Reincarnator - Chapter 468 Fateful Encounter 3

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\'What the hell is it now?\'

Belphegor muttered as he saw the unidentified energy flow through in his body endlessly.

It was unfamiliar, yet familiar at the same time.

The unfamiliar feeling was natural since he had never seen it before, but he felt acquainted with it at the same time. There was only one reason. This strange energy was constantly penetrating into his body to try and fuse with him. No, to be exact, it was trying to dig up the six areas inside his body.

The Six Legacies of the Six Zones.

Five if the World Tree was excluded.

Body Enhancement, Mana Pool, Spirit, Red Jade, and the Dragon God Armor.

Belphegor frowned seeing the faint energy continuing to intrude like a cogwheel that was in a loop as if it was trying to show off its presence.

The problem wasn\'t that the energy was heterogeneous to his.

Rather, it was the opposite.

It was coalescing well with his. It was trying to say as if it was the last remaining part that was needed for the circulation in his body.

No, it wasn\'t just mixing well with his.


As the smoke continued to flow through the blood vessels mixed with the Dragon God Armor, the output of the energy increased with the armor, becoming thicker.

With the assimilation with the Spirit, the ability to assimilate increased and helped the cycle of the Mana Pool.

This was why Belphegor couldn\'t get rid of this strange, yet familiar feeling.

The amount of smoke that he allowed into his body was just a tiny fraction of the amount that came from the tattoo of the body. Yet, the power and influence it had on his body were amplified to this extent.

What if he were to absorb all of the smoke that he had rejected so far from the tattoo?

Belphegor, who swallowed his saliva, shook his head.

\'Wake up. There\'s no such thing as a free meal.\'

It was ominously sweet.

Besides, there were still too many things he didn\'t know of.

No, to be exact, he didn\'t know much.

Under these circumstances, if he were to ingest more of it, he wasn\'t sure what kind of side-effects might appear in his body.

\'I need to control the others.\'

The moment Belphegor got up from his place after concluding his thoughts…


Far away, a great rush of energy began to flow out from one of the corpses.



The surprised warriors got up from organizing their equipment and watched the sudden explosion of energy as if they were worried that a new enemy had appeared.

However, contrary to the situation, the man in red armor was crying out in glee, shouting, "This is awesome. Mwahahaha! What the hell! It\'s amazing!"

Seeing the man, Belphegor frowned.


He was a man of great ability and high fighting power, but he was full of greed who was quite thoughtless.

He was useful to use as a pawn, someone that was uncomfortable to keep too far away and dangerous to keep too close. This was why he had watched it at an ample distance.

Although he was a 4-Star Transcendent, his energy was now soaring beyond comparison.

Belphegor could easily guess the catalyst for this cause.


"Hey! What kind of meal is this?!"

The energy from the red tattoo on the neck of the corpse was strengthening his entire body.

The spirit surrounding his body was visibly clear, as the red mana that was flowing out of his armor seemed like the sun before sunset.

Seeing this, Belphegor uttered in a heavy voice, "Arentel. Erase that tattoo this instant. It may be dangerous.

With his skills, he would be able to turn the energy around and erase the strange patters that had penetrated inside his body.

If he proceeded with more calmness, it should be okay.

Arentel, who paused at the remark, smiled.

"No, explain to me in more detail. Why should I get rid of this power?"


Before Belphegor was able to finish speaking, Arentel shouted loudly, "Don\'t tell me you want me to wait and see because it could be dangerous?"

"... You won\'t erase it despite knowing?"

From his remark, Arentel laughed. "I\'m not an idiot. I know this may be dangerous… But there are guys more dangerous than us. Have you not seen those guys?"


From Arentel\'s words, all the people around hesitated.

The two monsters tore the sky apart and dried the sea.

Arentel, who saw the faces of such people, smiled and opened his mouth.

"You want me to disarm knowing that such bastards are strutting around in here? Wake up! I know this is not heaven. Are you still distracted by the sight of Florida with those beauties?"

Belphegor had a tearful face from his remark.

When did he ever lose his sanity?

However, looking at the expressions of the people, it seemed that they were already leaning toward Arentel.

Belphegor growled before shouting, "They are gone. We have plenty of time. It\'s not too late to investigate further and decide whether to accept this power or not…!"

However, before Belphegor was able to finish…


A large roar came out from the residence where they stayed.

It was incomparably loud in comparison to the sound that Arentel\'s roar made.

Those who were surprised quickly ran out through the hole they had entered.

In front of their eyes…



Hell was literally unfolding.


The armor-clad warrior was fighting frantically with the man whose whole body was surrounded in blue light.

Every time they struck one another, Florida, which had maintained its shape, was being crushed to the ground before disappearing as the androids that had collapsed were literally being burnt to ashes.

Seeing this scene, one of the Adventurers swallowed back before muttering, "I know that one side is the bad guy."

The man, who had white wings, was surrounded in blue light while the other was full of red and black energy fighting with thirteen shadows.

