Reincarnator - Chapter 484 Angel 2

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Hansoo asked back from God\'s words, \"What\'s good about being an angel?\"

God smiled from that question.

\"Your heart will be very relaxed.\"

Wasn\'t that natural.

No matter how strong one was, the Abyss was a neighborhood where one could not be comfortable.

This was a neighborhood that he had created for that purpose.

Even if he was strong, there was always a chance that one would see someone that was just as strong as him, albeit stronger.

This was why he could not let his guard down for a moment.

He had to constantly fight and struggle to become strong.

However, if one were to become an angel under his control, the story would be different.

There would be no scenario where he would end up as the victim.

No matter how strong a creature was, he or she wouldn\'t touch the Administrator that he had raised so arduously, and their responsibilities and tasks would be different to begin with.

The beings that he made into angels would not be operating in the Abyss but in the modern world.

The reason why he created them was to shake up and incite conflict in the worlds that were living in peace, making them fight and struggle for survival.

The Abyss was already operating in such a state, so there was no reason to assign angels in it.

Rather than a victim, he could live on as a perpetrator.

So, Nurmaha and the owner of Pandemic Blade, who had some fairly obscure tastes, chose to be Administrators.

On the other hand, the owner of the Dragon Essence Blade and the guy that was born with the seed Mad Demon had not chosen the road to become Administrators since there were many things that they hadn\'t done yet.

Recollecting those four, God had a sour expression.

\'He had made them in order for them to be unpredictable, yet it was too easy to predict their choices.\'

To be honest, he was somewhat predictable compared to the guy in front of him.

If one looked at what he had shown him in the first place, that would be the correct answer, and this was what made God sour.

What were Angel Seeds and Transcendence?

In simple terms, they were his alter egos.

If other creatures were toys that were made out of clay, then they were masterpieces that were mangled and made out of his own flesh.

Since he created them out of his own flesh and nails, there was only one in each world.

Otherwise, he could just create and put hundreds of millions of Transcendence in each world.

No matter how low the probability was, if the number of cases increased, one would win eventually.

However, there was only one reason why he collected Administrators and angels born through such low probabilities while waiting the years of hard work to bear fruit.

It was not easy to make one\'s self.

As much as one\'s own flesh was in it, he could not be compared to other creatures.

Ducks and swans might not be able to distinguish themselves from each other when they were young, but just as there was a huge difference between them when they grew up, even if they were mixed together and grew up in the same world, they would be vastly different later on.

It had to be.

They were like his own children.

Naturally, they had infinite potential that could not be compared to normal creatures.

It was the same with dragons and demons.

The dragons and demons were well made, but there was a limit.

However, there was no limit or ceiling to those that were his own.

Just like how parents could not force their children, it was also possible for children to whine at parents.

That could be seen from just a moment ago when Hansoo had struck him in the head.

He thought it was possible since he had courage… But what if he wasn\'t an Administrator.

As soon as he had seen him, he would be groveling and crawling on the floor.

It was not a matter of whether he overlooked the situation or not.

It was a question of origin and birth, not of strength.

Ordinary creatures couldn\'t even lift their heads in front of him, including the creatures, demons, and dragons deep in the Abyss.

He was able to strike his head since he was the Administrator.

This was why despite being extremely strict and harsh on the seeds of the Administrators, he had always looked at them with a heart of expectation.

Though they might have been born as children with clear purposes, he had thought that with his own flesh, they could emerge beyond his expectations as they were mixed in their births with his own flesh and his own self, which was why he had looked at them affectionately.

However, that affection was now shifting toward disappointment.

They lived on as an Administrator in peace with God\'s seed.

Or, they abandon his seed and live free and intensely.

If those that he had raised to grow up in such diversity were divided into two different paths, no matter if it was himself, he could not help but be disappointed.

\'My expectations were too great.\'

God clicked his tongue.

It was wrong for him to expect too much just because he had made them with his own flesh.

Of course, he didn\'t have much complaints to those that have descended below and shook the Abyss, or to those that incite conflict in the modern worlds.

\"What will you choose?\"

Hansoo answered briefly, looking at the God who asked with sunken eyes.

\"I will go down.\"

\"... I see.\"

As expected...

If he became an Administrator, he couldn\'t be involved with the guys below.

It would have been more of a twist if he, who had returned from the future into the past for his comrades, to abandon his loved ones and friends and remain as an Administrator.

\'Come to think of it… What are his comrades doing?\'

God turned the channel on the TV.




Sofia, who was pouring out her skills without hesitation, was swearing.

She had swiftly made her way through the world with her Library trait.

