Ancient Ancestor; he was their heaven!

No matter how arrogant they were, they didn’t dare to show even a little disrespect toward the Ancient Ancestor. This was something instilled in them from the moment they were born. Everyone who lived around them was the same.

Even Grand Empyrean Xuan Luo was like this. This just shows how impactful it was!

However, Wang Lin was different. He moved like a ray of light and closed in on the dissipating vortex. His figure revealed fortitude, boundless tyranny, and a powerful, unyielding nature!

If he hadn’t obtained the recognition of the Ancient Ancestor, it wouldn’t matter, but since he had, he didn’t agree with only four drops! However, Wang Lin’s view was different!

The so-called recognition was just identifying someone as their descendant so they would have your bloodline. Wang Lin didn’t need this bloodline!

If he wanted to, he could get the celestial bloodline from the madman. It was an existence equal to the ancient bloodline!

Because of this, Wang Lin would charge into the vortex. If this so-called Ancient Ancestor didn’t give him more blood, he would force those four drops of blood out of his body and give up his identity as an ancient one. He would take the celestial bloodline, obtain the Immortal Celestial Body, and become a celestial!

“You recognize me, but I haven’t recognized you. If you want me to recognize this bloodline, then give me more blood and power!” Wang Lin didn’t fear this Ancient Ancestor, so he dared to demand conditions.

“Once I recognize a bloodline, I will never betray it, but trying to make me accept it with only four drops is too cheap!” Wang Lin roared as he rushed at the vortex.

His roar entered the vortex and echoed inside. It formed a series of echoes that swirled inside the vortex.

Just as Wang Lin entered the vortex, an indifferent aura that was like a divine sense spread out and shrouded him. This prevented Wang Lin from entering and kept him outside the vortex.

The aura this divine sense gave off was ancient and contained no emotion at all, as if it were dead.

Wang Lin floated inside the aura and coldly stared at the vortex. His eyes lit up and his right hand pointed to the spot between his eyebrows. After lifting his hand, there was a milky white light at his fingertip. He waved his right hand and the void beside him distorted, revealing various pictures.

There was a black-robed young man in this picture, and he was only at the Core Formation stage. He was in the Land of the Ancient God on planet Suzaku!

The picture changed again. After the young man in black experienced many things, he finally obtained Ancient God Tu Si’s memory inheritance.

“You can see it, this is when I first obtained the ancient god inheritance!” Wang Lin spoke slowly, then he waved his right hand. The pictures changed and revealed how Wang Lin had obtained his ancient god inheritance.

This continued until the end, when he was in the Ancient Tomb. These were Wang Lin’s memories, and he made them appear.

“Since you have a spirit, then ponder how many drops of blood are needed for me to accept your bloodline! Or else destroy me and I’ll give up the ancient bloodline and become a celestial!” Wang Lin’s words were cold, and after he finished speaking, the aura around him suddenly left. It retreated back into the vortex.

It seem to ponder for a long time, and the vortex that was about to dissipate rumbled once more and began to rotate. It slowly reformed and even more blood light began to spread out!

On the Immortal Astral Continent, on the city floating in the sky in the Dao clan, nearly 1 million ancient clan members waited. The man in the royal robe was about to lose his patience, but he didn’t dare to speak.

The originally dim sliver of blood light between the eyebrows of the statue suddenly erupted with red light. This red light shrouded the world and cause the surroundings to be bathed in red.

This sudden change caused an uproar!

“This… This is impossible!!”

“There is even more blood light. Could the fifth drop be about to form?”

“Throughout the ages, the Ancient Race Heavenly Blood was all formed at once. Such a change has never happened before! The blood light has reappeared!”

The expression of the man in the royal robe changed for the first time. He stared at the light between the eyebrows of the statue and shock appeared in his eyes.

“How can this be!? It was obviously going to end, how could this happen. This… this…”

Only the black-haired young man, Grand Empyrean Xuan Luo, revealed a smile. His eyes revealed a strange light as he stared at the statue, remaining silent.

While the nearly 1 million ancient clan members were in shock, the blood light gathered between the eyebrow of the statue and a fifth drop of blood flew out!

This fifth drop confirmed everyone’s speculations and immediately set off a monstrous wave. Everyone was in shock!

All their gazes gathered on the statue. After a long time, only the fifth drop appeared. After seeing this, the man in the royal robe finally relaxed.

