Reincarnator - Chapter 465 Mad Demon 3

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However, Taehee gritted her teeth.

\'That can\'t be.\'

There was definitely a reason why Clementine believed in her and left her to this task.

Then, she just had to hang in there until Clementine found another solution to resolve this predicament.

\'Whew. I really didn\'t want to use this.\'

Taehee took a deep breath.

How could she stay calm when he was running like a mad cow.

Taehee recalled a skill that she had been saving.

\'You bastard. Let\'s give this a try.\'

Taehee clenched her fists and recalled the skill that was dormant in her body.

<nargel\'s watch.="">

The name looked quite lackluster, but it was the most important skill that she had gained most recently.


The moment Taehee breathed in…

Tick Tock.

A small gold watch appeared on Taehee\'s wrist.

At first glance, it looked to be an ordinary watch, but what was unique was the number of needles.

On the gold-decorated watch, there were a total of 17 needles operating at different speeds.

The moment Taehee injected mana into it, the seventeen needles on the watch began to accelerate frantically.

At the same time…


Taehee\'s body began to accelerate at several times its normal speed.

Taehee now caught up with Hansoo\'s speed, who was originally attacking with overwhelming power and speed.

The quick acceleration of actions allowed her to attack Hansoo quicker and allowed her to counterattack the destructive power that he had.





The two bodies clashed and began to create unprecedented shockwaves.

Inside, looking at the scene through Hansoo\'s eyes, Barmamunt looked surprised.

\'Nargel\'s Watch… You even released that kind of skill here?\'

Nargel\'s Watch.

This was one of the skills that the famous Great Mage in the Abyss, Nargel, had made.

The effect was very simple. It brought the time of the future to the present.

The time of the future would be randomly slowed down in return for a sharp acceleration of the current time. In another perspective, this was a very fatal drawback.

Nothing would be more dangerous than having her attack speed halved amidst an intense battle.

But at a time when one was about to die, few people would worry about the future.

\'Look at this girl. This girl also has a lot of hidden cards.\'



Barmumunt muttered as he watched the two clash and bang against one another.

From specifications alone, Hansoo should have the overwhelming advantage.

With his body enhancement along with his six powerful skills in his body with inclusion to his overwhelming combat experience, no one would beat their contractor if they were on the same level.

But, wasn\'t it true that the world was unfair?

The world didn\'t always separate the fights between lightweight and heavyweight bouts.

In terms of the current situation, Taehee\'s ceiling might be even higher.

Although it was quite pretenseful how she had overcome the walls using crystals and would suffer from reaching that point too quickly, however, the strength she had gained currently could not be underestimated.

"It doesn\'t look like she\'s a sacrificial pawn," Barmamunt muttered, looking at Taehee.

No fool would invest that much resources into a pawn.


Seeing Taehee relentlessly activate her skills with the current strength she had gained from the crystals, Barmamunt clicked his tongue.

\'Well, that girl would have been fine being a contractor. She has all sorts of skills.\'

With the high amount of crystals, she had a lot of stamina with plenty of mana. In addition, although each of her skills was inferior to Hansoo\'s, she had a larger variety.

The skills that he had heard once or twice were all bursting out centered from Taehee\'s body.

Despite being in the deepest part of the Abyss, he had heard these skills once or twice, meaning that the true owner of these skills was powerful enough to shake up a section of the Abyss.

\'Well, she is holding on despite overextending herself…\'

Through Nargel\'s Watch, Taehee, finally being able to catch up to Hansoo\'s movement, was pouring out all her skills toward Hansoo, using the full range of her mana and physical capabilities.



The moment a blood, red light wrapped around his body…


Taehee accelerated her body to pull herself out by jumping into the air.

Some could call this a blunder.

At that moment, Taehee\'s strike caused a tremendous chill to rip through the space and freeze the place.

The skills that exploded caused Florida, which had become hell due to the collision of the two, had freezed as if it had entered the Ice Age.

This was the skill of the Ice Queen, Hera, who had destroyed the entire race of Arcada, <northern goddess="" kastia\'s="" snowstorm="">.

