Reincarnator - Chapter 473 Descent 5

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Those who saw the white light began to change shape and transform, and that caused the tens of millions of people to halt their march.

With the six Legacies that were within their bodies, they were an overwhelming strength with their numbers. They had approached with no fear of anything that might appear before them.

However, after feeling the intense energy radiating out from that moon far away, the sky-high spirits disappeared in no time.

Each and every shell was bursting with explosive energy.


"What the hell…?"

The army, which was making its relentless advance, stopped and were nailed to the ground.

The movement was perfect even when stopping, most likely due to their supernatural senses.

Seeing this, Kiriel clenched her teeth.

She had to shout for them to march forward.

If they stopped here, it would be a one-sided slaughter.

Whether they would become porridge or congee, they needed to attack with their skills, infiltrate in, and destroy the moon.

However… She just couldn\'t get herself to do this.

She couldn\'t shout for them to advance toward the brightly lit moon.

\'We need to move…\'


The moon that was shining blue was now changing colors into that of a sun. There were cannons popping out as the yellow colors fully devoured the blue light.

If that were to explode, everyone here would die.

However, she had no confidence for them to march over there since it seemed no different like flies running into a fire.

After coming to a decision, she stepped forward.

Seeing her, the people that paused momentarily shouted loudly.

"Shit! Hey, run! If we stay here, we\'ll all die!"

"Move! Quickly move!"

At those words, the Adventurers clenched their teeth before emanating energy all throughout their bodies.

They were right.

They didn\'t know why, but it hadn\'t shot them yet.

They needed a solution right now.

At that moment…



The sudden explosion caused the people to sit down in shock.

One of the glowing cannons exploded and emitted a long beam of light. The flash of light ran past their heads from above.



There was a loud and painful roar exploding out.

"Oh, my gosh…."

It was a single blow.

After seeing Desire Returner screaming loudly and was dying from that single blow, the people felt weak in their legs and sat.

\'What are we supposed to do?\'

Even Del Marcus, known for his courage, was staring blankly at the white moon, or the sphere that now deserved to be called the sun.

After contemplating momentarily, Hosang flopped down.

"Ah, I don\'t know! Do whatever you want!"

With that amount of force, at least there wouldn\'t be pain.

\'Even if one were to die, he would die comfortably rather than working his hardest just to die.\'

In this damned 25 years, he had fought and fought. In order to not die, he had fought and survived to the last stage, but for the final boss on the last stage to be that thing.

Wasn\'t this too much?

With how these events had unfolded, he wanted to die comfortably at least.

\'But, why won\'t it shoot?\'

Hosang, who had closed his eyes, lying down, looked at the small sun far away.




Clementine groaned at the sight of Hansoo, who grabbed onto his neck.

The moment his whole body was bathed in brilliant prismatic colors, a tremendous burst of energy that could never be compared up to now exploded out.

Even with all of Noah\'s inner metal, Exinium, which was trying to protect him, were burned into ashes, and all the energy that was being extracted from the Red Jades were being swept away by the seven prismatic colors.

Without the armor made from the Exinium along with the energy from the Red Jades, he would have died from surprise just right now.

Clementine, who was groaning and gasping, raised his foot and kicked Hansoo who was strangling him.


Along with a roar, Hansoo, who strangled Clementine, bounced back.

However, Clementine knew that it wasn\'t that he deflected him back, but rather, Hansoo backing away.

The enormous elasticity that he felt from the tip of his foot proved this.

Sure enough.

Thump. Thump Thump.

Flipping back up with stability, Hansoo looked at his two hands.

It was a body wreathed in the seven colors.

Each one had a destructive aura radiating out.

There was one reason why Hansoo backed away.

Now, there was no reason for him to hurry.

Though the Thirteen Demons were thrown to the ground and despite him barely holding on, he succeeded in reducing Clementine\'s power. But, his power was still quickly growing due to the awakened Red Jades.

This was the enormous benefit given accordingly to the user, Clementine.

Earlier, Clementine\'s increasing speed was enough to be called unnatural.

Nevertheless, the rate at which the strength was increasing in Hansoo\'s body was swelling at a totally incomparable rate.

With the foundation of a 6-Star, the energy was simply exploding as if he was riding a super-fast elevator to the top of the building. The amount of strength was swelling at a tremendous rate.

At that moment….


Something blue and white began to roar over the seven-colored aura.

Clementine, who pushed Hansoo away, used his power to attack Hansoo.

