Renegade Immortal - Chapter 1699 - Illusion Within Illusion!

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Chapter 1699 - Illusion Within Illusion!

“What are you doing!?” The woman’s eyes widened, filled with shock. She quickly retreated more than a few thousand feet in the blink of an eye. Her hand formed a seal and seven-colored light surrounded her body. Seven long swords appeared and rotated around her.

A giant shadow appeared behind her. This was a seven-colored flower. It bloomed in a demonic way and gave off an alluring scent.

Wang Lin’s expression didn’t change. He stood there motionlessly and looked at the Seven-Colored Daoist coming from the third layer. The Seven-Colored Daoist’s expression was indifferent as he raised his right hand. A bright sun appeared in his hand!

The sun wasn’t big, only the size of his palm. However, the light and heat it gave off were like that of a real sun.

Wang Lin’s hair immediately began to burn and intense pain filled his body. The intense pain caused his expression to become twisted, as if his body was going to be melted by the sun.

However, his gaze was still calm, without any change, allowing the sun to close in on him. In the distance, the woman was filled with disbelief and shock as the sun devoured Wang Lin.

“How did this happen… He is crazy… He is really crazy…” However, at the next breath, the woman’s eyes widened as she stared ahead and almost screamed.

Wang Lin, who should have died in the sun, walked out. His hair wasn’t burned at all, his clothes weren’t damaged, and he didn’t look tired. Instead, he looked calm, calm, calm!

“All of this is fake!” Wang Lin closed his eyes and waved his right hand. The seven-colored light dissipated, the sun dissipated, the Seven-Colored Daoist dissipated, the fourth deck dissipated, the third and second layers of the deck dissipated!

The last one to dissipate was the woman. Her face was filled with disbelief and confusion as she dissipated from this place.

Wang Lin opened his eyes. The moment he opened his eyes, what he saw was the first deck of the Soul Devil Ship. The sail fluttered on the mast and the ghostly face on the sail had a strange smile.

Wang Lin was still sitting on the first deck and the ancient one shadow was still around him. Not far from him, the woman sitting there also opened her eyes, and her eyes were filled with a deep sense of confusion.

“It turns out you didn’t even know everything was just an illusion…” Wang Lin turned to look outside the boat. The layers of protection were still around the ship and there was no sign of seven-colored light or the Seven-Colored Daoist.

“Even she was fake…”

Wang Lin silently stood up and waved his right hand. The ancient one shadow dissipated. He looked around before finally looking at the sail on the mast of the ship.

“What happened…” At this moment, the confusion in the woman’s eyes dissipated as she stared at Wang Lin. Then she suddenly looked around. After she got a clear look at everything, her expression changed greatly!

“Great Soul True Illusion!! This is elder sister’s strongest spell! In order to kill Seven-Colored, even I was shrouded in this spell!” This woman was Fan Shanlu. She got up and staggered back a few steps before coughing out blood.

“The arrival of the Seven-Colored Daoist was fake. He may have really chased us here, but he didn’t appear before us.” Wang Lin’s gaze was still locked onto the ghostly face on the sail.

“You two sisters are very interesting. You think everything is within your calculations. You brought me here with a threat from both light and dark to get me to hand over the Oath of Blood… Your elder sister is even more brilliant. The moment I entered here, she created a world of illusion. She created the Seven-Colored Daoist pursuing us to get us here.

“Then she even went behind your back. When I was preparing to study the restrictions, she created an illusion within an illusion, so I couldn’t see through it. In that illusion within an illusion, she almost forced me to hand over the Oath of Blood...

“Brilliant! I, Wang Lin, have encountered countless people in my life, and only one person has made me dread him in my heart. Now there is one more, that is your elder sister!” Wang Lin remained calm; even his words contained no emotions.

Fan Shanlu’s face was deathly pale and she carefully thought about everything that had happened. Her expression gradually became gloomy. She was certain what Wang Lin had said was true, she had indeed fallen to her elder sister’s illusion!

“For your elder sister to have such powerful illusion spell, I’m guessing the Great Soul Sect is famous for their illusion spells on the Immortal Astral Continent. Illusions, illusions, illusions…” Wang Lin took a deep breath.

Fan Shanlu pondered for a moment and then spoke softly with a complicated gaze, “The Great Soul Sect is indeed most famous for its illusion spells. Not everyone is qualified to learn it. My elder sister has the talent and has already cultivated to the point of double illusion!

“The illusion within illusion you spoke of before was the double illusion. One step further is triple illusion, and we wouldn’t have been able to escape that.”

“I believe that when you said your sister died to the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign and was then resurrected by your teacher, you lied. She didn’t die, and it is likely that her illusion fooled the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign...

“It is even likely that what happened between those two wasn’t as you said...

“However, I’m not interested in any of this!” As Wang Lin spoke, he stepped forward and arrived next to the mast. His eyes became cold and he tore down the sail.

“I’ll take this treasure!”

At this moment, on the Immortal Astral Continent, in a frozen mountain, the woman inside suddenly opened her eyes and coughed out blood. Her eyes were filled with shock.

“He actually broke my Great Soul True Illusion!!”

At the same time, in another part of this strange space where the ship was located, the Seven-Colored Daoist sat there among the corpses of many fierce beasts. His expression sometimes revealed pain and sometimes revealed excitement. This kind of strange expression rarely appeared on him.

Even he had entered the illusion the moment he entered here. Or it was better to say that he had voluntarily entered it. Otherwise, even though his cultivation level was lower than Fan Shanmeng’s, it wouldn’t have been difficult to leave.

However, only he knew why he was willing to enter the illusion and not wake up.