Reincarnator - Chapter 471 Descent 3

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Huge amounts of insect clouds began to pour out from Hansoo\'s body.

The endless red-colored fungi waves of Pandemic Blade resembled that of a swarm of locusts that brought disasters.

No, it was beyond that.

Normally, locusts would only eat up plants, but the power of Mormat, which poured out of Hansoo\'s body, wasn\'t limited to that.

If they were in the real world, they could chew buildings and penetrate through aircraft carriers. There were hundreds of millions of them.

With the power of Pandemic Blade surrounding the locusts, five minutes was all he needed to erase a city.

However, despite being able to wield such power, Hansoo\'s expression wasn\'t that great. To be exact, it was Mormat\'s expression who was occupying Hansoo\'s body.

\'I\'m… at my limit.\'


Mormat muttered as he watched his army being reduced at an alarming rate.

It wasn\'t just the insect cloud that swept around the vicinity. The entire area was covered in a delicate, blue haze. The moment the bugs and Pandemic Blade collided with the blue-and-white fog…


There were sparks relentlessly erupting around.

This was from an explosion caused by the enormous collision of the white energy.

Even if they were small, the enormous power of the explosions held within the skills were immeassurable.

Each time, there were thousands of these shockwaves resonating throughout the room.

As a result, his army was decreasing at a rapid rate. Even though this fog was quickly exhausting his energy, everytime the Red Jades from below activated, it had caused him extra pressure.

\'I thought it had ended already. What a disgrace.\'


Along with the large explosion, his abilities and skills were constantly being cut down. A fragment of his power alone would be more than enough to destroy a country. His current contractor was quite strong this time, so he was able to bring a lot of shards, but he was in this state.

It was so bad that he was somewhat regretting belittling Barmamut earlier who was sent down into the Abyss below.

\'... Damn. I can\'t. If he were to die, I don\'t know when I\'ll be able to come up again.\'


Mormat, who began to reveal all of his remaining powers, muttered.

The Underworld.

Others might regard this place as a hell, but it was a neighborhood that was hundred to a thousand times better than the Abyss.

Moreover, those who were as heavy as themselves needed a truly strong contractor for them to ascend to this place.

The vague ones would burst into pieces if they were to bring one Strenght Shard from below.

However, those that were capable of summoning themselves were already in a position near God.

Of course, it was nothing for them to request and beg to sign a contract for such an opportunity had come to them.

It was a strength that was able to carry thirteen of their strengths, and it was one that was born with Transcendence.

They couldn\'t understand why a man who could eat and live well enough by his one would crawl into such dangerous predicaments that required their help, but one thing was important.

If they were to properly catch him, they would have the right to roam around the worlds freely, breaking some of the limitations that God had restricted them in the Abyss.

In other words, the shortcut that led directly to the present world could be breached.

\'I definitely… have to raise this guy!\'

However, that was Mormat\'s last thought.


In the white fog far away, a large spear roared through it before rushing straight at Mormat, causing a loud explosion as the ground caved in.


Mormat gnashed his teeth as he used his soul to absorb the shock.

\'I must… protect this guy\'s body!\'

Since he had to use all his power, he had to extract not only fragments of his souls, but also forward his consciousness as well.

He could feel that his consciousness was being blurred from the recent blow.

Mormat, who felt his consciousness being sucked back into the depths of the Abyss, looked at the other one waiting to come and take his seat.

Then of them had fainted and were thrown into the Abyss, and now only three of them were left.

However, Clementine\'s momentum and strength had also faltered in the meantime.

They could do at least this much.

\'You bastard… if I see you at the Abyss later on, I will make sure to pay you back fully.\'

Mormat who was burning with anger seeing Clementine soon began to sink deep into the Abyss.




With the incessant roars coming from behind, Belphegor looked at the subordinate that was guiding him.

"... you found him fainted here?"



Belphegor swallowed back as he looked at all the men lying on the floor.

They seem to have been knocked out by single blows.

They were all 3-Stars that had received the power of the patterns. It was a little too much for him to knock them all down at once as well. This meant that the fellow was stronger than he was currently.

\'At least 5-Star.\'

After a moment\'s thought, Belphegor found the trail.

The intruder, who was in such a rush that he didn\'t bother to erase his tracks, stretched far into the hallway.

\'If he were this strong, he would be able to ensure that he wasn\'t trailed or tracked.\'

After contemplating momentarily, he saw Arentel and the other subordinates before shouting.

"Gather everyone."

"Are you thinking of chasing?"

Belphegor shook his head from Arentel\'s words.

"That\'s enough. Let\'s leave."

Something didn\'t feel right.

It wasn\'t because of the deafening roars that was becoming larger.

He had already turned his attention away from that battle in the first place.

Something more fundamental was going wrong.

\'Yes. We have to leave.\'

Finally, Belphegor was able to dismiss his last hopes.

He needed to realize that if he were to try and devour something too big, it would result in his own belly bursting to his death.

