Reincarnator - Chapter 476 Savior 3

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The Sixth Demon.

The others were bizarre and difficult to deal with, but this was only because of the versatility of their powers that had constantly evolved over the years.

Despite holding a simple ability, he was the one that had given him most trouble.


In the Otherland, his name was Behemoth.

Without reason, he only ate because of his endless appetite, and eventually became a beast that ate worlds. He ate everything and cleared everything.

His attacks would become his blood and flesh.

\'It was quite difficult.\'

Hansoo muttered before delicately controlling that exploded around him.


There was thunder gathering around his surroundings as it began to twist.

In that moment…

Noah, feeling that something was unusual, hurriedly began to control the Ark around him.


Exinimum, a substance that mashed, compressed, and folded planets into the interior of the ark which was reassembled by their own technology.

Exinium, which surrounded the inner space suppressing the Red Jades was coming out of every wall, disintegrating like a waterfall.


Exinium which configured most of the internal materials in the ark was fluctuating as if it was going to explode, but Noah, as if he didn\'t care for such a matter, continued to use the Exinium to his control.



Huge torrents encircle the bodies of Hansoo and Noah for distinctly different purposes.


The torrent of Exinium that centered around Noah\'s body overlapped one by one before creating a barrier.

It was beyond description in compression as the torrent twisted the structure and pressured the core of the ark.

At the same time, the twisted space began to expand.

In a flash, Noah and the space on the opposite side of the barrier began to widen at a tremendous speed.

On the surface, the thickness was about a sheet of paper, but it was already occupied by several kilometers of space of Exinium on the inside, which had been compressed and expanded.

Some of the turbulent energies were created to defend Noah through a barrier, while the rest were tightening and compressing using the same core principle.

The Exinium began to change and surround Hansoo like a dimension prison.

If one were to say the space around Noah had expanded, then it was the opposite for the surroundings of Hansoo.

The space was compressing at a rapid pace.

This was a technique that the Neropa used to oppose difficult beasts or aliens through the use of compression.

If the space that was compressed fails to destroy and crush the opposition, then they would twist the space and evict it into a different dimensional room.


Noah, who looked closely at his opponent, frowned slightly.

\'Did he catch on?\'

There was only one body around him, and there was only one around Hansoo as well.

He couldn\'t feel his presence properly due to the thickness of the dimensional walls.

In a while, he would become a puppet, but for him to go to this extent.

\'Was it too much? If I used half my strength…\'

Noah frowned at the vibrations he felt outside his own space.

At the last moment, he had subconsciously taken the ark apart, but now he thought that he had overreacted.

The space that was controlled around the enemy was shaking precariously due to the extensive use of Exinium and the Red Jades.

\'No. I should let it be a bit looser…\'

After thinking about it, he felt that he had overreacted too much to the situation.

Not only that, it was also very annoying seeing the surrounding area being full of Exinium like white clouds, obscuring his vision.

The moment Noah, who was surrounded by white clouds in the vast expanse of space, decided to release the Exinium surrounding him…


\'... Huh?\'

Noah hesitated when he felt something touch his forehead.

\'What just…?\'

In this expanded space filled with white Exinium, there should be nothing but himself and Exinium that should exist, yet something was poking at his forehead.

Wiping the blood that was slightly flowing from his forehead, he raised his hand to touch what had poked him.

At the same time…


Something struck out of the Exinium clouds and headed straight for him.

The white metal, which had filled the inside and maintained the shape of the barrier was quickly becoming ash and melting.



All the metal that kept the space expanded was broken down, and the surrounding walls of the barrier began to collapse as well, causing it to return to its original thickness.

As the surroundings collapsed, Noah\'s body, which had been isolated, quickly returned to reality into the room where the Red Jades were operating arduously beneath his feat.

With the collapsed walls, he was able to see more clearly what had caused the wound on his forehead.

It was so full of strength, that even its appearance had changed like his own spear. It was Mjolnir that was connected to a hand, which extended to the arm, which was popping out from Hansoo inside a black sphere that had surrounded him.



Just like how the white space had collapsed around him, the black sphere began to collapse as well around Hansoo.

The ashes of Exinium began to pour out like a tidal wave from the collapsed space. In the end, the two spaces had been completely shattered, and now the two beings in this room were clearly visible.

