Reincarnator - Chapter 464 Mad Demon 2

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\'What the heck… What\'s going on?!\'

Belphegor gritted his teeth, seeing the chaotic residential area.

While he was trying to get some information out of this place, the sudden intrusion had put him on alert, not to mention that a large amount of energy exploding out.

Belphegor was still a 4-Star, but he instinctively knew that the airwaves were created from those one wall above them.

The residential area that ranged from hundreds of kilometers on all sides was engulfed by a gale of gusts.

All of the water of beautiful Florida evaporated from the torrent of energy, and the sun, which was bathing its sunlight onto the city from the sky, was exploded by the flash of lightning.

Earthquakes trembled incessantly from the ground as all the well-made buildings were smashed. These structures were not made from dirt or concrete but of some unusual material.

But, all of these materials were being crushed by the aftershocks of the battle. This was at least a 6-Star.

He didn\'t know if it was higher or lower since there was such a large gap already between them.

But, there was one important thing. The place where they believed to be heaven had transformed into such a mess where they had to risk their lives to survive once more.




"Oh, shit!"

A huge flash of light from far away brushed past their sides before melting the whole ground, causing Belphegor and his men to scream nearly being swept away by the aftermath.

One of the subordinates screamed at Belphegor.

"Belphegor! What are we going to do?! At this rate, everyone will die!"

They were worse off than shrimp battling against a whale since they could flee into the sea.

Though it looked like a spacious place, it was too small to escape the aftershocks of the fight between those two monsters. At this rate, the damages on all sides would worsen, and they would be no less different than being entrapped bugs in a microwave.

\'What the sh*t… Since they\'re fighting by the entrance, we can\'t even run away!\'

As the subordinate was looking at Belphegor while gnashing his teeth…


A black hole appeared before their eyes.

Just a while ago, the red light had penetrated the deep space of the earth.

However, it was somewhat different to call it a simple hole.


Belphegor, who contemplated momentarily, gnashed his teeth and shouted to his surroundings.

"We\'ll run toward there!"




In the pouring lights, Belphegor and his men began to rush unhesitatingly into the black hole.


The moment Clementine and Noah shook hands…


"Access… Complete. Starting Authentication."

Noah\'s face, who had always maintained a playful attitude, was now expressionless.

The moment Noah had uttered a machine-like voice, his body began to melt like water before changing.

At the same time…


In the white space, dozens to hundreds of chains popped out and began to connect to the fingertips of Clementine.

At the sight, Keldian frowned.

"You… How did you do this?"

This huge structure was giving him special treatment.

It was clear that they had proceeded in registering together at the operation center.

But this huge structure, Noah, was not concerned about them and was working solely with Clementine.

Clementine smiled and raised his hand from Keldian\'s remark.

It was Nurmaha\'s ring to be exact where the hundreds to thousands of white chains dangled from.

"You know what this ring is, don\'t you?"

Eres and the others frowned at the remark.

How could they not know?

Nurmaha\'s Ring.

It was basically his sigil item.

It was a precious item that Gangtae and Keldian always coveted, shouting that if they were able to go back to the past, they would get that first.

The nullification of Mana.




Mana Absorption.

Five Sense Paralysis.

Null Magic Resistance.

Null Physical Resistance.

One additional feature was added per zone, and eight additional effects were imposed on the user in the Violet Zone.

With each attack, the opponent\'s mana would be struck and with its defense ignored, the opponents\' offense would enter disarray.

With mana and physical strength robbed with inclusion to the paralysis of five senses and the slow magic, it was the ring that made Clementine a war weapon in the early months where Runes were important.

Even after the walls of Transcendence had appeared, that fact did not change.

Usually, after the Transcendent walls were opened, the previous weapons would become less powerful, but the ring that Clementine equipped grew more powerful and stronger, boasting efficiency incomparable to any other weapon.

When Eres and the others all frowned similarly, Clementine smiled, laughing at John Stone who was also captured.

"You would know well that there are special items in each zone."

It was a sudden change of subject, but John Stone nodded subconsciously to his question.

He had fought with Kiriel and conversed with her a lot before, and he was able to derive one possible estimation from it.

<maybe all="" of="" these…="" could="" have="" come="" from="" one="" place.="">

At first, he thought it was a lie.

Starting from the World Tree, Physical enhancement, Civilization of the natives and the Spirits up to the Dragon God Armor and the Red Jades, each of the seven zones that they came up from was so disparate, yet the strength that was given to mankind had all something in common.

