Reincarnator - Chapter 478 Savior 5

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The Blue Jade rotated without hesitation before beginning to scatter its powers.

The essence of Neropa\'s civilization rotated inside.

Sangjin, who was concentrating on keeping his soul from being swept away, swallowed back.

\"If this fell into the opponent\'s hands…\'

Thinking of such a situation, Sangjin felt a chill in his spine.

Inside the blue jade, there was a small universe.

The jade was rotating freely, reassembling and decomposing souls as it willed.

His hand, which he had placed inside, grew old, became young, disintegrated and merged in a repetitive manner.

It was a different dimension, which could be seen as another isolated world.

There were different laws in the small world dominated by different powers and physics of law with rules that were completely different from the current reality.

His thumb extended onto his index finger while the back of his hand and his palm merged together.

Just as those who didn\'t understand the rules claim that they didn\'t understand their own strength, a cogwheel was detailed yet spins quickly and brutally.

What if one didn\'t understand the rules inside at all?

Aside from not being able to activate its power right away, his hand would be torn apart in this space this instant.

No, he would be grateful if it ended there.

This bizarre, altered universe and its laws could possibly put something inside him like cancer that would eat his whole body, or maybe expose him to radiation.



\"Damn it… Hurry up!\"

Taehee, who was blocking the Neropas that were flocking in like flies to a lamp, shouted at Sangjin.

From that remark, Sangjin swallowed his saliva and quickly focused on this power.

Taehee, who was watching it, began to focus on the Neropas rushing in.

\'You\'ve got… to endure a bit longer!\'

Otherwise, they would both end up dead here.

One of the Neropas, who was focused on Taehee, wrapped his spear with energy and aimed at her vital point.

As soon as Taehee tried to avoid his attack…


Nargel\'s Watch overlapped and forced Taehee\'s time to be taken away. Not once, but three times the time.


As if there were heavy chains entangled all over her body, Taehee was held up.

Taehee sighed in the slow-flowing time.

\'Damn bastards. It\'s really hard fighting you knowing this would happen.\'

As if she knew this would happen, she smiled as he saw her opponent attacking her slow self.

She could see the scene in more detail because everything around her was slow because it was clocked up.

Although it could be said that it was a minor problem that she was slowed by the entrapment of time…

\'Clementine. Today\'s quite an… unusual day.\'

Looking at the slow-stabbing spear, Taehee recalled Clementine\'s letter.

In the dark consciousness, trapped inside, Clementine looked outside through Noah\'s gaze.

Normally, the moment Neropa ate a soul, the host\'s consciousness should disappear altogether.

However, he was a bit special since he was the owner of Nurmaha\'s Ring.

\'Well. It won\'t be long.\'

It was peculiar how he was able to breathe within this body, but that was all.

Perhaps, once the situation was settled, he would disappear as well.


Clementine laughed as he saw Hansoo, who was emanating unreal energy, and Noah who was shocked by this attack.

\'It was a long journey.\'

Clementine recalled what had happened so far.

It was then…


Something popped up from the consciousness space where Clementine was located.

It was the sudden appearance of a stranger, but Clementine was not surprised.

He knew that he would be here soon.

\"Clementine. What scheme did you plot?\"

Seeing how he was asking in a respectful tone, it proved to Clementine that he had not lost his composure.

However, Clementine knew that he was quite taken aback.

Seeing Noah, Clementine smiled.

\"A self-proclaimed Administrator doesn\'t even know that?\"

\"... How did you know?\"

Noah frowned at Clementine\'s words.

It wasn\'t because of the fact that this guy was stuck inside of him.

How could such a man know what had happened more than a thousand years ago?

But, Noah shook his head. There was something he was more curious about, which was what led him inside.

\"... How did you know the method to use the Blue Sunlight Jade?\"

The situation was now being told inside himself.

In the place where the Blue Sunlight Jade was located, two humans were preparing to contact it and exercise its power.

The target was Hansoo, who had lost his soul and had become a doll.

Something was going against his expectations.

No one else should know how to use the Blue Sunlight Jade but himself.

In case someone from Neropa was overambitious and had different plans in the first place, he had decided that he would be the only to have the knowledge of how to use it.

Yet, a person who was clearly instructed by Clementine was handling the Blue Sunlight Jade properly.

Moreover, it was very annoying that something remained inside the body of Hansoo, which should have been an empty doll by now.

A soul, which was supposed to be burned and become ashes, had become a big grape, which caused uneasiness for Noah.

