Renegade Immortal - Chapter 1703 - Greed Appears Once More!

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Chapter 1703 - Greed Appears Once More!

Wang Lin’s roar turned into a storm and entered the horn formed by his six essences. After echoing inside for a while, the storm came out of the other end of the horn.

The roar was already extremely powerful, and now it had been amplified countless fold. The first illusion began to disintegrate at a rapid pace.

This roar formed an unimaginable sound and landed on the nine suns around the Seven-Colored Daoist like a storm. The nine suns showed signs of extinguishing, and the sound directly entered the Seven-Colored Daoist’s ears!

Inside the second illusion, the Seven-Colored Daoist was filled with excitement. Normally, this kind of excitement wouldn’t arise within a cultivator like him, but he couldn’t help it right now. He had waited for so long, it could be said he had waited a lifetime!

Today, he had finally found a clue leading to the third soul through the power from the Immortal Astral Continent. He didn’t know if this was real or something he had imagined, but this was the first time he was so close to the third soul!

In his gaze, he saw the third soul penetrate the Summoned River and head toward what would later be the Brilliant Void. His hand formed a seal as he wanted a closer look, but just at this moment, a shocking change occurred!

He heard a thunderous roar in his ears. At first it wasn’t loud, but soon it increased greatly and became the only sound in the Seven-Colored Daoist’s ears!


Under this roar, everything before the Seven-Colored Daoist seemed to be torn apart by a powerful force. It seemed like it wanted to pull him out from this second illusion!

The third soul that he could still see clearly disappeared before him. The star map before him blurred and collapsed. Not just the star map, but everything around him disintegrated!

All of this happened too fast. This was his most excitement-filled moment, but just as he was about to see where the third soul had gone, everything disappeared.

The Seven-Colored Daoist was startled. He couldn’t stop this, because it was someone in the first illusion waking him up.

“No!!!” After being startled for a moment, he let out an extremely angry roar!

This roar came from his mouth and also came from the mouth of the Seven-Colored Daoist in the first illusion. It collided with Wang Lin’s roar and formed a destructive force!

The horn formed by the six essences instantly shattered. Wang Lin coughed out blood, feeling like his whole body was going to shatter. At the same time, the nine suns scattered and a powerful impact shot toward him.

At this moment of danger, Wang Lin used his Ancient Immortal Spell to recover. He waved his hand and the ghostly face sail surrounded him. The moment the impact got close, Wang Lin disappeared.

1,000 feet outside the Seven-Colored Daoist in the mysterious space filled with fierce beasts, Wang Lin opened his eyes. He coughed out blood and his eyes were dim, but he retreated without any hesitation.

With one step, he disappeared without a trace. When he reappeared, he was extremely far away and coughed out another mouthful of blood. Wang Lin didn’t even have time to heal before he escaped like crazy.

The Seven-Colored Daoist sitting within the large amount of beast corpses suddenly opened his eyes. His eyes were bloodshot and his expression was twisted. He stared straight ahead and let out a violent roar.

“Wang Lin, if I don’t kill you, then I’m not a person!!!” This roar echoed across the star domain. The large amount of fierce beast corpses trembled. They turned to dust and scattered in all directions.

The Seven-Colored Daoist chased after Wang Lin with monstrous killing intent!

Wang Lin was very far but still heard that angry roar. His face was pale as he coughed out blood without hesitation and escaped using blood escape!

“Nonsense. Even if I hadn’t destroyed his chance of finding the third soul, he still must have had ill intent for chasing after me all the way here!” Although Wang Lin’s eyes were bleak, he didn’t regret his actions.

This had to be done. If he hadn’t destroyed the Seven-Colored Daoist’s plan and had gone to the altar instead, he would merely be delaying his death.

If everything inside that illusion was real, then once the Seven-Colored Daoist found the third soul, there would be no hope for the entire cave world!

It would be under the full control of the new Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign. At that time, Wang Lin could have no control over his own life!

