Reincarnator - Chapter 469 Descent 1

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The people uttered strange groans.

An unidentified power was flowing through them from the engraved tattoos on the necks. As if their body had just equipped Relics, their mana was accelerating as it was rising to a new height.

What they had gained so far was indeed great, but they didn\'t realize that this kind of potential had been hidden.

So, it wasn\'t weird that people were shouting exclamations of admiration and shock.

Seeing these people, Arentel cried in a loud voice.

"Ahaha! See?! Look how great, it is? It\'s amazing."

Arentel looked at Belphegor.

"So, how is it? Do you think that we still need to investigate and wait?"


From Arentel\'s words, Belphegor swallowed.

The power that was flowing through their body was too sweet to tell himself that it was worth deleting.

It was a power that recalibrated the body, skills and artifacts that he was using and bring out the hidden potential to its best condition.

He couldn\'t deny that it wasn\'t powerful. It hasn\'t been that long since he obtained this power, yet it made the clanky Relics in his body make it as if they were a part of his body like hands and feet since he was born.

It was a heightened awakening of the whole body.

By erasing this patter, the power in his body would disappear and he would revert back to his dense, dull body.

If he wasn\'t aware of this feeling, then there may be some doubt, but after knowing this kind of feeling, could he live in content reverting back to his original condition?

Belphegor was not confident.

Arentel, who was looking at Belphegor\'s expression, grinned.

"Belphegor, let\'s face it. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance for us."


Arentel nodded at Belphegor\'s words.

"Yes. Chance. This is a chance for us, no for you to take full control of this land."

"... you mean?"

Arentel nodded from Belphegor\'s narrowed expression to his words.

"To be honest… I have to admit. I am quite ignorant so I am not capable of managing people or leading them. I mean, I could do it, but I don\'t want to. That would be quite a headache to deal with. If someone like me was at the head, it would be a relief if a knife wasn\'t stabbed into my back while I\'m sleeping."

Belphegor nodded at his remark.

These kinds of events had occurred numerous times in the past.

Tyrants with great authority were much more likely to lose their necks from the inside, not the outside.

It was no wonder that Arentel who is greedy and violent would possibly be backstabbed.

Arentel looked at Belphegor and continued.

"However, you\'re not like that, right? Don\'t you think it\'s worth a try as long as you possess that strength?"

"Yes. If I have the strength…"

Belphegor nodded once more.


In the end, he had great desires to stand on top of the people, and he had excellent persuasion and political skills to deal with people. In the end, the most important key to this damned world was power and control.

The reason why they were unable to stand at the top was for one reason.

They did not have overwhelming power.

However, it was now possible for them to possess that power.

It may not be perfect, but it was more than sufficient for them to take the initiative.

\'If we were to monopolize this power….\'

It would be sufficient for them to take the initiative and take control of those who were coming up from the elevator.

However, Belphegor soon shook his head.

"What nonsense. Didn\'t you see those guys? There\'s not one, but two of them."

Belphegor muttered in a weak voice as he mentioned the men who had disappeared under the hole.

Indeed, their power was certainly great. With this power, even the captured John Stone would be crushed. However, those guys from before were on a completely different realm.

At least one stage. No, those two had at least more than two stages of power between them.

They were the ones that had broken the barrier of 6-Star.

\'... I have no confidence to win.\'

Belphegor muttered helplessly.

Arentel with a frustrated expression spoke.

"Hey, you old man. Stop thinking so complicated. You should be relieved it\'s only two of them."


"A while ago,.. They were fighting at almost even terms. Then, no matter who wins, the other person will be in a total wreck."

Belphegor\'s expression slowly loosened from Arentel\'s words.

Seeing that Belphegor was agreeing with him, Arentel continued his words with excitement.

"You could try and take control of this giant structure while they are busy fighting. Well… earlier I heard that this was some sort of spaceship. Then, there must be a cockpit while the two men are fighting…"

Before Arentel could even finish his words, Belphegor sprang up from his place.

"Let\'s move. We\'ll separate into teams."

This was not the time for them to dawdle around.

If they were going to do this, they needed to be sure. A part of them will move to gather information and intel about Noah while the two are fighting, while the rest will observe the fight between the two monsters in order for them to achieve their objective.

Seeing Belphegor like this, Arentel laughed.

"Very good."



Hundreds of Adventurers with red tattoos on their necks began to split apart from the group and descended through Noah\'s interior which had been drilled through by the fight between the two monsters.

The person that was leading the charge to observe the fight between the two men was Belphegor since it would be very troubling for his subordinates to try and observe. At times like this, if he didn\'t take the lead, no one would acknowledge him.

