Reincarnator - Chapter 472 Descent 4

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My memories have returned.

The gaps in his mind were filled and the distorted fragments that were twisted arose.

However, it wasn\'t just good memories.

No, the memories that floated above were overwhelmingly bad.

The faces of the colleagues that he had lost while wandering around the Abyss came to mind one by one from his past.

\'... they weren\'t necessarily from the previous life either.\'

Thinking of Enbi Arin, Hansoo smiled bitterly.

He didn\'t want to lose the people close to him this time either.

However, he lost too many this time around as well.

Seeing Hansoo like this, Clementine smiled.

"I had heard that you lost your memories. But, don\'t you think the differences are too vast? No matter how… even if you perchance returned from the future.

It wasn\'t just the difference in combat ability.

If the Hansoo prior was a bad-tempered teenager, the Hansoo now had the face of an old man who had experienced all sorts of hardships.

From Clementine\'s remark, Hansoo smiled.

"You\'re quick-witted.

"It isn\'t hard to recognize when it\'s that blatantly obvious."

Clementine coldly smiled.

It was the guy that had been such a nuisance to him so far.

Naturally, he had gathered information about him by all means.

Since he had played such a large role at a huge scale, none of the people coming up from downstairs weren\'t aware of him.

Of course, there were many empty rumors and malicious talk regarding him, but they were normally the ones that had watched him from afar and had not met him face-to-face.

The majority were like that, but there were a few that were actively close to him.

He used the information he gathered and combined them, which led to a single conclusion.

<it doesn\'t="" make="" sense.="">

The actions at the start did not add up to the actions and motives in recent times.

His goals were too clear and direct to be simply working to become solely strong.

It was a goal that one should never have if he had ended up in this world.

No, he could understand if it led up to that point.

It would be understandable if you had insisted that an 8th Grader that fell into this strange world dreamed of saving humanity. He could also understand if the guy knew secrets and myths that others should never have known, and defeat the disastrous monsters that seemed impossible at first glance with his amazing supernatural strength.

His talent was superior to Keldian, and his tolerance was better than Eres, with better luck than Kangtae.

In fact, it was almost impossible to hold all three qualities in one body, but he would not refute if this was somehow maintained.

However, he was never convinced of one event.

When he had overcome the Transcendent Wall, the day when the borders of the Otherworld had collapsed and a huge elevator was stuck in the sky, he reportedly gave a number of warnings to all the Adventurers as if he was showing mercy to them who would be thrown into chaos before disappearing.

It was something that no matter how much of a genius one was, it was one that he should have never known.

To have a detailed report on the weaknesses of those who haven\'t even shown up yet. There was only one way to explain this phenomenon.

\'If he had returned from the future to the past.\'

This alone explained everything that hadn\'t added up so far.

This wasn\'t a thought that only he could have.

However, the majority of the people would believe it to be utter nonsense and skip by that thought.

Although they were in a fantasy-like world, the notion of time-travel was something even more ridiculous.

He knew there were illusions and fantasies that were impossible in an illusion.

However, Clementine himself was different.

"While others might think of this as ridiculous… with how these existences are present, what problem is there to think like this?"

Clementine mumbled while he looked around.

Neropa, the great race that had folded time and space, penetrating to the core of life itself.

He wasn\'t sure how far from the future the guy had returned from, but if he had met races of similar standards in the future, it wouldn\'t be strange for him to find a means to return to the past.

From Clementine\'s words, Hansoo smiled.

"Then, you should be scared, right? You don\'t know what kind of schemes I\'ve prepared then."

Clementine belittled that remark.

"If everything was possible from simply returning to the past… I would have been stricken in fear."


The word that defined a God.

However, the guy was not to that extent.

Even if he returned from the future, he did not know everything, nor could he do everything even if he were to know.

That was how the current situation was at.

The 20-year gap that had been existent between him and the guy had been shortened rightfully by the guy that had returned from the future.

Yet, the result was like this.

He was still alive and the guy in front was stumbling.

Thirteen unknown existences had fought against him, and he had defeated all of them with his and Noah\'s power, burying them somewhere below.

Now, Hansoo was the only one left.

Just because he had regained his memories didn\'t mean that he regained his strength.

Seeing Clementine like this, Hansoo nodded.

"You\'re certainly right."


Even now, the guy\'s strength was increasing steadily.

The energy of the Red Jades that had settled below was increasing relentlessly.

The Thirteen Demons that had appeared before him had fought Clementine, but they had merely tired him out.

The gap between Clementine and his power was still widening.

It was then…


A translucent panel emerged around Clementine and Hansoo.

