Reincarnator - Chapter 463 Mad Demon 1

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The large explosion surprised Keldian.

\'Unbelievable… Impossible! For there to be such a large amount!\'

It was a mass heap of crystals that would allow him to overcome the barrier at a moment\'s glance.

However, John Stone gnashed his teeth after catching on to something.

\'Could it be…\'

The alien species outside looked as if they were being controlled.

There were thousands to millions of humans fighting against the overwhelming numbers of these beasts. What if the man had converted all of those beasts into crystals?

It wouldn\'t have been difficult.

\'If he was able to command them to fight, then it would be easy to order the beasts to suicide.\'

No, it was rather weird that he had only gathered that many crystals.

\'There… might be more.\'

However, John Stone realized that this was not important.



Clementine shook his head, feeling the strength flow through his body.

It wasn\'t that he didn\'t like the power, but he was discontent with how he was forced to ingest this much power.

Normally, it should have not been necessary for him to use this strength.

\'Well… It\'s not bad.\'

It was just that he needed this strength to forcefully settle matters, which was what he was discontent with.

Clementine gripped his fist and muttered as the overwhelming strength flowed through his veins, causing his whole body to be filled with energy, giving Clementine a new sense of superiority.

No matter what was in his way, it was a strength that made him feel like he could resolve any hindrances.

Now, he was able to use this power to deal with the current situation.


Clementine, with his gripped fists, looked around and looked at the tense eyes of Kangtae and Keldian.

"Yes. It\'s not too late," Clementine muttered.

It wasn\'t too late. There was still trust in their eyes.

It was just that they were suffering from his current appearance to the one that he had displayed in the last 20 years.

At that moment…


A small explosion was heard in the distance as the sound of something being crushed and smashed resonated.

He had already activated the security system of Noah to defend against intruders from those outside.

"So he\'s coming," Clementine mumbled, looking deep into the hallway.



The black hallway of light, which had welcomed Belphegor and the other Adventurers, was fluctuating violently as the black fluids swirled like waves before rushing to repel the intruder with its icy energy.

Hansoo grinned as he blocked the black waves that poured onto his shield.

\'It seems he\'s not happy to see me.\'

However, it wasn\'t bad on his part. If they really had the leeway to oppose him, they would not have bothered to utilize such a trick.


Thunder began to shoot out from Mjolnir while Hansoo swung down the hammer hard at the waves in front of him.


The huge lightning cloud that came out from the hammer dived straight into the black waves as the Exinium cubes, which could shapeshift into structures that could injure humans, was unable to cope with the powerful blows of lightning before melting away.


He burned the waves with his thunder, and the mana that shot out from the center of his body prevented the aftershocks by forming a barrier around his body.

In the meantime, there were a few wounds that appeared from his body, but it wasn\'t enough to slow him down.

\'He\'s over there.\'

He pushed straight toward the place where the mana was resonating at.

There was no one else other than Clementine that could emanate such mana.

If he went there, he was sure that Clementine would be at that place.

\'It has been a very long time.\'


Hansoo smiled while muttering to himself, smashing away the black waves with his shield in front.

To see the face of the man that had bothered him for so long, it felt refreshing for Hansoo thinking how this fiasco had reached its finale.

He wouldn\'t be this excited, seeing his long-awaited lover.


Hansoo, who was withstanding the waves, began to raise his speed toward the light-lit entrance far away.

After some time, he jumped inside the light after burning the black waves relentlessly before looking around.

It was the state of Florida that depicted its beauty.

It was a place that any Adventurers would dream of going to for vacation. Unfortunately, there was nothing that Hansoo wanted there.

"Huh. Look at this. Why are you alone??"

Hansoo chuckled, seeing the person in front.

The aura that surrounded the person was definitely that of a 6-Star. However, it was not Clementine that was waiting for him but someone else.

At that remark, Taehee, who was holding a halberd, chuckled as well.

"That man is busy. Isn\'t it my job to play around with a guy like you?"

Taehee Bang.

She was one of the owners of the Seven Soul Shards.

It was the main attribute that allowed Clementine to rule over all the zones.

Hansoo laughed from Taehee\'s words.

\'Well… He sure has a talent in breaking people\'s hearts.\'

It was truly difficult to see his face.

If he could, he would want to ignore the woman in front and rush out, but it looked as if that was not an option.

Taehee had another nickname.

<clementine\'s storage="" room="">

For Clementine, it was critical for him to control and rule over the lower areas, and it was his main strategy to utilize the Seven Soul Shards to accomplish that. Of course, the owner had to be stronger than anyone and have the mentality to tackle difficult issues.