“Five drops… So what if there are five drops? I obtained six drops and became the emperor of the Dao clan. I don’t believe he can…” The eyes of the man in the royal robe shined. Just as he began to think this, what happened next caused his thoughts to collapse. His whole body trembled!

The blood light became monstrous again, and this time the sixth drop of blood flew out!

“Six drops of blood!! Six drops!!”

“Same as the Emperor. This… This is our Dao clan’s great fortune!!”

“Not six drops, it’s seven drops!”

When the blood light gathered, the crowd went into an uproar. The face of the man in the royal robe turned purple and the seventh drop flew out! What was even more amazing was that as Grand Empyrean Xuan Luo laughed, the eight drop appeared!!

Eight drops of blood, even Grand Empyrean Xuan Luo had only obtained eight drops!

The surrounding people almost lost their minds as they stared at the statue in shock. The man in the royal robe subconsciously licked his lips, and there was an almost undetectable flash of coldness in his eyes.

“How could Ye Mo’s heir obtain such recognition from the ancestor and be given eight drops of blood? I’m the real descendant of the Ancient Ancestor, I’m the royal bloodline. I’m the greatest genius of the ancient clan besides Uncle!!” The man in the royal robe took a deep breath and suppressed the jealousy in his heart. He could not let Grand Empyrean Xuan Luo see this.

His gloomy expression was hidden by a smile. The man in the royal robe faced the black-haired young man and smiled. “Congratulations, Uncle. It seems this child will become your only disciple. Perhaps one day he will even surpass Uncle and come a new Grand Empyrean for the Dao clan.”

The heart of the man in the royal robe was sinister. Although these words sounded nice, they were filled with hidden meanings. However, his words were lacking any sense of falsehood, as if he really had spoken due to the joy he felt. It was difficult to see anything off about them.

The black-haired young man remained the same after hearing his. Only he turned around and looked meaningfully at the man in the royal robe.

With this gaze, the man in the royal robe trembled. Just as he was about to speak, he heard another uproar! He looked back at the statue and his heart skipped a beat, his face immediately turning pale.

The ninth drop slowly formed under this heaven-shattering uproar!

The ninth drop of blood caused Grand Empyrean Xuan Luo’s eyes to shine brightly. The joy in his eyes could be seen clearly by everyone!

However, this was not the end. After the ninth drop of blood, the blood light gathered once more. As everyone was holding their breaths, the tenth drop of blood showed signs of appearing!

“The tenth drop!! Something that has never happened throughout the ages, the tenth drop!!”

“Ten drops of the Ancient Ancestor blood, this is unbelievable. Ten drops of blood, doesn’t that mean this person is the real emperor of the Dao clan?!”

“Even the royal family has never obtained 10 drops of blood. Who the hell is this person? Could he become the future emperor of our Dao clan?!”

The man in the royal robe was livid and almost lost control of the crazed jealousy in his heart. He stared at the blood light gathering between the eyebrows of the statue. All the blood light in the area gathered and formed a drop of blood!

This drop of blood was not red, but purple!! The moment the drop of purple blood formed, the expression of the man in the royal robe changed greatly and he subconsciously took a few steps back. His eyes revealed more shock, horror, and disbelief than before!

“Ancient Ancestor Soul Blood!! This… This is Soul Blood!!! It’s impossible, impossible…”

The Grand Empryrean’s expression changed for the first time. He stared at the drop of purple blood and revealed shock in his eyes for the first time. He was not even shocked by the ninth drop, but at this moment, he was shocked.

“Ancient Ancestor… You sending out a drop of Soul Blood, could this mean something… Soul Blood, this Soul Blood… Throughout the ages, only nine drops of Soul Blood have appeared. Three drops of Soul Blood created one of the ancient clans...

“Nine drops of Soul Blood created the current three ancient clans…”

The black-haired young man took a deep breath. His right hand pointed at the sky and the world changed colors. A large, red sun appeared, shrouding this area, preventing anyone from the outside from seeing what was happening here!

“I seal this place with my Empyrean Sun! Members of my Dao clan, do not tell anyone of this matter. Anyone who violates this will die, no matter their identity!” Grand Empyrean Xuan Luo spoke slowly. He turned around and gave the man in the royal robe a profound look.

“Did you hear that?”

The man in the royal robe lowered his head and quickly answered, “Yes…” However, the jealousy inside his heart had almost reached the point of collapse.

The black-haired young man raised his head and looked toward the land occupied by the celestials. He slowly muttered, “I’m going to the land of the celestials to bring this child… back here.”