Reincarnator - Chapter 477 Savior 4

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Sangjin, who blocked the attacks from the surroundings, breathed out quietly.

It was evidence that attacks from the sides were loosening.

Until now, it was hard for him to find time to breathe, but now the attacks were lessening. However, Sangjin knew that nothing would get better from this situation.


The soul shard of Neropa was becoming bigger that had settled within his chest. So far, he was able to withstand the desires of using its power, unlike Arentel or Belphegor who did not try to suppress it, to begin with.

This was why he had not been devoured by the shard and had endured up to this point.

However, it was now too much.


The soul of Neropa that had been dyed with red was beginning to bloom and devour his own soul.

\'When will it be.\'

The moment Sangjin muttered to himself…


\'... Damn!\'

His right hand moved freely and disrupted his left hand.

At the same time…


The attacks that came his way caused his whole body to fly back.


While barely blocking the attacks with his sickle, Sangjin had a calm expression.

\'... Erosion already.\'

It wasn\'t just his right hand.

It was his whole body that had been out of his control and had been operating independently.

Seeing Sangjin like this, Belphegor approached him with a relaxed look.

\"You have endured for long.\"

Now, there was no need for them to attack any longer.

If they take their time, he would eventually become one of their own.

Since he would be one of their own people, there was no need to harm the body.

\'I\'m not sure who\'s inside of him… but that friend has the right to witness and live in this new world.\'

Belphegor looked around and breathed in deeply.

There was a brief commotion, but it was finally coming to a close.

No, the ark was damaged quite seriously to call this a brief commotion, but this was nothing to what they would obtain in comparison.

Inside the ark were their fully preserved knowledge and civilization.

It had all the different races from the planets that they managed formerly, and even their own people who were dormant, but had their souls remained intact were present as well.

With all of these alone, rebuilding their civilization was simple.

\'And… that is the key.\'

Belphegor looked ecstatic as he saw the blue jade that was behind his body.

Blue Sunlight Jade.

It was the Jade that had brought themselves closer to extinction, who had longed for divine power.

In other words, it can be said that the Jade has so much potential that it could mimic some of God\'s power.

Everyone who woke up knew the contents of the bet that took place between the Savior and the Fairy.

As long as they won this bet, they were free from the curse.

This meant that they would have a chance to use the Blue Sunlight Jade, which was the cause of the curse which led them to not even dare to use it previously.

Then, their civilization will soar again to an unprecedented level.

It may even be possible for them to intrude the Abyss and unify it, a place where they could only look from afar and dare not enter in before.

They would use the 7th Floor as their territory, utilize the hells of fire as energy, and would keep all kinds of races and species as pets.

What a sweet future this was.

This was all due to the triumph of their Savior.

Although they had to spend more than thousands of years in frozen coffins, in return, they had received a huge opportunity to leap forward.

\'With such an opportunity before them, there was no need to overdo themselves.\'

Overextending and dying will just be a dog\'s death.

It was more than enough to just stall time from afar.



While Belphegor was smiling, Sangjin had already knelt down to one knee at some point.

He was trying to fight the bacteria that was rampaging his body and trying to take control of.

Belphegor walked over and put his hand over his shoulder.

\"Now, get up.\"

It was then…


Something fell out of the sky and hit Belphegor directly.


Struck, Belphegor threw up blood and rolled on the ground.

\'What the hell…!\'

Belphegor regained his posture and urgently looked around his place.

There was one woman.

She had ripped the floor apart as she stood in front of Sangjin.


The moment the woman looked at Sangjin with a complicated expression…


Sangjin who had suddenly sad down swung his sickle and aimed for the woman\'s neck.

Seeing this, the woman sighed before deflecting the sickle away.

At the same time…



Sangjin who had caused all sorts of trouble for the Neropas had his sickle deflected far away before settling on the ground.


After deflecting the sickle away, the woman grabbed Sangjin\'s neck and looked straight into his eyes.

The pupils were dyed in red.

As if there was some consciousness left, the eyes were not fully shining in gold, but there was not much time left.

It was obvious from how he had attacked her just now.

The presence that began to occupy Sangjin\'s body spoke out as Taehee looked at him.

\"Don\'t resist. Even the one you followed… is now part of our race. Surrender and accept us.\"

He knew that the woman in front of him was strong.

However, it wasn\'t normal.

His whole body was covered in blood and his muscles were ruptured, yet the wounds had yet to recover. The most serious problem lied in the curse.

They, who had received some abilities over time, were able to see that the time around the woman was twisting and accelerating like a snake.

It might be different if they were fully adapted, but it was hard to beat her in their conditions.

From those words, Taehee spoke with an apathetic expression.

\"That\'s something that we will know at the end.\"

At the same time…



Something rose from Taehee\'s body and penetrated Sangjin\'s body directly.



Taehee watched the inside of her body.

Originally, she had seven soul shards.

One of them disappeared from the Yellow Zone, and the other from the Green Zone.

Two more disappeared in the Blue Zone.

The two that were possessed by Magnus and Agnus in the Violet Zone had also disappeared. They were originally located in the Indigo Zone, but had come up and settled in the Violet Zone before disappearing.

This was why there was only one left.

Taehee did not take Clementine\'s words lightly and nodded.

As Clementine had mentioned, they had no reason to use it at this location.

The reason they left their colleagues downstairs that had their bodies planted with the Seven Soul Shards was to control the places that were beyond their reach.

Not to mention after Agnus and Magnus came up from below, their power was replenished.

There weren\'t that many that were useful.\'

Taehee muttered.

Kangtae and Keldian were a little too strong for them to plant the Seven Soul Shards, and the ones below them were not worth planting the soul shards either.

However, it was clearly written in Clementine\'s letter.

\'Clementine… is this truly right?\'


Taehee muttered as she watched Sangjin\'s soul being swallowed up by her own soul shard.

She was already a 6-Star.

The Neropa soul that had settled in Sangjin was only a 5-Star, so he could not resist her soul shard.

Belphegor shouted loudly when he saw this and realized that something was going wrong.

\"Stop her! You must stop her!\"

At the same time…


The attacks relentlessly tackled Taehee.

Taehee, who bit her lips while watching, stood up from her seat and stood in front of Sangjin.


The attacks that were pouring towards Sangjin\'s body who was knelt down was blocked by Taehee\'s body.



There were thunderous blasts as she gathered her mana and blocked the attacks. She wanted to strike back, but she couldn\'t.

Time was intertwining itself in the aftermath of the skills that she had used earlier.

Although she was a 6-Star, speed was one of the most important factors in battle.

Due to her battle with Hansoo, her body was in a state of chaos.


Taehee, who clenched her teeth while looking at her body, looked at Sangjin and spoke.

\"You know… the way?\"

At that moment…

\"Maybe I do…\"

Sangjin, whose golden eyes had sunk away and allowed his black eyes to return, nodded with a tired look.

This was the only opportunity.

Now that the fragment of Taehee\'s soul was stifling the consciousness of Neropa\'s soul, its disruption was gone and allowed him to regain his consciousness.

Sangjin took a deep breath.

\"I\'ll play in your faction… Clementine.\'

At the same time…


Sangjin, who held the spirit of Neropa and Taehee at the same time, put his hand on the Blue Sunlight Jade.