\'Yes. It\'s right that I\'m the one that should go.\'

With his newfound strength, it shouldn\'t be too difficult to observe and retreat.

He was also personally curious which of the two would win.

No matter who wins, his actions were predetermined.

\'Let\'s go.\'

Taking a deep breath, Belphegor accelerated down the tunnel. It wasn\'t difficult to find them since he just had to go through the penetrated tunnels.

Before long…



Upon arriving in the space filled with shockwaves and roars, Belphegor swallowed.

It was literally the scene of a great fight.

The ominous energy that was being emanated by the black space was being ripped apart by the collision of the two.

<kill your="" presence.="">

Seeing this scene unfold, Belphegor gave orders to those behind him and breathed out thinly before beginning to camouflage their presence.

\'It\'s… close? No, is one side being pushed back? If one side is being pushed back, this is complicated.\'

Belpehgor muttered, watching the scene of dark red energy collide with the black and blue.



The silver-colored sword with the shape of thunder fell from the top to bottom.

At the same time…


The sky near the core of the expanded room was being ripped apart by the trajectory of the blade, heading straight at Hansoo.



A large roar shook out as it collided with the shield Hansoo was holding.


Clementine jokingly attacked a few more times seeing Hansoo being pushed back with his silver sword.

Whenever he raised the silver blade in his hand, the air was cracking before falling towards him like a meteorite.

Hansoo had to receive all of these shocks.



Hansoo frowned blocking the attacks with his hammer and axe.

\'He\'s getting stronger.\'

Normally, you should be exhausted the more you attack. However, he was getting livelier. There was only one phenomenon that could explain this. It was the Red Jades that were slowly beginning to shine.

The moment Hansoo looked over at the 18 Red Jades…

"How is it? It\'s nice, isn\'t it?"

Clementine, who stopped attacking for a while, smiled at Hansoo. As if he had met a rival worth fighting against, it was a voice without much hatred.

Hansoo grinned as he listened to the voice of the man who he was unaware whether it was a tone of elegance that he was innately born with or confidence.

"This is clearly worth seeing."

The 18 Red Suns were swirling beneath their feet. The Red Jades were orbing, as if they had been stimulated by something, spreading a bright red light across the room.

It was a picturesque sight.

He had never seen such a sight in his previous life.

His interruption had prevented Noah from operating, and in that time, the invasion of the Abyss completely destroyed Noah itself.

It was the first time for him to look deep into Noah as well.

The only problem was that he was not in a great situation.


As each Red Sun activated, the energy that was in Clementine\'s body was gradually building up.

The greatest source of strength that he had was the energy supplied to him by Noah.

As Noah\'s own energy was being activated, his available energy supply itself was going up as well.

Seeing Hansoo like this, Hansoo smiled.

"Surrender. It\'s over now."

As time passed, he would grow stronger.

However, Hansoo was different.

As time passed, he would grow more and more tired.

Hansoo smiled from his words.

"So… I intend to finish this before then."

\'With this, I should be able to use it.\'

He wasn\'t thinking of playing along for anything.

Seeing that the Immortal Soul having recovered his body and mana to some extent, Hansoo uttered a brief word.

"Come out."

The voice was too quiet and brief for the curious Clementine to hear.

If someone were to see this, they might consider him a madman.

However, surprisingly, a response came out from Hansoo\'s words inside.

<you\'re going="" to="" use="" it?="">

It was an empty word.

As Hansoo nodded at his quest, the presence inside, Barmamunt spoke in a calm voice.

<you know="" right?="" if="" one="" of="" us="" were="" to="" descend,="" you="" will="" never="" be="" able="" to="" use="" that="" power="" again.="">

It was the power of one of the Thirteen Demons.

First, if he were to descend, in compensation, he would never be able to use the demon\'s power again.

Hansoo chuckled from his remark.

"Once I win, I don\'t need to use your power again. Come out."


The moment the conversation ended…


Changes began to take place in Hansoo\'s body.

The balance of red, gold and black energy that had been harmoniously mixed was being shattered as the strong energy quickly caused the entire body to be dyed in black.

It wasn\'t just black, but a sticky black that looked like it would suck you in the moment you put your eyes upon it.

His murderous aura and lust for combat increased.

Feeling this change, he whispered out one final remark.

"Fight hard or else your precious contractor will be gone."

That was his last sentence.

From the drastic transformation, Hansoo\'s expression began to turn bizarrely.

The playfulness that had remained at the end had disappeared and was replaced with cruelty.


A short word came from Hansoo\'s changed face.

"Look who\'s talking."

Hansoo, no Barmamunt, that muttered in his voice coldly laughed.