Hansoo was holding his weapon with empty eyes and Noah was standing still with his forehead stabbed.


From this scene, Noah remained silent.

He had thought that Hansoo had attacked while he was being crushed.

But, it wasn\'t like the compressed space had stopped the attack from carrying out since the barrier around him broke one by one.

The attack on his forehead had penetrated both barriers at an unresponsive speed.

Noah, who touched the blood flowing from his head, clenched his teeth.

He did not survive since he had blocked the attack well.

He couldn\'t even respond to the attack.

He was simply lucky.

If only he had stayed a little bit more conscious and maintained his will for his last attack…

Noah who had an infuriated expression soon shook his head.

\"But, I\'m the final winner.\'

Seeing Hansoo who had stopped moving, Noah muttered.

Regardless of the circumstances, he had won and the guy had lost.

He had survived and he had become a soulless doll.

Now, it was time to wrap things up.


Noah, who began to focus on stabilizing the rumbles of the Ark by controlling the Red Jades, spread his message to his own people.

It was all over now.

The man who had represented the human race died and their species survived.

Now, he could plant the souls of his species and take over the bodies of the human race.

If this were to occur, the curse on their species will be lifted due to the contract that he had formed with the fairy, and the God that stood behind.


\'... I can\'t move around for a while.\'

All the Exinium used for control and defense had been reduced to ashes in a single attack.

He had to fill the void that was made here with the Red Jades.

It was then…

<... matters="" are="" not="" done="" over="" here.="" there="" is="" an="" annoyance="" here.="">


Noah looked puzzled from those words.



The purple army rose without hesitation, sweeping the surrounding area like a tidal wave.

A loud roar was being heard from the troops.


\'What an annoying fellow.\'

Belphegor frowned as he continued to fire his attacks.

He took over the body, and even though he was getting stronger thanks to this, he was still being pushed back in ability.

The body of the one he had eaten was a 4-Star, while his opponent was a 5-Star.

He also looked strong enough to be in the elite categories among the 5-Stars.

\'No, despite this, he was unusually strong.\'

The opponent, who was controlling an army, was wielding a sickle in the middle and was guarding the ark\'s core, but despite this, he was still too strong.

However, it was now over.

Once the Savior had stabilized the Ark and come over here, everything would be over.

Belphegor shouted at the man who was making such a needless fuss.

\"You bastard! Give up! The man who represented your people is now dead! Now adapt if you wish to keep your body intact!\"

The core that was in the center was precious, and it was definitely an invaluable material.

It wasn\'t an exaggeration to say that the reason why this ark needed 18 Red Jades was due to that core over there.

It wasn\'t that the core was prepared to be used by Noah, but rather the opposite.

Noah\'s Ark was created with the purpose of protecting that core.

It folded time, ripped space, and reassembled the soul.

With enough energy, it was a core that can radiate a power similar to God.

It had to be like that since that was what drove their race near extinction.

\'... Whew.\'

Belphegor looked at the guy guarding the Blue Jade in the distance.

It was an object made by them gathering all their personnel and technology to challenge God\'s power.

Their efforts weren\'t in vain as it provided them three abilities that only God could wield, but in return, it had brought the wrath of God and plunged their species to a downfall.

It wasn\'t as powerful as God, but it didn\'t mean that it had no value to them.

That was something that only they can use with the soul of their own race.


Belphegor looked at Sangjin who didn\'t even listen to their shouts and continued fihting.

\'Wait. That guy…\'

Belphegor had a shocked expression looking at the neck of Sangjin.

At first, they were being overwhelmingly suppressed, but now they were slowly able to see his real figure, and why he was able to wield such great power.

\'... He has the shard?\'

The guy had their own shard.

However, Belphegor soon burst into laughter because it was so ironic.

If the fragment of the soul was eating up his body, he will be entitled to control the Blue Sunlight Jade.

But, that meant that he would already be one of their own.

He would not be able to have the right to wield the Blue Sunlight Jade if he were to suppress the shard too.

\'Pathetic. How pathetic.\'

Whether it was Hansoo, or this guy, these were the last rebellions of their species.

\'If we let him be… he\'ll eventually be an ally.\'

It would not be long.

Realizing this, Belphegor began to slowly hold back his attacks.


Reading Clementine\'s letter, Taehee stood up.