And now, he finally knew that this fight, the events that were ongoing in this ship, was not the place for people like them to be involved in.

In this kind of unknown situation, if he were to scheme against those that were unimaginably powerful, it would be no less than driving him and his men to death from his own greed.

"... Are we really leaving?"

Belphegor gritted his teeth and yelled at Arentel\'s questioning attitude.

"Yes! We need to leave! Why are you keep asking?"

Arentel shrugged his shoulder from his words.

"Well. That would be complicated."

"... What?"

Belphegor frowned at Arentel\'s words who began to quietly mutter.

"Then… it\'s complicated. Why don\'t you understand?"

All of a sudden, a dangerous arua began to creep up from Arentel\'s body.

It was full of murderous aura.

Seeing this, Belphegor clenched his teeth.

\'This guy is truly crazy.\'

He acted before he thought.

The murderous aura radiating from him signalled that he wasn\'t going to let him live.


Belphegor immediately swung his blade straight down to Arentel\'s face.

No, to be exact, he was going to be hit.


Belphegor\'s sword and Arentel\'s spear intertwined as cracking sounds were heard.

Belphegor was shocked at the high tenacity that could be felt from the end of his blade.

\'When did this guy?!\'

It wasn\'t surprising that this guy would bear his fangs since he was always wary of him.

However, despite him being wary of him, he never felt that he had improved his abilities to this extent.

\'Unbelievable! He never ate any crystals!\'

There wasn\'t a scenario where he ingested crystals once he entered the ship.

There was only one reason why he became so strong.

The tattoo.


Belphegor gritted his teeth seeing the red tattoo shining on Arentel.

\'... He was a bit earlier than me, but for him to get this strong?!\'

That didn\'t make sense either.

It was then…

"This guy was more greedier than you, so he\'s been eroding quicker. Not everyone was as suspicious as you were."


The grotesque voice that began to flow out of Arentel\'s mouth gave Belphegor a look of disbelief.

\'This guy… isn\'t Arentel!\'

The shocked Belphegor shouted to the vicinity.

"Attack this guy!\'

Though they were being pushed back, if the others helped, the story would change.

However, the answer to Belphegor\'s cry was not a reply, but a sharp thrust of a blade.



\'... how come?!\'

The moment Belphegor vomited out blood after seeing the attack struck him from behind…



Riding this momentum, Arentel, or the one that had occupied Arentel\'s body, without hesitation smacked Belphegor away and laughed.

"Like I said, not everyone was as suspicious as you were.

From his words, Belphegor despaired looking around his surroundings.

Mitsumoto, Karnan. Elise.

Everyone except him was smiling, including Arentel.

It was creepy seeing everyone with the same smiles on their faces.

Arendel smiled seeing Belphegor in such a state.

"Empty yourself. You will now be comfortable.

At the same time…


Something began to rise up from deep within him, bumping against his own consciousness. It was like a parasite that had been growing in his head before growing up and eating away all of his brain.

In the midst of his consciousness disappearing in an instant, Belphegor mumbled despondently.

\'Of course… there\'s no such thing as a free meal.\'

After a while…

Belphegor rose from his seat and looked around.

It wasn\'t a look of despair, but a face with a smile.

"... so you\'ve succeeded.."

After feeling his own body, Belphegor looked to be impressed.

Arentel opened his mouth to Belphegor.

"You can be impressed later. We need to move now."

From his words, Belphegor frowned before soon nodding.

"There\'s a rat."

There was someone that dared to touch Noah\'s central core, which should be theirs.

\'There\'s not one, but two rats.\'


Hearing the large roars from far away, Belphegor soon turned his body.

It was towards the direction where the trespasser was located at the core, and not towards the scene of the battle this body had seen.

\'That direction… should be handled by itself.\'

He didn\'t think he needed to give it much thought.

"Let\'s go."



Adventurers that were scattered throughout Noah began to gather in the direction of the core.




A moan of discontent erupted from Hansoo\'s mouth who was on the floor.

It was the voice of the last demon, Kekirodan.

\'If I were to faint… this would be troublesome. The contract…\'

However, he had already poured too much consciousness to do that.

\'Well. Hopefully nothing much will happen… in this short gap.

It was very temporary.

Kekirodan who was mumbling inside for the last time was dragged back to the depths of the Abyss, causing Hansoo\'s body to droop like a doll for a very short time.



Hansoo who spat out a breath rose from his seat, stepping on the ground.

He had returned to his original consciousness with the disappearance of the demon.

Clementine gradually sank forward seeing such a Hansoo.


Seeing Clementine come down with a roar, Hansoo briefly spoke.

"To knock all thirteen of them, you\'re truly amazing."

"You\'ve worked hard."

Seeing Clementine like this, Hansoo asked with a deeper, different voice from earlier.

"So. How was I with my lost memories?"

The demons that had chained up his memories were relieved, causing the contract to loosen.

Hansoo, who was frantically reminiscing about all the memories that rose from below, smiled at Clementine.