Watching this, Hansoo took a deep breath before picking up his Mjolnir.


He hit the large spear that was about to strike him.

At the same time...


A great roar filled the entire place.


The shock was so intense that he could hear his armor rumbling before cracking, which had never cracked before.

However, that was also the same for the opponent.


Being struck by Mjolnir, the blue and white spear, which was huge enough to be a spear, was smashed, crushed and shattered.

Clementine, who had attacked him, was not able to endure the large shock and was pushed back with cracks all over his armor.

The situation, in some ways, could be seen as a draw.

No, actually, they were even from the recent collision.

But, both Clementine and Hansoo knew.

That equal moment had just ended.

The power of Clementine may be growing, but the pace of Hansoo\'s growth rate was different, the evidence being the equal clash most recently. That large gap in strength disappeared in a flash, and now the difference would widen.

No, it was happening in reality.



The blue armor that was cracked soon reassembled itself as if it had turned back time.

No, it sucked up the seven-colored energy, becoming more thicker and denser.

The lightning radiating from Mjolnir was now so thick that it was beginning to melt the entire place.

Hansoo\'s gaze no longer fixated on Clementine.

He was no longer his match.

He was an opponent that he could crush at any time. Hansoo\'s gaze was toward his own body, not at Clementine.

\'Exploding Soul.\'

This couldn\'t be compared with the Mad Demon that used his own blood as fuel.

Right now, his soul was being burned as fuel. If one described the soul in the form of a bead, his soul was like coal lighting a fire.

It gave him strength at a tremendous pace. Even now, his soul was quickly turning into ashes from the outside.

Seeing this, Hansoo knew his fate at once.

His soul.

The moment when the seven-colored fire wholly burned his soul, he would break past the Seventh Wall. No, it wasn\'t fitting to call it 7-Star.

He needed to find an expression that would describe breaking all seven of them than simply breaking the wall.

Anyhow, the strength that was gained would be captured into this body. In return, he would become an empty doll like an organism with only its shell left.

\'Well, it doesn\'t matter.\'


Hansoo slowly began to walk toward Clementine far away.

Clementine stood silently in his place. As if he was struggling, he was biting his lips with a troubled expression.

Nevertheless, the contrasting images of him trying not to lose his composure on his face was creepy.

Seeing Hansoo approaching, Clementine smiled and asked Hansoo, "Don\'t you feel regret? Even if you sacrifice yourself like this, no one will recognize your actions."

Even if he were to die, the guy would die as well.

Well, he wouldn\'t die, but he would be an empty shell.

This could cause the rest of the world to be excited for if an existence like him were to disappear, they could live in ease.

Perhaps, his dear comrades would celebrate him, but that would be that.

In the end, none could help him.

The care of the living was of no value to the dead.

Once a person died, everything would be over.

Every effort and achievement in life would be negated.

Hansoo shrugged at the remark, making a simple jest.

"It\'s all because of you. If it weren\'t for you, I had thought of living like a king."

Saving humanity.

Preserving the species.

As he had said, if he succeeded, it would not have been bad to live a bit more comfortably afterward.

However, what could he do?

The situation ended up like this.

This long journey was over, and this was the end of his mission.

"The rest… They should be able to take care of it," Hansoo muttered as he walked toward Clementine.

\'It\'s been a long, horrible time.\'

Fifty years had passed since they had this antagonistic relationship, and now it would end badly as well.

It was time to finish and rest.


As his power leaped, the seven-colored flames of Soul Explosion were also burning stronger.

As a result, the soul was burning faster.

Once the soul was burned, he could really rest then.

Hansoo, who walked slowly, grabbed Clementine\'s neck.


"It\'s a little bitter that you\'re the last one I have to see, but let\'s end this."

Clementine replied with a difficult smile.

"It\'s not the last."


"It\'s not the last… You… still have work to do."



The collapsed Taehee, who was lying down, jumped up, feeling something had snapped.


\'The Lord trait had been lifted!\'

There were only two cases in which the power would be lifted.

It was when Clementine would release it or in the case of his death.

\'Unbelievable… Unbelievable!\'

For Clementine to die, he had told her that everything was going accordingly to plan. He told her that he would surely succeed, and Clementine had never lied to her.

\'But… But why!\'

She couldn\'t believe it.

The moment Taehee stood up to check the truth.


\'... A letter?\'

It was a letter full of emotion sent through analog.

When Taehee saw this, she opened the letter subconsciously.