Reincarnator - Chapter 480 Third Life 2

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Hansoo quietly asked from Noah\'s threats.

\"What do you want?\"

From those words, Noah began to ponder momentarily.

\'Come to think of it… He\'s not self-centered.\'

In a literal sense, he was not an egoistic person since he had regained his memories.

He had returned back to the past for a greater cause.

That meant that his threat could work out to be more effective than he had thought.

Although this threat might be empty for the previous Hansoo that had lost all his memories since he could have survived the blast if Noah\'s core were to explode, the current man in front of him would never sit idly to such a phenomenon.

How could a man who had come to save mankind see all of his species die except himself?

Thinking up to this position, Noah made a decision.

\'Let\'s be a bit more greedy.\'

\"First, let all of the remaining survivors of our species leave including all of the souls that are contained in the corpses.


That meant that there were the following requirements.

\"What next?\"

After a short breath, Noah slowly opened his mouth.

\"Allow us to depart with the ark.\"


It was the gem of their civilization that anyone couldn\'t help but covet.

In fact, it was more like an adventure for Noah.

The guy who had eaten Nurmaha\'s Ring had some authority over the ark.

In other words, if he were to disappear, he could control the ark.

The ark was an object that anyone could not help but covet. It had the ability to provide a comfortable haven for all of mankind and had the firepower to destroy approaching foreign enemies, not to mention the countless information that was contained within the ark itself.

Although the barrier between the Abyss and the Otherworld had not completely collapsed, this ark would be a great aid to humanity if the wall that stood against the Abyss were to fall in the future.

In other words, it wasn\'t strange if Hansoo coveted the ark.

Yet, that was precisely why they couldn\'t give up this ark.

What was the purpose of the development of this ark?

It was because they did not want to fight directly in battle.

No matter how strong they were, no one would be willing to enter a fight with bare fists without a gun.

Their strong power, mana and soul were more adept to deal with enemies with the power and knowledge of their civilization.

However, if they didn\'t possess the ark?

Even if their species were to survive, they must wander around the Abyss with their bare bodies.

He really hated that.

If they were to leave traces of their power, civilization and the Blue Sunlight Jade, even he was aware of how long it would take to rebuild their civilization again.

For all those years, they would have to wallow in the Abyss like primitive men.

That would be too shallow.

\'That kind of treatment… would be enough for the wild animals in front of them.\'

They didn\'t want to go that far, which was why he decided to ask for more.

Seeing Hansoo staying silent, Noah opened his mouth once again.

\"Anyway… We have no choice. We have no future without this ark. If you refuse… I\'ll just bury everyone here including you.\"

In a way, this was a bluff.

It wasn\'t like they would all die without the ark.

However, he must make him think that he would not step down any further. Only then would he accept his threats.

Hansoo, who was contemplating momentarily, nodded.

\"Alright. Prepare.\"

Noah\'s expression was brightened by Hansoo\'s words.



Watching Noah working on the process of stabilizing the large Red Jades, Hansoo flew toward a presence that he was familiar with.

\'I can\'t do that anyway.\'

Whether he was bluffing or not, it was undeniable that only he could stabilize those Red Jades.

On the surface, the Red Jades seemed crude, but they were delicate crystals of technological prowess.

It was not something that could be controlled simply by force.

It was proof seeing how the 7-Star man was doing all he could to suppress the Red Jades.

He could never do that.

If he were to kill him, the trembling Red Jades would have burst in place and have swept over the entire place.

\'It\'s ridiculous to have such events occur when it\'s so close in front of you.\'

Hansoo, chuckling, quickly traveled through the holes of the ships.

Soon, a pair of a man and a woman was seen around a blue jade.

Sadly, neither looked well.

\"Uhk… Kuhuk.\"

Taehee was throwing up blood and Sangjin was barely holding onto his soul.

Looking at the fragments of two souls embedded in Sangjin\'s body, and the blue jade that Sangjin had his hand on, Hansoo could roughly calculate how the situation was going.

\'This… saved my soul.\'

Inside his body, it was Nurmaha\'s soul shard, which had become the seed of his soul, was pounding whenever the blue jade beat.

Although it was getting weaker little by little, his shard and the blue jade was clearly connected.

\"... You\'ve worked hard,\" Hansoo, who had been silent for some time while watching the bloody two, muttered to the surrounding Neropa.

\"Retreat. I won\'t attack since I\'ve already reached an agreement.\"


From Hansoo\'s words, Belphegor and the others slowly stepped back, holding their breaths with cold sweat all over their bodies.

\"... I really thought I was going to die,\" Belphegor muttered with a frightened look.

When the Savior was defeated, despite having a sense that they should leave now, Belphegor could not believe it.