The moment Taehee looked at Hansoo, who was trapped in the ice…


The ice began to crack as the icebergs which were over several hundred meters thick were crushed and dark energy spilled out from within,


Taehee looked at Hansoo with a blank face who had broken out the ice in an instant.

She had never thought that she would kill him so simply.


Mjolnir flew toward her.

If it were before, she would have felt the pain of her arm breaking the moment she was hit, but now it was different.

He lived in a different time.

With Mjolnir flying toward her, she raised her halberd and cut it in half.


Blue light burst out from her Halberd as the attack was halved.

On her right hand, the blade was resonating a red light of the sun. On her left, there was a cold blue light similar to the moon.

Sun and Moon.

Taehee, who emerged from the attack by swinging with her blue weapon, concentrated her energy on her right hand before swinging it down with all her strength.

At that moment…


The space was split in front of Taehee, causing a large unknown hole to be dug into Noah\'s residential space.

Watching the red energy push Hansoo as if it was trying to split the shield he was holding, Barmamunt opened his eyes wide.

\'You have that as well?\'

It was the sword skill of one of the warriors that had cut down one of his Earls in his own territory, <eternal strike.="">

In order to find and rip him apart, he had searched arduously to find out where he was hiding, but for his skills to be so skillfully executed...

The Administrators seemed to have put some effort into their game board.

However, this was really good.

"... I paid too much attention," Barmamunt frowned as he muttered.


\'The air is different.\'



After walking through the deep hole, Belphegor realized that they had arrived at a different space.

Outside, the shockwaves were relentlessly vibrating out.

With that level of power, it was impossible for the shockwaves to not reach them from traveling a few kilometers, but seeing how the tunnel was completely absorbing all of the shocks from the outside, it provided them stability and relief.

If that space was one that could achieve their desires, this place felt like a cozy rest area where they could relax without being disturbed.

If those monsters hadn\'t decided to destroy the whole place with their monstrous powers, it looked to have been very difficult for them to find such a secret place since there was no reason for them to explore this giant wall that was several kilometers thick knowing that the previous space was an ideal place to live.

\'No, that\'s bullshit.\'

He was uneasy with the level of discord there in the first place.

After judging that there would be no disadvantages of moving personally, Belphegor decided to become more active before shouting.

"Hey! Let\'s try to make a light!"


At that moment…


From the several hundred warriors, a bright light burst out.

With the bright blue light floating around, it revealed every inch and corner of this unknown space they had entered.


"... What is all of this?"


There were tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of huge coffins lying around.

This overwhelming scene, the Transcendents gulped. As if they were a thief that had just broken into a pyramid, fear and pressure overwhelmed the warriors from this strange atmosphere.

They felt this was a place that they should not have entered.

While the Transcendents were greatly pressured, the first to initiate action was Belphegor.

"Everyone, let\'s search. There definitely… must be something," Belphegor muttered as he looked at the open space before him filled with those large coffins.

There was a dark space hidden below the white space.

It was a space of rest hidden under a space of pleasure.

This large structure was hiding these things.

In his opinion, these coffins must mean something.

Belphegor, who scattered the people, began to inspect inside the coffins.




"... What\'s going on?"

Kiriel looked at the white structure far into the sky and shook her head.

The blue light surrounding the huge white structure in the sky was getting brighter and brighter as if a small moon had been erected.

Unable to handle the huge amount of energy, the lightning began to flash and thunder was heard next as if to foretell that something great was about to happen.

After a moment\'s thought, Kiriel looked back and shouted.

"Everyone, raise your speed! Move quickly!"

From her words, the enormous number of Adventurers to the rear of Kiriel began to match the increased speed.

The scouts have long finished scouting hundreds of kilometers within the vicinity.

They, too, have long discovered something.

It was the corpses of the alien species\' armies.

There were two factors that had bothered them. One was gone, and the other was getting on their nerves even more, so there was no need to hesitate.

\'Kang Hansoo… is everything going well? As always?\'

She could feel that everything was gradually approaching the end.

However, the problem was… whose end that would be.

Kiriel clutched her hand, seeing the large white object far into the distance.