Reincarnator - Chapter 474 Savior 1

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\'It\'s not the last?\'

Hansoo frowned.

Clementine\'s expression was intertwined with regret, hope, and relief.

Hansoo gave strength into his hand, seeing him speaking out words with that expression that could be interpreted somehow.

There was no particular reason to listen to him.

Whatever the answer might be, Clementine must die.

All mankind knows what he had done, and they would never forgive him.

It was then…

"Yet\'s it\'s not the last."

The tone of his voice was completely different from that lingering voice a while ago.

Clementine\'s right hand that was drooping a while ago began to tighten Hansoo\'s right wrist.


\'... What?\'

Aside from the fact that the guy that was dying was behaving differently from before, the power of the grip on his wrist was beyond his imagination.

His condition was now eclipsing at the end of the Sixth Wall and reaching for the Seventh.

The power was sheer tremendous.

He had become so strong that he could go out alone and clean up the large military force advancing toward him by himself.

However, the power felt in Clementine\'s grasp was comparable to that of himself.

Just like Hansoo when he used Soul Explosion, Clementine\'s power was also rapidly growing exponentially.

It wasn\'t like when the Red Jades were activating and powering him up.

Just like him, something awakened in Clementine\'s body, forcefully raising his level.

When he had thought this far…


Hansoo held his hammer with his left hand and struck Clementine on the head.

The large energy burst out from Mjolnir, sweeping through the armor composed of Exinium and Red Jade energy.

However, that was it.


"You\'re quite short-tempered."

Raising his left hand, Clementine coldly smiled.

At the same time…


Clementine grabbed Mjolnir and threw it far away into Noah\'s inner wall, including Hansoo who was holding it.


Hansoo, who flew at a tremendous speed, crushed the inner wall and sank inside.


Hansoo, who quickly jumped out of the collapsed wall and regathered himself, looked at Clementine walking toward him.


That wasn\'t Clementine.

A red pattern began to cover his whole body.

It wasn\'t just on his neck.

The red patterns, which began to pop out from his fingers, began to twirl Clementine\'s whole body like witchcraft.

There was a golden energy rising inside those black eyes, sending out a dazzling glow to them.

This phenomenon was familiar to Hansoo.

"... Neropa."

Clementine, or Neropa, who was approaching Hansoo laughed.

"Nice to meet you. Please call me Noah. By the way, it\'s been quite a long time since… I\'ve been in the world," Neropa mumbled as he looked at his own body.



<ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhk! that="" damned="" bastard.="" to="" use="" the="" soul="" explosion="" seed!="">

Mormart, who had sunk at the bottom of the Abyss, stamped his feet in anger.

Every time Mormat rolled his feet, there was an earthquake strong enough to cause the air to tremble.

The shockwave was so strong that it could sweep a continent away.

But those standing next to him were looking at him with pitiful looks and weren\'t particularly frightened.

There was no one weak to care about it.

<calm down,="" mormat.="">

<what? calm="" down?="" you\'re="" telling="" me="" to="" calm="" down="" after="" that="" bug-like="" guy="" sank="" all="" of="" us="" down="" and="" used="" all="" our="" resources?="">


Every time Mormat shouted with a look of anger, the whole place boomed.

He was disappointed because he had high expectations.

What kind of man was he?

He wasn\'t just strong.


It was the sole existence that could become an Administrator\'s seed.

It was the power of freedom and Abyss.

The ones that had the sole privilege to seize both rights.

That was the kind of guy he was.

If they had contracted him thoroughly this time, they would have been able to go around the world as an excuse.

If this was a battlefield, that place was a playground.

They were strong, but the Abyss were as strong as they were.

He wasn\'t too friendly with the other Thirteen Demons, including the dragon-looking thugs that were glaring at him.

Of course, one needed to train and eat to become strong, being wary of fear that someone might stab them from the back.

However, the current situation was different.

He could go up and play, enjoying all kinds of pleasure.

The number of people in that world was as bountiful as the stars anyways.

How could he not get angry when the chance to get hundreds of millions of toys disappeared in that single instant.

Not only that, even if there were many Transcendents, but only a specific few counted with one hand could become an Administrator.

It was said that the fairies that were cosplaying in the Otherworlds, were actually angels that were loved by God.

There wouldn\'t be an opportunity like this even after hundreds of millions of years.

From his words, Barmamunt muttered.

<these are="" now="" out="" of="" our="" hands.="">

The chains that were latched onto the soul was becoming violently loose.

