Reincarnator - Chapter 482 Third Life 4

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\"... It\'s been a long time.\"

\"You\'re right.\"

Eres and Kiriel looked at the red moon floating in the sky.

It has already been three years.

The day when the white moon tried to kill everyone, glowing as if it would burst.

The shock of the battle resonated all over the zone centered from the moon, and then the moon suddenly disappeared with everyone inside.

\'... What happened?\'

Eres recalled the last moment.

It was Taehee\'s voice, who had released them, that was stuck in the white moon before speaking.

<... hurry="" and="" leave.="">

From those words, Eres asked as they left the ark of what she would do now.

From Eres\'s words, Taehee answered with a sad smile.

With those last words, she jumped in the ark before disappearing completely with the white moon together with Hansoo, the Neropas, and their entire race.

Thinking up to this point, Eres asked Kiriel.

They had gotten so close over time, so she didn\'t hesitate.

\"Was he really that great?\"

There was only one name that she heard when she had woken up.

Hansoo, Hansoo, Hansoo.

Kang Hansoo.

Hearing it, she thought that he was some person that had ascended with a cheat key.

There were dozens of achievements that he completed that could be called legendary if a person was able to do one of those.

In reality, after the disappearance of the ark, Kiriel collected her memories with the verbal rumors from others and wrote a book based on major events, yet it was still a very thick volume.

From Eres\'s words, Kiriel nodded.

\"It\'s true. He truly… truly was amazing.

But Kiriel slowly cut back on her words.

It was hard to continue these words.

\'He was amazing… So why isn\'t he returning.\'

She wanted to see him lead them in front of them without hesitation.

If he was going to disappear without saying a single word, she would have forcefully held onto his face and converse with him lots.

She thought she would be able to say a lot of what she had in mind when the fight was finally over.

\'Hurry and come. It\'s hard… for us.\'

With a deep breath, Kiriel got up from her seat and corrected her posture.

It was almost time for them to move.

\"Here they come. Let\'s get ready.\"

\"... Sure.\"


Eres got up from her seat, looking up at the sky that began to rip open.

Then, she shouted loudly in a strong voice, which one would never think such tone and volume would burst out of that slender body with that weak-looking face.

\"They\'re coming! Ready!\"

The moment those words were shouted…


All the Adventurers, who had a military presence around them, breathed out and emanated their battle spirits as they raised their spears.

There were hundreds of millions of humans behind the two.

It was no exaggeration to say that it was a grand spectacle to see the rows of humans that lined up behind them to no end in sight like a desert composed of black sand.

All of their bodies were surrounded by dark armors and were armed with three types of equipment.

The shining golden light in their spears began to spread out and roar like lightning throughout the masses of people that could literally not be counted.

Seeing this, Eres loudly shouted, \"Fire!\"

The moment Eres\'s cry swept the whole play…


The rain of lightning began to soar through the sky from the ground. They were aimed to destroy the sky, or rather destroy and rip apart the alien species that were invading through the ripped sky.


The black rhinoceroses, which tore through the air, exhaled blue liquids from their mouths.

Like waterfalls, huge blue waves poured down from the sky onto the ground.

At the same time…


The thunder and the waterfalls collided, causing a large explosive roar.

Between the heavy noise and light that exploded between the sky and the ground…


Kangtae, who jumped into the sky without hesitation, cut through a rhinoceros without hesitation and roared loudly.

\"Kill them all! Defend them! If you don\'t think you can stop them, use your bodies!\"

\"You bastard… To say such ignorant words...!\"

They were led by John Stone and Kangtae.



The whole black desert began to turn into a battlefield.


A race that temporarily won the final battle against the Neropas in the Otherlands and had been incorporated into the Abyss.

It had been the third year of the Abyss trip.

And… amidst the constant struggles against the various races in the Abyss…

One part of the Abyss, the Black Desert, was literally being destroyed by a grand war of two races.



Hansoo looked at Clementine in front of him.

To be exact… He was staring inside Noah.

\"I didn\'t expect it to take three years,\" Hansoo muttered.

It was true.

He truly thought that it would end soon.

He had underestimated too much of these guys\' potential.

\'These guys… Transcendence was just a part of their civilization.

However, the one that had a look of disbelief was not Hansoo but Noah.

\"Kuhuh… This is truly unbelievable.\"

Noah, who was lying on the ground while vomiting out blood, dryly laughed as he looked at Hansoo before looking around the surroundings.

There were tens of thousands of ships broken into two and embedded on the ground.

The surface of the planet was devastated and dented, as if hundreds of meteorites had fallen onto this place.

The satellite city did not have a single building that maintained a normal shape.

Even the great war weapons, the Nelkipas, were slowly dying on the ground with painful groans.

All of these were what their civilization used to boast about.

And… all of the great civilizations that their planet possessed…

\'For us to lose…\'

Noah looked dispirited seeing all of these being destroyed.

