Reincarnator - Chapter 483 Angel 1

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The air ripped open in the dark space.

Hansoo walked out from it and looked around.

\'... Where is this?\'

It was a space of pure whiteness.

It was not the Violet Zone or the Abyss before he had left.

There were several furniture in the vast space.



And… TV.


Various scenes were flowing out of the constantly changing channels on the TV.

There were also images of various species living in peace.

He also saw a civil war where there was a race constantly at war.

He also saw a race nearing extinction after crossing a line.

In front of him, there was a couch.



\"Eh… It\'s no fun.\"

There was a being that was constantly changing channels with the remote control on the TV.

The scenes on the TV looked peaceful by sight alone, yet the being was pressing the remote agitatedly, changing channels.

He was fixed onto the channel with popcorn next to him as if he was interested in seeing slaughter and killing to the point where he frowned.

Of course, this didn\'t last long.

As the being fixed onto the channel, the screen inside began to flow faster and faster.

As if time was flowing thousands to tens of thousands faster, the time on the TV quickly went by, and there were hundreds of millions of fights that occurred within, but it quickly ended.

When the world collapsed and the fight ended, the being let go of the remote control. It was then that he finally turned his head and looked at Hansoo.

\"Huh? You\'re here?\"


Seeing the Being raise from his place, Hansoo gulped.

He looked to be an extremely ordinary person, but he didn\'t know.

He could not figure out anything, nor be able to deduce anything.

He could not discern whether he was a man or a woman, a creature or a human.

Simply, there was one piece of information that was constantly being injected into his head as if to persuade him.

It was to recognize that he was a human male.

Although he was not able to know anything, he was clearly able to understand what the Being in front of him was.


\"Oh, yeah. It\'s your first time seeing me after only seeing the fairies, right?\"

The man, who got up from the sofa, sat down in the chair next to him and smiled at Hansoo.

Once the man swung his finger, something popped up from the floor in the form of a chair.

\"Sit down.\"

It was then...


Hansoo, who walked near the chair, swung his hammer emanating lightning.


It had split ships, the Nelkipas, and had destroyed the satellite city.

The hammer that had more destructive power than a meteorite hit the man\'s head and roared.

However, that was all.


If it were to strike properly, it could make the entire satellite city turn into ashes.

This would certainly be the result against a man.

This would include the TV, sofa, and even the chair that the man was sitting on.

The man, who was hit on the head, stared at Hansoo before laughing with a pleasant look.

\"Ahahahahaha! What a funny guy.\"

The man, who lifted the teacup next to him with the hammer on his head, sipped the tea in his hand with an expression of amusement.

Hansoo, who was looking at such a man, sat down on the intact chair and withdrew his hammer.

\"Why? Aren\'t you attacking more?\"

From His words, Hansoo shrugged.

\"You\'re enjoying these kinds of stuff, so I don\'t want to entertain you more.\"

He wanted to see his distorted expression once.

Perhaps, he wanted to hear this once from his mouth when he met God.

But, as expected, it was too much.

The man smiled at Hansoo.

\"You\'re quite a funny guy. It was worth it sending you back to the past and raising you.\"

From the man\'s words, Hansoo shrugged his shoulders.

\"Why? It shouldn\'t be too hard to make someone like me.\"

From those words, the man shook his head.

\"No. It\'s truly difficult.\"

When God had made the world, he wanted to see conflict.

However, it was not fun to watch a fight if he could predict what would happen from what he had created.

This was why he wanted to look at battles and violent conflicts that were flowing so far that even he could not predict whether it was the weak or the strong, or the bad and the good mixed together.

Therefore, he gave three things to the creatures he created.

First, the free will to choose between fighting and growing.

Second, a reason to prepare for the future to help survive and grow.

And lastly, emotion to drive men into struggle, hatred, and battle even when it was not needed.

Of course, after planting these three things, the world began to revolve violently without God needing to interfere.

Of course, if he looked at one world, it might be a bit boring, but if he made and dispersed billions to hundreds of billions of worlds, there would be no time to be bored.

It was then that God realized what the most entertaining fight would be.

Literally, it was boring to watch a fight between the strong.

No, to be exact, he was not pleased with the expressions of the defeated.

Those looks that implied that it couldn\'t be helped since they had lost to someone stronger.

He didn\'t like that.

He wanted to see the expression where the defeated was shocked at how this situation had come to be.

He wanted to see the expressions of the strong when the weak that the men had deemed as bugs step over them.

He wanted to see the weak struggle desperately to grow and become strong to defeat those above them.