That was why Clementine had passed on all the most valuable possessions he had acquired and given them to Taehee. She had no special characteristics in combat, but she possessed all the skills that Clementine valued.

She was Clementine\'s most trusted aide, as well as his strongest.

That kind of subordinate had ingested crystals and had become a 6-Star.

\'I\'ll… see you in a little while.\'

Hansoo, who recollected of Clementine, began to raise all of his mana while looking at Taehee.

The moment Hansoo instilled his mana and concentration into his armor, hammer, and shield including his entire body…


Taehee, who was spinning her halberd, suddenly disappeared before appearing above Hansoo.

Hansoo raised his hammer high to block the blade of the halberd.


A large black explosion burst out with Hansoo and Taehee being in the center of that explosion.



The residential spaces in Florida began to be crushed and smashed from the collision of the two Transcendents.



\'What the hell?!\'

Eres had an incredulous look.

She had confirmed that Taehee had become a 6-Star. Other than Clementine, there should be no one that would be able to confront her, but for there to be a battle...

At that moment, a man passed through her mind.

\'Don\'t tell me… it\'s the man that John Stone had mentioned?\'

Kang Hansoo.

It was the man that had subjugated all six zones below and had provided human beings a place. It was the same man who had provided humanity that was nearing extinction with hope.

As if Clementine guessed what Eres was thinking, he smiled and spoke, "Yes. It\'s that guy. How amazing."

He had come and destroyed all of his plans that he had so carefully designed and crafted in the last 20 years, including his ongoing plan.

He was constantly moving to destroy his plans, and he needed to fully complete his mission before fighting him.

"There are already so many hindrances to account for," Clementine mumbled, alternating glances at the ring in his hand and Noah.

However, it couldn\'t be helped.

Though he had wanted his plan to proceed without difficulties, now that it had come to this, he needed to finish this through sheer force like how Eres and her friends were being directly led somewhere.

"... Clementine. Kill if you\'re going to kill, and spare if you\'re going to spare. Stop joking around. You didn\'t spare us since you needed spectators for your deeds?"

Keldian, who was tied up in chains, gave a cold look.


It wasn\'t that he was fearful of death since he had overcome dozens of crises like that, nor was it because the comrades he had trusted had backstabbed them.

He had already considered that possibility.

Humans were bound to have secrets even if they spent years together, and though he had believed him for nearly 25 years, it was only a matter of minutes before someone could backstab another at the end.

What really infuriated him was the ray of hope and belief that he had for Clementine.

The circumstances were now clear and transparent.

Clementine had deceived them and was now playing with them.

It wasn\'t that he was angry because he was overwhelmed in power, but rather how he was unable to give up that last strand of hope and belief for him.

Clementine smiled, seeing Keldian.

"Surely not. I\'m someone that does not like to joke."

The moment he ended his sentence…

The translucent capsules that surrounded the people including Clementine released before they descended somewhere.

\'This is…\'

It was a space different from the control center.

Eres frowned at the place where only white space existed. Suddenly, something began to appear before them with a thud.

Seeing the figure, Eres frowned.

\'... Noah?\'

However, it wasn\'t a hologram.

When everyone frowned at the masculine, physical figure that appeared before them, Noah smiled and opened his mouth.

"If you had received the authority of control, we wouldn\'t have had any problems. Simple registration would give me little control."

That was right.

What was only possible at the operation center was registration.

In order to be recognized as Noah\'s true master, one needed to complete the recognition process in a place deeper inside Noah.

Clementine frowned.

"I have come now so that\'s enough. Let\'s start."


Noah raised his right hand toward Clementine as if it was asking for a handshake. Clementine also extended his right hand. The moment his right hand with Nurmaha\'s ring touched Noah\'s hand, there were wild vibrations everywhere.



Hansoo smiled after seeing Taehee bounced off him.

"It\'s good to take it slowly…"

But, if she were to drag the fight out so openly, it was ambiguous to wait either.

Hansoo who was looking at Taehee spoke briefly, "Tell Clementine to reassemble your corpse later."

At the same time…


Hansoo\'s eyes began to turn red.

Mad Demon.

In order to overcome that wall, he had to abandon everything and cut everything off that bound with him.

Beginning with his conscience, he needed to let everything go. It was a skill that would transcend once all lifeforms were killed in a single flash.

A red aura began to surround Hansoo\'s body.