It was natural that the soul itself was being destroyed.

Soon after, the guy would lose his sight.

\'Shit. Seriously?\'

The bitter Barmamunt raised his head and looked up at the top of the Abyss.

With how things had become a total mess, he wanted to see more of the world just a bit longer.

What was seen through Hansoo\'s gaze soon came into Barmamunt\'s sight.

It was then…

\'... What is this?\'

Barmamunt frowned.

It was clear that Clementine should have been destroyed the moment the boy had used Soul Explosion.

But, the situation had changed.

A tremendous amount of energy was flowing from the body of Clementine, who had risen from his place. Even now, the energy was so enormous that it wasn\'t far behind Hansoo\'s. No, it wasn\'t only that, but the energy flowing from his body was still increasing as if the dams that had been blocked were bursting as the water rushed out.

<hey. this="" seems="" interesting.="" everyone,="" come="" and="" see.="">


From those words, the demons, who were venting their anger all over the place, raised their heads and concentrated on Barmamunt.

Then, through the chains that were still latched onto his soul, they began to see the situation outside.

<what? why="" is="" that="" guy="" still="" alive?="">

<he had="" another="" hidden="" card?="" it="" didn\'t="" look="" like="" that.="">

If he had such a hidden card, there was no reason to hide it.

However, the demons, who were watching closely, soon guessed what was going on.

The body was taken by a certain someone.

Who was the person that had stolen that guy\'s body?

<that aura="" seems="" strangely="" familiar…="">

<where did="" i="" see="" that="" pattern="" again?="">

It was then…

One of the demons that watched silently in the corner spoke.

It was the Demon in charge of War and Destruction, Agsarax.

Agsarax, who always preferred to remain silent, opened his mouth with a heavy look.

<that guy.="" i\'ve="" seen="" him.="">


<where did="" you="" saw="" him="" considering="" how="" you\'re="" always="" sitting="" in="" a="" corner?="">

From those words, Agsarax opened his mouth.

<it\'s him.="" just="" before="" he="" became="" an="" administrator,="" it\'s="" the="" guy="" that="" had="" his="" rights="" sealed="" for="" trying="" to="" abuse="" his="" privileges.="">



Noah, who had occupied Clementine\'s body, stood up and smiled at Hansoo.

"It\'s been a long time. The God that locked me up was quite cruel, but how nice it is to have this opportunity again."

Noah looked around and breathed in the air.

He was buried in this ship and sealed because he had disturbed God\'s temper.

But, God did give him one chance.

I wouldn\'t touch your efforts since I appreciate them.

No, he even connected the things he had made from the Tutorial Zone to the Seven Zones since he was quite curious about what would happen.

Normally, it was up to him to do these tasks, but after being sealed, God had done it in his stead.

To be honest, while being sealed, he didn\'t have much hope for Noah.

However, for things to unfold so well...


Noah flicked his finger.

At the same time…

The light of the artillery that was raised in the ark outside disappeared in an instant. Noah looked back and opened his mouth as tens of millions of humans breathed a sigh of relief.

"Mr. Kang. I would really like to send my condolences to you. Thanks to your efforts, you have saved as much of humanity as you can and as a result… Many of our species will now come to life."

Noah, who was speaking out, laughed coldly.



The swelling cannons began to cool off in an instant.

Noah\'s original owner had turned off the arms.

Hundreds of thousands of artilleries cooled and the energy was quickly sucked in by the Red Jades.

Belphegor, or the Neropa that was in Belphegor\'s body, nodded and smiled.

\'Savior… You\'ve succeeded.\'

As soon as he saw Clementine, he knew that the body would be the vessel for the Savior.

To be honest, he was extremely surprised when the cannon had lit up to the point where he had almost given up on the intruder and ran toward him.

The species outside must not die.

\'Of course not.\'

They should never die. Not a single one.

They would be the bodies of their own people who were now asleep.

However, it seemed that the Savior had succeeded in coming to the rescue.

Now, they could really mind their own business and do what they needed to do.

\'Almost all of us had gathered.\'

Belphegor looked around, seeing everyone gather in the huge blue light that covered the large core room.

In the middle…

Standing next to Noah\'s Blue Spirit, which shone relentlessly, Sangjin clutched the sickle in his hand.

"You\'re trying to do something you can\'t."

\'You\'re going to endure?\'

Belphegor smirked, seeing Sangjin.