Reincarnator - Chapter 475 Savior 2

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The speed at which the Red Jades were awakening was quickening.

As a result, the interior of Noah was heating up quickly.

However, it had been long since they paid attention to the heat.


The hammer that struck without hesitation continued to hit Clementine.

The original Clementine would have been crushed in a single blow.

However, the current one that was in Clementine was not him.

He was one step ahead, and he was an existence that was now forcefully raising the power in Clementine\'s body.

\'Like this.\'


A long stick in the form of a fingernail stretched out from the tips of Clementine\'s right hand to block the hammer.


These were the martial arts that he learned when he passed through the Orange Zone.

Though he didn\'t learn it arduously since he didn\'t have a hobby in combat, he didn\'t have much problem utilizing it since he was a good student.

\'I am being pushed back a bit.\'

Noah, who was being pushed back for a while, backed off and created a spear in the air.

Since he was bored studying mana pools, this was a technique that he had created.

This was a spear of destruction created by the energy of the Ark\'s Exinium and the Red Jades in addition to the strength of his soul and Clementine\'s rigid body.

Noah raised the spear in his hand and threw it toward Hansoo with all his might.

At the same time…


It was like a meteorite that would sweep away anything in its path.

The force was so intense that the surface of the Red Jades that was shining far away was as clear as a candle in the wind.

Hansoo, who blocked that shock with his shield, was pushed back before contemplating on Noah\'s words.

"The number of people increases in the East."

From those words, Hansoo realized the purpose for why this world was configured.

The Seven Legacies in the Seven Zones were prepared for a specific objective.

These legacies had come out of nowhere and twisted the directions of civilization itself.

Whether it was the World Tree, Body Enhancement Surgery, the Mana Pool Surgery of the Yellow Zone where the higher races drove the world to destruction, or the spirits of the Green Zone where they were developed in return for the entire world to be trapped in the game, not to mention the Blue and Indigo Zones where there were obvious traces of these.

All of these were done by one person.

From the sudden appearance of a genius out of nowhere, like the case with Nehpalem, which built a huge tower in the Green Zone and developed Spirits, or the Sages of the Yellow Zone that used Body Enhancement Surgery to raise a king, and even the geniuses that were the Akarons of the Orange Zone…

"So that was you," Hansoo, who was pushed back, muttered to Noah.

From those words…

"You\'ve truly worked hard."

Noah nodded with a smile.


The Neropas were a race that changed their bodies based on the spirit to maintain their immortal lives.

The huge civilization that they had built was just a byproduct of their immortal lives, which had been growing and cementing endlessly.

They changed their bodies and ate the souls of their opponents to create a more disciplined and advanced spirit, and when the body reached its limit, they searched and moved to another body.

After long centuries of repeated behavior, their civilization had reached a point where they could explore the universe and subordinate other races.

They had folded time and space to polish their souls to enjoy their immortal lives that were close to omnipotent.

The clans and races they encountered were inferior that couldn\'t even reach their own feet, and the ones that were useful would be developed and be knelt before their advanced civilization.

They would destroy, compress, and use the planet as a material before folding it into the ship and use it as an energy source.

At this point, there was one definite thought that entered their minds.

They were the true ones that deserved to be called <god>.

They usually stopped this notion with thought alone.

The moment they attempted to translate their ideas into reality, a catastrophe struck.

<my favorite="" thing="" to="" do="" is…="" to="" step="" on="" arrogant="" guys="" like="" you.="" this="" was="" worth="" waiting="" for.="">

The moment a certain existence\'s voice was conveyed into the minds of the whole race, a catastrophe had begun.

The bodies that their souls usually entered no longer endured and died off, which quickly swept through their entire race.

Normally, the bodies that received them would be able to exert a greater strength since that was normal.

Even if they were the same body, the hardware might be the same, but the software was different.

The Neropa also had to protect their souls, so it was natural to give them strength. It was a bonus for the lower races to accept the Neropas that witnessed this power.

But, the moment the catastrophe swept through, the bodies their souls had entered began to decay.

The shocked Neropas kept switching bodies, but nothing changed.

They would endure for some time, but within a year, the bodies would be purged as if they had experienced a thousand years.

It was only then that the Neropas realized that it wasn\'t just about their new bodies, but that the main source was themselves.

