Reincarnator - Chapter 470 Descent 2

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Barmamunt, who watched the waves of attacks rush toward him, smiled slightly.

The others had clamored crazily to come out, but he had come out.

He really couldn\'t stand being curious.

"It\'s quite extraordinary that this is a world played around"

It had been a long time since he had come out like this aside from when they first signed the contract.

Back then, he had to go in quickly since he was bound by the leash due to the guy\'s collateral of his own life. This was due to the strict agreement of the contract.

\'I should at least pay for the meal before I go, right?\'

The moment Barmamunt smiled coldly…


Hansoo\'s body began to turn black in front of the attacks. The moment dozens of white spears flew right over Hansoo\'s dark, black colored armor…


A chilling rupture filled the entire area.

The spears that should have penetrated Hansoo were dragged into a strange space inside the armor being chewed upon by something.

The power of binging.

His black-colored body was sucking all the white fluid that had been injected into it and was being chewed upon without hesitation, destroying the blades of the spears.

The blue and white spears, filled with the energy that could destroy this ship, was being broken apart with a thud inside the blackened surface by thousands of white fangs nestled within.

"Whew. Nice."

Barmamunt smiled as he chewed upon all the attacks aimed at him.

When he had descended in the past, he wasn\'t able to make these holes of binge in the body, but this time it was different.

He was able to surround his body with his own power.

It was then…

Clementine, who was listening to something in his ear, looked at Hansoo and spoke, "Barmamunt?"

Barmamunt flinched when he was called.

A human could never possibly know his name.

It was understandable that Hansoo knew his name because he had come from the future, but ordinary creatures shouldn\'t even be aware of his existence.

\'Don\'t tell me he\'s…?\'

But as he watched Clementine with his eyes squinted, Barmamunt shook his head because he realized.

\'He was taught.\'

He was taught by the presence synonymous with him. It was certain that the presence must have told him about himself. After concluding his thoughts, Barmumunt looked around the space with an intrigued expression.

If someone were to know him, who had settled deep in the Abyss, it had to be one that had at least descended down below.

However, the fact that a substitute that was left behind of this civilization and not even the original creator was to know about him, it meant that civilization knew about him.

But, he had never heard of such a civilization or a race like that before.

\'Oh, wait a minute…? I think I may have heard of it before.\'

But, as far as he knew, that race had been extinct a long time ago.

The moment Barmamunt was about to frown…


The Red Jades down below were exploding, sending out heat.

At the same time, the energy surrounding Clementine\'s body swelled up.


In a split second, white fluid grew thickly around his body as Clementine smiled at Hansoo.

"How does it feel to be on the defensive because of the guys you had saved?"

As if he felt like he had ample time, he stopped attacking and attempted to start a conversation with the guys snooping around in the corner with a look of ridicule.

Though they had thought that the two of them would not be able to notice them because they were fighting, that was truly wishful thinking.

The strength that Hansoo and himself possessed was above what they imagined.

He knew already that they were snooping around. However, the fact that they hadn\'t died already despite him knowing was because keeping them alive would help himself.

This was in order for him to block Hansoo and stop him from reaching there. The more registrants there were active, the more Noah\'s power was activated.

The moment the guys absorbed the remnants of power, the number of registrants increased, which allowed Noah\'s power to awaken the remaining functions according to the number of connections in conjunction.

If Hansoo had not spared the Transcendents on the lower floors, these guys would not have survived after reaching this place, and Noah would not be as activated as it currently was.

From Clementine\'s words, Barmamunt shrugged his shoulders.

"Your thoughts are truly similar to mine."

He thought it was better for garbage to die as well.

All life had three possibilities.

The possibility to be useful, the possibility to be useless, and the possibility to be a hindrance.

In his experience, it was very tiring to keep the second and third possibilities open in the potential of being the first possibility.

There were so many things to pay attention to, and when the situation was drastic or urgent, they would all run away like a herd.

There couldn\'t be anyone more useless than those who try to backstab or escape by running away when a crisis came before them.

\'It may be the same for the Abyss I live in.\'

Clementine spoke to Barmamunt, "It\'s better to protect my hands, eyes, and strength that I can control. You just dragged people up here that you couldn\'t even control, which is why you\'re in that state."

Eres was better in that respect.

He did not even intend to manage or lead people but referred to keeping them alive and giving them strength in his own stubborn way.

It was no wonder why he ended up in such a state.

It was then…

Barmamunt shrugged his shoulders.

"But, there\'s no reason for us to fight? This guy had lost his memory… And there\'s no particular reason for us to be like this."

If it was the former Hansoo, it may be different, but the current Hansoo who had lost his memory didn\'t have any particular will to save the others.

From the 6th Zone onwards, he had simply fought together because of the situation. However, from the 7th Zone onwards, he had stormed in here with the intention of attacking first before he got attacked.

"Let\'s talk it out," Barmamunt muttered.

Unfortunately, the situation was not very good.

If he found out, he would definitely run rampant, so he had to talk it out while his consciousness had descended.

\'What a funny guy. What belief did he had to give me total control?\'

Barmamunt laughed.