But, that was truly not easy.

The laws of the world were more strict than he thought.

The races that he had set as strong were too strong, while the races that he had set as weak were too weak.

It was no wonder that it was impossible for a weak species to grow faster than a strong one if they were allowed to grow under the same conditions in the first place.

It was ambiguous for him to intervene either for his own entertainment since that kind of situation was rarely created.

\"In that kind of situation… You succeeded.\"

Hansoo might not know who he was…

But he was a rare case to see even in the vast Abyss.

Born to mankind that was on the weakest axis of the intellectual races, he had smashed the greatest demons and dragons that he had created in the grand, peerless Abyss.

The moment dragons were born, they were born with fusion-capable organs in their bodies that allowed them to break through a new height with every 100 years of age and possess a level of strength incomparable from before.

When they were over 500 years old, they would attain the energy to fuse and conduct materials of the human civilization and be able to survive for 10,000 years without eating anything.

With dragon scales that could endure the heat of the sun, they were so strong they could easily destroy a planet.

However, for them to be destroyed in a mere 70 years...

No matter how significant Transcendence was, there wouldn\'t be a guy like him, nor there would be a guy like him going forth.

\"You are the creature that I deem most perfect from what I\'ve seen so far.\"

It was not that his personality, goals, motivation, or abilities were perfect.

Those kinds of qualities did not matter at all.

Whether his goal was to kill all humans or possess God\'s power in his body, the most important thing was the result.

He was the lottery ticket that had won the greatest jackpot he ever created.

Within the shortest time, he had gone from the weakest to the strongest.

He even returned back to the past, and the result was as expected.

A guy who already had such quick progression had now pedaled at a pace greater than before. It had only been six to seven years since he returned to the past.

Despite that, he had become strong enough to destroy a single civilization that was prosperous and powerful beyond imagination.

\"Well... You roughly know, don\'t you? You have the right to become an angel.\"

His words were greeted with a heavy nod.



It was a seed born with the potential to transcend walls.

However, this was slightly different from the truth.

Transcendence… It was the Administrator\'s seed that he had planted personally.

It was impressively strong, and if it grew brilliantly, it was the angel\'s seed that would eventually return to him.

It would be too boring if he intervened personally.

However, if he didn\'t intervene at all, it would also be boring.

Why? A fight was more suitable if it was unpredictable and tense.

If he intervened personally, it would be too perfect and boring, yet it would be too unpredictable for the world. The seed lives in if he did not intervene at all.

Therefore, wouldn\'t it be comfortable if he made creatures that worked in his stead?

They were sufficiently powerful to twist and overcome a world by themselves.

They might be strong, but they were not perfect, so the world that they touched would be a little unpredictable?

So, what do those guys need?


Therefore, God carefully produced and scattered seeds in each world so that these angels would grow up in the world and have various purposes, motives, personalities, duties, families and loved ones.

Angels born with such diversity would shake the world in various ways that suit their character and purpose.

If such guys were able to handle the world in their own different ways and carry out his orders, the fights would become more intense and fun.

\"It was fun because the guy in charge of your world was also entertaining.

If he was truly fair, he should not have favored Hansoo.

However, the guy, after returning to the past, had emotions and loved ones. He became strong in that state and had received the right to become an Administrator.

Within his authority, he favored Hansoo and made sure to take care of him.

\'Oh. Maybe not. Maybe he intervened since he was on his mind.\'

Mumbling inwardly, the smiling God looked at Hansoo.

\"You have succeeded in getting a perfect assessment.\"

He deserved to be an angel.

Before the Abyss opened, the seed of Transcendence must be sowed before entering the Abyss.

The guy of the past had failed.

He might have been stronger than the current one, but he was strong enough to get into the Abyss.

However, he succeeded this time.

Though he had fought tooth and nail by invading the Abyss, he was not yet ready to enter that place yet.

In order for that to happen, the seed must be fully sowed.

Just like how the owners of Dragon Essence Blade, Nurmaha and the Pandemic Blade were, 1-Star, 2-Star, etc. were all transcendent walls that were stepping stones for the sowing of the seed.

The guy had broken all the walls and succeeded, qualifying as an Administrator.

Normally, he would be an Agel right away.

But, God smiled and spoke, \"I gave everyone free will, and that is no exception to those that had become Administrators.\"

God, who put down his tea in his hand, spoke looking at Hansoo, \"I\'ll give you a choice. Whether you will be an angel… or to live on as a human being.\"

God had an amused expression.