They, who were cursed by God, had their souls become poison, and all their bodies were destroyed.

The Neropa despaired.

The Nelkipa and the Red Jades that spread throughout the universe were still strong, with the power to erase tens of thousands of planets and create hundreds of stars, but all of this was to no avail.

What was the point of wielding this power if their race would be destroyed?

Their souls might be strong, but that was only meaningful if the bodies of their souls were physically present.

It seemed that the fate of their species was fixed at the moment they incite the wrath of God. The fate of feeling fear of having their soul being the only one intact in a rotting body.

No, it was harder to endure since they had such strong souls.

However, they did not give up.

They still had a ray of hope.

They had discovered one of the seeds of Transcendence that God cherished.

Therefore, in order to be released from God\'s curse, they all decided to pin all their hopes on the seed.

There was one objective.

<don\'t be="" picky="" about="" means="" or="" methods.="" we="" are="" now…="" entering="" a="" long="" hibernation.="" please="" find="" a="" way…="">

To either release God\'s curse or create a new body that could endure God\'s curse…

This was why their whole species was sleeping in Noah, and their long vacation had started.

At first, with the thought of begging God, he had wandered across the Abyss.

Normally, a guy like Hansoo, who had reached the pinnacle of Transcendence—7-Star—would have no problem roaming around the Abyss.

However, Noah despaired while wandering around the Abyss.

This God was truly out of his mind.

He made all races fight for his own happiness and pleasure to the point where he resented his race for provoking this being.

He was pretty strong in the Abyss, but there were so many stronger races, and he had witnessed the little success they had requested of God.

Seeing this, Noah had changed directions to find a way out with his own power and methods.

Abandoning the body he had raised, with his soul, he ascended to the Otherworld.

There, he roamed across the universe and researched all the species, developing new techniques.

There was a limit to what he could do considering the decline of his civilization and race, and there were difficulties while studying, but recollecting his own species sleeping in ice coffins, he endured.

As a result, while he was making a body that could withstand the souls of their species, a fairy had appeared.


Noah, who was frowning at what had happened since then, soon shrugged.

It was a bit of a roundabout, but in the end, everything had settled.

The contract with the fairy had solved the other minor problems.

Humans came up with excellent results of their research and had now appeared before their eyes, and the greatest contributor who would soon be a hindrance to this achievement was on the verge of death.


With overflowing power emanating from his whole body, Noah looked at Hansoo who was pushed far away.

"Don\'t worry too much. I\'ll use that body well."

There was definitely some use to a body as strong as that.

Wasn\'t it the perfect body that their kind could handle.

They just had to fill that empty soul.

Then, Hansoo, who regained his posture, looked at Noah and muttered, "The fact it\'s not the last… means that I\'m going to have to destroy you."

"You\'ve hidden so much until the end," Hansoo recollected about Clementine and muttered.

His strength was not a problem.

If he continued fighting, he would be able to win eventually.

The opponent\'s strength was enormous, but it didn\'t seem like he was used to fighting.

However, he had no time.

After using Soul Explosion, his power was increasing endlessly, but in return, the soul was burning just as quickly.

The soul, which was about the size of a head at first, had now been reduced to just the size of a fist.

Now, there wasn\'t much time left before he became a doll.

His opponent, knowing this fact, was not recklessly fighting as well.

\'I don\'t know what you were thinking.\'

Whether he was trying to help himself or use himself since there was no way, Clementine was trying to help him, but one fact was clear...

He predicted the existence of the being that took over his body and wanted him to destroy that being.

He had no intention of reconciling with Clementine, nor did he have any desire to do so, but at least they had one thought in common.

The one in front of him needed to be erased, and he was the only one who could do it.

\'I\'ll play with you.\'


Hansoo gripped the hammer in his hand and muttered.

There wasn\'t much time before he lost consciousness.

Even if there was a move, he could only use it one time.

But, one time was more than enough.

Though he was soon losing his consciousness, his power was continuing to eclipse, up to the point where he was directly below a 7-Star.

With this much, he could use some of the skills in his previous life.

\'This… was the skill that killed Barmamunt.\'

The skill that killed the 6th Demon.

At the same time, the tip of Mjolnir began to roar.