Of course, it was foolish to grasp good and evil by appearances, but when you look at it, one side was an angel and the other side boasted a visual that could be understood as a demon alone.

At that moment…


The rays of light from the white man struck the man and made a deep hole through the living space, while the man who was floating in the air flew straight into the hole.

When Belphegor was drooling at the sight of two men who quickly burned one of their living quarters to ashes, a defeated voice was heard from his side.

"They disappeared?"

From Arentel\'s words, Belphegor was silent, unable to say anything.



Hansoo, who smacked Clementine that was relenting against him aside, began to summarize the situation.

\'This is not easy.\'

There were blue and white cubes wrapped around his body. It wasn\'t the same material that made up the black cubes or the living space that used to attack him earlier, but it was a higher level of composition than that.

Clementine smiled, seeing Hansoo.

"It\'s quite nice, isn\'t it?"


With Nurmaha\'s Ring at the center, the blue and white cubes were swirling around and changing shapes at the owner\'s command. This was internal control granted to Noah\'s recognized person.

Seeing this, Hansoo had an annoyed look.

This wasn\'t just nice.

\'To be honest, Clementine himself is not a big deal.\'


Instantly, he transformed one of the cubes into a spear before trying to penetrate Hansoo, causing him to block his strike and mutter.

In his previous life, Clementine terrorized people with his overwhelming items, skills and large quantity of runes including his Nurmaha\'s Ring.

However, that wasn\'t Clementine\'s strongest advantage.

The strongest advantages he had were the faithful men that he had acquired through the Lord Trait. In addition, through careful planning, he had prepared ahead of others. Clementine always fought after faithfully raising his power with advanced skills and traits with arms, and with that overwhelming strength, he was able to raise an army that swept through the opponents like a mantra.

It was a style more fitting to an emperor rather than a warrior.

This time was like that as well.

Clementine handed out his valuable skills and artifacts to Taehee and other subordinates, not to himself.

One of the items that stood out would be Nurmaha\'s Ring.

Of course, his level of skills and artifacts were not low in standard, but they were definitely behind in terms of the quality of Taehee\'s skills and items.

However, the newfound strength that was circulating around him was so strong that it offset the penalties.


Constantly, who had been constantly attacking him with the fluid, had not begun to attack directly as he began to use his feet and hands.


A long white sword appeared before his right hand. The moment he raised his sword to strike down on Hansoo…


The Dragon Essence Blade circulating Hansoo\'s body began to intensely circulate before beginning to be caved in.

No matter how much Clementine had gotten stronger, this was something that should not be possible given their difference in skills.

There was only one reason.

\'Mana Nullification. Mana Absorption. Defense Nullification.\'

Nurmaha\'s Rings was incessantly shining.

No, if he were to be more detailed, there were eight kinds of light that were shining.

It was absorbing his mana and absorbing his health as well. It canceled the skills of the defensive prowess that surrounded his body.

\'Where the hell did mine go? Damn it.\'


Hansoo frowned, swatting away the guy rushing toward him with his shield.

He definitely had that as well.

However, after being dormant to overcome his Transcendent Wall, it had disappeared.

However, Hansoo soon shook his head.

It was a waste of time to think of something that was already gone.

He found it more than sufficient to focus on knocking down the guy in front of him and holding the ring.

\'Still…, it\'s not time to use Mad Demon.\'

After using it against Taehee, it had put too much strain on his body.

He wanted to use it, but his body was instinctively rejecting such a thought.

What was more, the biggest problem with Mad Demon was that it made him lose his consciousness.

Opposed to him, it would be barely sufficient to fully concentrate, so he didn\'t know what would happen to him if he were to use Mad Demon and lose his reason.

\'If you don\'t have luck, you could be struck all the way down there.\'


Hansoo muttered, seeing the 18 Red Jades that were below his feet.

As they fought, they had at some point reached the core of Noah\'s heart.

Even though it was controlled, the enormous heat that was radiating from the Red Jades that were located in the large space below could be felt.

If he were stuck there, he was certain that there wouldn\'t be anything good to witness.

This was a time when he needed to fully concentrate.

It was a situation where a frantic fighting machine was not appropriate.

In that moment…


Changes in the Red Jades where only one of them was operating so far have begun.

Additional flames began to break out in some of the dormant Red Jades.

"Hmm. That."

Hansoo, who saw that, became conspicuous.


"Where is it?" Sangjin muttered, wandering inside Noah.

He wasn\'t looking for Hansoo.

That would be too easy.


In the distance, there were many shimmering scintillations of light coming out from the holes as battle roars resonated. He quickly gave it no additional attention and turned his eyes away.

He came to look for what he wanted, not Hansoo.

It was then…

The fully melted residential space inside Noah came before Sangjin\'s eyes.

Inside, there were Transcendents.

\'That is…\'

Sangjin frowned as he saw the Transcendents with red tattoos on their necks.