Suddenly, this was created as a battleground of God.

He despised the God that had dragged him in here.

Maybe he was confined for a thousand years for this moment.

If He was going to side with him, He should have killed him sooner then making this happen.

However, the moment he saw the battleground made by God, Noah realized immediately.

God never favored him.

This was the planet that used to be the motherhood of their most prosperous days.

Although it had now stopped operating, their civilization, weapons and their origins had remained in that place.

He couldn\'t forget the overwhelming emotion that he felt when he first arrived at the planet, looking at the metal planet that still maintained its magnificent shape.

In addition, He even pulled a guy named Hansoo outside the Ark and was thrown somewhere on the planet.

Therefore, everyone who was worried initially was filled with confidence.

Even if he might be strong, he was only one person.

God decided that they had achieved half their purpose and released the curse, immediately acting and awakening their own people.

A vast number of their dormant relatives woke up and filled the ark.

No, not only that, but it also spread throughout the planet and began waking up the sleeping civilization and its weapons.

The Red Jades that laid dormant in their hands began to operate once more, spreading out that brilliant red light.

They might be less adept than Noah, but the destructive power was comparable to that of atomic weapons as they rose without hesitation and began to look around the entire planet.

As if they were determined to unleash all of the desires they had dreamt of while sleeping, they roamed around Auropaea without hesitation and began to wake the others.

The most revered people of the older generations.

Even Noah was overwhelmed by the touching site, so what would it have been for the others?

At this point, there was full of hope that their old territory and regime, which had been spread out and dispersed in space and across dimensions, could be restored once more.

They were not worried of the immediate war at all.

The opponent… was Kang Hansoo, and there were only a few humans who could not get out of the Ark.

It was a battle that no one could see as remotely balanced.

However… They soon came to realize.

The power of their civilization that they regained that was truly fair, and the balanced penalty that God had gifted them including the home ground advantage all began to be destroyed one by one.

Of course, if they were to fight head-to-head, they would win… But there\'s no way he would do that.

He chose the battlefield arbitrarily, and fought where he wanted to fight and when he wanted to fight.

However, this could not be used as an excuse.

It could be said that he fought as he wanted, but he had to fight thousands to tens of thousands of times just to win against them.

Among them, just once…

If they had won only once, the victory would have been theirs.

But the result… was what they were seeing now.

The civilization that they had boasted had been completely ruined.

The whole satellite city, which was floating in the sky, was burned to the ground.

The tens of thousands of people of their own colony that they had sent up to live were all slaughtered.

The heads of the Nelkipas burst into the ground from the hammer he wielded, and the sea of Exinium, which covered the seas of the surface, was now completely dried up.

They were all burned by his hands.

The pure-white sea had disappeared, and all that remained were gray clouds made of ash.

It covered the entire surface of their beautiful planet.

\'Well… Is that better?\'

Noah, who was dying, smiled despondently.

Maybe it was better.

Their beautiful planet was now no more.

Now, this was only the site of the defeated, trampled upon by the victor.

If those gray clouds that float in the sky hide their defeat… It wouldn\'t be bad to keep others from seeing this.

Concluding his final thought, Noah quietly closed his eyes.

Noah, no, the land where Clementine\'s body remained, one woman walked over.

As soon as Taehee stroked Clementine\'s body, a small blue sphere popped out from the inside.

Looking at the sphere, Taehee, who looked sad, held the sphere in her hands carefully before looking at Hansoo.



The victor and loser of the battle against Noah had gracefully ended.

Hansoo, seeing the dimension entrance door that had brought him to this place originally, looked at Taehee and spoke, \"Let\'s go together. I\'ll try to convince the others.\"

From those words, Taehee shook her head.

At those words, Taehee shook her head.

\"It\'s fine. At least I need to guard him at the end.\"

Hansoo, seeing Taehee, was stroking the fading blue sphere next to Clementine\'s body. While sitting down, he nodded and said, \"You worked hard.\"

From those words, Taehee smiled.

\"As for you.\"

With that short conversation being the last…


The entire planet, Auropaoea, began to fall.

The remaining battlefield, which was not worth, was now starting to be scrapped.

On top of the trembling earth, Taehee carefully stroked Clementine\'s face and stroked the blue sphere in her hand.

Looking at the soul of Clementine with no consciousness or spirit, she recollected Clementine\'s final letter.


Thinking of Clementine, Taehee smiled sadly.

\'Yes. You… succeeded twice.\'

Clementine might not know… But Taehee knew.

She heard from Hansoo.

In his second life, he had destroyed the ark.

In his third life, he had killed Noah.

He couldn\'t deny that he was a bad man.

However… He was a hero to her.

Clementine had fought for them.

\'Thank you. Now rest. I\'ll… rest as well.\'

In the collapsing planet, slowly stroking the blue soul, Taehee closed her eyes quietly.