Reincarnator - Chapter 485 Species 1

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The sky was torn and an angel descended.

Everyone who had an enraptured look at the majestic scene soon faltered back.

The presence of the white-colored wings, which seemed to purify them just by looking at them, began to rapidly blacken.

The change was even faster when it was originally white.

In an instant, the energy of the being from above with its blackened wings began to gradually become stronger.

This was not an air that calmed the hearts.

The air and energy was power to shake everyone\'s heart, more than sufficient to sweep the entire place as the aura stretched out from the black angel.


The Primitive Dragon that saw the black angel from above cried roughly.

It instinctively knew that existence was dimensions different from themselves.

It was an existence more noble than any of its own kind with their noble roots.

It… was a being from God.

The moment it reached this thought…


Hailing a voice full of fear, the Primitive Dragon tore up the space in the air as it tried to retreat.

It\'s hard to kill someone like that, and even if you do, you shouldn\'t dare to kill.

It was a precious being created by God.

It was not confident of bearing the consequences.

The moment the Primitive Dragon was about to disappear as it tore the space apart.

A playful tone could be heard by the Primitive Dragon.

No, it didn\'t simply reach the ears of the dragon.

It could be heard by the entire species of the Black Blue Jade Dragons and the humans that were fighting them.

It resonated down in the Underground of the Abyss where the devils lived in the depths, and even the tribes that lived in the shallowest parts of the Abyss, his message was transmitted throughout, and everyone who received this message knew that this God.

The God that had made them… and the one that teased them.

Then, they heard an additional voice.

The moment the Primitive Dragon heard the words of God, he was relieved.

Although God made them fight amongst one another, but at least he didn\'t lie.

That meant that it didn\'t matter if it fought him right now.

However, why would he try fighting this man who was emanating such an ominous aura from a glance alone.

There was no need to embrace this risk and fight.


The Primitive Dragon slowly ripped the air open as it relayed a message to its children and kind.


It was then…

From that shocking message, the retreating Primitive Dragon paused for a moment.

You could absorb all of its energy?

That meant… they have the right to become an angel as well.

This means that they have the right and power to overturn and perpetrate the entire modern worlds after leaving the Abyss.

No, even if that weren\'t to occur, the strength and shard that was within him was enormous.

It was God\'s shard which was endless in potential.

That meant that they could overcome their potential and be infinitely stronger.

Although the Abyss was made for that purpose, this was way beyond that state.

In simpler terms, they could become stronger and grow beyond the other dragon species.


The eyes of the Primitive Dragon glistened with greed.

Then, with that glare of the Primitive Dragon aimed at Hansoo, God\'s voice was heard by him.

From God\'s words, Hansoo nodded.

He was prepared to begin with.

\'It now starts.\'

Hansoo recollected the suggestion that he had come up with God.


"I will kill you."

From that ridiculous suggestion, God had a look of disbelief.

"You don\'t think I can kill myself, do you?"

If he thought the reason why He was bored and couldn\'t stand boredom, which was why He had made this world, then he was really mistaken.

To begin with, even if he stood still, there was nothing that was really boring.

It was just that he was trying so hard to get a bigger stimulus which was why he went to such lengths.

A variety of stimuli in a diverse everyday life.

He had done countless things over the years.

He had polymorphed into a normal person of some hybrid-dragon breed and had travelled the world.

He had also destroyed countless worlds as well.

Although each had their own different enjoyments, what was most entertaining was when all the creatures thought and fought against one another, which was why he had made this decision.

From those words, Hansoo laughed.

"You\'ve only spectated, but don\'t you have any thought of fighting?"


From those words, God was about to retort as if to say that he had not done that.

Until now, He had done countless things.

However, He soon realized what the guy meant by fighting.


God was deep in thought for a moment.

God was curious at how stimulating the experience of battle would be which He had never done before.

It was as if He had opened tens of thousands of boxes and believed that He had opened all of them, but there was that one remaining box that hadn\'t been opened yet.

What if what was inside the box was something better and greater than what He had thought was best?

Then, His remaining eternity would be more bountiful even if the gift box that He opened would brin ruin to him.

Therefore, in God\'s head, two options went back and forth on a scale.