He absolutely wouldn’t let something like this happen, so he had to destroy the Seven-Colored Daoist’s plan. Even if the consequences pushed him infinitely close to death!

At this moment, as he was fleeing, the space behind him trembled and he could feel the Seven-Colored Daoist chasing him. The Seven-Colored Daoist was extremely powerful and his divine sense could reach very far, so it would be extremely easy for him to find Wang Lin!

“Right now I can only head to the altar. Maybe the altar could resolve my danger. I hope so!” Wang Lin had pondered for a bit before he decided to enter the Seven-Colored Daoist’s illusion.

Not only had he weighed the possible gains versus the losses, he had also used the All-Seer’s soul to divinate the future. He had found that the altar contained the path to survival!

Fan Shan had said that this spatial rift in the Cloud Sea was opened during the battle where Lian Daofei was devoured by the Heavenly Dao and the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign was shattered.

She had also said that this place was connected to a mysterious space, which was why so many fierce beasts appeared.

Deep within this spatial rift floated a giant altar. This altar was in ruins, but it didn’t move; it stayed in one place.

The altar was completely black, the same as the space around it. However, one corner gave off a gentle light.

The reason the altar remained in place was because a corner of it seemed to be connected to another space. Ripples were echoing from the corner, causing it to linger for tens of thousands of years.

The space it was connected to wasn’t undamaged; there were several spatial rifts there as well. The light came from those rifts.

It was as if a dart had pierced a piece of paper but got stuck. There would naturally be an opening where the dark penetrated the paper.

Bursts of ancient one aura were coming the altar, but it didn’t spread too far. It seemed there was an invisible force preventing it from spreading out too far.

This altar was like a small mountain and had eight edges. There were layers of steps around it, and the center of the altar was a flat area about 1,000 feet wide. If you looked closely, you would see an ancient formation on the altar.

At the center of the altar, there was an arm. The ancient one aura was coming from this arm.

However, this arm wasn’t very large, only a few hundred feet long. It remained there, silent and motionless.

Because of the spatial rift, a corner of the altar was stuck in another world. This other world was filled with flowers and birds, and the earth was covered in celestial grass. There were many small beasts playing, as if it was a celestial garden.

Just at this moment, a miserable scream came from that space. This scream was filled with helplessness and pleading. Anyone who heard it would undoubtedly feel pity and sympathy.

“Little ancestors, please let me go. I really don’t have any more stories to tell. Even if you give me more treasures, I have no stories left. Ah, after more than 100 years, my mouth is dry from speaking. I can’t stand it anymore!!!”

As the screams echoed, a human figure with a haggard face, dim eyes, and a painful expression struggled to come out of the spatial rift.

There was clearly a barrier around the spatial rift, but it had no effect on this person. More than half of his body came out, revealing his appearance.

Through the rift, one could see two little girls, around seven or eight years old, squatting behind this figure. Both of them were very cute. One was wearing a purple dress and the other a green dress.

“Han Han, how about we let him go? He looks very pitiful.” The little girl in green looked like she couldn’t bear to continue watching and looked at her companion.

When the man heard those words, tears began to flow and panic filled his eyes.

“Wa Wa, he hasn’t finished the story yet, don’t take pity on him. Remember how he threatened us when he came here?” The little girl called Han Han grabbed the man’s leg and dragged him back as he let out a mournful scream.

“Greed, quickly, finish that story. You were just talking about the Moongazer Serpent, quickly tell the rest.”

That little girl called Wa Wa smiled as she looked at Greed. After thinking for a bit, she spoke.

“How about this: tell us another 1,000 years of stories and I’ll decide whether or not to let you go.”

Greed let out a howl and watched his body get dragged back to this terrifying place. When he heard Wa Wa’s words, even more tears flowed out.

“I knew this would happen, you two… You guys… It was the same last time. I really don’t have any stories, I want to drink some water…”