He would move it away this instant if he could.

He wanted to crush the body of Hansoo and destroy the bug-like creatures that were playing with the Blue Sunlight Jade.

However, he couldn\'t.

If he failed to control and suppress the Red Jades, a massive explosion would happen that would be more than enough to sweep the entire ark away.

If that were to happen, then the Blue Sunlight Jade would be destroyed and God\'s shard, which they had tried to protect as they were driven to destruction, would eventually be destroyed as well.

It wasn\'t just that.

All of their species around the Blue Sunlight Jade, who barely glimpsed the light in front, would die as well.

The Exinium, which had been well preserved in every corner of the ark would also be swept away including their preserved knowledge and technology, which were pivotal for the integration and reconstruction of their civilization.

Lastly, all of mankind, which were the new vessels of their own kind, would be swept away and killed.

No, there would be two people who could survive in this presumed Seventh Zone.

Himself and Hansoo who was absentminded like a doll.

This was why he couldn\'t act personally.

Aside from moving toward the Blue Sunlight Jade, it was difficult for him to even destroy the body of Hansoo in front of him.

The body that had reached 7-Star was essentially castle walls. Even if he didn\'t counterattack, it would take a long time to destroy it.

All he could do now was split his consciousness and talk to Clementine inside.

Noah growled, slightly impatient with Clementine\'s silent attitude.

\"It would be best if you reply immediately. I have a lot of means left for you.\"

His soul was currently bound by Nurmaha\'s Ring.

In other words, the soul and his self have changed.

This was the inner space of Nurmaha.

That was why Clementine, unlike other hosts, had not lost his soul yet.

This was why he could do many things to Clementine.

Disappearance was the simplest way.

He could make his soul suffer for eternity while intact.

He could also lock him into a white space with no life, no senses, no will, and accelerate time to make people go crazy by experiencing millions of years of boredom.

\"I can immediately give you a new body. I\'m not sure why you\'re going this far… If you cooperate well, I could even give you that body over there.\"

Noah answered, pointing to the body of the empty soul outside.

A whip was hard to move humans.

This was the best bait to present to Clementine, who was destined to perish.

\"Let me ask you again. How did you know the method in using the Blue Sunlight Jade?\"

Clementine smiled from those words and spoke, \"I know since I\'ve used it.\"

\"You used it?\"

Noah had a look of disbelief at Clementine\'s words.

The Blue Sunlight Jade was one of the Relics that they had never used once after it was made.

It couldn\'t be helped.

How could they dare use the Blue Sunlight Jade when their people were pushed toward extinction.

No one in their race would even have the thought or notion to ever use the Blue Sunlight Jade to overcome the situation especially when they have God\'s permission that he would erase the curse if they had won their bet. Only now were they even thinking of using it or not.

Therefore, the Blue Sunlight Jade remained unused and was stored in Noah.

But, for him to use it.


At that moment, Noah\'s face was horribly distorted.



Defending the attack, Taehee recalled the contents of the letter.

It was a life marked by victory and a single defeat.

Thanks to Noah\'s arrangement, they were able to succeed, but in the end, they lost everything because of Noah\'s arrangement.

To be exact, it was because he had failed to suppress those that were full of expectations for the promised power of Neropa. All of their bodies were taken away and had failed in the end.

It was not the Abyss who drove himself and his loved ones to death, but their own people who had given up their bodies because of greed.

In the meantime, he had managed to escape only once by using the Blue Sunlight Jade.

The letter contained passages of Clementine\'s feelings.

It was a letter of regret and frustration; one who could not overcome Noah since he was not born with Transcendence.

There was a wall that blocked him no matter how much he struggled.

This was why he had chosen this extreme path to protect the people he loved.

He chose this path instead of the best.

However, if he had the opportunity to choose the best path, it was correct for him to be willing to turn to that direction.


\"You bastard…\"

\"Now go back. It will become busier.\"

Clementine smiled at Noah who had lost his composure.

He wanted that.

It was the distorted face of the man who used to laugh haughtily that everything in the world was going his way.

Clementine looked outside through Noah.

Inside Noah\'s gaze…


Hansoo, who had fallen asleep like a dead man, began to move again.

\'You\'ve finally arrived. Our… Savior.\'

Clementine smiled at Hansoo.


\"You know who\'s going to win, right?\"

\"... Damn it.\"

Noah looked at Hansoo, who spoke calmly with a dejected look.