In addition, since other humans were fond of her trait, she was one of the leaders that were currently leading humanity and had received many skills through apprenticeship under Keldian.

She was the only apprentice so to speak.

However, it was tough.

After creating a small sun through her fingertips, Sofia threw it straight into the air.

These powerful skills that were incomparable to her past self were all skills that were instructed to her by Keldian, including this current simple one.

However, it was only their third year in the Abyss.

Their opponents were powerful races that had trained and wandered around the Abyss for thousands of years.


The air suddenly ripped open as a head began to push outward.

The dragons that were flying around were neither small nor big.

They were over 100 meters in size per dragon.

However, the head that had just ripped open the air was entirely different.

Each tooth in its mouth was over 100 meters long. Naturally, the size of its head was large enough to be counted in kilometers.


Sofia, who fired her spell, caused the surrounding area to turn into ashes.


The beast that was ripping through the air, as if they were suffering, opened its big mouth and screamed in agony but that was all.

With his front leg now coming forth, it glared down at Sofia who had caused scratches on its front leg.


Eyes dyed in red.

Inside, there were great waves of bloodlust and seething hate.

Sofia, who retreated back with a petrified expression, looked at Keldian beside her and briefly spoke, \"Is that the Boss?\"

From those words, Sofia quickly activated her Trait to discern whether or not it was the leader of that race.


\"... I\'m right. That is the Primitive Dragon of their species.\"

Primitive Dragon.

The dragon species were quite diverse.

The dragon species in front of her to the other dragons deep in the Abyss, they were all subspecies of dragons.

However, all dragon races had something in common.

Primitive Dragon.

It was the first of its kind, the Mother of its species, who give birth to dragons that belonged to its classified species.

They were dragon species that could exist because it could lay eggs since it had no gender, so it was guaranteed to live near eternity.

Therefore, to completely destroy a dragon species, one needed to capture and kill the Primitive Dragon, or else that race would continue to live on.

From those words, Keldian grabbed onto his sphere.

\"Then… We need to kill that guy.\"

\'It wasn\'t easy.\'


The dragon that had now fully ripped open the air and emerged out, was now tens of kilometers in length with large scales.

It wasn\'t the size that was the problem.

It was literally the unimaginable difference in strength.

When Keldian swallowed, looking at the immense aura all over his body…


The blue aura that was fluttering all over its body transformed to lightning before striking all around.

When Keldian saw this, he clenched his teeth and shouted loudly, \"Everyone, get into formation and block it with your energy shields.\"

If they were to try and defend against this individually, it was certain that they would be wiped out.

Everyone gathered their strength and mana to configure one large mana shield.

At the same time…


The translucent golden shield above their heads was pushing down on to those below in the black desert, pressuring the shield down onto some of their heads.




Hearing the groans and screams as they continued struggling to maintain the shield with their mana, Keldian clenched his teeth.

It wasn\'t a new sight, yet it continued to make his heart ache.

\'Until when… do they have to wander around the Abyss like this?\'

Compared to the Otherworlds, that place was a gentleman\'s world compared to here.

As one rose in strength, so did the difficulty and vice versa.

It must have affected the other races as well.

With dimensions folding and space compressing, the result had become like this.

They fought and fought again.

Although they were fighting with their lives for now, there have been more days where they fought for their lives within the past three years than days where they didn\'t.

That evidence was the number of people that remained.

The number of humans that started out in billions was almost halved in just three years.

If it weren\'t for the World Tree and other Legacies that they brought before coming here, their numbers would have decreased even more.

What would they do if they survived in this battle?

In three years, their numbers were halved.

The strength of their enemies was overwhelming.

They had to win dozens and hundreds of fights with a 50-50 win rate.

If they were to lose just once, they would be destroyed and wiped out. They were literally stuck in a high-risk game.

It was then...


\'... What else is coming out now?\'

The air ripped as something else prepared to come out.

Seeing this, Keldian had a look of despair and closed his eyes.

If something else were to come out, then there was really no hope.

It was then…




At the sound of people\'s surprise, Keldian opened his eyes.


\"Ahahahahaha! What a truly crazy bastard!\"

God looked at the TV screen with a look of excitement.

Inside the TV…

Above the battle against the Black Blue Jade Dragons and the human race in the Black Desert, the sky was torn as the presence of three wings of pure white, which symbolized God, descended from that place.

The sword that was exposed in that black atmosphere of the Abyss became black as its thirteen wings were dyed black instantly as well.

\'Crazy bastard.\'

The Being who called himself God stared at the TV, unable to take his eyes off of it.