The environment, race, power, and culture were all different.

That was why despite them boasting of their Transcendent power and rising from the bottom up, John Stone did not doubt that all of those powers had something in common.

But, as they had gathered as one and ascended together to fight against obstacles, John Stone began to become uneasy.

The probability was lower for a random monkey monster to pop out compared to if the materials and beasts were all made and released for a specific purpose. Therefore, he began to have suspicions while looking at Noah.

Maybe… everything had started from Noah.

Clementine, who looked satisfied with John Stone\'s reaction, smiled while looking at his friends around him.

"That friend seems to roughly know. This is a legacy left by a race."

It was a great race—the legacy of Neropa.

No, to be exact, they were a superior race in which the savior of the Neropa left its last legacy behind.

The Last Treasure, Noah.

"Therefore, the Savior that had left his belongings in the Seven Zones ended up completing his mission, but failed to save his own race in the end."

This was why the Seven Zones were left unattended.

Later on, as if God had found it interesting, he took it to his own game board without anyone knowing and scattered it across the seven dimensions.

In order to make it more interesting and fun, God gathered the legacies of the Neropa and separated them into seven colored zones so that the people that come across these would have the strength to work harder in creating chaos.

From Clementine\'s words, Keldian stopped gritting his teeth and spoke, "So? You mean that God gave you the privilege since you were favorable, that his gift will eventually fall into your hands?"

Clementine smiled and shook his head at his remark.

"We need to see to the end."


Clementine, who silenced Keldian, looked around and opened his mouth.

"If it\'s all over the seven zones... It wouldn\'t be weird if there was another one scattered in the Tutorial Zone?"

Clementine laughed as he spun the ring at his fingertips.




Red eyes.

It was a body moving without consciousness.

Looking at Hansoo\'s relentless blows, Taehee felt as if her bones were going to break.

\'Crazy bastard… Your body will be ruined as well!\'

Each skill that came out from her body was out of the ordinary.

Whether it was the Magic of the Five Kings to the Temple of Heaven, they were all elite, prestigious skills that were being shot out. Yet, all those skills were being cut down without hesitation from the red light that was created from burning his blood.


The demons clicked their tongues at the sight of Hansoo, who was focused solely on striking Taehee without saying a word.

<is this="" his="" skill?="">

<what… a="" tough="" bastard.="" i="" think="" it\'s="" definitely="" his.="">

The demons mumbled, recalling the description of a certain guy.

The area that they occupied in the Abyss was extremely vast.

Aside from the Dragon Tribe, there were only a few that had more territory than them.

However, the territory and strength of subordinates were not a measure of strength.

There were certainly some powerful elites that made the Abyss tremble in small numbers.

The rumors of those guys were absolute.

There were two important factors in the Abyss.

Either find a weak fellow and eat to build your strength or avoid the strong ones who were trying to eat themselves.

Therefore, even with how vast the Abyss was, there was a character that was widely rumored.

In order for everyone to avoid him, it was a must for them to memorize his appearance and characteristics.

Mad Demon.

Despite being a human, he was the only one that was permitted to have the title of Mad Demon. It was a name that wasn\'t exaggerated.

He releases all limiters and sacrifices his own body to gain strength.

Soul money.

It was a strength that burned blood to spew out great power.

Of course, the pain would not be small to boil one\'s own blood.

One could literally use one\'s own blood to crush his or her opponent.

While in use, in order to block the pain, it would block its own consciousness from interfering, so there was no way to stop it.

There was only one option to stop this mode.

It was the destruction of the opponent that was targeted before one loses consciousness.

It was so disgusting that even the Demons couldn\'t help but avoid him as well.

\'The Administrator generosity is truly big. Does God really give out all of these?\'

Well, with how they find the world boring, they too found enjoyment, seeing others fight to the death, which was why they agreed with these current state of affairs, but this was quite generous.

\'Is he trying to raise the stakes? Oh my.\'

Clicking his tongue, Barmamunt looked at Hansoo.

\'Well. It\'s almost over.\'



The intense pain and shock that came from her arm that she used to block his attack caused Taehee to vomit blood.

She wasn\'t aware whether or not Clementine knew the opponent was this strong or not.

However, one fact was clear.

"If we had fought together, we could have won… Don\'t tell me you used me as a sacrificial piece?" Taehee murmured, recalling Clementine who went up.