Unfortunately, his wishes were similar with Hansoo, but it was slightly different.

He must have wanted to see him fight Clementine to a bloody state and destroy the one in front of him. The guy must have wanted to see his opponent be crushed and bleeding. However, he wanted to see him alive for a long time no matter what happens to him. Only then would they be more likely to collect the prize of the contract.

\'Self-destruction… Seriously, what the hell is this Administrator, this crazy lunatic, thinking to give this?\'

Self-Destruction was a taboo.

Clementine shook his head at his words.

"You are of no use to me. You are no different than being a complete bomb."

Whether it was the Soul Shard, the Power of the Monarch, or the nature of the contract, all kinds of power that controlled an opponent basically required one condition—a person must be stronger than his or her opponent.

If there was not much difference in strength between one\'s self and the opponent, the control would weaken, and if the situation was reversed, the control itself would be destroyed or released.

But, here came the dilemma.

The only thing useful from a man who had lost his memory was his physical prowess. What if he controlled him by suppressing his strength? He would be of no use.

It was just having another one of him.

His core strength was from Noah, not of his own background. Therefore, the speed and growth rate at which he could grow stronger could instantly allow him to overwhelm him eventually.

Then, it would be a complete disaster.

If he were to put a bomb next to him that was difficult to control, he would pay the price.

"I will make you explode here right now."

To send a bomb away in a bomb-like fashion, all would be worth it when he exploded beautifully.

Seeing Clementine staring at him, Barmamunt clicked his tongue.

\'This is getting annoying.\'

After trying to have an easier time, it felt like he could hear Hansoo\'s voice belittling him in his head.

Come to think of it, there was no way that Hansoo would not have known about this.

The guy knew that compatibility was impossible.

\'Looks like I\'ll have to use all my resources.\'

Barmamunt clenched his hand with that thought in mind.

At the same time…


Inside the black, dyed armor, black snakes began to crawl out. These were the pets that he raised.


These were the cute pets that ate everything, perfectly compatible with him.

Of course, in his eyes, they might be household pets, but if he were to release one of them, a normal world would basically enter an apocalypse.

If he had released one of these snakes at Hansoo and Clementine\'s original world, their whole world would be wiped out without a single blade of grass.

He had nineteen of them.

\'Damn… How regrettable.\'


Seeing the crying Greeds, Barmamunt had a regrettable expression.

He, who was sent up by the human, could struggle and hold on before descending back down, but if his pets were to die here, they would die.

Furthermore, from his perspective… It was possible that all of them would die here.

No, it was certain that they wouldn\'t last long before bouncing off since this location was the home stadium of that guy.


Barmamunt, who was staring at Clementine, relentlessly built up his momentum while gritting his teeth.

\'How have matters come to this?\'

The other 12 demons that were watching through Hansoo\'s body on standby by turn had dumbfounded looks, staring at Barmamunt.

If he were to lose, he would be the one that would die, yet they were more nervous. The acclaimed losers of the Abyss were standing in line on standby to fight the human before them for the sake of this human.

This was a great humiliation among humiliations.

They never knew that a contract that they had signed with lightheartedness would become such a mess.

However, now that it had come to this point, they could no longer pull out since they had already invested up to this point. The harvest was just around the corner. They had to use everything they had to defeat the person in front of them.

\'Damned bastard. I will never allow you to self-explode.\'

To begin with, the guy had said that he would never use the Soul Explosion Seed.

However, there was one definite scenario where he would have no choice but to use the Soul Explosion Seed.

It was when he would die if he didn\'t use it.

If he were to die if he didn\'t use it, what point was there for him to conserve it?

With the contract that they had signed, they would never allow such a scenario to unfold.

\'If everything works out… We could obtain the Administrator\'s seed.\'

There were a few priceless beings in the Abyss that were entitled to rule over the worlds that God had made.

Barmamunt, recollecting about the fairy, coldly smiled and shouted loudly, "Then… go die!"

At the same time…


The 19 Greeds rushed out from Hansoo\'s body who was running without hesitation before colliding violently against Clementine.




\'... It seems I had not realized the situation.\'

After seeing the battle unfold before him, Belphegor looked despondent as he saw the collision between the blue-and-white presence that was pumping energy tirelessly against the red-black one that kept on changing form and running.

\'There\'s no end. No end.\'

He had thought he was losing, but he had never thought he was hiding such a card.

This wasn\'t a place for him to intervene.

The moment Belphegor, who had a despondent look on his face, was about to turn away, he saw a Transcendent rush over toward him from far away.

The subordinate that was sent out to scout quietly spoke, "We don\'t need support. Let us get out of here…"

"There seems to be another intruder. He\'s... extremely strong."


Belphegor frowned.


"Found it," Sangjin muttered as he saw the bead shining a bright blue light.

This was the core facility of the large Noah.

This was the core element that had now incorporated itself with Clementine. The reason why Sangjin knew what this blue bead was about was simple.

These blue beads were the traces of the owners of the Soul Shards, who were sleeping in their bodies.

\'The Savior\'s… Shard.\'

Sangjin carefully stretched out his hand toward the fragment.