Their Savior was the Star of Transcendence.

His strength was beyond description.

If they were to fight with the aid and support of the Ark...

His mouth ached to repeat.

In the first place, he didn\'t even hear a crash, so Belphegor thought he was still a doll.

But, if this guy came back to life… There was no way that they didn\'t fight.

But, he knew the moment he saw him that the Savior had given up fighting the moment he saw this.

Belphegor would never dare to call their Savior a coward.

He was sure anyone would have done this.

The ominous aura encircling his whole body. He was a literal artificial weapon designed for slaughter with that level of bloodlust and ferocious energy.

While looking at the man in a trance, he felt his whole body being torn apart from the increased bloodlust on the opposite side.

\'Damn… For us to leave such a guy alone and depart...\'

Although he didn\'t want to fight at all, it was quite burdensome having such a complicated, bad relationship with him.

However, what was most important was to vacate.

Belphegor quickly moved and headed into the direction of the Savior.

The moment everyone disappeared…


Taehee, who was barely holding on, fell onto the floor, and Hansoo knelt down in front of her.


The energy that stretched out from the inside of Hansoo gently enveloped Taehee and Sangjin\'s body.

Their mana, which had reached the bottom, were slowly springing up as their body began to steadily regenerate.

Unlike Taehee who was slowly beginning to breathe with his energy, Sangjin remained in the same position as he was sitting on the floor.

Hansoo, who raised his hand and straightened Sangjin, asked Taehee, \"... Is recovery impossible?\"

Seeing Hansoo with a troubled look, Taehee briefly spoke out, \"Why do you ask? You can see he\'s a complete wreck.\"


From Taehee\'s words, Hansoo looked silently at Sangjin.

To be exact, he stared into Sangjin\'s soul located inside.

After accepting the soul of Neropa as a human, he used the fragments of Taehee\'s soul to invoke the Jade in an expedient manner.

Blue Jade.

As if to prove that it was an object, he paid the right price for the user that invoked it in an unjustifiable way.

A cracked soul.

\'... If I ask Noah, could he bring him back?\"

If the blue jade had the power to make a soul whole, he might be able to revive the soul of Sangjin.

However, Hansoo who looked at it for a while, clenched his fist.


He knew the moment he saw that the Blue Jade ensured that the soul of the arrogant man who dared treat it in such a rude way would never have his soul undone.

There was no way to fix the cracks of that soul.

Taehee, who looked at Hansoo and Sangjin alternatively, replied again.

\"I could wake him up for a minute, so say your final words.

As soon as Taehee finished talking, she focused on her mind.


Taehee\'s soul, which was located in the middle of Sangjin\'s body, was tying up the cracks in Sangjin\'s soul.

At the same time…

\"I told you that you would see me again, right?\"

Sangjin opened his eyes, smiling at Hansoo with a quiet chuckle.

\"Why did you…\"

Sangjin smiled from his remark.

\"I\'m not sure. I didn\'t know that I would go this far.\"

The beginning was quite vague.

He didn\'t understand where the end was or what it would potentially look like.

He just silently followed Hansoo without any knowledge or notion of what he should do or could do.

The picture became clearer as he moved on, but he still didn\'t know how big the picture was.

Then, he missed Hansoo that was walking in front of him.

It was the first time that embarrassment and despair had struck him.

However, the situation did not wait for Hansoo, and he was forced to take a step forward to make the way for the one who led him.

\'It was then that he saw.\'

Surprisingly, as Hansoo emerged from behind and stood forward, a big picture was slowly being drawn.

Things that he could not see when he had followed silently from behind.

The things that he could do, and the things that he needed to do… and what would happen if he didn\'t.

\"We won… right? Did we win?\"

He asked Hansoo in a voice that was gradually decreasing in tone and volume.

\"Without me… You wouldn\'t have won, right?\"

\"... Yes.\"

Sangjin spoke with a grin at Hansoo\'s words.

\"Look. That\'s how it\'s supposed to be… right?\"

In a fate that would not have been strange if he had died on the first day of the Tutorial, they had reached this far.

\"With this much… I was quite okay.\"

With those final words, Sangjin closed his eyes quietly with a smile.

Hansoo, who quietly put Sangjin down, slowly rose from his seat.

\'If you do this… It\'s too much of a loss.\'


The ground beneath Hansoo\'s feet began to rumble and crumble.


\"Preparing for a dimension leap. All in place.\"

\"I\'m glad that I was able to talk through him,\" Noah muttered as he watched his kind busily move.

It was then…



Noah paused at the eerie momentum that resonated from the side of the Blue Sunlight Jade.

Then, from within Noah…

Clementine, whose soul was now vanishing, squeezed all of his strength and belittled him.