He was curious about continuing to watch fights and battles for the rest of eternity or the curiosity of experiencing a new stimulus He had never had before.

If the latter option was more entertaining, then he had no reason to choose the first option.

God, who had reached to this point, grinned.

"You\'re… truly a crazy guy."

The latter option meant that He could die.

Ordinary creatures were typical creations that he could erase and be done with it.

However, the guy in front of him, regardless of what he had done or what he was, had his own shard.

If he had reached that height, then even if he regretted his choice, it would be too late. However… it was attractive.

Surprisingly, there was only one that that entered His mind.

If He can\'t enjoy to the fullest, then it wouldn\'t be too bad to be erased either.

God, who thought of this, opened his mouth towards Hansoo.

"I cannot wait long. So… I\'ll push you as hard as I can."


\'Just this.\'


The thunder was directed to him by the Primitive Dragon. Hansoo clenched Mjolnir in his first.


He struck the mouth of the Primitive Dragon hard.


The large Primitive Dragon cried and screamed in pain.


Seeing the Primitive Dragon bounce back, Hansoo chuckled.

It would be nice if this was the end, but it wasn\'t.



There was a gathering of Primitive Dragons.

No, to be exact, there were Primitive Dragons around him.

There were hundreds of large heads that were pushing through the torn space.

Some looked like demons, and other looked like snakes.

Some were huge enough to cover entire planes, while others had thunder clouds around their heads.

There were all sorts of different races with various characteristics.

However, they had two common traits.

First, they were extremely strong.

Second, they did not hide their greed for him.

\'I did miss you guys.\'

Hansoo looked below his feet.

There were familiar and unfamiliar faces.

There was Eres that was blankly staring at the sky.

There was Keldian who had a look of disbelief.

There was Kangtae who didn\'t know what was going on, but was fighting first to think later.

Then, he saw quite a few familiar faces by the site.

There were longing faces of Kiriel and Mihee who were looking at him.

There were also Del Marcus and John Stone who was looking at him as if there wasn\'t anyone crazier than him.

Old familiar and new familiar faces shook the heart of Hansoo.

This made him reconsider whether or not he should have simply made the choice of living as a human.

With them at his side, it wouldn\'t have been bad to keep fighting in the Abyss.

However, Hansoo shook this head.

\'I will end all restraints… completely.\'

Hansoo who concluded his thoughts, opened his thirteen pairs of wings and formed his stance.

It was time for him to leave.

At the same time…


A door to a new dimension created by the power of the thirteen pairs of wings was formed.

With the upcoming battle just ahead, his comrades wouldn\'t be able to handle the aftershocks.

He had come here in the first place to say goodbye.

Hansoo, who took a step forward to the dimensional door, relayed a message to those that were staring at him from before.

With those final words, Hansoo walked into the hollow crack of the dimensional door.




Countless shockwaves erupted as dozens of hastily closing hollow cracks appeared as if they would not dare let him go.

Soon, all the cracks were closed.

Now, they were the only ones left in the Black Desert.

Kiriel and the others had blank expressions from Hansoo\'s final remark.


"This is the story of the Black Angel."

"... is that true?"

"Well. I\'m not sure. It\'s been more than a thousand years ago.

The child pouted at Grandma\'s words.

"But, isn\'t he a bad guy? He seems like a fallen angel."

To rebel against God, it wouldn\'t be inappropriate to call it corruption and not black.

From those words, Grandma quietly laughed.

"Well. If God was not a nice being… don\'t you think the fallen angel would be on the side of justice?"


The child, who was hesitating at the words, soon grabbed his complicated head and shouted.

"Ah! I\'ll be back from the zoo!"

"Alright. Be careful!"

"I\'m no child!"

At the same time…


A blue circle was drawn underneath the child\'s feet before quickly swallowing the child\'s body.

Seeing this child like this, the woman smiled gently and walked towards the window.

Although she was called Grandma, she was so young and beautiful to look like one.

The woman muttered as she stared at the large white structure that was floating in the air.

\'By the way… what\'s the sudden mention of a zoo? Trying to see Barmamunt?\'


The guys in the zoo had the worst personalities, so it was quite a sight to behold.

The woman laughed as she recollected about Barmamunt.