As Hansoo frowned looking at the screen showing the scene outside, Clementine spoke with a smile.

"If you weren\'t here, all those people from the Lower Zones would have already died off."

Seeing the endless waves of people coming in, Clementine smiled.

Noah, a white moon high in the air.

More than tens of millions of Adventurers were flocking towards Noah.

<hey! let\'s="" go!="" let\'s="" go="" destroy="" it!="">

At the forefront revealed the appearances of Hosang and Dell Marcus.

Besides them, there was Kiriel who had a worried expression, and there were a few familiar faces that he was happy to see around.

All of these were the people that he had formed relationships with after returning to the past.

Those Adventurers, that were armed faithfully, were marching with determined looks on their faces.

These were the troops that had grown travelling through the lands that Hansoo had cleaned up, whose strengths were increased thanks to the arms Hansoo had obtained.

Each one of them, who were capable of destroying mountains, covering large distances by crossing through the sky, were flocking towards them.

It was a scene that was hard to witness, and he should feel reassured seeing the level of military force that was coming to help him, but there was only a heavy look on Hansoo\'s face.

"Well? You think that will suffice?"

Seeing Hansoo shake his head, Clementine smiled and spoke.

"Precisely. You definitely know a lot as someone coming from the future."

This place was the interior of Noah, a location that was made with the purpose of creating a resident space.

This was why it was impossible to exert any more force, and why Hansoo was holding up his own against him.

But, if it was outside, the story would be completely different.

Originally, Noah was created with the intention of being a weapon.

At the same time…


The outer surface of Noah began to change roughly.

The white surface that was wrapped in blue light strangely curled before soon beginning to change shape.

Thorns arose from the smooth surface, changing its shape to that of a sea urchin.

Once upon a time, there was a giant organism that was in charge of the Fifth Zone. There were giant cannons that were on the surface of the Nelkipas.

Noah\'s surface was changing relentlessly, forming hundreds to thousands of artillery pieces.

The Red Jades soon began to infuse energy mercilessly towards the hundreds of thousands of cannons.


Now, there were 9 Red Jades that was spiralling and were charged up, emanating heat.

With just a few shots, it was enough to dry up a sea and change the surface of the planet. It can make a continent become a desert, and more of these cannons were enough to destroy planets.

Hundreds of thousands of these cannon-like pieces were shining.

The goal was clear.

It was aimed towards the approaching army.

Clementine, who was preparing for the fireworks that would soon unfold, looked at Hansoo and laughed.

"All for nothing? The others had endured and helped up for so long… yet it only takes a moment for them to disappear."

It didn\'t even take long.

The moment Noah\'s self-defense system, which had been dormant for a long time, was ready to play its part, those approaching Adventures will disappear into a handful of ash.

No, it wouldn\'t be a handful because there were so many. Perhaps, there will be an unnatural ash storm here in Zone 7.


Clementine, watching the Red Jades charging up, spoke.

"Stay right there. It will be a firework show that will be hard to see anywhere else."

At the same time…



The Exinium soared from the ground and wrapped around Hansoo\'s body to ensure that he couldn\'t turn his head and look straight at the screen.


Clementine, who was watching the Red Jades getting brighter, looked at Hansoo with a look of relief.

"Since I\'m sparing your life, you don\'t mind if I ask you a question. You returned from the future. How was I over there?"

From those words, Hansoo laughed.

"You indeed succeeded, Most of mankind had fallen into your hands."

"As expected."

Clementine smiled with a pleased look on his face when he heard it.

However, Hansoo smiled and opened his mouth again towards Clementine.

"And you died. While you were trying to stop us from riding Noah, you died in my hands."


At Hansoo\'s words, Clementine\'s smile disappeared and remained silent. Hansoo, looking at Clementine, spoke.

"I have a wish. Are Eres and Keldian alive? Oh, and Kangtae too."

"... you seem to be close with them?"

"I was. I was wondering if I could see their faces."

After contemplating momentarily, Clementine nodded with a smile.

"I will show you a little later. I do have some time once these fireworks are over.

Hansoo laughed bitterly at Clementine\'s words.

"How unfortunate."

"What\'s unfortunate?"

From Clementine\'s question, Hansoo quietly smiled.

"I wanted to see their faces once."

As long as they were alive, that was enough.

Once he finished here, everything would return back to normal.

\'It was a good time.\'

The demons were about to start waking up.

If this time passed, there would be no second chance.

Hansoo, who made his decision, smiled at Clementine frightfully cold.

"You seem to like fireworks… let me show you one."

At the same time…

The last seed that was fixed in his chest cracked before beginning to rip open.